Blockchain has opened gates for many inventions & has transformed many sectors. it has appeared as one of the leading technologies which are altering businesses & providing new solutions such as Cryptocurrency & NFTs. NFTs have shown new opportunities for digital art & are said to be the future of the virtual economy.

But what is an NFT? NFT is said to be non-fungible tokens built on blockchain & can’t be exchanged only the ownership changes such as art. People are taking possession of these virtual arts & selling them on the best NFT marketplaces with huge profits. Even artists & their artworks are also getting recognition as an artist Beeple sold their work at $29 million in the auction.


In the last few years, the demand for NFT buying & selling has caught people’s attention & businesses even showed positive signs and desire to work with Nft developing companies in the USA to bring something new to attract more people & make some money with NFT.

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If you are also looking to get Nft services in the USA for your business and don’t know where to start, let us assist you. We have categorised below the best Nft development companies in the USA including their top clients, foundation year, hourly rate, minimum project size and location of companies.

List of Top NFT Development Companies in the USA

The main feature of NFT development is to provide ownership, it can help businesses to redefine the way brands are engaging with customers.  To jump on the bandwagon & build your NFT , we are helping you by providing below Best NFT development firms in the USA with necessary details, services & expertise, etc.  

1. SemiDot Infotech

Top NFT Development Company

SemiDot Infotech is a well-renowned top NFT development company in the USA that provides NFT services including NFT minting, NFT Smart contract development, IPO development, Real estate tokenization, Peer to Peer exchange, Crypto collectibles, whitelabel NFT marketplace development, Identity management with NFT, Open trading place, Asset lifecycle management, Software license management. Being the best NFT development company, SemiDot Infotech has successfully provided NFT solutions to their clients like such as Super creators, Danger Rangers, knownOrigin, Satoshi’s index, and many more.

  • Foundation Year – 2011
  • Average Hourly Rate – $25-$30
  • Top Clients – Picnic, Luxury Ledger, Joom, InstaPay, Just Eat,, super creators, Loyverse, Luxe London, ViTolker, WayToNikah, IRL, Treatwell, The Training Hub, zippykind, Bloomy, Chefaa, Danger Rangers, Zattoo,
  • Minimum project size – $5,000+
  • Location – USA, UAE, UK, India
  • Services – Mobile app & web development, Blockchain & NFT, Custom software development Solution, Wearable App Development, PWA development

2. Leeway Hertz

leeway hertz nft development company

With years of experience, Leeway Hertz has established itself as a top NFT development agency in the USA working to help companies defeat their tech challenges & help them to grow. Leeway is serving their clients along with web3 solutions with modern & advanced technologies. The company has years of experience in building solutions for Blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi, and Gaming. Their team of experts in NFT has helped them to deliver result-driven NFT solutions & to push further in the list of best NFT development firms in the USA.

  • Foundation Year– 2011
  • Average Hourly Rate- $50- $99
  • Top Clients- P&G, McKinsey & Company, Hershey’s, Budweiser, Siemens,3M, Pearson, NASCAR, and ESPN
  • Minimum project size- $10,000+
  • Location- San Francisco, India, New York, & Chicago
  • Services- Software Development, Blockchain & Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile application development, NFT Marketplace Development

3. Appinventiv


Appinventiv is a global digital engineering leader with 9+ years of experience in blockchain and blockchain-related development. With a team of 1600+ tech experts certified in the utilization of advanced tech stacks, Appinvenitv has emerged as one of the top blockchain and NFT development companies. Its stringent development process ensures industry-best security protocols while offering a seamless User Experience and features that meet the client’s custom demands.

  • Foundation Year– 2015
  • Average Hourly Rate- $25- $50
  • Top Clients- KFC , Adidas, IKEA, Hukoomi, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, YouCOMM
  • Minimum project size- $25,000
  • Location- New York, USA
  • Services- Product design & development, Digital Product, Android & iPhone app development, Venture Capital, Nft website development

4. PixelPlex


Pixelplex is among the best NFT development companies in the USA for their users. With more than a decade of experience, Pixeplex has got expertise in designing & developing advanced products with the latest technology such as Blockchain & Nft development.

