Right from ordering food to book a taxi to get laundry services, all the time we need a mobile application to do our daily tasks. The reason behind the popularity of these mobile apps is the flexibility & ease they provide to customers. Earlier, it was bizarre talking about a liquor delivery app but now, we can find these apps easily on the Apple store and Google Play store.

How it is going to feel to alcohol lovers when they will hear a knock on their door and get delivery of liquor in the middle of the night or day? It is possible with the online liquor delivery app development as the liquor industry has become a huge market worldwide with the highest revenue.

Various business entrepreneurs are adopting this trend to expand their ventures and earn profit. Without any further add-on, below we are providing all the details including market stats, app working, core & advanced features, tech stack, team structure, and most importantly general cost to develop alcohol delivery app.

Introduction to On-demand Liquor Delivery App and Its Working

Alcohol delivery mobile app allows users to place orders for alcohol, pay online, and order tracking via real-time updates, and they get delivery at their doorsteps. Liquor home delivery app development has brought this convenience to the users by unleashing vast possibilities for alcohol businesses. An alcohol delivery app also provides liquor retailers a platform to have a better reach of users.

Working of Liquor Delivery App

Look at the below points to know the working process of the liquor delivery app-

  • Users must download the liquor delivery app first, and then they need to create their profile using their phone number or email ID.
  • After that, they can start shopping for liquor of their choice with a few clicks on the buttons.
  • Users can select their desired brand & variety of the liquor. They can also select the delivery time as per their convenience and the order will be at their doorstep at the decided time.

Market Share & Revenue of On-demand Liquor Delivery App

During the coronavirus pandemic, mobile apps were the only option to get anything to the doorstep. A lot of businesses got themselves into mobile app services. Liquor businesses also logged online to provide services to customers.

It was a way to maintain the world economy along with forcing people to stay indoors. It resulted in the high revenue and profit enhanced by the on-demand liquor delivery model. Various popular online alcohol delivery firms got a huge market share in the USA in 2018. Among them all, Wine.com & Drizly Inc. both were leading with 19.31% & 19.16% market share. Look at the below graph-

If we talk about the revenue of the alcohol delivery market, its growth has come a long way. The market is continuously evolving with the increased revenue by delivering different kinds of liquors. With the on-demand alcohol delivery app development, the market has boosted at a faster speed. Drizly has its respective leading markets in Florida, New York, and New Jersey, while Wine.com is popular in California.

It is predicated that market size will get expand in 2022 more, although the market capacity of alcoholic beverages globally will be enhanced by around $2.2 trillion. Look at this below image comprising the market segmentation of the global alcoholic drinks market between 2021-2025-

Following are some interesting facts to know about on-demand alcohol delivery app-

  • Alcohol delivery apps have hopped the order scope with the total cost per order via a 20% drop.
  • Drizly has seen a boost in sales by 350% after the crisis.
  • Group meetings held particularly for virtual happy hours and drinking events were registered over 296% than a usual booking, as per the scheduling program Doodle.

Looking at these market stats and enhancing the popularity of alcohol delivery apps, there is no wonder why brands & businesses are interested to invest in alcohol delivery app development. Having a rich feature & interactive app is necessary for businesses to make a profit in this techno-savvy world but if it is already famous in the market, then nothing can be better than this.

Why It is Always Profitable to Invest in Liquor Delivery App?

The liquor delivery app development market is the most suitable to invest and earn high revenue as there is an increment in alcohol consumption among the people. It is why the on-demand alcohol delivery app model is considered a highly profitable venture.

In 2017, the alcoholic beverage market worldwide was valued at $1,439 billion and it is forecasted to reach $1,684 billion by 2025 at a 2.0% CAGR. With the time, in 2020, the market volume of liquors globally recorded more than $1.49 trillion, and the yearly revenue diminished by around $200 billion in comparison to last year.

These stats are auspicious enough if you are looking to invest in an online alcohol delivery app. In layman’s words, a market that was dependent exclusively on offline distribution, presenting online services can bring a revolution and enormous progress in the entire market. It will not only have a kick start but also pointing that, the alcohol delivery will be much easier & smoother than ever before the race starts hitting the market. Hence, without any second thought, this is the right time to implement your idea to invest in the alcohol delivery market.

Impressive Features to Integrate into Alcohol Delivery App

Entrepreneurs who are new to the industry and don’t have any idea about it must take the help of a top alcohol delivery app development company. They have an expert team of designers & developers to help you in building a feature-rich on-demand liquor delivery mobile app. let’s talk about all the interesting features that must be added to the app.

User Panel

The user panel makes communication easier between the app and users while placing orders for anything. User panel features facilitate users to do tasks with more ease such as order placing, tracking, applying filters, going through the menu, and others.


