Since the introduction of NFT, It has attracted users from all over the world. The NFT Wave is Since the introduction of NFT, It has attracted users from all over the world. The NFT Wave is still going strong with the recently sold Beeple at $69 million. Therefore, now is the ideal time to enter the market and enjoy this wave. Several Hollywood stars, like Mila Kunis, Snoop Dogg, and Reese Witherspoon are taking part to launch their NFT marketplace using NFT development services.

Currently, NFT sales have reached a $40 billion market, and each week, $10 billion worth of NFTs are traded. In this quickly growing market, best NFT apps play a huge role. They are becoming more and more user-friendly for Android or iOS platforms to provide users with a better experience.   

Let’s go through this blog and get an understanding of NFT, different NFT marketplaces, and the best NFT apps to buy NFTs-

What is NFT and How NFT Works?

Non-Fungible Tokens are known as NFT. While it uses the same programming as used in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. The difference lies in that cryptocurrency and physical currencies are “fungible tokens” which means they can be sold or swapped with each other along with their owners. With this below guide to NFT and working, you will get a good brief overview of NFT working.

what is nft

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores transactions, most likely, you know blockchain as the mechanism which helps to run Cryptocurrencies. NFTs are usually stored on Ethereum, while they still can run on other blockchains too. It is no surprise that digital objects that characterize tangible and non-tangible can be made or ‘minted’ in NFT, which can include-

  • Art- ‘Beeple, every day: the first 500 days “was sold at a whopping $69.3 million and recorded as the most expensive NFT sold to this date.
  • Designer Sneakers- Yes, you read it right. RTFKT is a company that sells sneakers in the digital world and they are the reason behind the craze of digital sneakers.
  • Collectables- Antique jewelry and coins are even sold as a collectible.
  • GIF- Yes, Gifs are also sold in NFT. The most popular piece was Chris Torres’s “Nyan cat” which was sold for $583,464 for a decade anniversary of the GIFs sensation.
  • Picture/selfies- A famous Indonesian student clicked his selfies and converted them into NFTs and sold 1000s of them within 5 years earning millions.
  • Avatars – BORED APE YACHT CLUB has topped the profile picture NFT collection having a market cap of $953.05 million.
  • Music- Kings of Leon is said to be the First band that released “When you see yourself” as NFT.
  • Tweets – How can we leave this one behind? Tweets are also sold as NFT. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet at around $2.9 million.

NFT can only be collected digitally and when you buy an NFT, the ownership rights changes from the seller to the buyer, it doesn’t come in form of any painting which you can hang on your wall. But additionally, NFT has only one owner at a time. The distinctive data of NFT helps it to confirm ownership and transmission of tokens between owners. But the owner still can store information inside them for example their signature in the metadata NFT.

How to Buy NFTs?

Getting knowledge about the best NFT apps is not enough as you also need to know how you can buy NFTs. Though NFTs are often sold by having an auction system and users buy them by putting the highest bid. But do you know the whole procedure of “How to buy NFTs”? Look at these following steps to get the details:

Step 1: Sign Up

A cryptocurrency exchange is used to trade crypto but to purchase your NFT you still need an account in any famous exchange. WazirX, Binance, and CoinDCX are some of the famous cryptocurrency exchanges. These include lots of features and functionalities such as security, accessibility, and liquidity, you can choose any exchange according to your requirements.

Step 2: Make a Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets are your second step, which safely store your private keys, which helps you to keep your crypto safe, secure, and accessible only to you. You need to remember the seed phrase which is a cluster of 12 random words used to unlock your wallet. If you forget these, then you can lose all your access to your wallet. Your NFT or money and as well as crypto will be inaccessible to you. Some famous crypto wallets are Trust wallet and Meta mask that you can go for.

To take part in the NFT marketplace, it is necessary to connect your crypto wallet with your NFT wallet, once it is done next you have to link your NFT wallet with your NFT marketplace.

Step 4: Buy Your First NFT

Once you have completed these steps, now you can easily buy and sell NFTs on the NFT marketplace.

List of Top NFT Apps & Marketplaces for NFT Trading

Let’s discuss the best apps for NFT buying and selling including the features that make them different from each other and help you in trading your NFT easily. Some of the best NFT apps & marketplaces are the following:

1. OpenSea: NFT Marketplace

Some of the best NFT apps & marketplaces are the following: This is the best app for NFT trading in the NFT space. The open sea is one of the oldest NFT app which was launched in 2017. It has large categories of NFTs including art, music, GIF, sports, photos, etc., and is known to be the first app for NFT trading built on Ethereum-Blockchain. Users pay 2.5% of the transaction fee as well as a gas fee to buy or sell NFT. To avoid paying gas fees, you can buy from polygon.


