Undoubtedly, Mobile apps have completely transformed the way we live our lives. Among all these mobile apps, music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora, and others are securing their place in our lives and they have got success in it a long time before. Earning good revenue for businesses to entertain all of us, music streaming app development services have done it all in less time.

You must be wondering how these music streaming apps are so popular? Then, let us tell you that these applications offer easy access to their users along with permitting them to listen to their favorite track or song.

These music streaming apps also provide users all trending and much-liked songs by clicking few buttons. Users can create their playlist and can customize it as per their preference. They just need to have an active internet connection and good music streaming app with impressive features.

In the present time, we can find plenty of options for music streaming apps available on Google Play or the Apple store. These apps have a large base of customers and this customer base mainly includes the young generation. Subscription at a lower cost is the main reason behind the popularity of music streaming apps.

A lot of businesses & entrepreneurs are finding the right opportunity to enter the market and earn huge revenue. If you are also looking forward to stepping into this industry, this guide regarding the cost & features of music streaming app development will surely help you out.

Market Overview of Music Streaming App

With every passing year, the music streaming app market is becoming more profitable and forthcoming, although it is difficult for every new music app to compete with the popularity of famous apps like Pandora or Spotify. These platforms have been trying continuously for over five years to establish themselves and have this much fame with a large user base.

If we go through the stats from 2014 to 2020, we can see the overall mobile app revenue has gone up to over 500%. Moreover, the revenue growth has been predicted by more than $100 billion in 2019 based on year-to-year to 2023.

This consistently increasing user base assures a wonderful revenue for the music streaming app venture. The revenue growth from the past six years can be seen in this below graph-

Worldwide mobile app revenues 2014 to 2023
Source: Statista

According to the following graph by Media research, includes a regular update about the different music streaming apps with their total global subscribers and share of their services individually. As per this, there were 400 million music subscribers across the world at the end of March 2020.

Different music streaming apps with global subscribers
Source: Musically

Amazing Benefits of Music App Development

With the technological advancements, people’s choices and preferences have also been changed, be it watching videos or listening to music. Those days are gone when people used to store cassettes and download audio tracks of their favorite singer or song, now everything is possible just by a few taps.

Seeing this plenty of changes, businesses are very much interested to invest in this lucrative sector. Want to know about the different and amazing benefits provided by on-demand music streaming app development to business? Look at the below points-

  • The digital music industry is predicted to grow more and more with each passing year and people’s interest in also shifting towards the online medium rather than traditional ways.
  • In the past five years with the technology propagation, music applications are the most sought, therefore, it guarantees a great future ahead for music streaming app development companies.
  • The online music streaming market globally is predicted to expand to the spot of $10 million by 2023. Thus, it is the appropriate time to invest in this sector and enjoy profitable outcomes.
  • Music streaming platforms allow users to customize their music list and alter music suggestions that attract a large customer base.

Categories of Music Streaming App

Music streaming apps are considered into three main categories as people have different tastes in music-

1. Server-based Music Library

This category of music apps offers plenty of options to music lovers. Users can access unlimited music freely or with paid subscriptions with some advanced features. Users can create their playlists or download songs based on their subscription. Example: Spotify & Apple Music.

2. Radio Station

Not only music, but even radio stations have also gone digital for music lovers and to get a large customer base by providing users what they want as per their preference while listening to their favorite track. They play trending songs and some of them are- iHeart radio and Pandora music. Example: Groove Music & AudioBox.

3. Cloud Storage    

In this category, users have the right to download or store their favorite track over the cloud platform. They can listen to it whenever they want. Example: Apple Music & ShoutCast.

How Do Music Streaming Apps Generate Revenue?

Music streaming app like Spotify and others majorly focus on generating maximum profits along with providing amazing benefits to users.

Music App Revenue Model

They apply different monetization strategies to have the highest earnings and revenue.

  • Advertisements

It is a well-known and most used way of getting good revenue from online platforms. Many popular music streaming apps earn this way by providing freemium services. Users must go through the banner ads in between the songs played. The ad duration depends upon the requirement and users can have a premium plan, if they don’t want to see any ads.

  • Subscription

In on-demand app development, developers offer businesses to have subscription features. It allows users to have extra functionalities such as download and listen to their favorite track, skip the unlimited tracks, and play songs in high quality. Users can have these facilities by purchasing a monthly plan. Although, it will enhance your overall cost to develop a music app like Spotify.

  • Promotions

Apps like Spotify are generating huge revenue as they comprise a promotional service referred to as Spotify Ad Studio for all artists. They can easily promote their songs and albums via campaigns. Spotify charges a price for campaign building and management. These prices depend upon your target range.

Top Players of the Music Streaming App Market

There are some leading players in the music streaming app market that are immensely popular among the young generation. The fame of these apps is the reason why most businesses are encouraged to expand their business in the music streaming sector.

These apps allow users to listen to whatever they want as they have an unlimited collection of songs and albums of different genres and singers. Check out these top 6 players that are favorites of millennials.

Top Music App Market Players

Features To Comprised into Music Streaming Apps

Whenever you hire mobile app developers or a top mobile app development company, describe to them the must-add impressive & salient features into your music streaming app. These features are the reason why apps got popular among all the other existing apps.

Users & Admin Panel Features

Here is the list of must-have basic features that should be a part of the music streaming app for attracting users-

  • Registration

Among several options to make the app process smooth & faster, you can include easy registration for users. In this, users can sign-up for the app via their email & password or they can use credentials of their other social media accounts.

Users can find out any song, music, artist, album, title, genre, or recording studio through the search bar.

  • My Music

Whenever users want, they can download their favorite song or track. For this, they can make a playlist and can delete & share it easily. This playlist can also be shared via social media and it is common to add an artist screen with trending albums and tracks.

