Have you heard about the term ‘Super App’? What do you envision with this? Is that a kind of supermarket that comes to your mind or is there an app including enormous functions? Let us tell you that the second one is what we are talking about. Yes, you got it right!! Super apps are fully loaded with outstanding functions and features to facilitate users with a never-like-before experience by combining multiple apps into one fine solution.

super app successful cases

With continuous advancements, smartphones and applications have become a vital part of our lives. The number of downloaded mobile apps is increasing day by day as people need a different app for every task. People who are using multiple apps for tasks such as making payments, ordering food, shopping online, booking tickets, watching movies, and others, now, they can have all these under one roof. To make it easier for them, the Super App design has produced multiple functions in a place.

There are already various super apps that help you to accomplish different tasks simultaneously, for example-

Rappi – Food delivery, pharmacy, Grocery, etc.

Gojek – Payments, transport, food delivery, logistics, etc.

Yandex Go – Food ordering, ride requests, sending items, etc.

Omni – Choosing rides, making payments, paying for different services, etc.  

Super app is considered a one-stop solution in response to the thriving on-demand market. Due to its provided hyper convenient experience, various businesses are keen to enter this lucrative market.

If you are also planning to develop a super app, you must take into account a complete guide to super app development to set your footprint in the competitive market. Below, we have mentioned all the details about the Super app overview, market position, benefits, different types, popular super apps, difficulties to face, development process, monetization model, and estimated cost. Let’s get started-

What is Super App?

Super app assists all the users as a one-forestall shop to meet all their demands. These types of apps provide functional benefits relevant to several mobile applications via a single solution. The super app architecture includes great options in a place that takes up lesser memory and storage, hence, people don’t need to download multiple apps for accomplishing different tasks. These super apps will allow users to do any of their work by sitting at home right from payments to shopping to ordering. Some famous super apps that provide multiple services are Taobao, Amap, WeChat, Grab, Gojek, Alipay, phonepay, paytm, Revolut, Zalo, google pay, airbnb, uber, amazon, etc.

one super app

Isn’t it amazing you are having just one app installed on your smartphone to get any job done? As a mobile user, you must be dealing with some apps that are covering space in your device, but you never use them. This is when we realize the importance of super apps. The main aim of this solution is to expand parallelly and cover certain geography.

Super App: Market Statistics & Growth

The functionalities of the super app and its collaboration with various apps have made global users use these solutions. According to the survey conducted by pymnts, there are 72% of users worldwide want to use such apps. 25% of them are very much interested in using the super app instead of using food ordering, eWallet, messaging, taxi booking, and music streaming apps differently. Another 47% are partially interested in this.

If we talk about different segments or countries, the ratio of interested users is – 72% in the USA, 70% in Germany, and around 66% in Australia. As per the stats in January 2022, a super app can have around 98 million users daily leading to yearly spending of more than $3.25 billion. About 8.2 billion people worldwide use mobile devices leading to growing 10% yearly. Following the below graph, we can see the global super apps market size based on the region and value between the years 2018 to 2028

As per the below figures and statistics, consumers are really attracted to super apps that include facilities of eWallet, carpooling, zoom calls, messaging apps, and others. This interest also varies according to the country, nevertheless, the portion of consumers voicing interest is no less than a two-thirds segment in every four countries where the survey was conducted. The percentage of consumers who were interested in the super app is 72% in the USA, 74% in the UK, 66% in Australia, and 70% in Germany. The below figure has included different shares according to the benefits provided by super apps.

Obtaining super app development solutions has been the greatest step for businesses in terms of profit and expansion. Alongside, the concept of super apps has got huge attention from an audience base covering a wide range of services that has been the major convenience factor.

Various sectors are leveraging the advantages of super apps, do you want to know about them? Keep reading further to check out them-

1. Social Media Industry

Nowadays, the life of people revolves around social channels, even they prefer to use this medium to interact with each other rather than meet in person. It has become a vital part of our lives as well as the easiest way of communication for all. Here super app which developed by social media app development company involve all the features such as messaging, audio & video calling, sharing files with different formats, paying, and others. WhatsApp is the most popular instance of the social super app.

