With the introduction of the internet and improved digitalization, there has been a vast use of websites and web apps. Not only do users visit these websites for fetching information but now these platforms are widely used for business purposes too. These websites and web apps have become an inevitable part of businesses as they are being used to help businesses reach peaks by playing a crucial role in the branding process.

Also, it creates a communication channel between businesses and potential users. Both websites and web apps have their benefits and help in keeping the users more engaged for attaining better conversion rates.

Let’s begin with understanding the core meaning of a website and web app:

What is a Website?

It is primarily a group of interrelated materials including audio, videos, text, images, or any other media. A website is a virtual place on www i.e., the World Wide Web. There are multiple data files and web pages that can be accessed by all Internet users via a browser. There are many browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and many more. Each website has an individual website address known as a URL. If that address is typed in the browser, you can reach the homepage of the targeted website.

A website is divided into two categories i.e., static, and interactive. The static website captures the data of the user but there is no direct user engagement. Whereas the interactive site is a part of the Web 2.0 community and there can be direct interactivity among the website owner and the users or the website visitors.

What is a Web App?

A web application is an online tool that can be saved on a server and may be accessible from a browser. To use it, you must have access to an internet connection. It is also reachable via a link and there will be no need for downloading & installing the web app from a store. Presently, web applications have been widely popular because of numerous reasons as it is not only a platform for getting information rather, but also worked as services.

Web apps are both free as well as paid depending upon the version you are using.  These apps support all sorts of browsers such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. To make it browser-supportive, the front-end development will comprise languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and the back end is developed using MEAN, LAMP, and other programming languages. It is adaptable as per the device screen size and is generally responsive depending upon the user interaction.


The features or characteristics are the core competency of any website or web app. These help in understanding what can be more helpful for a business and its future growth. In this section, we will highlight some of the most important features needed to be taken care of while you are looking for a web portal development or web app development for your business.

Characteristics of a Website

Characteristics of a Website

Whether a website is good or not can only be determined by its features or characteristic. To attract users, certain features need huge attention from the developers who are responsible for building the website for a top rated website development company. Some of the key features of a website are:

  • Appealing & Accessible

For any website, it is necessary to be accessible by all the users then only it can target an extended user base. Also, it needs to be appealing to attract the users and make them stay for a longer duration on the website.

  • User-Friendly

The second important feature of a website is that its navigation and interaction should be simple so that every user can connect with it. Thus, it makes the website user-friendly.  

  • Fast Loading Time

Not all users are indeed patient enough to wait till the time a page is loaded. Rather, these users leave the site and switch to some other website because of low-speed loading issues. Hence, this is a basic feature of a good website that the website loads smoothly and rapidly to keep the users engaged. For this, the business should hire dedicated developers who can select a host that can result in fast loading.

  • Quality Content

The next feature of a website that makes it interesting and popular is the content. The content should always need to be of high relevancy and supreme quality to fetch the attention of potential users. 

  • Reliable

The website is required to be extremely reliable as it must be accessible by the users 24*7 to target the audience across the globe. If the website is active whenever the users try to visit, then it is most likely to gain the trust of the users and falls under the category of a reliable website. 

  • Digitalized

The next feature of a website is that it should be built by using the most advanced technologies and by following the latest trends. It will make the website stand in the competition and be more digitalized. 

Characteristics of a Web App

Characteristics of a Web App

Certain features of a Web app make it highly popular and demanding in the market. The user base of these web apps is increasing day by day because of the following features:

  • Cross-Platform

The web apps are mostly cross-platform apps which means that they are capable to run on any operating system such as Linux, Windows, or macOS. 

  • Easily Accessible

A web application is accessible to all the users where they can easily use all the features and functionalities of the application without any issue.

  • Automatic Updates

With time and upcoming technologies, businesses have several changes in their operations and functionalities. Therefore, it is essential to have changes and updates in the web app too for a better user experience. This feature allows automatic updates in the web application. 

  • Efficient Storage System

A web application must comprise of sound storage system to keep all the data and information stored safely and securely. While hiring a mobile application development company for building a custom web app development it is essential to see that the storage system created is reliable and proficient. 

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The more benefits one can offer to the users and the businesses, the more powerful tool it is called. This section will help you to understand the key advantages of a website and a web app.

What Are Some Benefits of a Website?

A website has many significant benefits both for businesses and visitors because it is not merely a source of information but a platform for generating revenues. Let’s discuss the advantages of having a website for a business:

1. Extended Reach

With a website, there are high chances of reaching potential audiences across the globe. These websites help businesses to overcome geographical borders and trade internationally. It also results in boosting sales and revenues through website traffic.

2. Developing Growth

The website of any business is moreover considered as the portfolio of that business for the clients. It shows every detail about the services offered, projects completed, clients’ reviews and feedback, and many more. It acts as a reference point for clients who are willing to know about the business for further collaborations. Therefore, there are higher chances of business growth through a website.

3. Image Building

The websites help to build a brand image for the businesses as the more responsive, functional, creative, and appealing the website would be, the higher it reflects the professional image of the businesses. Thus, a good and reputed website supports the image building of a business.  

4. Informed Customers

With the help of websites, businesses can notify their customers by publishing all the latest updates. It helps in keeping the customers updated so that they can use the current services and products launched.

What Are Some Benefits of Web-Based Applications?