App users must create their user profile by entering a phone number or email IDs, or they can also sign-up via other social media accounts. Next time, they can log in directly via credentials.

Browse Liquor Listing

On-Demand apps have this feature to enable users to check out all the listed products along with their specifications and costs.

Apply Filters

Users can’t check out all the available liquor products, that’s why this feature enables them to search only those products they require. Applying filters save user’s time and get what they want.

Placing Orders

After choosing the desired products, users can place their order and schedule a suitable delivery time along with the proper location. They can also place orders by choosing from their wish list.

Payment Gateways

After placing an order, customers need to pay online or must choose the cash-on-delivery option to get the delivery done. For this, they have multiple options such as e-banking, credit or debit card, UPI, and many more.

Past Orders

Sometimes, users feel the need to check their order history to see the details of their past orders. It helps them to verify their drinks, orders, prices, and others.

Order Tracking

Mobile alcohol delivery app development services include this feature to facilitate users so that they can check their order status and track it completely. It provides all the information including processed or not, dispatch status, and others.

Product Review & Feedbacks

Feedback & reviews are signs of the credibility of the app and users prefer to buy products from a trusted portal. As per the reports, 86% of the users read reviews online before placing an order.

Offers & Discounts

Offers & discounts are main elements to get the new customers and win back the old ones. These offers make them fascinate your products as they find them lucrative.

Real-time Notifications

How would you know if there is something new or a discount from an app? Push notifications will help you to get instant updates about them.

Admin Panel

Alcohol home delivery app development services comprise an admin panel that helps the management to handle all the activities of the app. From user management real-time reporting, everything can be supervised through it.

Sign-up & Login

Admin has to sign-up for the app, after that he/she can directly log into the app. Admin can create the account by using the email address, store details, phone number, and others.

Liquor Store Management

Liquor store admin can handle the product online via dashboard by adding, removing, or updating the products in the item list.

Order Management

Here admin manages all the placed orders by users & their past orders as well including their current status & updates.

Real-time Reporting

Admin can view all the statistics linked with the orders that are placed from the different regions and from which region, most of the orders are placed along with top delivery hours.

Payment Management

Admin has access to all kinds of payment transactions done by the users. He/she monitors all the payment activities by the admin end.

Price & Product Management 

Every service’s price and product specification are managed by the admin only including advertisement & marketing, email templates, banners, and others.

Delivery Boy Panel

The delivery boy panel has the responsibility to respond instantly to the user’s request for order delivery and maintain the coordination among all the available services conveniently.

Active/inactive Status

Delivery boy panel in online alcohol delivery app development solutions has this feature so that they can mark themselves as available or unavailable for delivering products or services.

Accept/reject Orders  

When the delivery boy gets an order delivery request, he can accept or reject it at their convenience.

Track Customer Location

After accepting an order request, the delivery boy can see the customer’s location and other details like contact number, name, and so on.

Order History

Delivery boy can view the history of all the orders delivered by him. It can also be useful in case of any issue or confusion in-order delivery.

Check Earnings

This feature enables the delivery boy to check all these earnings to the date made by deliveries. He can apply filters also to check it a day, week, or monthly wise.

In-app Chat

Delivery boy can chat with the customers through this for verifying their address or if he is unable to find the location.

Advanced Features

There is a need for some advanced features to make your on-demand alcohol delivery app stand out from the crowd. Top On-demand app development companies include these below features to reflect a strong built of your liquor app.

Cloud Management

This feature will help you to store all the associated information such as user’s orders, offers, delivery data, and others of your liquor delivery business in one place by making the process fluent & streamlined.

Nearest Liquor Selling Shops

By using the user’s current location, the alcohol delivery app helps them to find nearby liquor outlets as per the liquor they needed. Users can also place an order or can go by themselves to buy one.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points provide users an opportunity to visit the same place again as they have some points to spend on. These different beneficial deals are an effective marketing tool to maintain the user base.

CRM Integration

Through this feature, liquor vendors can monitor their targeted audience’s preferences and choices to provide them with what they want. It helps in customer data collection & management to get all kinds of customers.

Heat Map

The heat map is one of the essential features of an alcohol delivery app as it allows the app owner to view & analyze the areas with hot pickup, extreme orders, and drop-off places. This information is profitable to place their delivery agents in those high-demand areas to neglect the delays.

Document Verification

All the delivery providers require to submit their essential documents to the app as they need to be verified by the app admin. After the approval from the app admin, they will start to get service requests from the users.

Monetization Strategies of Online Alcohol Delivery App

Earning lots of money and the highest revenue is the major purpose behind every app development.

