Those days are gone when the classrooms used to be operated in the same outdated ways. At present, virtual classrooms have replaced those old and boring classrooms. With the rapid pace of world modernization, every industry is trying to take over the other industries by adopting next-gen technological solutions. Virtual classroom software is one of the high-tech advancements embraced by educational sectors at present. These digital classroom solutions represent the concept of modifying traditional activities into virtual offerings.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has played an important role in enhancing the importance of the virtual world. Be it anything, offices, events, or classrooms, every single activity was being held online in the past two years. Enhancement in the virtual environment gave birth to the idea of virtual classrooms in the educational domain. And it seems remarkable in both technological and learning ways.

This article is beneficial for those who want to get detailed knowledge about the virtual class software development process and its costs. Here, we have also explained impressive features to add, benefits, popular virtual classroom platforms, and technologies to use while developing a virtual classroom software. Keep scrolling to get through the article-

Introduction to the Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom software is considered an integral element of a learning management system (LMS) that allows both teachers and students to connect in real time. This software is beneficial to making education and learning way easier for students. These virtual classrooms provide full access to study and course materials to students so that they can learn easily in an engaging environment. Online teaching with a digital environment & interactive visual graphics has made education fun for students.

It has worked in a similar way for teachers where they use virtual classroom solutions as a convenient platform to teach students. Teachers can interact with each student face-to-face to solve their doubts and deliver enough knowledge to them. After attending live lectures and classes, access to recorded learning material will be provided to students. Students can use their laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. to log into this material anytime.

Amazing Benefits Provided by Virtual Classroom Software

There are so many benefits that come along while obtaining virtual teaching software development services. We have mentioned those wonderful benefits in the below section, have a look-

1. Online Teaching and Learning

The digital classroom software solutions allow users to have real-time interactions with each other. Be it anyone, a teacher, an instructor, or an educational institute, anybody can use this to fulfil their different purposes. Teachers will be able to provide students with more detailed knowledge via digital study material and students will get to learn dedicated syllabus-based learning. Teachers can provide instant feedback to students for their performance along with administering the process successfully.

2. Record Live Sessions

All the live sessions and discussions held between teachers and students will be broadcasted in high definition. LMS will help students or learners to record all the sessions, webinars, and presentations via virtual classroom software. Whatever data will be shared between two parties will be protected by using SSL (secure socket layer) and the whole data will be stored with fully secured infrastructure.

3. Sharped Digital Skills

It is one of the most interesting benefits of the virtual classroom. The use of eLearning apps improves one’s digital skills. Isn’t it amazing that users can hone their digital skills while getting detailed knowledge and proficiency in the area of study? There are various online learning tools such as collaboration tools, cloud meeting apps, and others that can be used by learners to enhance their skills & confidence.

4. Convenience

It is one of the main reasons why online classroom software development is in demand. Students get much relaxation and comfort through the virtual classroom as they neither have to go anywhere nor they be afraid of missing the learning sessions. The e-learning software is flexible and includes the recording feature as well so that students can see them later to revise. Now teachers also not going to miss out on any of their students because of late arrival or any emergency.

5. Time Management

Working professionals always struggle between their job timings and will to learn something new. Here we will see the best use of this virtual classroom software that allows everyone to join learning sessions suitable to their timings. They can access the online classes whenever they want or record them for later use, they can also get the certificate for future use.

6. In-expensive

There are various types of virtual classroom software that are free to use for both teachers and learners. They can easily use the software with available courses. Also, e-learning software has some special courses at affordable prices. Users only need to have a fast internet connection, a properly working device, log-in credentials, and the ability to learn.

Size and Growth of Virtual Classroom Market Worldwide

The demand for virtual classroom software is increasing day by day as these are facilitating users with consistent teaching sessions, brainstorming tests, and ideations. Looking at these benefits, there is no surprise why these virtual classrooms are popular among educational institutes, schools, and colleges. They all are embracing virtual classroom software solutions for different purposes.