But the user needs to make sure that the element should support Polygon Logo. Above all, in this marketplace, the currencies which are reinforced are Ethereum, USDC, AVAX, SOLANA, and DAI.

Read below about the features of the open sea which made it quite famous as the best NFT app:

  • You can enter the market with another blockchain, breaking out from the high fees of Ethereum.
  • You can choose from a variety of collections to buy and sell.
  • You can wishlist the NFTs you found interesting to later go through it and choose the best.
  • Compiled data to check the NFT rankings according to their sales volume.
  • Open sea has fewer sales fees for NFT transactions which gives another reason to use it.
  • By linking your web-based account to your open sea app, you can track your NFT purchase history.

2. Binance: Buy BTC & 600+ crypto

Launched in 2017, Binance is one of the famous names in the crypto industry. It has evolved as one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms concerning its trading volume. Now, It has stepped into the game of the best NFT apps in 2021, offering a platform to make money from NFTs by safely buying and selling them.


People using the Binance app will find it easy to make a transaction on NFT. You don’t have to make another account; you can access your NFTs using your Binance login authorizations. Binance offers cross-platform compatibility, you can access your account through the app on Android and iOS platforms. Although the other functioning of the Binance is quite regular, there is a special feature a “Mystery Box” through which the user receives one surprise NFT by referring the app to more people which later can be sold for a good amount of money.

Let’s go through some key features of the Binance NFT App

  •  You can use your creativity to create an NFT on Binance.
  • In their collections and favorites segments, you can even view the creations that your favorite creator has wish listed.
  • On the Binance platform, NFT can be added in bulk.
  • Updated profile page with social media links and a minting update.
  • You can alter your username and avatar thanks to the customization function.

3. Buy BTC, ETH

The number of users of increased to ten million in recent years, indicating that many people use it and think it to be the best app for NFT. Due to its cryptocurrency exchange service, most people are familiar with worldwide.


The platform also jumped on the NFT wave and released its own NFT app in March 2021. Seeing its success, you can also create your NFT as an NFT investor.

Have a look at the key features of to stand out-

  • Though working on its Blockchain, now they will support Ethereum-based NFTs too.
  • Users will not be charged any additional fees while buying and selling NFT saving their gas fees.
  • No need to connect with any wallet, you can easily make buy and sell through a wallet balance or debit and credit card.
  • No additional account, you can operate NFT with credentials.
  • You can choose your preferred language among the 17 languages supported by the platform.

4. Rarible: NFT Aggregator

There are different NFT platforms available in the market but, Rarible is considered one of the most widely used top NFT apps. After its launch in 2020, it has gained popularity and now have 4, 60,000 users. The association of Rarible with Adobe in 2021 assisted the creators to validate and protect the data for digital content.


The platform includes a Rarible collection, which can be purchased on both the Rarible marketplace and other markets that support the Ethereum network.

If you are a verified user, then you can create your art with the opportunity to augment them to the rarible collection. It encourages the creators who select the option and raises their exposure on the Rarible platform.

Rarible features to know the platform more-

  • 20 different wallets can be connected with Rarible.
  • Enables payment using debit or credit card as well as crypto.
  • The platform provides you both the option either to keep the asset price fixed or organize an auction.
  • Top sellers and their art collections are displayed on top of the platform.
  • You can search your likable categories such as videos, photos, & GIFs, and can choose your NFT among them.

5. Super Rare: NFT

Super Rare is a digital marketplace to buy and sell NFT built on the Ethereum blockchain. It helps users to buy and sell NFTs and one-of-a-kind networks for creators. Super Rare is an evolving platform in the NFT ecosystem which includes arts, videos, GIFs, selfies as well as 3D paintings as their NFT making it one of the best apps to buy NFTs.

super rare

Super Rare takes time to analyze and evaluate all the NFTs and only picks unique and quality designs, so sellers get assured about the NFTs. Super Rare is referred to as non-custodial, which means a seller NFT only leaves its wallet from a locked NFT Smart Contract when it’s sold.

Some key features of Super Rare are-

  • It doesn’t allow meme art and solely focuses on NFT art.
  • Offer royalties to the creator of NFT.
  • It provides a user-friendly and easy navigation interface.
  • Delivers premium NFT artworks.