2. Food Delivery Industry

The food delivery super app facilitates users with ordering food online and getting it delivered fast right to their doorway. Here the super apps enable users with all-in-one functionality such as choosing the location, adding the items, sending instructions, and doing payments conveniently. Users don’t need to open any other apps for checking ratings, food menu, location, or pay for the order. Some of the food delivery super apps are Gojek, Rappi, Alipay, Yandex go, etc.       

3. Banking and Finance Industry

The main reason why most businesses want to create an app or super app for the banking and finance sector is to facilitate users with all the facilities in one place. Super app development services have also reached to banking and finance sector facilitating users with instant bank loans, creating, or closing bank accounts, checking account statements, and many more. In short, now they don’t have to leave the app to accomplish any financial transaction or bank-related tasks. Popular instances of banking & finance super apps are Alipay, Snapp, Omni, Tata Neu, and others.  

4. eCommerce Industry

In eCommerce sectors, super apps are beneficial for users as they can easily access all the app features with just one login. They only need to enter their personal and banking information just once. To make the payment process easier, they have options to create an eWallet app and add credit/debit cards, UPI, etc. Users can easily buy products and goods online and can-do quick payments after that. The super app makes all the tasks run effortlessly. Examples of eCommerce super apps are Amazon, flipkart, etsy, alibaba, Gojek, Tata Neu, etc. Businesses that want to start an eCommerce business must go for creating a super app to get benefits.    

5. Transportation & Travel Industry

On-demand super app development services are also encompassing the transportation and travel market. Here, the app allows users to book tickets for flights & buses. It also works like a taxi app like Uber as users can book a ride or can share the cab with someone else as well if they have less budget. By using the app continuously, users can also get exclusive deals, offers, and cashback on their next booking. Some famous transportation & travel super apps are Uber, ola, careem, RTA Dubai, Snapp, Rappi, Tata Neu, and so on.       

6. Healthcare Industry

What can be better than having all the functions in a single place when it comes to medical care? Healthcare app users can book their appointment with doctors through audio & video calls or in person. Payment also can be done online in different ways. It helps to enhance patient engagement, better health monitoring, instant access to getting remote care, fewer chances of misdiagnosis, and many others. practo, Snapp, Rappi, Tata Neu, etc. are a few instances of healthcare super apps.  

7. Payment Industry

An app must facilitate users with the option of doing payments and completing all their bills online. There are fewer security flaws or data breaches as users will have full control over adding banking details. If users want, they can save their details and they don’t have to enter them again and again. From mobile recharges, to paying electricity bills, to booking tickets for movies, travel, or event, the super app allows you all. Bill payment super apps include Paytm, Phonepay, Googlepay, Bharatpay, Alipay, Tata Neu, and others.

Top Benefits Offered by Super App

The idea of super app development is much more beneficial than any other app. It is well-fitted to the requirements of large-scale enterprises. These super apps are well-resourced including multiple functions that benefit big brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Uber, Tata Neu, etc. in numerous ways. This is the reason why all businesses want to get details about what are super apps.

super app benefits

If you are also interested to step into the realm of digital business with the help of a super app, then check out these benefits offered by these apps-

1. Augmented Audience Reach

Super apps can work as a great opportunity for ventures to get access to a larger user base from every corner of the world. The app can offer a broad range of services to worldwide users that enhance the chances of getting more users. Having a large customer base will also lead you to have enormous user data that will help you in providing an improved rewarding experience using business intelligence & different analytic tools.

2. Better User Engagement

If you go for choosing a super app development company to develop an efficient app, you will end up having a solution with more touchpoints. These will help your businesses to have effective interaction with the customers to keep them engaged or involved with your app. consistent user experience is also a key factor to win the heart of your audiences while having better engagement.  

3. Increased Revenue Causes

Getting proper details about ‘what is a super app’ will unlock numerous ways for earning revenue for your venture. By expanding services, businesses can enhance their revenue sources while having zero customer acquisition costs virtually. Super app includes multiple services in one place that makes it different from others, businesses can use it to pitch the right audience base and earn millions.    

4. Strong Brand Name

When you take on-demand app development services to develop a super app, you are providing a complete set of services in a single solution, it somewhere adds credibility and recognition to your brand. More and more customers will get involved with your business to avail your different products and services. A smooth user experience will make users believe in your brand easily.   

