In the present time, technology adoption has changed everything as people have been habitual to using mobile applications and ordering all the things from them. Right from grocery delivery, food delivery, medicine delivery to gas & fuel delivery, we can say people are addicted to mobility solutions.

Along with all other apps, on-demand fuel delivery apps are also getting acknowledgment in the market. With digitization, this sector is also reaping all the possible benefits for users and contractors. Keeping this continue, the fuel & gas delivery industry has been in the market for some time, still, it didn’t get recognition to a great extent.

In the present time, when people have become more attentive towards the on-demand home delivery apps and hence, there are chances to bring the fuel & gas delivery app into the frame. Businesses also seem to be interested to invest in this promising sector and want to have fuel delivery app like Fuelster, CAFU, Filld etc. In this article, you can get more details about the features & cost of Fuel delivery app development.

What is Fuel & Gas Delivery App?

These on-demand fuel delivery apps permit users to have extra stock of fuel & gas for their vehicles in case of emergency. Users can have home delivery of their order to the address, they have entered in the app. To use the app, users must sign-up or register for the app. Then, users can order fuel and gas via the app by sharing their current location. After ordering, users can also track the fuel delivery tank till it reaches them. Now, with this app, they don’t need to wait in a long queue to fill their vehicle with gas or fuel.

How On-demand Fuel & Gas Delivery App Works?

On-Demand Fuel & GAs Delivery App

The working process of the on-demand gas delivery app is very simple and by following some steps, people can easily use this app. It has a straightforward process for both users and vehicle drivers so that fuel or gas can be delivered quickly. Below are the working steps to be followed while using the app-

  • People must register or sign-up for the app via entering information such as name, email, phone number, and more or they can sign-up via their social media account. Integration of social media helps the app users to share it with other people.
  • The on-demand fuel delivery app development solution has a live location feature that is shared with the driver so that he can deliver the order to the user’s doorstep. 
  • Users can order the fuel or gas by choosing the type of diesel, fuel, gas, or petrol.
  • Users can communicate about the volume of the order via the app. The cost of the fuel can be negotiated via using some discount or app feature. 
  • After ordering the fuel as per the above steps, you will soon get your delivery outside your home.

Market Stats and Overview of Fuel Delivery App Development 

The on-demand fuel & gas delivery app development market is growing gradually with time. According to the reports, the global fuel cell market was calculated at $4.1 billion in 2020 and it is forecasted to evolve at a 23.2% CAGR from 2020 to 2028. Being addicted to mobile apps and convenience are two major factors to drive the fuel delivery market growth. In the below graph, you can see the growth of fuel cell market size year by year.

The global market size of fleet management software was valued at $16.89 billion in 2020. During the pandemic, this industry also encountered a lot of negative impacts across all regions. Based on the analysis, the entire market showed rapid growth of 15.9% in 2020 comparing to the average year-wise growth between 2017 to 2019.

This market is predicted to evolve in 2021 from $19.58 billion to $59.08 billion in 2028 at a 17.1% CAGR. With this growth, fleet management software is ready to offer numerous benefits to customers and service providers.

Although there are various fuel & gas delivery applications available in the market, still there are some mobile apps that are more popular than others. Let’s have a look at those apps that are doing very well in this sector-

Top fuel delivery apps

Benefits of On-demand Fuel & Gas Delivery Services

Business persons who want to have on-demand gas delivery services are always curious about the benefits they are about to get via applying mobile application development services to their business. They are as following-

1. Better Customer Interaction

Implementing mobility solutions into the fuel delivery business is very advantageous as the app improves the interaction between businesses and customers instantly through the mobile application.

2. Real-time Location

Fuel delivery mobile apps integrate the GPS feature to get the live location of the users so that they can deliver the fuel as soon as possible. Through this way, it is easy to find the customer’s address.

3. Push Notifications

Businesses can send real-time & custom notifications to the user’s inbox. These notifications include shipping & product details, latest deals, order confirmation, and many more.

4. Improved Customer Relationship

The relationship between customers and businesses can be improved via providing advanced offers, deals, rewards, and discounts to users. Mobile apps create brand support for businesses, and these lucrative offers are helpful to bind the customers for the long term.