PixelPlex has completed more than 450 projects successfully, operating 5 offices at the global level. They mainly have a focus on building Blockchain, Business Consulting, Nft, BI & Big Data Consulting & SI.

  • Foundation Year– 2007
  • Average Hourly Rate- $50- $99
  • Top Clients- Microsoft, Oracle, QTUM, BMW, & Kakao
  • Minimum project size- $25,000+
  • Location- United states, Uk, UAE, Poland & Switzerland
  • Services- Blockchain consulting & development, Defi, Custom software development, Machine learning, & Data analytics

5. Antier Solutions

antier solutions nft development company

Antier Solutions is a prominent best NFT development agency in the USA offering blockchain &  NFT assistance to start-ups & entrepreneurs. They have core expertise in Cryptocurrency & wallet development, P2P Development, Metaverse Development, Defi & NFT Development which place them among the best NFT development firms in the USA. Antier solutions progress blockchain & NFT services in their solutions to build scalable & robust solutions. They have the motive to deliver transformational results associated with a decentralized virtual world.

  • Foundation Year– 2005
  • Average Hourly Rate- $25- $49
  • Top Clients- Cryptoshack, Coin Trade,
  • Minimum project size- $10,000+
  • Location- India
  • Services- Crypto Exchange Development, DeFi Development, Exchange development, Wallet Development, Metaverse Development

6. Cronj IT Technologies

cronj nft development company

Cronj is another prominent name in top NFT development companies in the USA helping businesses with the designing & implementation NFT based solutions. They provide NFT services such as NFT marketplace designing & development, NFT development, NFT marketplace support & maintenance, and NFT smart contract development & audit.

  • Foundation Year– 2012
  • Average Hourly Rate- <$25
  • Top Clients- Unilever, Nokia, Linde, 9x Media, Apollo Hospitals, Cairn India.
  • Minimum project size– $1,000+
  • Location-India
  • Services- Mobile & Web Development, NFT Token Development, UI/UX Design, Metaverse Solutions, Web Development


tokenmindz nft development cmpany

When it comes to the best NFT development companies in the USA, Tokenminds. co is another name to add to your list. It is a Blockchain & NFT development agency in the USA that provides one-stop services for businesses. They have expertise in Blockchain & NFT development, & providing their services to businesses with various niches. If you looking to hire NFT developers you can check their work & portfolio.

  • Foundation Year– 2017
  • Average Hourly Rate- $25- $49
  • Top Clients- Capdax, Trueplay, Cryptoblade, Birdchain, Atlant & Spectiv
  • Minimum project size- $20,000
  • Location- Noord Holland, Amsterdam & Netherland
  • Services-Token Sales, Crypto Consulting, NFT Marketing & Blockchain Development


artjoker nft development company

ArtJoker is another name in the Nft token development company, who are providing web 3.0 solutions to their clients. With more than a decade of experience, they have worked in different niches & regions & have expertise in Software development,

  • Foundation Year– 2006
  • Average Hourly Rate- $50-$99
  • Top Clients- Capdax, Trueplay, Cryptoblade, Birdchain, Atlant & Spectiv
  • Minimum project size- $20,000
  • Location- Noord Holland, Amsterdam & Netherland
  • Services- DEFI development, Crypto Development, Crypto Exchange Development, NFT Marketing

9. Blockchain App Factory

blockchain app factory

Blockchain app factory is one of the best nft development companies in the USA dealing in web 3.0 by providing a custom blockchain-based solution. They have experience in developing ICOs, STO, NFTs, and DApps. They have expertise in Blockchain development & NFT backed up by a team of NFT developers, designers & analysts who are skilled & experienced in providing solutions with cutting-edge technology.