5. Lesser Cost

The main benefit of having a super app is that businesses don’t have to bear higher mobile app development costs like others. It can be said that it is much simpler to brand only one specific service and comprise it into one existing solution than to create many different apps and comprise them into one single brand. Here businesses will also have fewer future expenses by investing in the super app currently.   

6. Retain Old Customers

By offering lucrative rewards and offers for old customers with more convenience, businesses can retain them with the help of super apps. The offered deals and discounts bring high chances for user retention rate. The more the customer retention rate, the more profit, and revenue the venture will generate. They will end up having a huge customer base including both old and new ones.

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Different Types of Super Apps

Going to develop a super app? To create this multi-functional app, you need to hire super app developers. And before that, you must know about what are the different types of super apps that you can go for. To complete your multi-purpose app development project, here we are discussing two varied types of super apps-

1. Customer-facing Super Apps

Customer-facing super apps are preferred by businesses that are looking for super app development solutions for a wide range of audiences with different purposes. These types of apps allow customers to avail of multiple services similar as taxi booking, messaging, food ordering, bill payment, ticket booking, and many more. First, this type of super app was introduced by the WeChat app in China and became a super app by generating $240 billion with the help of micro-app transactions.

These apps enable businesses to not have food ordering, doctor appointments, money transfer, or taxi booking separately. If we talk about popular customer-facing super app examples running worldwide, here is the list-

  • In India – Tata Neu, My Jio, Paytm
  • In UAE – Careem, Talabat, Noon
  • In the USA – Facebook, Amazon, Revolt
  • In the UK – Uber, Alipay, Yandex Go

2. Employee-facing Super Apps

Employee-facing super apps are also getting good responses from businesses to get better productivity, hence quickly moving to get information about it. These types of super apps are developed to facilitate employees with varied app-based tools for multipurpose such as employee interaction, workplace collaboration, messaging, file sharing, and audio & video conferences with remote employees similar to the Zoom app. Providing them training, and others. To develop a similar super app, you can look at the Gmail app that offers to access Google Chat and Google Meet into the app.      

To get inspiration, you can also consider Me@Walmart to create a B2E super app. It does comprise various functions such as employee schedules, onboarding instant updates, benefits, leaves, early going or late coming, and many more.

Apart from this, there are other employee-facing super apps such as althr, asanify, Truein, Paycor, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Best Super Apps that are Most Successful

The complete guide to super app development is incomplete without talking about top super apps. There are various super apps are available in the market that is immensely popular among users providing them with all the facilities. From banking & finance, and healthcare, to social media, everything task seems so easy to accomplish. Let’s have a look at the following list of top super apps veering worldwide-

1. Gojek

The Gojek super app works similarly to the app like phonepay and Paytm, and others. Under a single roof, a user can fulfill all his requirements with the help of this super app of Indonesia founded in 2015. Though, the firm ‘Gojek’ was started in 2010. In 2015, the app included only four services: GoShop, GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend. If you are thinking to build an app like Gojek, you must know that the app records $6.3 billion in gross transactions yearly.

gojeck app screens

This multi-service tech app also has its territory around Southeast Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Currently, the Super app Gojek comprises a complete set of around 20 on-demand services to grab the attention of audiences at a high level.

2. Rappi

This super app was released in 2015 and now has spread across nine countries including 250 cities. These places comprise Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Uruguay y Brasil, Chile, Peru, and more with more than 10 million active users monthly. To build an app like Rappi, businesses must do a lot of research and competitor analysis as it is one of the rapidly expanding Latin American Super apps with a value of 3.5 billion.

rappi app

The Rappi Super app provides multiple functionalities related to travel, pharmacy, food delivery, grocery, banking, courier services, and so on to its users. In the beginning, it was just a grocery and food delivery app but with time, it kept adding other services as well. Now, it provides a wide range of services including Rappi Travel, Rappi Cash, Rappi food, Rappi Medicine, and Rappi Mall, etc.         