Here, the below graph represents the statistics about the global virtual classroom market. It is predicted that the market will get growth at more than 16% CAGR between 2021 and 2028. It is expected that in 2028, market value will reach over the $193 billion mark.

The below-mentioned figures depict that the global e-learning market was valued at approx. $250 billion in 2020. At the same time, LMS, mobile e-learning, virtual classroom, and others were also seized with good numbers in the global market.

There are several leading virtual classroom software options available in the market that can help students to get better learning in a virtual environment. Have a look-

Popular Virtual Classrooms

Salient Features You Must Add to Virtual Classroom Software

Added features play a significant role in the success of virtual classroom software. No matter which custom software development company you hire, just make sure they integrate all the required features into the software.

Virtual Classroom Software Features

Here are some of the basic features that will provide the best possible experience to both students and teachers.

Basic Features

The below-mentioned core features are a must-have to grab the attention of a larger audience base. Check out them here-

  • Easy to Use and One-Click Access

Virtual classroom software is easy to use as it only needs log-in details to access it via a single link. It is developed intuitive and responsive so that users can connect themselves to it.

  • Interactive Communication Tools

Ensure that your virtual classroom software provides support for interactive tools’ integration to establish a social bond among students. You can go for the options such as message boards, breakout rooms, collaborative notetaking, chat rooms, and more.

  • ‘Raise your hand’ Feature

This feature is essential for students, they can use it in-between the session to ask their queries to the instructor.

  • Video Conferencing

The video conferencing feature helps students to get a better understanding of the topic they want to learn about. Face-to-face meetings work in a more effective way for students than attending audio meetings.

  • Session Recording

Students don’t want to miss out on any of their sessions due to any emergency or something else. This feature allows them to record online lectures or sessions to view them later.

  • File Storage Option

The file storage option is an essential feature to add at the time of virtual classroom platform development. It enables students to store all the video lectures, assignments, and documents within the software. Students are able to access these downloaded files later if they missed the class.

  • Student’s Performance Evaluation

This feature is beneficial for teachers, they can measure and evaluate the consistent performance of students. It will help them to know the students’ growth from time to time and prepare their results.

  • Timed Testing Options

Digital classroom platform development provides a useful solution that helps teachers to test their students by conducting examinations in a particular interval. This feature of timed tests includes an auto-grading system, instant results, and time out automatically.

  • Reference Modules

The e-learning software can make its consumers use the platform more and more with the help of reference module feature. You can provide them with some additional study material in the form of references, notes, educational websites links, and other stuff.

  • Screen Sharing

This feature is really helpful for students to get a better experience via virtual classrooms where they can share their whole screen or the part that is needed.

  • Data Analytics

Understanding what students want is the first step taken by businesses while getting e-learning software development solutions. Robust analytics will help to develop proficient solutions students are looking for. It should also contain lessons and concepts required by students.

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Advanced Features

In order to define the advanced features, here we have come up with the below-mentioned features that will make your virtual classroom software unique from others.

  • Better VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

School management system development solutions are integrated with this feature so that users can get the experience of high-quality VoIP. It helps to lessen the audio latency that further maintains crystal clear live audio streams at no cost.

  • Free SSL Certificate

There are some institutes and educational organizations that demand this feature. It allows them to encrypt the hostname to protect the information and tighten the security to enhance the users’ trust. You can ask your chosen e-learning software development company to integrate this security feature.

  • LaTeX Equation Editor Support

Users always have difficulty with complex Latex match equations. With this feature, they can generate and showcase the difficult LaTex match equations on the whiteboard.

  • RTL (Right-To-Left) Support

It works like a multi-language gadget that is useful with the languages written from RTL. Examples of these kinds of languages are Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and Persian. This feature helps to connect everyone across the globe.

  • Developer API

This feature must be integrated at the time of online teaching software development to combine the virtual classroom in the website, CMS, LMS, or any other app.

How to Generate Revenue from Virtual Classroom Software?