Various business owners neglect the liquor delivery app development cost as they find an effective app monetization model linked with it. What are they, have a look-

It is an immensely widespread method that owners use while using an app for expanding their business. In this, businesses pay a significant amount to feature their outlet at the top of the app screen. It provides them the chance to have the highest sales.

Commission Based

It is an obvious and simplest approach, in which the app owner charges a fixed amount whenever a business gets an order done via the app.

eStore Empowered

eStore Empowered model is considered as an excessive method to earn revenue. App owners offer users, different products such as wine glasses, beer mugs, and others as a reference with the purchase of liquors. It will be profitable for both linked eStore businesses and app owners.

Ad Management

On-demand liquor delivery apps can earn money by displaying ads related to their services and products on their app. App owners charge a specific amount of fee for posting advertisements that provide profit to them with a large user base.

Dynamic Delivery Charges

App owner can enhance their monetization resources by applying dynamic delivery charges based on the distance of customers from the restaurant or outlet. They can also increase their prices in the time of pandemics, strikes, or another particular situation.

Factors Influencing On-demand Alcohol Delivery App Development Cost

Alcohol delivery app development cost & time are dependent on specific factors such as the complexity of the app, the platform you choose, the advanced features you pick, the location, and various others. Let’s get details of these factors-

App Complexity & Platform

The first thing to be decided by any business is that what they want and who they want to target? If they want to have iOS or Android app development services? Clearing all these doubts is necessary to evaluate the app development cost. Having a hybrid mobile app will cost you a large amount of money, and if it is going out of budget for you, then you can also pick one platform only.

Must-have Features

In this technologically advanced world, it is significant for businesses to cope up with high user expectations. This is the reason why businesses opt for notable and latest features, but it demands a little bit higher cost. You can also take MVP services if you have a low budget.

Technology Stack

Would you pick an app with no latest technology integration as a user? Of course, No! Thus, integrate modern technologies into your liquor delivery app to make it shine out among competitors, however, it will affect the complete cost to develop the Liquor delivery app. Let’s have a look at them-

  • Cloud Environment: AWS and Google
  • Front-end Development: CSS3 and Bootstrap
  • Back-end Development: Angular JS, Python, or JavaScript
  • Database: Cassandra, Postgres, MongoDB, HBase, MySQL
  • Data Management: Datastax
  • SMS, Voice & Phone Verification: Nexmo, Twilio, Sinch
  • Real-time Analytics: Spark, IBM, Apache Flink, Hadoop, Cisco, BigData
  • Data Storage & Security: Amazon data servers or Google Cloud Storage
  • Payment Methods: Braintree, Stripe, & PayPal
  • Real-time Notifications: APNS
  • Programming: Google Web Toolkit
  • MailChimp Integration

Required Team Structure

Finding the right mobile app development company and a skilled team comprising knowledgeable project managers, developers & designers, QA engineers are tough. Analyze the market, take the references, and then, hire someone who can understand what you want. A well-defined team structure comprises-

  • Business analysts (1-2)
  • Project manager
  • iOS & Android developers (1-2)
  • UI/UX front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA professionals


If you want to hire mobile app developers from different regions to develop your liquor delivery app, then you must know that it would cost you higher. The location of the app development company and developers plays a crucial role in varying the overall mobile app development cost. Keep your app requirements clear and detailed, and you will never fail to pick a good app development company.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop On-Demand Liquor Delivery App?

Above we have well-defined all the factors accountable to differ the overall price. Based on that, we can say that the estimated liquor delivery app development cost would be around $25,000 to $60,000. But if you choose app development only for one platform, either it is Android or iOS, it will cost you comparatively less with both core and advanced features.

Besides the above-defined factors, the hourly cost is the major thing that can fluctuate your overall budget.

Following are some of the different hourly costs of developers as per different countries, let’s check out-

USA based developers: $80 to $100 per hour
UK based developers: $50 to $75 per hour
Europe based developers: $40 to $60 per hour
India based developers: $25 to $40 per hour
Australia based developers: $50 to $70 per hour

Generally, these defined prices are not the guarantee of the app development’s quality. Sometimes, picking up the cheap services may benefit you in terms of quality and cost both. Be it Android or iOS app development services, never compromise with the app quality as it can affect your business and revenue later. In the end, all we can say is, you need to analyze and evaluate all the pre-defined factors to know the complete cost of an on-demand alcohol delivery app.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the liquor business is growing very fast and is considered a promising sector for investors. If you are willing to capitalize on a flourishing business, then nothing is better than the liquor industry. Above we have provided all the significant information you require to have for liquor delivery app development services.

Consider all the factors that are responsible for affecting the overall mobile app development cost and its quality. You can also hire mobile app developers from a leading alcohol delivery app development company to have a fine product at way lower prices in comparison to foreign countries.

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