3. Tata Neu

The next app is Tata Neu which has stolen the attention of a large audience base. Within a week of its release, it had 2.1 million app sign-ups along with 2.2 million app downloads. It was built to enable customers with a complete, highly individualized, and smooth buying experience. There has been a lot of research, analysis, time-taken in mobile app development, mobile app testing, and attempts to launch the app and provide users with an amazing experience.

tata neu app

Right from hotel reservations, meal ordering, grocery, medicines, travel bookings, and bank loans to paying bills and micro-financing & insurance, the Tata Neu super app covers it all. Various brands such as Westside, Croma, Starbucks, IHCL Hotels, Tata CliQ, Qmin, BigBasket, and Air Asia belong to this app. Also, Curefit, Air India, and Vistara are some of the firms that are in the queue to join the Tata Neu.    

4. Alipay

‘Alipay’ is a super app currently active in the market as a third-party online payment and mobile platform launched by Alibaba group and their founder ‘Jack Ma’ in February 2004 in Hangzhou, China. Firstly, it had its headquarters in Pudong but now it has been relocated in the year 2015 to Shanghai. Alipay offers a number of features such as send receive money, booking online tickets, transferring money to friends, Card free payments at millions of merchants, paying your utility bills, Order food from local restaurants, or booking a taxi and others


Alipay super app provides users the privilege to do any task online with utmost ease and quickly just by using their fingertips. It is now having a customer base of around 450 million that also use the app for financial services covering sending or receiving money, getting insurance, or availing services of booking a taxi. The Alipay super app supports up to 12 different languages to provide its users ease.  

5. Omni

Omni is known as the first and fastest-growing super app in Central America that got released in 2019. Due to its quick growth and multiple services, various businesses are showing interest in having mobile app or web development services so that they can create a platform like Omni. Basically, this app belongs to Costa Rica while having growth in different services like finance.

omni super app

The arrival of Omni increased people’s interest in super apps as it got launched at the right time during the technology interval in Central America. Omni super app recorded 100,000 installations in a week and 500,000 installations within a year since its launched and is listed as the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store of Costa Rica region.   

6. Yandex Go

It is considered the first super app in Europe including services like delivery of goods across town, transportation, ordering meals, and others. It was founded in 2011 by Arkady Borkovsky, Arkady Volozh, and Ilya Segalovich. The app has headquarters in cities like Russia, Moscow, Schiphol, and the Netherlands. Yandex Go is specifically built in the Russian language but it can still interpret what the user is searching for and provide relevant search results.  

yandex go

Apart from that, Yandex Go super app provides multiple features for users that include multiple payment gateways, in-expensive prices, rides with multiple stops, timesaving, child safety arrangements, food ordering, timely delivery, presented in 10 countries, and more. 

7. Amazon

Amazon is known as a super app worldwide and is preferred by users as it offers multiple functions comprising Amazon shopping, Amazon prime video, Amazon Music, Amazon Fire Tv, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Echo, Amazon Kids, and Amazon Pay. Amazon super app has included numerous apps inside their ecosystem rather than letting their users have different apps for different tasks on their phones. Amazon Pay currently counts on Box8, Ola, Faasos, and redBus to provide distinctive services in one place.

amazon app

An app like Amazon believes that this concept works in the favor of both companies and app users. Though, it is not the first time that an eCommerce company is providing multiple functionalities. The super app concept has brought direct and assured business to Amazon along with millions of users.    

8. Uber

A popular on-demand transportation service worldwide is now working based on the idea of a super app. It is providing users with multiple functions such as booking cabs, Uber Eats, Uber Fleet, Uber Pro Card, Uber Freight, and also paying through the app itself. Users don’t need to open another app to do payment or location. Uber has started to launch the project in the UK first and has diversified its focus from only cab booking to a vast market such as food delivery and sending goods. The Uber super app’s strategy is strengthened by the firm’s wallet, ‘Uber Money’ offering financial benefits to its drivers.

uber app

In the travel and mobility industry, only Uber has the ability to integrate all the services into a super app. The emergence of Uber with the super app notion is leading proof that it is more beneficial to provide several services in one place rather than having food ordering, helping with carriers, and many more separately.    

9. Snapp

Snapp is known as the most famous ride-hailing super app in the Middle East with varied services. Just by tapping a few functions, users will be able to avail of numerous services such as booking a ride, getting a doctor’s appointment, taking loans, and other Snapp services.


