Education sectors have been witnessing huge changes over the years. The growing importance of education has fortunately increased the number of students. The traditional approach associated with the traditional classroom is now looking forward to a digital solution for something better such as a savior.

The introduction of modern apps and the adaptability to the current requirements have given the education sector thumbs up for digital classes, online assessment, and animated courses. The new mode of study has necessitated the use of some management ERP app. Digitalization reduces the human error possibility while managing the classes and assessing students, maintaining records, and others.

This is indeed a great time for education app development companies, where the school management app has become a primary tool.  All menial tasks such as registration, attendance, scheduling, and all related advanced tasks are managed by the School management app. The traditional manual tasks are now handled by an automated system. The app works as the backbone for educational institutes, schools, non-professionals teachers all of who are handling the number of classes. All such tasks are handled under a single roof with hassles-free clicks.

Any school management app development company focuses on developing a web application and mobile application both, for giving ease of operation from any device. The long list of features of the app improves pedagogy, administrative tasks, financial tasks, and parental engagement while also makes study approachable and fun. The seamless user experience of the app gives eye-catching attention to the students while also offering ways for the school to grow.

The current education system direly needs mobile app development companies to bring a strong school management app. Let’s understand what going around in the education industry worldwide. North America is the largest market in the world with a high demand for such app. Ellucian Company L.P., Hobsons, Oracle Corporation, and Gibbon are few big players in this market. The education app market is expected to grow up to 11500 USD by 2024.

The above continual progressive chart shows the demand for school management software development, where North America has been seen the largest market share while Asia is rising with the highest demand. Here in this article, we will understand the requirements, features, technology stack, and cost of the school management app.

Reasons to Develop School Management App?

The education system includes many tasks. There are separate apps for almost every task related to school management tasks. This raises a question about the need for mobile apps. A school mobile app is a new attractive app, which is introduced to manage the goals of individual schools. The main purpose of mobile app adoption may differ from school to school, but the all-around task handling requirement is common everywhere. A perfect app makes things much easier to manage and accomplish.

  • Schools can handle the database and keep them secure
  • Registration of students for the classes is automatically managed along with the reminders
  • Ease of operations for parents
  • Event handling and competition event
  • Calendar integration to the tasks and classes

Alongside, there are few reasons why mobile app Development Company recommends school management app:

Attendance management

Record management and attendance maintenance are one of the most common tasks of such an app.  The system is enabled to record attendance and student information. It is better to hire mobile app developer and integrate your app with all-around features such as notification.

Homework management

Students not only take classes online but also get the feature of submitting their homework online. They can upload the project, download notes, and get the report of their submission. Students can manage the UI as personalization and can reach old documents.

Better exam management

Most of the education apps are built for exam system handling. A school app accommodates the requirement of exam handling for both objective and subjective papers. A school management system accommodates this need. Teachers can freely hold the exams and post the result over the platform.

Effortless payment

You can offer the students a payment facility for paying their fees. They need not run for the queues in front of the bank. You can apply automatic late charges and send student fee reminders, updates.


A capable system is always aimed to elevate the communication level between authorities and parents.  Students, teachers, and students can interact better using emails, notifications, SMS, and the app itself.

Track student location

Forwarding off the fear of your child being kidnapped or being misled, the system requires having a tracking system. You can know the Geolocation of your child. Also, vehicles are integrated with the app services for knowing the route, maintaining the schedule, or ensuring child safety.

Student admission process

The student admission process is a bit complicated with the increasing number of students. Schools need to predict the number of students for admission and deciding seats. A built-in system may reduce the chance of fault. Due to errors and duplicated data, there is a need for a school management system.

Staff management

If you have a perfect application for attendance, management, salary, and other tasks, it can be a great success.

Workable Inventory Management

Some schools have stored uniforms, books, study materials, and other stuff. The management of such huge interactions of data can be handled by some capable mobile app development solutions.

Benefits of School Management App Development

For the efficient management of data and control of all departments, students, employees, course, and processes, an elegant app is needed. The strong functioning of app can be achieved, if the app development is done by reliable and experience school app Development Company. A central management system can give school authorities an advantage. Here are few advantages, which you can leverage:

Better Communication

An app leverages better communication between all parties associated with the school system. Not only parents, students, and teachers, but also the different departments can interact. School authorities can also offer regular updates to the parents and students with help of a notification system.

Automated task management

A school management system can ease out complex operations through automation. School data management, payment, and other administrative tasks are manipulated through the app. Decreasing the staff can reduce the cost of operation.


 A higher level of transparency can give regular updates for kid’s health, classes, attendance, and other info.

Performance analysis

Students get the grades online and proper assessment for improving the grades by recognizing the weak area.  The open-source management system is integrated with the analytical tools for offering an in-depth understanding of where are they lacking. Teachers can take corrective action.


Users may record the attendance and publish them publicly available on the app. Teachers and parents can access this information online and use the data.


It makes it easy to manage the whole admission process and accept applications to enroll students. Also, the new and prospective student data can be managed.  


Users can schedule the class as per the teacher’s availability. Some applications are integrated with the automatic class scheduler.  


Users can record the grades and print the custom reports with the narrative from teachers.  The custom reports may contain ranking, automatic calculations, and averages.


Allows the user for sending the invoice and payment. Parents can get the invoice of their fee deposits while accounting functions are available for the school department.

