iOS and Android are two of most the famous operating systems at this time. With versatility and advanced features, iOS has become a very lucrative platform for the developers.

If you are going to hire an iOS app developer for your project, you need to know the project inside out, start from what type of app do you want, required skills,  location preferences for the developer, along with other aspects of your project.

Hiring developers can be tricky, particularly for an iOS app developer. This is because a specialized knowledge of iOS development and the iOS apps needs to be of an exceptional quality, which can only be developed by a proficient iOS app developer.

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You don’t need to be a pro for hiring an iOS developer, but you have to figure out the parameters for choosing the right person. This includes an understanding of the project, the type of apps you want, and the overall cost of the project. There are certain points you need to keep in mind before you hire iOS app developer. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Points to keep in mind while hiring iOS app developer in 2023

Here’s a brief list to begin with.

  • Know your project
  • In-depth knowledge
  • A good teammate
  • Portfolio of previous projects
  • Role in the project
  • Understanding of iOS ecosystem
  • Remote working capabilities
  • Knowledge of emerging tech

Now, let’s begin with an explanation about each of the points mentioned above.

1. Know your project

First of all, you need to know everything about your project such as every part inside out. This way you will be able to pick the right candidate for the job. Keep a tab on your project, meaning you need to have a mental picture of various parts of the project. You also need to know the ways to make your project succeed, for instance every minor details that ensure the success of the project. You can talk to other team members to gain detailed knowledge about the skills and technologies required. Let’s discuss it in detail

2. In-depth knowledge

In this step, check the technical skills of a candidate such as coding skills, knowledge of creating apps compatible with many versions and check if the developer can build interactive apps. These skills are essential if you want to develop incredible iOS apps. Being a recruiter, you need to have a full-fledge plan that involves knowing the target audience, the technologies required for developing the apps, details of a user interface, security measures and development criteria to turn your imagination into reality.

3. A good teammate

 No matter how big or small your project is, choose someone who knows how to work in a team. This is a crucial skill you need to check in developers, as they will be working with designers and other team members. Make sure the developer has worked in teams and knows how to communicate clearly for the betterment of the project.

4. Portfolio of previous projects

This is an essential step to check while hiring iPhone app developers.  Ask them for a portfolio, and check if they have developed the same apps as the one you are creating. You can download the apps they developed for previous projects, if possible, contact the owner of each app to ask about the functionality and experience working with the developers.

Even if you don’t like an app they created for previous project, you should consider if same would be the case with your app, and then decide on hiring the person. This step will help you get a better understanding of the candidate and his or her work experience in iOS app development.

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5. Role in the project

You need to line out the duties and responsibilities before hiring a developer, in this way the developers can better relate with the project considering their skill set. To ensure the success of your hunting, look for specific skills like knowledge of iOS frameworks, proficiency in objective-C and he should be a good team member to ensure the success of the project. Depending on your project, you can list out the roles and responsibilities of an iOS developer

  • Collaborating with the design team to explain required features
  • Checking the quality and performance of applications
  • Resolving application related issues and identifying problems
  • Publishing apps on the app store
  • Managing the code and automation of the application
  • Designing and deploying application updates

6. Understanding of iOS ecosystem

Understanding of iOS ecosystem is very important if a developer wants to associate with a good mobile application development company. Ecosystem refers to having a knowledge an ecosystem, products and services that are part of it and need to understand what draws consumers towards a particular product.

This knowledge is something that will benefit the developer in creating user-friendly ios applications with the latest features. For example, when Apple launched, iPhone in 2007, users saw something  more secure and user friendly than a Blackberry and a Nokia, which led them to buy iPhones. Hence, a developer must have a good knowledge of what are the latest features in iOS development and why users embrace them.

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7. Remote working capabilities

A developer should be able to work remotely if required and must ensure timely delivery. With the increasing demand for freelancers’ developers across the globe, it’s not tough to find a developer with remote working capabilities. Decreasing commuting cost for the developers, and office cost for the company, makes remote working a really viable option for everyone. Developers can work in flexible hours and the companies can assign tasks without any restrictions. Remote working is a great practice for both sides.

8. Knowledge of emerging tech

The developer must know about emerging tech which can help in improving IOS development in the long run. For example, the AR kit, it is an augmented reality development platform for iOS mobile devices, used by known brands like Ikea. With the help of the kit, developers can build high detail AR experiences for both iPad and iPhone.

More technologies can be used in iOS development like Core ml 3, a machine learning kit that provide high performance taking advantage of the CPU, GPU and neural engine. A proper understanding of emerging technologies of 2023 is a must skill to look for in an iOS developer. In this way, he or she will be able to create interactive and user-friendly apps.


Recruiting developers and planning a team is hard work, especially in the case of IOS developers. The managers and leaders should know inside out of the project and must consider the cost of development while hiring iOS developer. Developers with proficiency in iOS app development, knowledge of iOS ecosystem, and iOS frameworks, worked on the same project as yours and having a good experience in working in teams, all these skills makes the developer a perfect fit for your project.

Nowadays, IT companies outsource developers for large scale projects, which is providing great opportunities to the developers and freelancers and benefiting those who are looking forward to hire quality iOS developers in 2023.

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