The Snapp super app is currently serving over 150 cities 24*7 to enable users to enjoy all the functions. Some of the firms included with Snapp are – SnappHome and Snapp!Passenger, Snapp!Market, Snapp!Food, Snapp!Doctor, and Snapp!Trip. Ride-booking services will always be the focal point for the Snapp app. 

Challenges to Look for Super App Development

Be it a mobile or web development company, every firm has to go through some challenges during the development and execution phase. Hence, the development process and methods applied by the hiring firm should be well-tested. The whole procedure should be conducted in the observance of expert designers and Android or iOS app developers.

If you are wondering what are those challenges that need extra precautions, this guide will help you to know about them for sure. Get details below-

1. High-priced

Super app development costs relay higher and more expensive. It is the main reason why small businesses can’t afford to have it all. Super app development demands a lot of resources, money, rightly managing legal complications, a skilled team, and time, therefore, it is not convenient and surely not so cheap for small firms as they don’t have enough capital investment.  

2. Needs a Modern-edge IT Infrastructure

The whole process of building a super app requires a lot of aspects that also include a highly configurated infrastructure. The setup should also comprise an algorithm augmented to ease the complexity and loading time. Without it, users might lose interest and the project will fail. Try to get a well-suited infrastructure to run and handle several apps simultaneously in one super app.      

3. Highly Trained & Dedicated Team

A certified, highly competitive, and dedicated team is the first aspect to give preference while developing a super app. Businesses should look mobile app developers for hire with rich expertise and great knowledge to streamline the massive tasks from the designing to the development phase. There will be a lot of stages such as integrating different APIs, putting codes, adding elements, etc. and for this, you must own a skilled IT team with all the understanding of the latest mobile app development trends.  

4. Vigorous User Verification

The super app must integrate a multi-factor user login verification system to prevent any suspicious person from using the app with the wrong intentions. We can see various cases of hacking of digital accounts. No business wants to let that happen to their users’ accounts; hence, they require to implement app user login authentication to guarantee them an excellent security experience from the super app.  

Complying with the industry and government norms and regulations is necessary to avoid any kind of issue that can occur while taking iOS or Android app development services or at the time of launching the super app. For each step starting from app hosting on public domains to users’ security, it will be beneficial to have an expert legal advisor and take his advice everywhere you need it to make the process swift and flawless.    

How to Develop a Super App?

To develop a super app according to your specific requirements, it will be good to go for a top-notch software development company. They will help you to understand your project requirements and associated opportunities. It is significant whatever agency or team you are hiring; they consider the step-by-step mobile app development process to have an impeccable and smooth process.


Let’s get to know about those important steps to follow while creating a super app –   

Step 1: Market Analysis & Business Approach

First of all, think about the patent mobile app idea so that no person can steal it. After that, you must analyze market needs and demands along with what is going on in the latest trends, what are your competitors’ doing, the requirements of your potential audience base, the right business approach, and choosing an appropriate platform for the super app. Platform selection depends on your targeted audiences and where they belong.

Go for a single platform if you are focusing on a particular set of audiences. Otherwise, you have numerous options. You can choose among Native apps, cross-platform apps, or web apps. Sometimes, choosing a platform also varies as per the available resources, budget, hiring team, and so on. 

Step 2: Identify Features and Functionalities

Deciding on what features and functionalities to include in a super app is a responsible job. In the current market, there is a lot of competition going on and to compete with that, the created super app must include some exclusive and user-friendly features according to the customer requirements.

Some businesses want to integrate features and functions as required, hence they go for hiring a mobile app development company that can provide them with what they want. Here are some must-have features to integrate into a super app:

  • Multi-factor user authentication
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Schedule booking
  • Real-time notification
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • GPS
  • Messaging & calling Features
  • eCommerce

Step 3: Design UI/UX of the App

Super app design is considered more intricate than any other standard mobile application. Whether you are having Android or iOS app development services, you are developing a super app for different verticals, hence the UI/UX aspects should be more attractive as per the users’ requirements. The main elements to cover while designing a Super app are wireframe & prototypes, typography, color schemes, services’ placements, transitions & effects, and effective content. An app with easy navigation, a better user interface, and appealing graphics will lead to a lot of traffic.     

