The logistics industry has seen huge growth over time. The growth story of packers and movers is also promising with the changing mindset of folks. Globally, the lucrative opportunities associated with such apps are also making the industry flourish like never earlier. People often shift their stay from one place to another. The task becomes heavier when the shifting is out of the town. As such, the safety of the goods becomes crucial, and handling the safety of the goods is not an easy task to be handled by a single person. Every customer has his own specific requirement and the main ideation behind the packers and movers mobile app development is to handle the shifting of family and industrial components.

For the sake of easing out shifting complexities, and conduct hassle-free packing and moving, such apps are handy tools.  These apps aid to the transportation needs, moving services, and shifting of heavy to small materials right at the doorstep. The consistent growth of the packing and moving industry is a most remarkable business opportunity for the mobile app development company. As per the statistics, the industry revenue is likely to reach USD 26 billion by end of the year.

When you look for the major apps, you work with the businesses that bundle services for saving money and stress. Making the shift to a new home ranks top on the most stressful event. A little expenditure is worth it if the stress goes off. The best movers and packers app offers the bundling service, where it is essential to understand the criteria for bundling personal items. A company must be reliable to handle your prized personal possessions.

Make sure the company knows the protocol and way of moving the things; the heavy items must go first and the things you need on urgent upon reaching home must be accessible easily. Defrost the refrigerator 48 hours ago and use enough padding for breakable items. There is a lot to do when shifting; this is where packers and movers on-demand app development come to the scene.

What is On-demand Packers and Movers Mobile App?

Today, the demanding lifestyles and the increasing trend of prompt deliveries, have pushed the individual to expect the same from every industry.  The millennial highly support on-demand landscape, which further increases the competition in the market. For staying upbeat to the competition, the several packers and movers have already fixed their way with the high-utility on-demand app development.

The packing and moving industry have also continued with the mobile wave, where conventional players are still trying to consolidate their stable market, but somewhat lacking in exploring the on-demand landscape.

The demand and supply stats of this market clearly boost up the demand for such on-demand packers and movers mobile app development.

Here in this article, we will be discussing a detailed guide for the packers and movers app development. The guide is important for investors and for entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the industry.

Most famous packers and movers apps

Here you can check popular packers and mover in the United States.

Looking at the success of such an app, the question” how much does it cost for packers and mover” arises. Here is a complete set of features that can give you an estimate.

Packers and Movers Mobile App Services

Packers and Movers mobile app is not just limited to order the house shifting team. You can avail a number of services, can communicate with the service provider, clear doubts and search for the other services. Here are list of services, you can avail to your customers in packers and mover app development:

Professional mover service

The service includes the shifting of all items and dedicated items.  The packers and movers service has taken advantage of on-demand mobile app development, which gives the space to choose from the services available at the locality.

Office shifting service

Office shifting is necessary to be done safely. The office-related products such as gadgets, processors, and other sensitive items are needed to be shifted safely.  The office shifting must be done by office-focused packers and movers. These services are high in demand because they are responsible for transferring goods while managing the coordination and stockpiling activity.

Goods and transport services

Heavy industrial items such as cranes and furniture demand have their own criteria for shifting.  These items can be shifted within a few clicks with the on-demand app. All over the world some top-notch mobile application development company with their expert developers building such kind of on-demand apps, which makes shifting of goods easy in the same city or intercity. Engineering quality packers and mover mobile apps require a lot of research before starting the venture.

Features of A Custom Packers and Movers Mobile App

User Panel

Hire mobile app developers for such basic features and then give your extra effort to finding a lead technical team for the advanced features. The user panel is an essential part and it needs to be filled with the below features.

Sign up and log in

This is the first page that interacts with the user.  Here users can log in with such credentials or through social media networking platforms.

View or edit profile

The user can edit his profile and set the app set as per convenience. Users can update information, edit profile pictures, or can change the privacy setting as well.

Request for Survey

Users can plan out the survey before actually moving. This awares the service provider aware of materials and goods to be transferred.  

Drop off and pick up location setting

Users can set where the goods need to pick up and where they will be dispatched. Users can change the location, which makes the entire ecosystem very convenient.


Users of the app can receive the notification. Users can know the status of the assigned driver and arrival time for the fleet. This keeps the user informed of the latest deals.

Sent request

 You can send the request for availing the packers and movers service. Users can communicate service provider for finalizing the condition.

Payment system

 It allows the user for making payment online through credit card or debit card and internet banking. All the shifting terms can be finalized here.

Driver information

Users can know the drivers and view the profile. The location of the drivers can be tracked along with the vehicle number.

History of orders

You can view the order which has been placed earlier and keep track of the desired destination. 

Review and rating

You can give reviews and ratings to the app for service.  Driver behavior and quality of service need to be rated.

Admin Panel

The admin panel must include the following features:

Dashboard and Panels

Here, all the activities can be managed, orders can be viewed, and panels can be associated.  Admin can check all the updates here within the stipulated time.

Customer management

Tracking and managing the user account, managing orders, and viewing the pending orders is easy. Relocating and shifting schedules can be viewed.

Driver management

Admin can manage the driver and choose one from the schedules. He can view all on-duty and off-duty drivers available and assign them orders in advance.

Remove or block and Add drivers

Admin needs to manage the driver according to their behavior and the time is taken for accomplishing orders.  Drivers can be removed or blocked as per the requirement.

Payment management

Under this section, all payments done by users and all other COD options can be tracked and managed.

Fuel Usage

Managers can verify the fuel consumption and make a comparison between the expenses of each fleet. You can manage the vehicles busy in shifting and manage the schedule.

Vehicle maintenance

According to a number of orders, the average fuel consumption and the performance of the app are managed. The admin can make the necessary decision.