  • Music Player

A business needs to have a user-friendly music player app to get success. Users can make more than one playlist of songs, albums, and famous artists they want to listen to.

  • Settings

Users are facilitated with audio & app settings to make the app more intuitive. Users can change the settings as per their needs & preferences. Be it automatic download or sync with different devices.

  • Offline Mode

This feature can fluctuate the overall cost to develop a music app like Spotify as it is the most preferred feature. Users can listen to all the songs on the go without having an internet connection. In this, users can cache the song’s audio data through the device’s local storage.

  • Recommendations

Whatever type of music users listen to on loop; they will get suggestions relevant to them. Businesses can connect with their users in the best possible way through it. It will help users to listen to songs of their music choices and get recommendations of the same.

  • In-App Messages

Messaging feature integrated into the app is the new way to provide flexible support to customers and to solve their queries instantly.

  • Push Notifications

The notification feature is like a helping hand to users to get updates about amazing offers, discounts, newly launched songs, and many more.

Advanced Features for On-demand Music Streaming Apps

Integration of advanced features plays a vital role in estimating the cost to develop a music streaming app. App with basic features will not cost you much but having these below advanced features can redefine your decided app cost.

  • Display Lyrics

To provide users a unique and amazing experience, you can add a lyrics feature in your on-demand music app. At the time of song playing, lyrics will keep highlighting with it to keep the users attached to the app.

  • In-app Voice Assistance

With this advanced feature, it will be convenient for users as they can search the songs by giving instructions through voice assistance simply.

  • Event’s Calendar

This feature will facilitate users to check the date of the upcoming live shows or concerts of their favorite composer or singers.

  • Public & Private Playlist

It makes users able to create two types of playlists in their music streaming app. Between these two, one will be public and the other can be only accessed by the user or person who has access.

  • Amazing Music Suggestions

It is a special feature added by music streaming app developers to recommend the most suitable songs depending on the maximum likes. It can be done through AI & ML technologies to offer a great user experience.

Music Streaming App Development Solution CTA

Music Streaming App Development: Tech Stack & Team Structure

When we are talking about the estimated cost to develop an mobile app like Spotify, discussion about its must-added tech stack & team structure is essential. Check them out-

1) Technology Stack

Below we have provided the list of different technology stacks that you must integrate at the time of on-demand music streaming app development.

Programming Languages: Python, Java, Swift4, Kotlin
Real-time Analytics: Hadoop
UI/UX Design: React JS, Angular JS, AWS, cloud storage, Azure, Google Cloud
Web App Development: Bootstrap, HTML5
Payment Integration: Braintree, Stripe, PayPal
Push Notifications: Bandwidth, Twilio
App Testing: Crash Analytics, Fabric, Jira
Data Management: Datastax

2) Team Structure

A fully efficient and skilled team is necessary to transform your ideas into reality and to build a state-of-art on-demand music app. A dedicated team of mobile app developers and designers would work as per the requirements of clients. Be it iOS & Android app development, or music streaming website development, a team must be competent for every kind of challenge. We have listed the required team structure as follows-

  • Business Or Requirement Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Back-End Developers
  • Android App Developers (1-2)
  • iOS App Developers (1-2)
  • Quality Assurance Engineers

Diverse Factors to Affect the Music App Development Cost

When it comes to estimating the music streaming app development cost, several factors are there to count on fingers. To get the final price, you must go through these different factors that are a major concern for cost fluctuation. Let’s dive into them-

1. Different Devices & Platforms

An app must be compatible with all screens and different devices so that users won’t have any problem operating it. Other than that, choosing the right kind of platform and if you want to have Android or iOS app development services, is significant. This decision should be dependent on your targeted user base. Having a cross-platform app can surely higher the overall app development cost.

2. Different Charges by Offshore Firms

The software development company and development team, both have different hourly rates & charges if hired from different regions. In layman’s words, we can say that it differs from country to country and region to region. Somewhere it is high such as Europe, USA, and others, and somewhere it is less such as India & other Asian countries. Hire from anywhere you can afford.

3. UI/UX Design

Impressive UI/UX design is the foremost support to attract a large base of users. The designing procedure goes through diverse stages such as prototyping, wireframing, testing, & development. If you are having a complex app design, then it will take more time & cost rather than a simple app design.

4. Features & Functionalities

App with core features without any third-party integration costs less in comparison to the app with advanced features. A feature-rich app with third-party integration will vary the complete music streaming app development cost for sure.

5. Third-party Integration

It is one of the important factors to differ the music streaming app development cost. App development costs would go higher if you want to integrate third-party services into it for smooth functionality and performance.

6. Team Structure & Technology Stack

Hiring an efficient team of designers and developers is a tough task itself. You must consider their capabilities and hourly rates comparing to other firms. If you hire someone who charges more, then you can go beyond your decided budget, but compromising with the app quality due to budget is not a good option for a long-term view. Therefore, hire accordingly. Also, you must choose the latest technology stack to provide a competitive advantage to your application.

A Complete Cost to Develop Music Streaming App

We have provided you all the knowledge about essential aspects of music streaming mobile app development cost estimation. Hence, the music streaming app with core features for a single platform, be it iOS or Android would cost you around $15,000 to $25,000. And, if you want cross-platform app integrated with all the modern features & third-party services, then music streaming app will cost you around $25,000 to $30,000.

The Bottomline

Above, we have answered all your queries through this complete guide for music streaming app development cost & features. After getting all the details about the music streaming mobile app development, it is obvious that you must do a lot of research before stepping into this industry.

Observe your targeted user base and develop an app within your budget that can shine out among all the existing players in the same industry. In the end, it will be all worthy of having a successful mobile app.

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