Advanced features of School Management Mobile App

Artificial Intelligence

AI has now deeply entered into every arena. For tracking, fleet management, autoroute decision, and other grading systems, AI is directly used in Apps. Many proficient mobile app development companies are offering to integrate AI capabilities with school app. AI is made for gaining perfection in operation, reduce expense and enhance safety.

Schedule management

Timetable scheduling and attendance management is the important administrative task. Teachers can spend the time before the schedule, which can ease out the operations later on. Attendance management may seem easy but if the number of students and classes is large the management task becomes complex.   

Online assignment and assessment

Term exams are important, but still assignments play a big role in preparing students. Students learn to compete with the tasks and give their better performance.   

Report cards

Report cards can be prepared with the proper narration and remarks. Students can understand the weak point and can work for the same.

Fee tracking

Receipt management, bill preparation, fee tracking reminders are all tasks that are time-consuming and difficult to manage. With the help of a mobile app development company, you can handle the functions easily. Smart cards are an amazing way of managing payments, charging fees, and preparing bills.  Online billing avails credit card payments and hassle-free payments.

Admission management

File management is far complex than learning the works over an app. Teachers are today more interested in handling things through the app. This can help you in accessing the data whenever required. An effective school management system built by a reliable educational app development company is capable of streamlining the old data and manages the new data. Such an app is capable of human error correction and easing out the operation.


Each and every entity in the system, whether physical or non-physical has some details. The management of such details is called profile management. Users can build their profile and manage it using login credentials.

Library management

There is no specific need for a separate library management app when all tasks can be done with the school management app. The existing library app can be integrated with the advanced education institute management app. Library tasks such as finding, researching, issuing books, and returning the books can be done using OCR scanning and a strong database.

Transport management

Any capable school app may have the school transportation management feature integrated. Related information such as a profile of students who opted for school transportation and the routes assigned for each vehicle are all managed with the transportation management app.  This ensures safe operation and online fee submission.


Smartphones are the primary source of connection today. Sooth performance of the app on any app ensures ease of access. Be it, students, teachers, or parents, all parties can manage and access the data through their choice of device.  

Academic calendar

Academic calendars are the basic essentials of an education system. It is crucial to send prior updates for the events, meetings, lectures and exam schedules, etc.

Cloud-based system

A cloud-based system leverages the users to conduct operations anytime anywhere. Students can get the data stored over the cloud whereas teachers can check the assignment and prepare the report card from any device of their choice. If the school needs to update the whole system or make any revamp in the application, the operations don’t get harm.

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HR management

Employee payroll can be maintained through a single app or app. All the data related to student enrollment, staff recruitment, payroll, and leaves and can be kept using the HR module.

UI and UX

Any app which is well-designed and has a smooth experience is liked by users. The app must be designed in such a way that a person can access all the features easily. An app or app with a mediocre design or monotonous UX can never be a success.

What is the Cost of School Management App development?

There are many important factors that deviate from the pricing factors of Elearning app development companies. The cost of an app is directly related to the research required for the app development, whereas the development hours also increase with the number of features. Here are few estimating factors for the cost determination.

UI and UX

An app or app must be available on different devices. Know your audience first and do a quick survey to determine which platform is preferable and used by majorities. It is essential to know before hiring a mobile app developer. UI and UX take a lot of effort by designers. The app must look good on different screens of devices.  The cluttered free and less complex designs of apps are eye-catching and demand more creativity.

Hourly rates

The cost of an app is correlated to the number of hours spent on developing it. For developed nations and the flourishing app market, the hourly cost goes higher, whereas developing nations and poor countries provide you some cheaper options. You have to find a midway between the price and quality. In Some developing nations, you can find many top-notch eLearning app development company options from which you can choose as per your budget.

A number of operating systems

Your app needs to assimilate the features for different platforms. iOS and Android are common platforms. You may opt for one preferable device, but the cost of the app goes higher. It is always preferable to go for cross-platform app development or to go for both android and iOS app development separately.

A number of features

An app with some basic features is not too large and hardly takes any time.  These kinds of apps can be cloned or may be delivered within a shorter period of time, whereas the large apps take much longer time to develop and demands a proper investment.  Alongside, for the apps needing third-party API integration, the cost of purchasing API increases. It is advisable to first go for MVP with basic features and then integrate advanced features as per requirements.


The app requires iterative revisions, updates, and bug fixing. A school management app development is not a one-time task. The app needs to be updated, revamped, and enhanced with the popularity and number of users. Maintenance takes 1/5th of the total development cost.

For a single platform school management app development cost lies around $10,000-$15,000 and for both iOS and Android platforms it will cost you around $20,000-$30,000. This cost goes up if it’s integrated with third-party API. The advanced app can cost around $30000.

The technology stack used for School mobile app

Front end: Swift, HTML, Angular, React
Back End: Java, Laravel, Node.JS
Database: SQL Server, MongoDB, Postgre SQL
Payment Gateway: PayPal, Braintree
DevOps: Jenkins, Android Studio, Amazon Cloud Watch
Cloud: AWS and Google Cloud

Wrap up

The audience of the school management app is entirely different from other apps. The app is used by teachers and parents for getting and sending information, while the majority of the time, the app is used by students.  Students always tend to use apps that are interactive and have some charm.

The look and feel of the app must be interesting. Students must be able to team up with the colleagues and share assignments and file with each other. A small cost-cutting can hamper the performance later on, which can give the app a big no from the associating parties.

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