5. Data Analytical Reports

Businesses adopt on-demand app development services as these are beneficial to get accurate and exact business insights & analytical reports that lead to boost sales, revenue, and productivity.

6. User-friendly Design

Mobile apps have interactive, responsive, and pleasant UI/UX design so that users can use the app easily. It enhances the app revenue growth rate and user engagement. Apps are a great tool to have a large customer base.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Features

If you want to take care of the expectations of your app users and stakeholders, your app must include features that can provide users ease and convenience while using the app. Here are the most attractive features to include in a fuel app-

Customer Panel

Fuel Delivery App User Panel

Customers can easily order fuel, gas, or diesel with the help of these features and by entering fuel quantity, type, and vehicle location.

  • Simple Registration

Through this feature, users can register or log in via entering their details or through social media accounts. In case, they ever forget their credentials, they will always have other social media account as a backup.

  • Price Check

It must be included in fuel & gas delivery app development solutions so that users can check the current rates of fuels like petrol, diesel, or gas to order accordingly.

  • Multiple Payment Options

Secure and convenient payment gateways are the most preferred by the users, and this feature is useful to grab the user’s attention and trust.

  • Push Notifications

This feature helps users get notified about the new offers, discounts, and deals via their mobile phones. It is just like getting an SMS.

  • Delivery On-time

The fuel delivery app provides users convenient delivery of the fuel at a fixed date and time. This on-time fuel delivery makes the app worth using for customers.

  • Order Tracking

On-demand fuel delivery services must include an order tracking feature to know, where their order has reached? Customers can know when they will get the order?

  • Feedback & Review

Users can leave their valuable feedback, rating & review about the company they have ordered the fuel from or about the delivery boy, it will help other users to know about the quality of services.

Driver Panel

Fuel Delivery App Driver Panel

These are the below features that make the task of driver easy and simple to do. Have a look at them-

  • Interactive Dashboard

It permits the drivers to keep an eye on the essential things like past deliveries, complete earnings, present and scheduled order bookings, all on one single screen.

  • Status of Availability

The driver can on or off their availability status to fuel companies, in case they want to take the duty or not as per their circumstances? They have all the right to decide between their duty and taking a rest for a particular time.

  • In-App Navigation

Google map integration is essential as it guides the drivers to know the exact location of the customer. It will help them to easily find a path to reach that location.

  • Review the Customer

Just like the customer panel, the driver panel also has this feature. Drivers can also review the customers and their behavior.

  • Invoice Generation

With the help of the invoice generation feature and following the rules, drivers can provide invoices for the payment made by the customer. It will enhance the app’s integrity.

Admin Panel

Fuel Delivery App Admin Panel

Admin panel with important features is a must-have for fuel delivery app development services. Check out these features below-

  • Booking Management

With this feature, the admin has all the control to manage all kinds of bookings. He can track or analyze all the deliveries and can also make necessary changes in the reservation details.

  • Managing the Costs

Handling all the costs including fuel tankers’ cost and operational cost is the responsibility of the admin. He must manage the cost of different petrol and gas types via this feature.

  • Data Analytics & Reports

Admin has the responsibility to collect the user-driven data analytics & reports. Based on these collected data, authorities make the decisions to improve the business operations and app features.

  • User Management

Admin can notice each activity done by users, even he can see all the details and information of registered users. If the admin finds any user suspected, he can remove that user.

  • Driver Management

Like users, the admin can also monitor the registered drivers. He can view and track their activities if they feel something devious. Admin can also have a look at their records.

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Advanced Features

Integration of advanced features makes your app worth using and stands apart from the crowd. What are those features? Let’s dive into them-

  • Customization Option

Different users have different needs; hence fuel delivery app must provide them the option to customize the fuel requirements such as fuel type, quantity, payment options, and many more.

  • Fuel Meter

Hire mobile app developers who can provide you this advanced feature in the app. Through this, customers can know about the quantity of the fuel that is refilled in the fuel tanker. It lets the users know about the exact measurement of the delivered fuel and record it for the future.

  • Data Management 

Fuel trucks and vehicles must manage various aspects under the norms of safe fuel deliveries. It includes fuel pressure and temperature inside the fuel chamber, the quality and volume of the delivered fuel after and before. All this recorded data will feed into the analytics software and this processed data will be used by strategists to plan the app up-gradation accordingly.