Reporting analysis

All data related to orders and payments can be viewed. Reports and analysis can be done with the proper statistics. You can track the locations where the most orders come from and make a strategy.


Admin needs to stay updated with the order details, confirmation of the order, payment details finished deals and much more stuff.  All the notifications associated with these things can be seen individually.

Location tracking

You can know the routes taken by drivers in real-time. According to the driving stops taken by the driver and the driving skills over the busy route, the relevant time can be assumed.

Driver Panel

Sign up and log in

Driver also has a panel similar to the user. Drivers need to log in from here using email or social media credentials. The login offers the window for letting drivers see the destination and pickup location.

View and Edit

The driver can edit the profiles and set the details as per convenience. The driver can update the task and set the vehicle details.


Drivers can check the previous orders, view pending orders, and know the pickup and drop location to keep track.

Receive payment

Payments can be received from users and the previous payments can be checked. 

Advance features

Along with the above-mentioned features, there are some advanced features, which need to be included in packers and mover app development.  Adding some more attributes to your on-demand app development solution can make you a clear winner.  Such features not only attracts user but also help the admin in the closing deal.

Marketing tools

For increased business, it is always important to notify users of upcoming discounts and offers. This way you can keep users attuned with the business details. Marketing tools give users regular updates using email promotion, abandoned updates, and fresh deal details.  The regular promotion and offers help in increasing the business visibility. Embedding the marketing tool into a mobile app can make a strong market.

Billing and invoicing

When one deal is closed, home or office material is shifted to the drop-off location, the invoice is generating online or manually if any customization is required.  The transfer of all goods and the details are noted.  Along with the dispatched items, the details such as weight of the item, consumed times and average distance is recorded to the billing. Users can bill all items easily and share the online invoice. This gives enhanced transparency to the transactions.

Fixing the survey date and planning

Moving office goods or shifting industrial items is a hard task. The tedious task needs to be prepared and planned accordingly. For proper planning of shifting items to a new location, the survey is done. You can schedule the survey and fix the date for the service. You can ask the customer to show the goods to be shifted and give an idea of the drop-off location.  All the related time and data are shared with the user and specifications are shared. Surveys can give a better idea of the cost, which negates the chance of a bad deal.

Fare calculation

Sometimes, it is not possible always to shift all the material in one go. You can calculate the fare charges for the number of rides. While calculating the fare many components need to be taken care of. Time taken to shift the goods, number of vehicles involved, time taken for shifting, and the per kilometer cost, are used for calculation. Automatic fare calculation can be embedded in the app and can be shared with the customer before delivery.  Alongside, there are other features such as cash payment, logbook and time tracker, etc.  Which can be added for a feature-rich mobile app?

In-app location tracking

Users can track the location of their valuable assets. Also, they can get the estimated time of arrival for the goods. It helps the service provider for finding out the location and ensuing security till shipment reaches the destination.

In-app calls

The customer can improve the communication using the feature of in-app call. Phone numbers are often masked for the sake of security in packers and mover app development.

Insurance of the shipment

Everything has its own risk and security issues. The insurance of the material is offered in the app for the inventory being shipped.  The third party app is integrated to the system availing the insurance for the shipments. Along with the all the features, user can also view the insurance generally available for liabilities, cyber threats and damages during shifting.

CMS Integration

A perfect app is integrated with the CMS for leveraging the users with a number of features and convenience to manage the content available on the app. CMS allows the service provider to keep the things updated on the real time. Contact details, price and number of services can be managed as per the requirement and availability. A healthy CMS also helps in strategizing and marketing.


Chatbot are really effective for delivering seamless user interaction and perfect user experience.  The Chatbot integration in packers and mover mobile app eases the quick and economical way of communicating customers. Customers loves the app which offers 24*7 support and customer assistance.

Team structure for Packers and Movers app development

The development of such a feature-rich app depends upon hiring a mobile app developer’s expert in such an app and the intense research of the app. A team with the perfect working experience can give you strong success. You need to have a capable team, with the following members:

Technology stack for the app development

  • Mobile platform: Android and iOS
  • Real-time analytics: Hadoop, Big data, Cisco, IBM, and Spark
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgre, HBase, and MailChimp Integration
  • Payments: EWallets, Stripe, and Braintree
  • SMS and Phone verification: Twilio and Nexmo
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure and AWS

Cost To Develop Packers and Movers App

Finding the exact cost of the app is a complicated task. The application development is divided into multiple parts. The overall Mobile App development cost is affected by several factors. Geographical locations, features, number of platforms are directly correlated to the app cost.

When software or any app is developed, the cost of the app is decided on the working hours and per hours cost of working. The labor cost changes with the choice of countries and geo-location of development. For instance, the hourly cost of average-featured packers and movers app development lies around $100-$150 in USA, whereas for the Asian countries, the per hour cost lies to $20-$30. In Ukraine, you get to find the some high end combination of skill and cost, therefore per hour cost goes around $60-$70.

The best move is to find the balance between cost and perfection where Asian countries like India is most appreciated.  The different stages of app development demands different number of working hours.

If you plan to get a simple app developed with some basic features, a packers and movers app development will cost you around $15,000 to $25,000 for single platform and around $40,000 to $50,000 for both Android and iOS platforms.

Wrap up

Building an app like packers and mover demands a great effort. First, gather the requirements and then essentially assess the market demand. Every industry has some entry-level barrier and before hiring a fully-fledged team, it is essential to search those barriers for better preparation. Mover and Packers is a good business idea and the international market is really adopting the new trend. A good app can give you a nice cut corner for entering and proper marketing skills can give an easy push.

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