The recent popularity Blockchain has gained can’t be denied by anyone who knows technology. But with everything Blockchain makes you capable of, Blockchain deserves so much more than this. A distributed ledger that’s secure and immutable, which can’t be modified or tampered by third parties, that’s Blockchain for all of us. It is more than obvious that such a technology attracts a lot of geeky minded people to code in it, and to find the best of the best, you will need a lot of hard work.

Whether you are looking to hire blockchain developers or a blockchain development company, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when hiring for technology this new, and one which is still growing. We will briefly go through on the tips which can help you select the best of the best, especially considering the dynamics of Blockchain technology. Solidity, R, and Python are top languages used for blockchain development, but you need developers working specifically for your type of implementation, to make it all work.

Here’s everything you need to know when planning to hire blockchain developers for your project

1. Determining the scope of the project

Determining a project’s scope that includes blockchain for the functioning is itself, a task of its own. But it is a necessity to determine it, as without it you cannot really start planning on hiring blockchain developers. But the dilemma here is, to check the possibility of things you have planned to implement in Blockchain, you need expert advice. This is one of the situations where it would be better to hire a blockchain development company rather than freelance developers, as they will guide you with all the possibilities.

Plan the scope following the fundamentals of Blockchain, and if your project revolves highly around blockchain, try hiring a project manager who excels in Blockchain at the very beginning. It will make things a lot easier and is a simple prerequisite to dig deeper into the possibilities of blockchain in your project. Blockchain development companies will provide you with possible solutions, and they can help you with things like Ethereum and other chains too, so you get to directly hire Ethereum developer from a blockchain development company, easing your load to find them explicitly.

2. Choosing between developers and company

This question can potentially make or break your application or website, as it will affect all the aspects of your project. If you are planning to hire at your own location, you have the choice of hiring a group of blockchain developers formed as a company, or individual developers as a part of your team. Both the cases will work differently and in case there won’t be changes and maintenance work, in-office hiring could be a bad idea.

If you are planning to hire a blockchain development company, you will hire a team of developers who own a reputation, but you will pay for their extra services one way or the other. On the other hand, hiring blockchain developers would mean less investment regularly, but means less working potential and no guarantee that the developer will keep working for you. Make the choice depending on the scope and your project requirements, you can consult to blockchain companies for a free quote too.

3. Cost justification

The cost to hire blockchain developers vary widely over the world, but it is way more in countries like the USA, compared to countries like India. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is, would the cost to hire a full-time blockchain developer to be worth it? Considering you have the choice to hire freelancers or a choice to pay 10th the price by the hour when you outsource to a country like India.

Apart from this, you would also face the question if the cost to do all this is justified considering the technology is in infancy right now, and the shape it would take in the coming years is far from imagination. But if you make some smart decisions and hire from a country that could offer you experienced blockchain developers for as low as $20 per hour, the RoI automatically improves, while the risk reduces.

4. Previous portfolio

Signing an NDA is real and could be a problem when hiring a developer and wanting to check their previous works. Don’t make judgments if the developer you are planning to hire cannot show you previous works. But from our personal experience, if you are planning to hire those with extensive experience, they will certainly have worked their bits on attaining complete knowledge of the technology, and that’s how you will know if they have worked at it or not.

Since blockchain is new, there is a lot of help offered on the forums online, you can ask the developer for their profile to see how active they have been in asking and solving blockchain problems on these forums. You need to understand, when a technology is new, developers can claim to be able to a lot of things they read somewhere, if possible, ask them exactly how they will achieve what you want them to.

5. Post-development support/maintenance

No matter the offer, the blockchain development services should always include maintenance. Even though the system created with blockchain is usually self-sustaining, the apps and contracts aren’t. You might need the services of a blockchain developer for support on maintenance, depending on your business requirements. Plan ahead for maintenance as it would unfold at a later time when you would have to shell out money for it.

A good blockchain company would usually provide you with 3months of free maintenance, which would significantly reduce the maintenance cost in the long term. Another benefit of hiring a company would be them offering much lower prices on maintenance support, which would mean less cost to you. Developers you hire in-office will aid this problem, balancing it would be essential to earn more profit in the long term. 


Hiring and working for new technology can be tough as it is a new world of both opportunities and problems. There are a lot of blockchain developers for hire, but it all comes down to list what you actually need from them. Listing out your requirements will not only save costs for you but would ensure that you can get the best out of your investment. If you follow the points listing above, you will not only get much more clarity on your project but would be able to make better choices and avoid complexities that may arise in the future.

After you list everything down, make sure you choose well between remote and in-office, and full time and freelance blockchain developers, as it will highly affect the project cost and development time. If you are looking for a free quote, or are planning to hire a blockchain development company at prices as low as $20 per hour, you can contact us in the chat or contact us through the form here. Plan ahead to improve RoI, it would save you money for when blockchain becomes a necessity and you would already be a leader in the space.

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