At present, most of the worldwide population is aware of NFTs, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, etc. We have always heard about new businesses entering the NFT world, but did you hear the news about cloud-based software giant ‘Salesforce’ entering the NFT space? Yes, it is true! Salesforce is launching a new NFT minting, managing, and selling platform for brands & businesses to help them with their digital assets.

At CNX22, Salesforce has launched its NFT cloud, though it is still in beta and available for just a few people, it is also said that it will be widely available to use by October of this year. Not only this but there were also served top three moments at CNX22 by Salesforce.

We assume that Salesforce got to lean towards Blockchain technology back in 2018 when it revealed that their work is in progress for a ‘secret’ Blockchain project. And now, we have got clarity on what they were talking about. The company has invested around $35 million in the Blockchain firm known as Digital Asset Holdings.

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce helps to create and support CRM (customer relationship management) software. It is beneficial for firms to get the complete details of their customers every time they are interacting with their brand. A Salesforce CRM product is composed of a sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud, commerce cloud, IoT cloud, analytics cloud, health cloud, app cloud, financial services cloud, etc. Salesforce services enable businesses to use cloud technology to work better with customers and partners.

Now, Salesforce is taking a new step with the launch of the NFT minting and selling platform to help brands and businesses.

Insights About NFT Cloud

NFT cloud is invoiced as a basic easy-to-use platform in the NFT world and the nascent Metaverse. This new non-fungible token marketplace will be represented as a no-code platform to allow users to mint, manage, and sell different NFTs including digital artwork, sports collectibles, profile pictures, and video game items. Although, this platform can also be used to access things such as real-world events & web communities along with brand loyalty initiatives.

The main purpose of the NFT cloud marketplace is to let the brands create and sell NFTs, collect data from offerings, and increased engagement with the online communities via cloud-based tools. The Senior vice president of Salesforce, Adam Caplan told Bloomberg that brands are always interested in NFTs to fulfill the purposes of getting access and engagement except for selling the digital assets without functional utility.

This new NFT cloud platform will act in harmony with providing a secure environment for its users. Therefore, it does not support the PoW (Proof-of-Work) Blockchains as it causes the waste of energy and electricity mostly. In place of that, Salesforce revealed that there will be used PoS (Proof-of-Stake).

This news has increased the chances that Salesforce is using Ethereum as the leading Blockchain platform for NFT collections. As proof, it is heard that Ethereum is shifting from PoW to PoS which is probably going to take place in August 2022.

Key Takeaways!

The NFT market has always been a progressive one while providing enormous opportunities to different kinds of businesses with different niches. As per the report of DappRadar, the NFT market has noted a record-breaking month in January 2022 by earning $16 billion in sales which was quite good. Last year, the NFT market recorded $25.5 billion in trades which was 18,400% more than the last four years together. Now, whether it is FOMO or actual customer demand that has led Salesforce to step into the NFT market, it is always good to go with the flow.

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