  • Real-time Tracking

It has become an integral part of current apps as it provides an ease to track the live location of the drivers as well as the customer’s location. Drivers can manage their routes as per the live location to avoid heavy traffic and road blockages.

Essential Technology Stack & Team Structure 

Selecting the right set of advanced technologies and skilled team members is an important step to take. If you have chosen the right mobile app development company with a lot of experience, you have covered the halfway to success. Below are the limited team members to include in the team-

  • Skilled project manager
  • Business analysts
  • iOS & Android developers
  • Back-end & front-end developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • QA Experts

Integrating advanced but only required technologies is also as much important as having skilled team members. What is the right tech stack to include? Have a look-

  • Cloud storage: AWS S3
  • Database storage: MongoDB, Atlas, Cassandra, RDS
  • Payment services: Braintree, Stripe, Google Wallet, CCAvenue, PayPal, PayStack
  • IoT Integration: Smart Locks
  • Messaging: MQTT
  • Notifications:, APNS/FCM, Twilio
  • SMS, Voice, Phone verify: Nexmo, Twilio, SNS
  • Webserver: AWS EC2
  • App Analytics: Crashlytics, Firebase, BigData, Apache Flink, Spark
  • Back-end technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, .Net

Things to Consider While Developing a Fuel Delivery App

While taking fuel delivery app development servicesthere are a lot of essential things to consider that might impact the overall development process and even your fuel delivery business after the app development. check them out-

1. Getting Required Permissions

Before thinking about profitable app development, you must start taking needed permissions from the legal authorities. If you are going to enter in fuel & gas delivery business, then you must take permission from PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) with the important regulatory guidelines applied to fuel & gas delivery firms. As a businessperson, you must follow them too.

2. Problem Analysis

Before creating an on-demand fuel delivery app, you must analyze the problems of customers so that you won’t repeat them in your business idea development process. You need to do a lot of brainstorming and research about it. Hence, start focusing on the problems of the users and try to resolve them.

3. Get Proper-functioning Fleet

A smooth functioning and well-maintained fleet are a vital part of the on-demand fuel delivery business. This fleet management including trucks, pick-up, and others must be compliant with the safety and regulatory norms as per the territory they are going to deliver fuel in. You also need a robust and technological IT infrastructure for your fuel business.

4. The Best UI/UX App Design

Ask your hired mobile app development company to develop an interactive and eye-catchy app user interface. It should be attractive enough to grab the attention of users and the app graphic design must represent your business app. The app design should be easy to understand for users, you can hire skilled graphic designers or can have readymade templates to design them as per your needs.

5. App Launching 

When you are done with app designing and development, it is time to launch it. But first, check the proper features and functioning of the app, and back-end development should be without any error so that users can use it swiftly. The app must be compatible with different browsers and devices as it is the most preferable by the users.

6. Marketing and Promotional Strategy

For the app launching, you must make proper marketing strategies to establish yourself in the market. Effectively do the app promotion so that everyone can know about it. Keep your marketing team active and carry out promotional campaigns on different social media platforms. Make videos to promote the app and highlight the main and attractive features of the app in those videos. You can also run CPI (cost per install) and PPC (pay per click) paid ads to earn revenue.

The Cost to Develop an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

It is necessary to know that there are numerous factors such as Complexity of the app design, app features, platforms of the app, location & experience of the app development firms, different charges of the developers, and many more that affect the complete fuel delivery app development cost. Based on these factors, the overall mobile app development cost can be fluctuated high or low.

Following these aspects, the overall fuel delivery app development cost would be around $25,000 to $50,000 with all features mentioned above. If you wish to have advanced features into it, then you must take up the cost a little higher.

Summing Up

With the above article, we hope you have got a good idea about the features and cost to develop a fuel delivery app. You can also know the core and advanced features to include in the on-demand fuel and gas delivery application that is mentioned in this post.

Businesses can have the fuel delivery business as a good option to earn the maximum profit as it is gradually going towards success in various parts across the world. You can hire an experienced and top-notch mobile app development company to have an appropriate app to step into this market and set up your business.

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