Step 4: Select the Right Tech Stack

In the development stage, your hired iOS or Android app developers will play the lead role. There is a need to select the right technology stack based on the chosen platform and feature set. This phase will decide how robust and scalable the super app is going to be. Also, development is the stage that highly impacts the cost to develop a super app. Hence, some of the main considerations to make in this step are smooth performance, quicker loading time, adding new features, availability of resources, project time limit, and the overall budget. No matter what you choose, native or cross-platform, here is the standard tech stack including mobile app development frameworks & tools:

  • Front-end Technologies: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, VueJS
  • Back-end Technologies: Python, Laravel, NodeJS, Go
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Programming Languages: Swift (iOS), Kotlin, Java (Android), Flutter, React Native (cross-platform)
  • Cloud Platforms: Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Payment Gateways: Braintree, Paypal, Stripe
  • Server Technologies: Apache, NGINX
  • Location Technologies: Google Places API, Google Maps, Core Location
  • Messaging Technologies: PUSH, Twilio, Firebase Cloud
  • Data Analytics: Spark, BigData, Hadoop

It is necessary to choose the right tech stack for mobile app development. It will help you to get a proficient super app with swift performance and a user-friendly interface. This way, it will be easier for you to grab a larger base of audience.

Step 5: Test the App

Similar to any other mobile application, the super app also needs to go through multiple testing phases to ensure the app is ready-to-use and bug-free with smooth performance, faster navigation, and flawless working. Before the Beta testing, the development team internally goes through Alpha testing to make it error-free and usable. After the Beta testing, you have the scope to do corrections based on users’ feedback relevant to their experience and the app’s performance. The complete mobile app testing guide includes the following types-

  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Localization Testing

Step 6: App Release

After fixing all the reported bugs and errors, now it is time to launch the super app in the market on the decided platform. To get a higher user base and retention ratio, it is important to make the super app available to a broad range of audiences worldwide. A mobile app development agency needs to follow all the rules and guidelines of the specific platform to deploy and verify the application on App Store or Google Play Store or both. After the deployment, audiences can download the app to install it on their devices and use it.

Step 7: Security, Support, & Maintenance

The process doesn’t end even after the launch. As a business, it is your responsibility to keep the users happy by providing them with constant updates and releasing new features to cope with the latest market trends. The post-launch services also include adding new features, advanced security patches, and bug fixing time-to-time. The hired support team provides instant assistance to clients in case of any issue while ensuring flexible super app performance.

No matter, if you have hired a native or full-stack development company, they all provide three months of free support and maintenance services and if the client wants, they can extend it by paying extra charges to them.

Monetization Model: How to Make Money with a Super App?

Now, when you have read the full guide to building a super app like Gojek, Amazon, Rappi, Uber, etc, there is still a question left to be gauged. It is ‘how super apps make money’. Every business wants to make a profit, and this is the only reason why they enter the industry via building a feature-rich app following the right business model. Some of them are even eager to know how free apps make money.

To find out the different ways to make money through super apps, have a look at the following points – 

1. Credit System

Super app like Gojek, Rappi, etc. comprises an in-app credit system including EMIs/loans, rewards, and more for service providers, customers, and other business partners. Businesses offer in-app loans to users for their shopping & other tasks and charge interest accordingly. These make the super app useful for businesses and earn profits via loan and finance features.    

2. App Subscription

Businesses are acquiring super app development solutions integrated with an in-app subscription. In this, users have to buy the app subscription to use it which starts from a minimum and goes for higher charges. Some apps offer their users 1 month of free app trial and then, users must buy the subscription.  

3. Charges on International Transactions

Super apps charge a certain amount of fee from users whenever they try to make a cross-border or international payment to different countries. It provides a lot of benefits and great revenue to businesses and in exchange for that, businesses ensure to provide users with secure payment transactions. Hence, it provides advantages to both businesses and users.   

4. In-app Advertisements

After developing a super app and gaining a huge customer base, you can offer other businesses to come and advertise their products through your app. If any of the app users purchase the advertised product, your business will earn a specific amount of commission over that. Along with that, you can also charge money from the businesses you are allowing to advertise on your super app. It is considered a great way to earn revenue.   

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Super App?