Presently, web apps help businesses reap huge advantages using these applications, may it be business growth, increase profits, extended customer base, etc. Let’s check out some of the key benefits of these web apps:

1. High level of Security

The web apps offer optimum protection to keep the users’ data safe and secure. All the information is stored confidentially taking care of the privacy concerns.

2. Customer Support

The web apps offer 24*7 customer support services, and they act as a point of connection between the business and the customers.

3. Improved Efficiency

With a web app, business processes can become simpler and more streamlined. It helps to perform more functions in less duration which ultimately improves business efficiency. 

4. Make Things Easier for Users

The introduction of web apps has made users’ life easier by performing daily activities with a few taps such as banking transactions, communication, etc.

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In many ways, both websites and web apps share many similarities but still there exist numerous differences when we thoroughly analyze a comparison of website vs web application. This section will help you to understand the key differences between the two based on certain aspects.

Website vs Web App

AspectsWebsiteWeb App
InteractionThere is limited functionality that does not allow users to interact as they can only view the data.The web app allows the users to view the content as well as interact with each other on the app.
UsabilityThe content here is static which means it is available across the globe to all visitors.The main use of the web app is the interaction with end-users, and the users need to provide details before using the app.
Deployment & CompilationWhenever you need to make any sort of change on the website then there is no need for complete recompilation and deployment. All that is required is updating the HTML code.While making a change in the web app, it is necessary to recompile and deploy the complete project.
    AuthenticationUser authentication is not mandatory while using websites as there is information available easily. In a few cases, the required content is paid or needs user authentication before getting access.User authentication is a mandatory aspect when it comes to web apps. All the data and information are accessible after user authentication only.
DevelopmentWeb Portal development is not a complex task as developers from a website development company with knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, or HTML can easily create a functional website.Web app development is much more complex in comparison with that of a website. For custom web app development, the developers must have expertise in both front-end and back-end and must know technologies like Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.
  Task & ComplexityThere are pages on which the entire information is available which is easily readable.To access information in the web app, you need to understand the functions and it might be a complex task in comparison with a website.
  Type of SoftwareIt is a comprehensive product, and a browser is required for its access.Web app development is an element of the website only and thus web app is not a comprehensive product.
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For a better and in-depth understanding of the differences between websites and web apps, it is necessary to check some of their examples. Let’s have a look:

For Website

Websites comprise web pages that contain all the information. These pages comprise service web pages, eCommerce websites, search engine sites, educational sites, eCommerce websites, blog posts, and many more. Let’s discuss some of the famous website examples:

  • Google.com

google-search engine

Presently, it is the most popular and widely used website around the world. It is an extension of the famous Google search engine. The website stores a huge database and efficiently manages millions of users in a single day.

  • Wikipedia


One of the biggest & largest repositories of data that is used for finding information on an endless number of topics. It is a collection of hundreds of millions of web pages for providing users with the information they required.

  • Youtube.com


In today’s time, it is the trendiest platform for video sharing and hosting. There is a web app too but Youtube.com is still used popularly by the masses.

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For Web Apps

A web app is software that is accessed by utilizing the web browser. There is a vast use of these web apps presently with an extended user base. Let’s discuss some of the popular and renowned web apps:

  • Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the most significant examples of web apps. When we compare the web application vs website, it is seen that web apps have a much more attractive and appealing user interface along with real-time chatting options, innovative features, graphic support, and other advanced functionalities. These web apps also provide opportunities to offer services and products for better business growth.

  • Gmail


Another popular example of a web app is Gmail which is a widely popular product of Google. It offers email services through a single-page app. There are various features of Gmail accessed by the users such as receiving and sending emails, marking reminders, scheduling, archiving, sorting, and labeling emails. Hangout app is used for real-time chatting through text. Also, the users receive notifications for news emails, messages, and updates.

  • Google Docs

Google Docs

It is a globally used web app that allows users to create documents. There are features like real-time collaboration, live editing of docs, auto-uploading on the drive, and various other functionalities.

How To Know Whether the Business Requires a Website or Web Application?

By understanding the differences between a web app and a website, it may be confusing for businesses to choose one. But certain aspects help you understand what your business requires. For instance, if you run a small business and your target audience is the local customers then a website would be enough for you as it can help to describe your brand concisely along with the details about the business operations and functionalities.

On the other hand, if you run a large or mid-size business and it has vast popularity in your target audience then you must go for a web app as it will help in describing all the products and services in a more streamlined way to the potential customers. Also, there are higher chances of business reaching a new set of audiences. As well as these web apps will provide a platform to interact with the customers and notify them, whenever any new service or product has entered the market. Hence, now depending upon your business size, target audience, and future goals, you can select whether you want to build a website or a web app for your business.

Summing Up

From the overall discussion on website vs web app, it is observed that both have certain advantages that help businesses grow. For a good website, it is necessary to have fast page loading, and for an efficient web app, there must be sound integration of features. Depending upon the business needs and requirements one needs to see whether they should go for building a website or a web app. Many businesses also seem confused when they need to choose between a web app vs mobile app. For those cases, they need to see the benefits both these solutions can offer.

To get a scalable solution, a business must contact a web or web app development company as such companies hold relevant experience in developing these solutions. SemiDot Infotech is one of the most renowned and top rated software development company that offer multiple services like web app development, website development, mobile application development, and many others. To get your project done by combining the best technologies and expert developers, you must hire SemiDot Infotech.

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