No business will enter the educational domain if they don’t get any benefits out of it. Therefore, businesses prefer to integrate the monetization model at the time of obtaining school management software development services. Here are some money-making strategies that will help you to maximize your profit-

1. Sell Direct

Educational institutes can offer the courses to students at a fixed price, they can also sell time-based or on-demand courses directly to make more money. Additional direct selling mediums are frequent subscriptions, bundles, and physical assets.

2. Discount for Group Admission

Organizations can offer seats to the group within a course for improving their direct-to-customer sales. They can also offer discounts to those who get admission in groups. It will attract them to purchase the course and increase the sale.

3. Ad-supported or Sponsored Learning

This monetization strategy works more from the consumer-learning side. Your educational organization might has partnered with some people to provide understanding on a specific topic to students. In this strategy, organizations can generate learning programs for the advertisers in exchange for users’ data & engagement.

Advanced Technologies Stack to Develop a Virtual Classroom Platform

As a business, you must hire expert app developers with extensive knowledge and years of experience. They must know how to build an advanced solution aimed at facilitating both students and teachers in the learning process.

  • Front-end Development: Angular, React, Vue.js, Flutter
  • Back-end Development: PHP, Node.js, Java EE
  • For Live Video Streaming: WebRTC
  • For Security: Blockchain technology
  • For Data Processing: Big Data
  • For Visual & Engaging Education: VR/AR solutions

How to Develop an Online Virtual Classroom Software?

Online Virtual Classroom Software Process

Before getting into online education software development, you must ensure to follow a step-by-step process. The created solution should be compatible with different devices and screen resolutions. There are various other things to consider at the time of development, what are they? Let’s have a look-

Step 1: Market Research & Analysis

Market research and analysis is the most important step in the development process. It helps software development companies to know about the requirements to accomplish in the virtual classroom software. The firm will get more clarity about the necessary features and functionalities for the platform along with the estimated software development cost.

Step 2: Plan the Execution of Ideas

After knowing about all the required things, it is easier for the software development team to execute the plan. Things such as how to implement the features, what are the technologies to use, how the solution will look and work, etc. will be decided.

Step 3: Software Designing

After visualizing all the things, now it’s time to design the software. Firstly, the client will get through the software prototype and wireframing and after getting approval, software designers will work on its design. Try to keep the design minimal with some soothing visuals and beautiful color combinations to get the attention of target audiences.

Step 4: Start the Development

It is the most crucial step while acquiring Virtual classroom software development services where all the planned things will come to their implementation. Developers will integrate all the features and required functionalities via writing the code. Software performance, speed, security, and many more things will be considered by the development team.

Step 5: Software Testing & Launch

After the completion of software development, it will get through the testing process. It will examine based on different methods. The procedure will be continued until the software gets bug-free and ready to launch. After that, it will be launched but it needs to be maintained further as well.

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Cost Assessment of Online Virtual Classroom Software Development

If you have planned to get custom virtual classroom software solutions, you should be aware of the involved cost. You must consider a lot of aspects that can influence the virtual classroom software development cost.

It is always seen that the required investment may differ depending on the added features and functionalities to your solution. There are a variety of other factors as well; some of them are beyond your control but some of them can be modified to fit your budget. They are-

  • The Project Type
  • Chosen Platform
  • Team Composition
  • Location of Developers
  • Required Features
  • Time Consumed in Development

Looking at all these above-mentioned factors, the rough estimation of virtual classroom software development cost would range from $15,000 to $50,000 with needed AR/VR integration. If you want to have an AR-enabled virtual classroom software compatible with desktop as well, then it would range a bit higher than estimated. You can consult about it with your chosen e-learning app development company.

Key Takeaways

The above article contains all the useful information you need to get a virtual classroom software development solution. If you have gone through it, you must have realized that just like any other sector, the educational industry has also started to adopt flexible & technology-driven solutions. Keeping this in consideration, various businesses are trying their hands in this direction. They are entering the market with feature-rich e-learning platforms to provide a next-level experience to users.

If you are also keen to get mobile app development services to avail the benefits provided by the educational system, contact SemiDot Infotech. We are a prominent name when it comes to providing scalable solutions, be it a mobile app, desktop app, or web portal. Get in touch with us for further details.

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