In this complete guide to super app development, now we will navigate to the cost to develop a super app. Deciding on the overall super app development cost is not an easy task as it varies depending on various aspects. No matter how you want to develop the super app, but still, it is the most asked question by every venture before development. Some of the factors that can affect the complete cost to create a super app are-

  • The app complexity
  • Chosen app platform
  • Hire mobile app developers (Android & iOS)
  • Experience & location of the firm
  • Testing of the app
  • Consumed development time

Along with considering these aspects, the fee charged by developers also has an effect on the general cost. In India, developers charge $40 to $60 per hour but in Europe & The USA, developers charge $100 to $150 per hour. Based on all the factors, it is estimated that if you create a super app for a single platform, it will cost around $50K to $80K. Whereas, if you want to build the super app for cross-platform with great features, it will cost you around $100K to $120K.    


To embark on the journey of super app development, a business must know about each, and every tiny detail related to the super app. As we have discussed, super apps provide multiple services that too not from a single manufacturer. There are several manufacturers connected to one single super app. The entire super app works on the concept of having a sustainable long-lasting relationship with the businesses. For the western areas, the notion of the Super app can be new but for Asia and South America, there is nothing new as already their online businesses are using these apps for fulfilling their daily needs.

Talking about the future, it is predicted that super apps are going to have a lot of popularity and adoption by worldwide ventures nevertheless at a higher cost. If you are also keen to establish your footprints in such an industry and are unable to find a custom software development company, then, SemiDot Infotech is here to help you with all our pleasure. We are an award-winning agency with rich experience and a highly skilled development team that will deliver you a super app including all the customized features and functions you want. Reach out to us to get the quote!    


Have a look at the below FAQs to get to know about Super mobile application development in detail-

  1. What is the super app?

    Super app is a one-stop destination that provides multiple services from different vendors. The super app performs numerous tasks of multiple mobile applications so that users don’t need to go to any other app to do any task as they can have all the services in one place saving their efforts and time.

  2. How do you build a super app?

    The ease of super app development depends on the communication between a super app development company or development team and the client they are dealing with. The process will start from market research & business approach to design & development to testing & launch. There will be added various advanced features & functions, third-party APIs, analytics & tools, etc. to make the super app efficient and smooth to perform.

  3. Name of some top super apps is Gojek, Rappi, Alipay, Tata Neu, Omni, and others. These all have a huge customer base while providing the best-in-class user experience, numerous online services, a homogeneous marketplace, maximum revenue & profits, and many others.

  4. How Much Time Does It Take to create a Super App?

    The overall time taken in the super app development process can vary according to the different factors such as the development team, adding security features & functions, and many more. Also, the app designing including UI/UX takes time as it is the most important step to grab the attention of audiences. On average, it takes around 6 to 10 months to develop a super app.

  5. Is this a suitable time to develop a super app?

    Yes, absolutely. Currently, people are looking for such apps that can provide them with all the services together with a full guarantee of security. Therefore, it will be the right time to develop a scalable super app with on-demand security features and functionalities. It will help you get a large customer base and a lot of profit leading to huge ROI.

  6. What is the cost assessment to build a super app like Gojek?

    The general cost of developing a super app lies between $50k to $100K. Further, it depends on the requirements of businesses including what they want to go for. There are different aspects such as features, complexity, security, development time & team, app platform, and many more that can vary the estimated cost.

  7. What are the success factors for a Super App?

    To make a super app successful in the market, it must be different and advanced from other existing apps. It must provide an amazing user experience via the multiple services they provide, consistent marketplace, scope to update the app, and others. It will help your app competitive and up-to-date while making it a huge success in the market.

  8. Are Super Apps Profitable Mobile Apps?

    Yes, super apps save a lot of time and effort for users as well as provide them convenience without switching apps. Businesses with massive profits. Businesses can get a huge customer base leading to get vast monetization opportunities and ultimately, enormous income.

  9. What is the difference between Super Apps and Stand-Alone Apps?

    There is a major difference in provided services between super apps and stand-alone apps. Stand-alone apps are the ones that provide a particular service with some specific functions and are only created for one platform. These can be medical apps, entertainment apps, finance apps, food delivery apps, or others. Whereas a super app provides multiple services or micro-programs slugged under one roof. Some super apps are Amazon, Paytm, MyJio, Rappi, Gojek, etc.

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