Being a businessman, it is difficult to manage various business’s expenses. If you are on a tight budget and willing to expand your business via mobile app, React Native app development is the most viable option. According to most app developers, developing an app using React Native framework is one of the most cost-effective options available. Before knowing the reason behind it, let us know in brief about React Native.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source Mobile app development framework, launched by Facebook in the year 2015, for developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android operating systems. Most cross platform app development is done using the React Native framework. It also saves approximately 40% to 90% of mobile app development time. In this framework, one can easily reuse the code, which eventually results in a reduced time-frame. Mobile applications like Myntra, Instagram, Airbnb, Facebook Ads Manager, Discord, and Gyroscope are a few examples of the most successful applications that have used the components of React Native framework for their app development.

As developing a mobile app using React Native saves time, most companies offering mobile application development services prefer using this framework. Also, if we look from an entrepreneur’s perspective, this is one of the most cost-efficient methods.

Other than being cost-effective, there are various other reasons why entrepreneurs opt for React Native app development.

Reasons why entrepreneurs prefer React Native App Development?

Native app development cost is almost twice the price of React Native app development. This is because as the code written can be reused, getting an app developed using React Native framework saves time and effort of a developer, but in the case of a native app, the code has to be written from scratch. So, this saves money.

Also, with React Native, the development process is much faster as compared to the Native applications, so the businesses can easily launch their mobile app in the market in the least possible time. This is the biggest factor why most businesses prefer their applications to be developed using this framework.

The team size required to develop a React Native app is less. As Native applications are OS-specific it requires two separate teams, one for Android development and another for iOS app development, to create the application.  As we all know, the mobile app development cost depends on the average hourly rate, and so, React Native turns out to be a better option.

Smooth application execution is the only reason why businessmen prefer Native app development over cross-platform app development. However, applications developed using React Native offers effortless accessibility to third-party plugins and APIs for accessing in-device features that solve this issue and delivers the feel of a Native app.

Factors Determining React Native App Development Cost

Whether you are a start-up or an established business looking for mobile app development, the first thing you must do is to find good app development services, offering you the best quality in your budget. Mobile app development cost is based on various factors that we will further discuss in detail. If you are looking for a good React Native development company, to get your mobile app developed, know about these factors first.

Here is a concise list of the points which we will be discussing further in detail:

  • App complexity
  • User authorization
  • Add-ons
  • App category
  • App design
  • Team size
  • Location of the agency
  • App distributions
  • App maintenance and support

We hope that you must have gotten the basic idea about the topics which we are about to discuss further in this blog, let’s dig deep into them:

App Complexity

The app development cost majorly depends on the complexity of the application you choose to get developed. Apps are mostly categorized into three categories:

  • Low complexity
  • Medium complexity
  • High complexity

The development cost depends majorly on the features and the complexities involved creating the app. The more the features, the more will be its development time, and eventually the more will be the development cost.

Low Complexity

 A very basic application with some simple features usually costs less. If you are looking for an application that is developed using predefined templates, using standard designing elements, will cost you lesser.

Medium Complexity

An application that has more features than the simpler one, is a bit more expensive. If you want an application to have customized templates, some advance UI components, want to integrate real-time chat options or APIs in it, it will surely cost you more.

High Complexity

If you are looking for cross platform app development having some complex features like custom animations, media processing, use of multiple sensors, etc. it will cost you much higher as compared to the above two. As these applications take time to develop, the development cost is also higher.

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User Authorization

If your business requires an app that does not need any kind of logins or authorization, that will reduce the app development cost as compared to those which require users to login. Also, as far as Native app development is considered, you need two applications which will cost you more as compared to the one you built using React Native, as the same code can be reused.


The custom add-ons are likewise significant in evaluating the price of app development. For example, if you are planning to get a user-centric app developed, it may require integration with other social media channels, or you would require to provide add-ons for it. Now anything additional would cost you more and will add up to the bottom-line cost of development. Also, implementing a way of in-app purchases will cost you extra.

App Category

Several elements like functionality set, security considerations, number of real-time users, etc, change according to your business requirement. It is obvious that if you change these intricacies, your React Native app development cost will also be changed. For example, a simple application like a calculator or calendar will cost you less as compared to any other feature-rich app like m-commerce or customized application. The more the features, the more will be the cost, as it will take more time to develop.

App Design

A well-devised design is important to keep your users engaged in your app. A very well-designed user flow, smooth transitions to move from one screen to another, and using well-timed animation will help you increase your user engagement. But all this comes with a hefty cost. But the good thing about React Native app development is, it is less costly in comparison to Native app design cost, as only one application needs to be designed.

Team Size

We have touched this point earlier but let’s dig deep into it now. If you want to hire app developer, the cost will vary as per the location and experience of the developer. The more experienced the developer is, the more will be his hourly rate, as he will be able to design and develop even the most complicated app.

Also, when developing the app with React Native the team size is less, as the app developed can run on multiple platforms and there is no need to have separate iOS and Android developers, which eventually decreases the cost. 

Location of the Agency

The geographical location where you are planning to get your mobile application developed matters a lot. As app development cost is based on the hourly rates which a developer charges, this varies across countries. For example, in countries and continents like North America, Australia, and Europe the app development cost is more as compared to India, Latin America, Africa, and other Asian countries.

On average, the hourly rate in North America is around $60-350 and around $60-150 in continents like Europe and Australia. The React Native developers charge around $30-70 in South America, and if we talk about countries in Asia like India, the average rate is approximately $15-80.

App Distributions

There are so many distribution channels available in the market that let you deploy and showcase your app, and for obvious reasons, each of them charges you to publish your app. If you talk about Google Play it is $25 and for App Store, they charge $100 for each app.

You may also find that the apps require permissions from the host in the context of compliance of standards and security policies.

App Maintenance and Support

Unquestionably, the app development expenses do not end with the launch of your application. It is believed that on an average, the yearly app maintenance cost is around 20-25 percent of the total app development cost. This includes fixing bugs, changing design per latest trends, and any important updates. You must regularly update your apps to meet users’ expectations, which results into user retention and engagement levels.


Based upon the above-mentioned factors and your decision related to the area you choose for development, UI/UX Design, application type, programming, and testing time and so on, the cost of React Native app development is calculated. We hope that we were able to make things simple and easy to understand to help you determine the estimated cost of getting a React native app built for your business.

React Native App Cost
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