Along with other programming languages, Python has also evolved with time and become the most versatile language preferred by programmers. Python has been used by various mid and large-sized ventures and tech brands for years to fulfill their purposes. This server-side programming language has been used by businesses to build thousands of applications and some of them are well-known too.

Over the past few years, Python development services have benefitted numerous organizations to get high revenue and maximize profit. Efficiency and low cost are the prime reasons why Python has got so much popularity. Not only web development but there are also different areas where Python has provided numerous advantages. These areas include desktop GUI, game development, machine learning, audio & video apps, AI, data visualization, and data science that use Python as a basic programming language.

What is Python? 

Before moving to the tech giants that are using Python, it would be great to get a basic introduction about it. Python is an easy language that is freely available to learn and use. It is the most popular because it is high-level, typed dynamically & interpreted. Python makes error debugging easy and strengthens the fast app prototype development.

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This language was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1989 and supports the cross-platform operating systems that make app development more efficient and convenient. Nowadays, ventures are hiring expert web developers so that they can have scalable web apps to achieve success and a large user base.

As we can see in the below graphPython is considered the most preferred programming language in 2021 by getting 19% of the respondents support who were interested to use the language. Following Python, TypeScript was the second most popular programming language.

Top 10 Applications Developed Using Python   

Python works upon the concept of code readability that makes it worth using for website development services. This multi-purpose programming language follows an object-oriented tactic that assists professionals to write clear & logical codes for small and large-scale projects.

According to the TiobeIndex Statistics, Python counts among the fastest growing & user-friendly programming languages that enables solutions against different challenges faced by businesses, whether it is allied with development, AI, or retrieving the database stats.

These days, various top tech giants are choosing Python over any other programming language. Following are some of the trendy web applications built using Python, have a look-

1. Google

Does it need any kind of introduction? The world’s most utilized and renowned search engine is also using Python along with other core programming languages such as Java, and Golang. It is highly used in Google because of its high competence in Google internal systems, in-app involvement, & assistance. This language has worked in several zones hosted by Google comprising Google code, Google App Engine, Google APIs, and AdWords.

Along with it, Python aids in many factors such as scalability, flexibility, and amazing performance to Google. Therefore, it is known as the best engine worldwide as it has flawless production and works with the help of Python.

Considering the words of the director of research at Google Inc. Peter Norvig, “Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today numerous Google engineers utilize Python, and we’re searching for more people having the skills of this language”.

Steven Levy, the author of ‘In the Plex’ also said that “Google’s very first web-crawling spider was first written in Java 1.0 and was so difficult that they rewrote it into Python”.

2. Netflix

It is another most popular mobile app, millennials can’t imagine their lives without. Netflix is a prominent video streaming app that had Python programming due to its great ecosystem of tools that ensure the smooth working of the system. This app provides streaming of movies and TV programs of different genres, regions, languages, etc. online, and has all over 182 million paid subscribers for the app worldwide as per the sources of April 2020.

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The primary business of Netflix lies in the subscription of its video streaming services. Three major pillars including operations, security, and Machine Learning of Netflix are supported by Python. This language has been used to write the code of one of the active software like Netflix to improve app safety, analyze the data reports, and send alerts. Python is used by Netflix to get the full potential of Machine Learning that inspects films, empowers the streaming, and takes out the images to display thumbnails.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a picture and video-sharing social media application that is owned by Facebook and nowadays, becoming the most favourite social networking app of the young generation. This company has also taken the help of Python development company along with Django and at present, it has also embraced Python 3.

The primary reason why Instagram opted out to use Python is the simplicity, proficiency, and practicality provided by this language. The company had the other options as well like PHP, but they found Python was the best among them, hence they went for it.

As per the sources, in 2019, the story feature of Instagram was used by around 500 million active users on regular basis and that was huge. For the betterment, the company also added additional AWS machines and now, outcomes are affirmative.

4. Uber

When it comes to the taxi-booking app, Uber is always counted on the top. It is a global ride-hailing service provider app that had 1907 million trips across the world by the fourth quarter of the year 2019 with a revenue of $316.6 crore.

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At first, developers of the Uber app used Node.js, Python, Java, and Go. They started with two prime languages: Node.js only for the marketplace team and Python for anything else. Python is able to handle a large amount of data collected by Uber and it is also easy to work with this language. These reasons make it an obvious choice for the custom software development company you chose for taxi app development. Developers prefer it over any other language due to the security and reliability, it provides.