6. Lucky Block

Well, there are a few apps to buy and sell NFT which is already in use, but recently in February 2022, there was launched ‘NFT Launchpad’. However, now this app is known as ‘Lucky Block’. It has grown its market by offering key Web3 platforms.

lucky block

Lucky Block is easy to use via a phone or your laptop. It is held on BNB Chain which is a Binance coin and polygon. Famous items listed on the Lucky Block are Punk dogs, Space apps, and crypto creatures.

Some key features which help this app to stand out are-

  • The “Explore” button in the Lucky Block helps you to go through a different range of NFTs you can choose from accordingly.
  • This NFT app shows a complete description of an asset including vital information about its history.
  • Wrapped BNB (WBNB) is the payment mode for NFT acquisition.
  • Meta mask is sustained by Lucky Block, and for trust wallet, they are working on it.

7. Foundation

Foundation is a marketplace held by the Ethereum blockchain which focuses on trading NFT artwork. The NFTs are listed via an auction method so they stay on the platform for 24 hours.


And, if the NFT is sold, the platform charges 5% of the commission from the seller. With this, they only attract High-end NFTs. Foundation can be accessed with a browser; it doesn’t have any app to make NFT trading possible.

Some distinctive features of the platform are-

  • When your NFT is sold in the secondary market, you will get a royalty of 10%.
  • Foundation takes 5% of the sale price as a commission meaning, through it, you will receive more profit.
  • NFTs are sold with the help of an auction.
  • Debit and credit cards as well as Ethereum are allowed to make payments.
  • Simple & user-friendly interface.

8. Axie Marketplace

If you are looking for the best NFT app for NFT gaming, then Axie marketplace is a suitable recommendation for you. Axie Marketplace lets you buy and sell gaming goods such as weapons, land, costumes, and much more for the monster pet that every game character of Axie Infinity owns.


With that the NFT app has shed light on the path of P2E gaming, the platforms are made on the Ethereum Blockchain making it one of the best apps to buy NFTs.

Here are some outstanding features that you must checkout-

  • New collectibles are made visible with a trading volume of 24 hours.
  • This one of the best NFT apps can be accessed through smartphones and desktops.
  • It has enormous potential for earning in which players get paid in SLP as well as AXS tokens for playing Pokémon style.
  • Now, the incorporation of the Axie Marketplace with Ronin Wallet has made buying the ETH required for easier NFT transactions.

9. NBA Top Shot

If you like watching the NBA and are a big fan of the NBA, you must check out the NBA Top Shot. As the name suggests, NBA top shot allows fans to buy and “own” authorized video snippets of their favorite players and deals exclusively for NBA material.


NBA Top Shot is the first of its type to enter the NFT sector and is supported by the NBA giving it credibility and safety.

Here are some characteristics of NBA Top Shot that set it apart

  • With the help of packs or other NBA Top Shot members, you can buy your preferred NFT.
  • Although buying packs that come with a variety of random items might help players get fortunate and obtain uncommon NFTs.
  • NBA Top Shot also accepts payments made using debit or credit and cryptocurrency too such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, USD coin, and a few more making it easy to purchase NFT.

10. Nifty-Gateway

The list of NFT buying apps is incomplete without Nifty gateway which is founded by the famous crypto exchange GEMINI. NFT Gateway offers a Premium range of NFT artworks similar to other NFT apps in which many A-list celebrities also participate.

nifty gateway

Eminem, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris are some famous names associated with NFT gateway making it a “High-Profile “app. The platform charges no gas fees but transaction fees of 30%.

Some key features of Nifty Gateway that will let you use the platform-

  • The platform allows payment gateway integration where you can make payments through debit and credit cards as well as crypto.
  • The NFTs are sold through Auction where buyers don’t have to pay but sellers pay 5% of the commission.
  • It is one of the best apps to buy NFTs that includes well-known and famous artists who aim the NFTs with limited editions.

11. Autograph

If you like to collect your favorite star autograph in form of NFT, you should check out this platform. Autograph offers services to celebrities and high-profile people to introduce their separate collections.


In this browser-based marketplace, you can get celebrities’ autographs as NFT. It was launched by Tom Brady, the famous superstar who collected funds from numerous trustworthy sources to launch Autograph.

Some features of Autographs to know about it more-

  • You can make payments through credit or debit card, PayPal, and through your crypto too.
  • The obtain can enjoy 10% royalty fees, every time their artworks resell.
  • In this marketplace, the upcoming drops and leading artists are visible on top so that you can check trending artists and their art.

12. Ninja FT: NFT Game

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to trade NFTs, our top pick for you is Ninja FT.  Among all the other NFT investment apps, Ninja FT lets you create your NFT through your phone, the easiest and simplest option for you.

nft games

Here are some of the features of Ninja FT to make you try it out.

