In the past few years, taxi booking apps have realized an unexpected boom. In the fast-emerging digital economy, taxi apps have become widely popular as a profit-making business model. It has been so demanding in the user base that every next individual has a taxi booking app on their smartphone. Seeking the growth and opportunities this sector has, businesses are looking forward to contacting the leading mobile app development companies to get smart and high-tech solutions and lead the taxi booking service industry.

Taking learnings from big players like Uber and Lyft, several start-ups have made their entry into the taxi booking app service business. In a very short period, the businesses have witnessed a snowball effect when it comes to customer base and revenue generation. In the present time, various big and small players are competing with each other to lead the taxi booking market globally. To lead, these players are performing in-depth market research to identify the potential niches of the online taxi booking service sector. The article will highlight such areas that can be fruitful for your business advancement and also can support your business sustainability.

On-Demand Taxi Booking Global Market Overview

The taxi-booking service market is growing at an increasing rate across the globe. Commuting from one place to another has now been so convenient and easy with the introduction of taxi booking apps. Following are some of the market stats that highlight the potential growth of this sector:

Source: Statista

The above stats depict the past, current, and projected revenue generation of the global car rental segment from 2017 to 2025. It has been forecasted that the segment will reach approximately 110,894.2 million U.S. dollars in the year 2025.

There are numerous bases on which a market is segmented but the key aspect that depicts the growth of taxi booking apps is the booking type segment. The above stats show the growth of online booking from the year 2019 to 2027. This indicates how digitization has directed users from offline platforms to online platforms for using taxi booking services.

Online Taxi Booking App Development Ideas

After performing deep research and analysis of the taxi booking service market, we have come up with some of the most lucrative and profitable taxi app development ideas that can surely give your business a boom in the coming time. Have a look to find out the most suitable idea and be ready to scale your business to the next level:

  • Carpooling App

As per the research, there has been seen a massive rise in the demand for mobile app development services for taxi booking apps in past few years. In the taxi booking business, ride-sharing or car-pooling app is considered as a potential venture because of the increased demand for these type of taxi services by college-going students as they are much more cost-effective and hassle-free. From an environmental perspective also, carpooling is a great initiative as it helps to reduce the emissions that support pollution control.

With the carpooling option, students have to pay a comparatively low fare as it is been divided among other passengers and therefore it results in an economical journey experience with a reduced carbon footprint. Some of the famous taxi apps that provide these facilities are BlaBlaCar, UberPool, Turo, Zipcar, Virtuo, and Hertz.

  • Online Car Rental App

Online car rental app or on-demand car hire service app helps users to book a car as per their choice and pay for the service through online mode. The global market of online car rental apps has seen extensive growth in its consumer base in the past few years. Thus, there has also been an increase in the demand for taxi app development services that can help businesses to accomplish their goals. Analyzing the potential of the online car rental market, several startups have gained huge profits and recognition within a short period.

  • On-Demand Bike-Sharing App

Let’s keep the big picture aside. The trending on-demand app solutions which every start-up looking for is the bike-sharing app. From a global perspective, primarily in metro cities, people are looking for bike-sharing apps as it offers pocket-friendly prices, convenient traveling, and faster services. To take short trips, users like to rent a bike and therefore the market has a huge demand for taxi app developers who can help businesses in fulfilling their idea of profitable bike-sharing app development.

  • On-Demand Limousine App

Not every person is a car fanatic but many individuals have a dream to sit in high-end luxury cars. Few people are born with a silver spoon whose parking area is filled with luxurious cars. But some people crave a limo ride and luxurious interiors. On-demand luxury vehicle renting service serves it all. People like to book these rides for some special occasions may it be a business meeting, romantic date, wedding day, or a birthday. Seeing the demand for these rides, a business can rely on a taxi app development company to gain a competitive edge in the taxi booking app market.

  • On-Demand Delivery App

Hyper-local pickup service app is one of the lucrative divisions of on-demand taxi booking. In today’s time, people usually don’t have enough time for simple drop and pick errands. With the on-demand delivery apps, customers can send or receive their parcels from a defined location or a store by paying some minimum charges. Taxi app development companies provide services to businesses so that they can have access to fully functional on-demand delivery apps and make revenues from them.

  • On-Demand Healthcare Taxi Service App

During the pandemic, the healthcare taxi service apps were in vast demand. These services are usually not much used but 2020 was a game-changer for the on-demand healthcare taxi booking apps. Just with a few taps, people can have access to hearse vans and a pre-equipped ambulance. Businesses can hire expert app developers from top-notch mobile app development companies to get access to high-end on-demand healthcare taxi apps.

  • On-Demand Chauffeurs Service App

The on-demand chauffeurs’ service apps allow the users to have a personal chauffeur and the flexibility to travel anywhere and anytime. People who don’t have driving skills or who avoid self-driving are the key users of these apps. These services provide peace of mind to the users as they are not packed with a load of driving, instead, they just need to direct their chauffeurs about the locations and frequent stops. Businesses find this category profitable enough to invest and thus they look for custom taxi booking app development companies that can develop such on-demand chauffeurs service apps with advanced features.

  • Commercial Transportation App

There is a wide range of commercial transportation facilities used by the global population but still, there is room for development and innovative approach in commercial transportation. There is an extensive market scope for developing employee transportation apps and hotel and travel apps. If we discuss the employee transportation apps then some offices require fully configurable apps that provide complete details regarding arrival alerts, approved routes, stops, and timings. In the hotel and travel industry, Uber like app development services are in trend as these sectors need taxi services to help their guests visit historical and adventurous places. Therefore, commercial transportation is regarded as one of the growing sectors that require many on-demand app development services in the coming time.

  • On-Demand Truck and Logistics App

In the logistics and truck booking services, two different models work. Firstly, the app becomes a source to connect the customers with the movers and packers where the consignments can be transferred from one place to another and for this purpose, local truck drivers are contacted. Secondly, in the truck booking service, the app becomes the way to connect the shippers with truck companies to move freight. Considering the demand for these types of services, businesses look for logistics and transportation app development companies that can provide efficient app development services.

To Conclude

In the past few years, the convenience of booking taxi services through online portals has successfully attracted a large customer base. People prefer online booking over offline platforms as it is saving their time and is also easy to book. The increased use of smartphones and digitization of businesses together had given a rise to the development of on-demand taxi business apps across the world.  But with time and changing requirements of the customers, the demand for online taxi apps upsurge and thus the businesses have seen opportunities to grow their market share.

After reading this article, if you are also looking to grow your business and develop your reach to niche markets, then you can also look for any suitable taxi app development idea presented above. Once you have finalized your pick, you can contact any good web and mobile app development company that can successfully deliver your project. SemiDot Infotech is also one of the leading app development companies you can rely on for your app solutions.

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