Home is called our personal space where we find all the comfort like nowhere. Some people are very selective when it comes to buy or rent a house or a place and they should be, after all, they are going to live there. All the people who are shifting to the new city or buying a new house face a lot of problems, be it about property papers, suitable place, good locality, bachelor problem, and so on.

These problems are the reason why real estate app development came into existence and even it is in high demand as well, in the present time. A lot of entrepreneurs want to grab this opportunity and try their hands in this sector to accelerate their business revenue and profit.

This high demand also increased the interest of property market fanatics who work between two parties- one who sells the property and the other one who buys it. Real estate app has also made their work easier, similarly, numerous people have developed a sudden interest in the real estate market.

But here lies the main question, if you are willing to enter the market with an efficient real estate app, do you have all the information about it? A lot of popular real estate apps are already there in the market like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and others, how will you compete with them? Do you know how much does it cost to develop real estate apps like Zillow?

By summing up the answers to all these questions, here we have provided you with a complete guide to real estate app development cost & features. But before that, it is important to know why there is a need for real estate apps?

Reasons Behind the Need for Real Estate Apps In 2021

In the current time, when finding an appropriate property with legal compliances has become a tough job, real estate apps work as a ray of hope in people’s lives. Not only people, but businesses are also getting several advantages with these apps.

Real estate apps are a must-have for the latest property businesses. Real estate apps have already become their medium of interaction with the customers and a primary earner, particularly in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s check out some more advantages of it-

  • More conversions because of excellent customer experience along with impressive and instant real-time interaction with the agent.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty due to the special loyalty programs and offers to application users. It is helpful to get profitable outcomes.
  • Real-time & effective communication between clients and agents that permit them to respond to the requests fast and be in touch.
  • Better marketing via in-app promotional activities and campaigns to get the targeted user base. Ads based on user’s behavior and interests can also be used to provide them with related advertising.
  • With the help of the real estate app, users have a chance to gather data based on user’s behavior and use it to deliver them more personalized services and products and form an improved business strategy.
  • With the app, you only get customers who are interested in the real estate services and are ready to be your client, that will be an exact hit.
  • Since you will get only interested customers, you can maintain them through the mobile app that automatically decreases the overall cost of ad campaigns and boost the revenue.
  • Businesses go for real estate app development solutions as they want brand awareness and recognition at the early stage of the venture that is only possible by having an app.
  • Business owners can have extra income via different app monetization strategies, it is a very enjoyable thing to have.
  • A real estate app will streamline the entire business process including reporting, task management, data analytics, and many more. It also boosts efficiency along with maintaining the budget and all the resources.

Diverse Types of Real Estate Applications

While estimating the actual real estate app development cost, it is significant to know what type of real estate app you should go for? These apps are the way for businesses to connect with their valuable customers, hence it becomes important to have knowledge about their presence and what will be most suitable to your business? The real estate app type can also have an impact on the overall cost. Let’s have a look at it below-

1. Buying or Selling Property App

This kind of real estate apps provides ease and convenience to users for buying and selling properties available on it. This online marketplace has a list of registered properties along with their images, location, price details, and other necessary things so that users can buy them as per their budget and suitability.

2. 3D-tour App

In the present time, real estate mobile apps are integrated with AR/VR technologies that provide users the facility to have a 3D tour of the properties that are on sale. These apps are the most popular among users as they like them the most.

3. Real Estate Agent App

This app is specifically designed for real estate agents. In this, they can list up all the properties they want to sell. There are also available different categories for properties. Users can apply filters and sort the properties as per the factors like price, location, size, amenities, and so on.

Real Estate App Development Solution CTA

4. Property Management App

Nowadays, companies are hiring skilled real estate app developers to create technologically advanced real estate apps. The property management app is also one of those creations that helps agents to manage all the properties they own. They can also observe the status of the property and get property listing insights anytime through the app.

5. Real Estate Investment Software

Businesses are showing their interest in custom software development solutions as they use it for real estate object buying & selling as a way of investment. This software helps the agents or investors monitor properties to sale and select the objects as per the criteria. It is an appropriate and highly customizable solution to have.

There are various popular market players in the real estate industry that provide easy buying, selling, or renting procedures. These are established in the market for years and used by people mostly. What are they, have a look at below-

Top Popular Real Estate Apps

These are some well-known players who earn maximum revenue and have the largest user base. When it comes to building a real estate app, businesses prefer Zillow clone app development as it is the most popular.

