Android is one of the most popular and widely used operating systems, across the globe. As per a leading source, more than 70 percent of the total world population are Android users, beating iOS by a huge number. To keep this OS updated, almost every year a new Android version is rolled out. These versions have some updated features or some entirely new features, to enhance the user experience.  Android 10 was a huge success and with this version, Google started naming their OS numerically. Before that Google was naming all the versions based on desserts, Android 9, or Android Pie, as they named it, was the last one in this naming list.

Android 10 marked some amazing features like dark mode, smart reply in all messaging applications, advanced parental control features, incognito mode for Google Maps, and many more, which were loved by all. But now, Google is all set to launch its latest Android version i.e. Android 11. This version will carry the same legacy of its predecessor, but is expected, to be packed with more outstanding features. Android 11will be all about improving the user experience furthermore.

With this Android version, Google is planning to introduce several distinct features and technical improvements that can surely change the way mobile apps work. Among these features, some are the ones that were earlier planned to be introduced with Android 10, but due to some issues, they were left behind.

Anticipated Features in Android 11

Before knowing how these features will impact mobile app development, let us know about the features that are anticipated to be introduced with this latest Android version. Since Android 11 is not out yet, these are the features that are expected to be there in this new Android version.

  • Better support for various screen types
  • Improvements in conversational apps
  • 5G Compatibility
  • Scoped Storage
  • Native Screen Recording
  • “Just Once” Permission

Let us discuss these features in detail.

1. Better support for various screen types

Every now and then, a new Smartphone is launched in the market with different features and designs, to attract more and more users. This year we have seen many smartphones with waterfall display or the foldable screen. Android 11 is developed to run on all these types of screens, effortlessly. Also, developing apps for foldable screens can be a bit difficult. But this version of Android offers new sensors that can monitor the angle between the two parts of the device so that the app runs smoothly and remains responsive to the screen resolution.

2. Improvements in conversational apps

Android 11 will bring in a lot more new features to make our conversations fun and easy. It is aimed to improve the way how a conversation is handled. A lot many updates are expected to be introduced for this and one of them is “chat bubbles.” This would be in the top list of Android trends this year.

Chat bubbles were launched as an experimental feature in Android 10, but after its success, this feature has made to the list as the most prominent feature of the latest Android version. With this feature, users can hide all their ongoing chats in the form of little bubbles, and whenever they want to open any of the chat, they can tap on the specific chat and open that particular conversation. Users can also move these bubbles anywhere on the screen.

This Android version will also support quick replies. With this feature, users will be able to send a media file from the notification section itself. They need not open the whole conversation for this.

3. 5G Compatibility

Now that 5G is the most anticipated digital transformation trends of 2020, Google ensured to make this Android version compatible with this upcoming technology, by adding a very important feature known as “Dynamic Meterdness API”. This API would facilitate smartphones to explore all the possible opportunities that 5G offers.

In this new Android version, several 5G icon display solutions are offered for different devices. Android 11 would be capable of supporting a number of technologies like LTE, LTE+, 5Ge, 5G, and 5G+. With the introduction of 5G in the market, Android app development services will be high in demand, as 5G offers graphics and videos of the highest quality, and businesses would want to get their app compatible with 5G.

4. Scoped Storage

This feature was initially planned to be launched with Android 10 but, was delayed due to its performance and reliability issues. But now, Google is all set to launch this feature with Android 11.

Scoped Storage is basically an all-new way of managing app permissions like what data and files an installed app can read. In simpler words, any app that a user installs, in his smartphone, will have access to a limited part of your data and files. This is a great step to protect user’s personal data.

5. Native Screen Recording

This is one of the most awaited features of Android 11. Most people download an external app for screen recording, but with this latest version, Google has planned to launch an in-built screen recorder, so that you can see what is going on in your phone when it is not with you. Also, this version will support scrolling screenshots too.

6. “Just Once” Permission

Earlier with Android 10, Google introduced a new feature, of granting permission to applications, to access location, camera, or microphone data, only when they are in use. But with Android 11, users can enable the permission access to “just once”, so that no app can constantly access your location or any other personal information.

What impact will Android 11 have on mobile apps?

Every new version tends to have some impact on your Android app. It would definitely affect the functioning of your app. If you are looking to migrate your Android app to this latest version, you must hire Android programmers having immense experience of developing Android apps and expertise in version control.  Now let see some of the impacts which Android 11 will have on your app:

  • Restriction on permission
  • Data privacy
  • 5G benefits
  • Great support for the advanced technologies
  • Reduces data redundancy

Let us discuss these points in detail and what impact each factor has on your Android app and business:

Restriction on permission

With this Android version, users will have an option to deny for the permission, that your app is seeking. By clicking the deny button twice, they will be prompted with “do not ask again” message. This can restrict some of your marketing tactics. You will have to be extra smart to convey your message and convince users to grant permission.

Data Privacy

With so many features focusing on user’s data privacy, businesses may find it difficult to find out stats for app usage, as Android 11 will keep all these details in an encrypted form. To access this data certain coding will be required, for which you must get your app developed from a proficient Android app development company, as developers there, would be able to help you with the coding.

5G Benefits

5G is the most anticipated feature of Android 11, and it is expected to bring a lot of benefits to the businesses. From streaming speed to fast transfer of large files and data, and zero latency, 5G is known to enhance the overall user experience. With this, Android apps will also have better graphics and videos, which will help businesses to attract and retain more users.

Great support for the advanced technologies

For applications that are based on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural language processing, Android 11 will be a great platform for smooth functioning, as it comes with a new API known as Neural Networks API 1.3. This API will facilitate apps developed using advanced technology to run smoothly on all Android devices. So, if you are looking to integrate AI solutions or any other technology into your application, Android 11 will support it.

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Reduces data redundancy

There are some situations where your app might want to share the dataset with any other app. If we talk about the earlier versions there, both the apps were required to download a different copy of the large dataset separately, but with Android 11, this can be managed with shared data blocks.


Most businesses have already started planning to get their app migrated to this new version of Android. They have started looking out for the best mobile app development company that can help them with this version update. Being prepared always lets you stay prepared to grab future opportunities, and also, keep you ahead of your competitors.

Seeing these features and impact that these features will have on your Android app, we can surely say that Android 11 will be a huge success, and adapting to it can definitely help in the prosperous growth of your business.

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