Mobile applications are a great way to connect with your users. Since people carry their smart phones all the time with them, smart mobile apps help businesses to grow their brand awareness and user engagement. There are a number of mobile app development frameworks available in the market, using which you can create appealing and attractive mobile apps for your business, but one of the most famous and popular frameworks is React Native.

Facebook created and launched React Native as an open-source framework, which is used to develop highly interactive and engaging cross-platform apps for your mobile. In simple words, this mobile app development framework is used to develop scalable mobile apps, which can run on both Android and iOS operating systems. React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, as it gives the look and feel of a native app. 

Benefits of Using React Native

React Native, being based on JavaScript, is a powerful framework that delivers natively rendering mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. This framework brings in a number of benefits in mobile app development, and that is the reason why most React Native app development companies love using it. Some of the benefits are listed below:

High performance

React Native offers a very strong platform and helps improve the performance of an app through native control and modules. It gets connected to the native components, irrespective of the operating systems. 

Code Reusability

This is one of the main advantages of using React Native, as a mobile app development framework. The React Native developers feel very happy working with it as they do not have to rewrite the whole code separately for each platform. 

Lower cost of development

Since the developers can reuse the code while developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, the development time is less. This eventually reduces the React Native app development cost.

Engaging applications

React Native is known to develop highly engaging and interactive mobile apps. It provides a good UI/UX platform for the developers, thanks to its capabilities inherited from JavaScript.

Apart from these, there are various other reasons to choose React Native for your app development. 

Top Mobile Apps developed using React Native 

Seeing the benefits of React Native, there are various mobile apps, which have been made in the past and are highly famous and successful. Here is a list of most popular apps that have been made using the React Native framework:


Skype is one of the most popular telecommunications apps, that is used by most businesses to have both internal and external communication. Skype provides video calls and voice calls across various devices. Millions of people use this app on a daily basis.

Skype, in the year 2017, made an announcement, that it is going to launch a whole new app that is built using React Native framework. The company has completely revamped the old app and everything was changed from the app icon to its layout. Using React Native, they have implemented some additional features, which were really helpful in scaling up the operations. Not only the mobile app but the web app version is also built using the components of the React Native framework.

Facebook Ads

Not only Facebook, but Facebook Ads was also built using the React Native framework. It is actually the first app for the Android platform built using this framework. The company decided to use this framework as they found React Native, the most suitable choice for developing a complex app that requires a lot of business logic to be correctly handled like formats, time zones, currency conventions, and many more.

The company wanted to present this app as an interactive platform, and React having such a nice UI interface, made it easy for them. Also, React offers some really high performance apps, so is the Facebook Ads. This app loads really fast and you can easily see all the updates regarding your campaign or build a new one at lightning fast speeds.


We all know what Instagram is. It has made the use of hashtags very famous. It is one of the most used social media apps, which millennials love. They like to post their pictures and connect with people around.

Instagram took a really smart move when they integrated the components of React Native with their existing native app. They introduced push notifications in their app. Since React Native has quite a simple UI, the react native app developers did not face much of a problem. Also, with its code reusability feature, they were able to use 80% to 90% of the code for developing an app on the other platform. This way the team was able to deliver the app much faster than they would have with any other native development solution.


Walmart in React Native

Walmart is a very famous, multinational corporation that runs a chain of hypermarkets, department stores, and grocery stores. This company is based out of America but has expanded its operations across globe.

A few years back Walmart took a step and updated their app using the React Native framework. With this, they were able to improve the performance of their app on the platforms, Android, and iOS. Also, the developers were able to reuse approximately 90% to 96% of the code, which saved Walmart’s React Native app development cost. The new app helped them to increase their customer engagement and helped them to grow their online business.


Founded in the year 2008, Airbnb is an online marketplace offering lodges, homestays, and tourism experiences. It has made, finding a place to stay, easy for the travel freaks.

The company decided to integrate the components of React Native into their existing app. They found it a bit challenging at first, but after taking help from a good React Native app development company, they were able to succeed in doing so. They were successfully able to integrate React into their app, which not only improved its performance, but also helped them attract more users.


Bloomberg is a financial, software, data, and media company. It was found in 1981, and since then it has expanded its business to the whole world. Being a media company, they more than thousand million daily users on their mobile app. Their main motive was to provide interactive user experience to the ones coming on their app, and to offer personalized content to their users in the form of video, images, etc.

This app is build using the React Native framework, for both the Android and iOS platforms. They found React promising as being a framework for cross-platform app development, it offers the look, and the feel of a native app and this is what the company wanted for its users.


Wix is a software development company that offers cloud-based web development services. Using Wix, users can very easily create their websites and web apps, even if they are completely unaware of the coding. Wix allows their users to create highly interactive websites, using just the drag and drop options.

Since, there are a lot of navigation options available to the users; Wix needed their app to be agile. They opted for React Nativ framework, as it has already proved to solve their worries related to performance. React Native is much better than a native solution as it offers the option to reuse the code which eventually results in agile development process and reduced development cost.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is an online audio distribution platform and music sharing app that allows its users to upload and share the audio files. This app has a really large community of artists, bands, podcasters, and music creators.

When the company decided to lunch their app, they faced a lot of challenges in finding iOS app developers. Since, the company did not wanted to keep a huge time gap in launching their apps on both the platforms; they started looking for mobile app development services for a cross-platform app. The developers developed the app using the React Native framework. Developers working on the app development, found it easier to work on a React-based app than on a native application.

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React Native App Development Cost

Now when you all know what all apps have been developed using this framework, let us talk in brief about the cost and the factors affecting the cost of React Native app development.

Here’s a complete guide to React Native app development cost, in case you want an in depth cost guide.

If you are looking to get a mobile app developed for your business, the first thing you must do is to find good mobile app development services, who can help you in creating the app, exactly the way you want it to be. Based on the complexity of an app and the time taken to develop it, the cost of app development varies. Here are a few factors which affects the app development cost:

App Complexity

If the app which you are planning to get developed has a lot of complex features, it will cost more than the one, having simple and basic features. This is because the more the complexity of an app, the more time is required to develop it.

Location of the Development Company

The cost of development is also dependent on the hourly rate of the developer working upon it. The hourly rate of the developers varies according to the geographical locations. For example, countries and continents like North America, Australia, and Europe the app development cost is more as compared to India, Latin America, Africa, and other Asian countries.


React Native is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks, which have helped a number of businesses to grow and scale their operations. With its several advantages over the native mobile app development framework, it has gained a lot of popularity. This framework is really fast and helps in the agile development process with reduced development cost. If you are looking for a mobile app for your business, React Native is one of the best available options.

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