Real Estate Market Stats & Insights

As per the reports of grand view research, the real estate market is forecasted to reach a revenue of $4,263.7 billion by 2025 across the world. But these stats also get affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The impacts were both positive & negative but among all of these, millennials were more interested in buying homes in recent times. Income properties are on the top among all the property types, people are interested to purchase them. Look at the below details-

Homeownership rates got increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic but new-home purchasing was on a hike and it will continue in 2021 as well. The market also witnessed changes in mortgage rates and house preferences. Demand for larger spaces, home offices, and outdoor facilities has been increased in comparison to the year 2015.

  • Due to the COVID-19 impacts, homeownership rates have enhanced and it will continue in 2021 at a 5% rate.
  • People’s preference has been changed for bigger space, home offices, and outdoor spaces.
  • Lumber prices are recorded high since the recession time.

In the USA, around 54% of new homeowners took advantage of low mortgage rates as there was a 3.6% hike in home prices by February 2021.

Seeing at the above stats, we can say that people never going to lose their interest in buying new properties. Over time, they will only adopt new and innovative ways to buy the homes like real estate apps. Among all the real estate apps, some of the apps like Zillow, realtor.com, and Trulia are performing well and much popular among users. Therefore, the real estate industry is considered a long-running and profitable sector.

Based on these progressive reports, if you are planning to get a real estate app to expand your business, first let us tell you the associated features & cost to develop real estate apps like Zillow that will help you to boost the profit for sure.

Must-Have Features of Real Estate App

To outshine your real estate app among all the other apps in the market, it needs to have some mind-blowing features that can attract users. After hiring a real estate app development company, you must ensure they focus on adding an impressive feature to your app. These following features are must-added within a real estate app, check them out-

User Panel

Real Estate App User Panel

An app is specifically made for users or we can say, to facilitate them. Hence, this panel must include features that the user wants! Have a look at below-

  • Sign-up or Log-in

To register with the app, users need to enter some information asked by the app such as name, email id, phone number, or link to some social media account of the same person. After that, a verification code is sent to the user, and if it gets verified, the user will get an account within the app.

  • Favorite List

There are times when we like a property but can’t buy it at that time. Through this feature, users can save their most preferred properties to their favorites. Customers will get a unique experience this way.

  • 3D Property View

Users couldn’t get such an amazing experience before but now with the latest technology integration, it is possible to provide users with a virtual or 3D tour to all the properties listed in the app. Along with the tour, this feature also provides all the details about the property.  

  • Built-in Calendar

Linking the calendar within the app would make checking things easier for users as they can also see which property they saw on which date. Through this, they can manage their visit to the property.

  • Agent Details

Sometimes, there is a need to talk to the agent directly, therefore this feature will allow you to contact the agent. The on-demand real estate app must include the property owner and agent’s contact details along with the property details.

  • Map to the Property

Integration of this feature can vary the cost to develop a mobile app but it is amazing if you add this to your app. Customers can get the exact routes & location to the property they want to visit, following the map.

  • Filters

Some of the app users only want to visit the properties as per their preferences, they don’t have time to visit all the properties and then select among them. Hence, provide filters and sorting such as prices, location, amenities, and others to make the process easy for them

  • Customer Support

Here users will get all the information about any of the topics they want to know. They will be provided with an expert who will solve all the issues. Customers can also leave their valuable feedbacks and reviews there.

Agent Panel

Real Estate App Agent Panel

After looking at the user panel, now let’s look upon at the features of the agent panel. Agents also need some features that can work in their favor; thus, your hired real estate app development team must focus on it-

  • Register or Login

Agents need to make an account on the app, they can register by entering their email ID, phone number, etc. or they can use their social media credentials. If they already have an account, they can log in directly.

  • Verify the Profile

When an agent makes her/his profile, it needs to be verified by the app admin. It is done for maintaining the app’s legitimacy. After the verification, agents can start connecting to the customers who are looking for properties.

  • Map View & List View

These options are available for property listing, agents can see the property status online. Via this way, they can update users about the available properties and can make things convenient for them.

  • Adding Properties to Rent or Sale

Agents can add the properties they are interested to keep for sale or rent. In the current time, real estate marketplace development companies understand there is much need for properties, and this way, more customers can be attracted, that’s why they include this feature.

  • App Subscription

Although, the feature of a property listing is free-to-use there are some other advantages with its subscription. It is used by app owners as a monetization strategy to earn maximum revenue.

Admin Panel

Real Estate App Admin Panel

Admin panel directly refers to a center from where all the operations are controlled. It has control over all the panels, be it the user panel or agent panel. Here are features included in it-

  • User Management

Admin can handle all the users, be it buyers, sellers, or agents. Admin can see every person’s activity and if admin feels someone is a threat to the app, that person will be removed by the admin.

  • Data & Reports

Admin will manage all the users and property data from here. Requests from users for buying or adding the property or profile verification, and report management all are included in this.