5. Amazon

Not just the entertainment industry and cloud computing, but also the e-commerce sector is availing the benefits of Python programming language. Amazon uses Python to build the recommendation engine and the machine learning system built using Python works with a Hadoop database. Python is best when it comes to providing big data analysis as it gauges very well.

Amazon needs the analysis of search patterns and buying habits of their users to give them exact recommendations, it is possible with the help of a machine learning engine.

The company chose this language as it is simple to use, has tons of libraries along with tools enabling working with steps like deployment, unit testing, and others. Despite it, this language is good to combine with other technologies such as Apache and Hadoop.

6. Facebook

A social networking app that is the oldest and has a large pool of daily active users in millions. This company is giant and built using various programming languages and technologies. It is said that 21% of the codebase of the Facebook infrastructure is due to Python.

Facebook is applying Python to process a large set of images shared by users on their walls simultaneously. It is necessary for the platform as it deals with a large amount of data regularly. Companies like Facebook hire python developers for the back end of their apps linked with image processing or resizing.

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7. Pinterest

This platform is a picture-based social media site that makes users able to search and save the required image via the world wide web in different formats of GIFs, images, or short videos. This network has an active user base of 335 million with a large user engagement and a strong presence of the topics like technology, fashion, DIY, science, food, and others.

The reason behind using Python by Pinterest’s developers was the helpful nature of the language that assist them to do the development process fast and reliably. There are various tools built around Python comprising MySQL_utils, Pinball, and Pymemcache by the developers along with a set of libraries used regularly for configuration management and service communication.

8. Dropbox

This platform provides a file hosting service including options of cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software. The company has taken the help of a Software development company to build the platform that now has more than 14 million paid customers and over 190 downloads. This site is available for various platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. Python is the most used language by Dropbox.

Even, Dropbox has pulled out the founder of Python from Google. After joining, Guido van Rossum made it easy to assign datastores between representatives of the Dropbox platform.

9. Reddit

Reddit includes a large collection of web content rank, social news, and talk websites. Reddit is ranking in the 19th position as the most viewed site worldwide by taking help from the web development company and using Python.

According to the Alexa Internet, Reddit has 55% of its users from the USA, 7.4% from the UK, & 5.8% from Canada that was noted in May 2020. This platform has more than 330 million active users monthly and is famous as the front page of the internet.

This platform is completely enthused by Python and its huge collection of libraries by adopting a highly altered variant of every embraced library steadily.

10. Instacart

Instacart app provides grocery delivery and pick-up services on the same day in the USA and Canada. This company offers services to over 25,000 varied grocery stores among over 5,500 regions in North America that were valued at $8 billion.

Instacart has a data science team that operates in both R. and Python for demand forecasting. Python and R. code are helpful in the estimation and reading all the data including how many shoppers they are going to need for the next few days and then, note those values.

Why Python is the Preferred Choice for App Development?

Python is a multi-purpose and versatile language that can be used for different tasks such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and data analysis. It is the main reason why enterprises are taking the help of a mobile app development company to develop mobile and web applications.

Commonly, Python is the most preferable for scripting and automation purposes. By using Python, ventures can have a robust and scalable desktop, web, and mobile apps and execution of QA testing. Here are more reasons to use Python-

  • Python has inhabitant libraries along with the countless web frameworks that enable Python developers to create software efficiently. 
  • This language includes modules & libraries and can generate codes hassle-fee. It provides expert python developers the scalability that is difficult to gain with other programming languages.  
  • Python is used in software programs to perform algorithms and protect manifold apps. Data learning and its processing have become easier tasks because of the packages listed in the language. Python makes it easy for developers to decipher the spreadsheet data via creating a CSV output. 

Top Python Framework to Look At in 2022

Python programming language has different top frameworks that are used by Python app developers. It comprises both full-stack frameworks and micro-frameworks. Following are these top Python frameworks-

Final Verdict 

From this article, we have provided you with a better understanding of the popular real-world mobile and web applications created with the help of python. This article also includes the reasons why Python is chosen by most web development companies to build apps.

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As we can see in the present time, Python is such a language that provides fast & efficient development that resulted in scalable web solutions. Apps & websites using Python get the advantage from their large pool of libraries, frameworks, improved scalability, including programmer-friendly nature.

Developers find Python a perfect fit to build apps that gauges horizontally, get the advantage of the cloud, and include data science and machine learning. Thus, if you are looking for a prominent Python app development company, SemiDot Infotech is here to assist you with our knowledgeable and skilled Python developers. Contact us to have scalable and custom Python solutions comprising all the required features.

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