  • Foundation Year– 2013
  • Average Hourly Rate- $25- $49
  • Top Clients- Capdax, Trueplay, Cryptoblade, Birdchain, Atlant & Spectiv
  • Minimum project size- $20,000
  • Location- Noord Holland, Amsterdam & Netherland
  • Services- DEFI development, Crypto Development, Crypto Exchange Development, NFT Marketing


bitdeal nft development company

Bitdeal is another name in the top NFT development companies in the USA who providing enterprise Blockchain development services that are helping businesses transform themselves with the current scenarios. They have expertise in providing solutions for businesses by integrating new technologies such as Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain technology & more. In case you are looking for NFT developers for hire, you can get a quote from them.

  • Foundation Year– 2015
  • Average Hourly Rate- $25 -$49
  • Minimum project size– $1,000+
  • Location– India
  • Services– Cryptocurrency Exchange, Private Blockchain Development, DeFi Development solutions, NFT & Metaverse Development Services

Summing up

In this digital era, NFTs are becoming a new way to target your potential customers & generate some revenue. That is what makes it the right time to get into the business of NFT & build something unique with a trusted Nft development company in the USA. NFT is an emerging concept that will surely improve businesses & society in upcoming years. Indicating approaching time will be full of new solutions integrated with NFT & Blockchain.

In this article, we have provided the name of top NFT development companies in the USA providing NFT development services with years of experience. With the blockchain & NFT solutions increasing, NFT development companies in the USA have also increased in a few years. To pick the right NFT development company in the USA for your project, you should analyze your project requirement, compare the company’s portfolio, and then select a company that understands your requirements & falls in your project.


Here are some FAQs to assist you in further understanding about NFT

  1. What is an NFT development company?

    A company that helps you to build & market feature-rich NFT on different platforms as well as the NFT marketplace where your users can buy & sell their NFTs. There are many popular marketplaces to sell NFTs such as Rarible, OpenSea, & SolSea.

  2. How much does it cost to hire an NFT developer?

    The cost to hire an NFT developer depends on your project’s complexity, the experience of the developer & location. The average cost of NFT developers from the USA ranges from $100-$200 hourly, whereas the average cost of NFT developers from India ranges around $25-$50 hourly.

  3. How do I get a developer for my NFT project?

    Several leading nft development companies have well-experienced & NFT experts to help you with your dream project. SemiDot Infotech is one such leading NFT development company that can provide you with further assistance.

  4. Do you provide NFT Development services?

    Yes, we provide NFT development services from building unique artwork to building your marketplace which allows users to buy & sell or trade non-fungible tokens, collectibles & other assets.

  5. Can I hire someone to make an NFT for me?

    Yes, you can hire an NFT artist to create your NFT. To hire an NFT expert you should contact a well-known NFT development company, make them understand your requirements, get a quote & work with them if it fits in your budget.

  6. Do I need a developer for NFT?

    You will require an NFT experienced developer to work on your project. if you want your NFT to be a jackpot, then you must work with skilled professionals who have the experience to build NFT and NFT marketplaces for businesses.

  7. How to hire the right NFT development company?

    There are many NFT development companies available in the market that provides their services globally. To hire the right NFT development company it is important to check their past work experience and whether they have their hands on similar projects or not. Then, you can discuss your requirements with the top nft development firms & select according to your budget.

  8. Why should you invest in NFT development?

    NFT actually opens opportunities for both buyer & seller as it generates revenue through buying as well as selling the artworks. One another benefit of investing in NFT development is that it provides better asset security with very less maintenance costs.

  9. Who are the NFT developers?

    A certified NFT developer is someone who knows what is non-fungible token means and has experience in building them. NFT developers have their hands on building blockchain-based NFTs which can help you make some money.

  10. Are NFT developers still in demand?

    NFT developers are still in demand & they will continue to grow in the future too, as you know NFT market is increasing day by day. Businesses are willing to invest in NFTs more than ever which promises a better future for NFTs developers.

  11. Why hire an NFT developer?

    NFT developers are certified professionals who understand how NFTs are made & how can different NFTs work & developed that can help you stand in the market with your unique NFT. By hiring an NFT developer you can discuss your project & start your work right after.

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