  • Property Management

Property listing management that comprises property addition, removal, or their verification with all the details is done by admin here. If any property has any problem, it is the responsibility of the admin.

  • User Support Manager

Admin must provide users reliable and quick support from any of the executives in case of any issue, to answer their doubts, and provide them ease in the process.

  • Currency Converter

Users can see the properties and also pay in their local currency through this feature. It allows users worldwide to use your real estate app and buy property as it doesn’t have a currency barrier.

  • Revenue Management

Revenue and profit earned by the app can be managed by the admin here. This feature will help in handle the earnings done by subscriptions and locked property deals.

Advanced Features

The overall cost to develop an app like Zillow can differ, if you add up these advanced features into your app, hence decide accordingly.

  • Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator feature will help users to know the complete price of the property they want to buy. Through this, they will get an idea that they can afford that property or not by estimating the mortgage payment every month. This feature will allow users to calculate all the prices for buying a new house.

  • Mail Reminder System

Users who are interested to buy the property will get a daily reminder about the new properties and offers according to their preferences. This way, users who are very busy in their daily lives will get various benefits.

  • Heat Map

Heat maps are in trend for such real estate apps to provide users with ease to find the property they like. It includes multiple colors for different paths so that users can easily reach their desired location.

  • AR & VR Technology

With the AR & VR technology integration in the apps, uses can get a virtual experience to their new home. Isn’t it amazing you can explore your desired property by sitting at your home?  

Monetization Strategies

Business owners invest their money and hire a top-notch mobile app development company along with experienced app designers, developers, testers, project managers, and others to have an efficient app.

Real Estate App Monetization

Sometimes, they also need websites as well as an app, hence they hire real estate website designers & developers that ask for a lot of investment again. When they put so much money into the development, expect a lot of return via applying the different monetization strategies. What are they, have a look-

A) Paid Subscription

If a user has a long-term plan to use the app, she/he must pay as per the services. Users can take subscriptions according to their choice, like monthly, quarterly, and annual. It is the best way to generate revenue for apps.

B) Advertisements

It is always beneficial when an app displays advertisements of a third party within it as they charge a good amount for that. They also offer paid membership plans for real estate brokers and earn money this way.

C) Commissions

Whenever a deal is locked between the buyer and seller, it provides a commission to the app. it is known as the most interesting way of earning profits by the app.

D) Presented Listings

It is based upon the space a seller’s business is occupying on the dashboard of the app. The more seller will pay for the app, the more space their business will cover, through this way, they will get more customers as they will feature on top with the maximum visibility.

Required Team Structure & Technology Stack

The most integral and significant part of real estate app development is a skilled and qualified team of dedicated members and the integration of modern technologies to make the app shine out of all competitors. Let’s have a look-

Team Structure

A dedicated team is a sign that you will get an efficient app for sure. Whether it is real estate web design or app design or development, the app development process depends upon the entire team. Who are the members that must be included in the team? Find below-

Technology Stack

Cutting-edge technology integration provides a competitive edge to the real-estate apps and helps them to stand in the market among all the competitors.

  • Realm Framework or CoreData– Handle the saved property’s list
  • SimplyRets, Spark APIs, iHomeFinder– Standardize data flows from MLSS
  • Google Places API– Deliver information about stores, cafeterias, and other same locations
  • MapBoxGoogle Maps APIs– To create real estate applications with custom maps
  • Facebook SDK– Facebook sign-in option
  • Zillow API– listing and nearby place’s information  
  • Apple Push Notifications Service or Firebase SDK– Provide push notifications

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate App?

After looking at all the details about the real estate app development, now it is time to know about the cost to develop a real estate app like Zillow. Like other mobile apps, the cost of a real estate app depends upon different factors such as app complexity, type, platform, core & advanced features, location, third-party integrations, team structure & tech stack, and others. The overall cost can vary if the app development process takes much more time than expected.

Most importantly, the factor to consider is whether you are hiring a leading app development company or outsourcing the app development service, look upon their cost per hour. Developers in different countries charge different costs that can differ from the complete app development cost.

Based on these diverse factors, a basic real estate app development cost will be around $15,000 to $35,000. If you want hybrid app development with advanced features and the latest technology stack. It would cost you higher in comparison to a simple app.

Final Verdict

Real estate apps have been trying for a long time to make their space in the market. And now, the real estate app development sector is booming at a fast speed and flourishing as a promising area for business development.

If you are looking to get an opportunity in the same industry, it is the right time to invest your money by hiring a prominent development company and having an efficient real estate app to get high revenue. In the current time, when users are eagerly looking for an appropriate property, you can help them with your app with the latest features across the globe.

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