  • You can easily buy and sell NFT and also save your liked NFT in your collection.
  • For exclusive gifts, beginners in NFT should use NinjaFT. Participate in NFT Ninja Battles with characters and goods you own so that you can purchase, sell, and trade in a friendly community and entertaining NFT metaverse.
  • It is one of the best NFT creator apps as it allows users to mint as well. Therefore, you must first upload any previous artwork that is currently stored on your iPhone.
  • It also enables users to utilize an NFT crypto wallet within the app which is a great feature, in addition to integrating current crypto wallets outside the platform.

13. NFT Creator App

Have you ever desired to create your own NFT artwork and customize it but didn’t know where to start your work? Well, the NFT creator app allows you to trade NFT artwork and you can easily personalize your artwork using your smartphone.

nft creator app

You don’t need a graphic designer to convert your image into a masterpiece. With this feature-rich platform, you can make NFT by yourself.

Some outstanding features of the NFT creator app-

  • A variety of fonts, designs, and filters are available to transform your art into captivating and unique NFT.
  • The NFT creator app also lets you trade your NFT on a different marketplace such as Axie Infinity and Super Rare.
  • For NFT marketing, they allow users to share their NFT artwork with their friends and followers from the NFT creator app which helps in more engagement on the artwork.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate app.

14. Enjin

Enjin helps you to trade and mint NFTs which vary from gaming items, music, sports, or any world-class assets. One of the initial digital wallets which were built to trade NFT was Enjin.


After that, a trust wallet was introduced but Enjin remains a reliable source for the trading of collectibles. To make a reliable platform like Enjin you can hire NFT developers with good skills and expertise in this field.

Some other features of Enjin to look for are-

  • Enjin is not only limited to supporting Ethereum but extended its support to other blockchains as well such as Binance, BEP20, and ERC-20.
  • Enjin provides the facility to make and handle virtual items.
  • You can integrate your wallet with the Enjin platform and enjoy the platform easily.
  • NFT Enjin marketplace is backed up with Enjin coin and as well as its exchange.

15. Magic Eden

If you are looking for an NFT app that supports Solana-based NFT, then you should watch out for Magic Eden. Magic Eden is one of the top NFT apps to sell and buy artwork of in-game collectibles, digital art, or music. Initially, it was supporting only Solana-based assets but they have announced allowing Ethereum-based assets also to be traded on the platform.

magic eden

With the success of Magic Eden, businesses believe it to be the ideal time to create an NFT marketplace on Avalanche, Solana, and other blockchains for all market participants.

Here are some features associated with Magic Eden-

  • Magic Eden has the feature of payment integration with the use of moon pay. You can make payments with your credit/debit cards.
  • NFT creators get their set royalty percentage once their item is sold.
  • The buyer gets access to many NFTs with the freedom to bid at their range.


With this detailed blog, we believe you have got a good understanding of NFT apps & marketplaces along with their associated benefits. Nowadays, buying and selling of NFTs have become so popular that there have been developed a lot of apps for this. Among all NFT apps, the Open Sea is topping the chart by covering 80 million assets and high trading volume. It is also said that NFTs will play a significant part in the Metaverse, it is predicted that the entire ecosystem will earn a trillion-dollar profit in the future with NFTs serving as a means of creating the digital world of the future. Businesses are taking advantage of this time to build an NFT marketplace that can become an ideal place and a great revenue-generating model.

If you are also looking for an NFT development company to build such a feature-rich NFT marketplace, then go no further. With the assistance of SemiDot Infotech, you can build a reliable, feature-rich, and proficient NFT marketplace. We assure you to provide services from our expert and skilled developers while considering lower NFT marketplace development costs. You can contact us anytime for further assistance or any query about creating an NFT app or marketplace.


You might have a few questions about NFT trading apps, go through the below FAQs to know more-

  1. Is there an app for buying NFT?

    Yes, over the years, many NFT payment apps were launched such as Open Sea, Magic Eden, Binance, Rarible, and with handy and easy-to-use features.

  2. What is the best way to buy NFT?

    The best way to buy NFT is from a marketplace that allows you to make payments through a credit/debit card as well as a crypto wallet. Nifty Gateway and NFT Hot Spot are such NFT marketplaces.

  3. Where can I buy legit NFT?

    Binance, Open Sea, NFT launchpad, Enjin, Rarible, and are some NFT apps through which you can buy and sell NFTs. These platforms are facilitated with various amazing features that make the NFT trading process easy and short for traders.

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