Having a strong online presence is quintessential these days, and a website is one of the best media for doing so. However, having just a website does not guarantee success or more users. There are a lot of things, which are to be taken care of like right SEO practices, marketing, and various other elements but, website design is on top.

As per experts, within spending just a few seconds on a website, users make up their mind, whether or not they want to avail of the services, and website design plays a crucial role in their decision making. A good and impressive website design may help you in targeting users, the way you want, and take your business to all new heights. Whereas a poorly designed website not only hampers your existing customers but also fails to engage new users. Apart from users, a website with an interactive and innovative user interface opens up a lot many business opportunities and thereby resulting in higher revenue. This is one of the main reasons why web design services are in such high demand.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the importance of website design and how it can help your business to connect with its potential customers.

Components of a Good Website Design

Websites are a great way to establish a strong connection with your users. Users generally tend to judge your intentions and your brand via your website. Hence, it is mandatory to display everything, in a way that users love it, and can easily connect with your website. For this, businesses spend millions of dollars and hire a top website development company to get their design game on point. Let us discuss, in detail, what all should an interactive website design include.

1. Easy Navigation

In this fast-paced world, users do not have much time to search for the products or services they are looking for on your website. No one likes to use a website that is difficult to navigate. So, a website that is difficult to navigate loses onto its customers and user engagement.

Easy navigation is one of the most important elements of website design, which you must keep in mind. It helps users find the information quickly, thereby decreasing the chances of leaving your website in frustration. Your website navigation should be clear and understandable. Try dividing your page into headings and sub-headings so that users can conveniently find what they need.

2. Visually Appealing

A website should be visually appealing. There are times when you visit any web page and leave it immediately due to its bad design.  Humans love what they see, and visual graphics leaves a lasting impression on their mind. A website with attractive visuals and graphics is more likely to be noticed than a website with just plain texts.

Businesses should be very wise in making such choices, and everything that they choose must be in sync with their brand’s goal and image. A soothing color palette, fonts, graphics, and animations are all salient aspects of website design. Try to include enough photos and explainer videos, detailing your products or services, which you are offering, so that it is easier for your users to decide whether or not to go with your brand. Also, there must be a proper balance of what you present on your website. The images and videos added must add value to your website and must not look as if they were added just for the sake of adding them.

3. Content

We all know the importance of quality content. Businesses should always prefer quantity over quality when it comes to their content. Not only, a strategically written content helps you in your search engine marketing but, it also helps retain users on the website. Businesses must focus on writing informative and useful content rather than the promotional one.

Also, the content must be easy to read, clear, and on point, as no one likes spending much time reading it. If you are not sure of writing the content by yourself, there are many website development companies that provide professional content writing services to their clients. The content of your website is as important as the overall design.

4. Responsive Design

These days more than using a desktop or a laptop to access a website, users access it on their mobile phones or tablets. It is foremost for all businesses to have a responsive design, as users these days, browse websites on various devices.

Responsive design makes sure that irrespective of the screen size or device they are using, users get good user experience.

5. Loading Speed

Slow web loading speed is one of the main reasons why users leave a website. An experienced web designer understands the need for a website that is highly optimized and does not require a lot of loading time. Ideally, a website should load somewhere between 3 to 5 secs.

Designers usually try to write fewer codes and remove the unwanted codes, optimize the images, and a lot more so that users do not have to wait for long. There are various tools, available online for free, which you may use to check your website’s loading speed. These tools also offer some suggestions, following which you can improve your overall loading speed.

6. CTA (Call-To-Action)

One of the main reasons for having a website is to convert visitors into customers and for this CTAs help. UI/UX designers are the ones who take care of all this. They are experts in creating a perfect user experience for your visitors and strategically placed CTA buttons, surely help you in increasing your conversion rate.

A good website design should have enough CTAs, placed in such a way that they are easily visible to users and are capable enough to compel users to take action. CTAs should be attractive and in sync with the color scheme of your website. Clearly, they should stand out but not in a way that your whole website looks nothing but just promotional.

Benefits of Hiring Web Design Services

Web design is a part of front-end development, so if you are someone who is planning to opt for separate back-end and front end development services, you must look into the portfolio and previous work experience of the designers. There are various tips available online on how to hire front-end developers, which you must read before making your choice. This is to ensure that the experts you are hiring have complete knowledge of tools and technologies involved and are aware of all the latest trends that are required to make an attractive and engaging website for your business.

Now that we all know what all elements are important for outstanding website design, let us discuss a few benefits of having good website design services and how it can help businesses to increase its reach, and connect to its potential customers.

1. First Impression

If users want to know more about your brand or business, the first thing they will notice is the website. Your websites convey a lot about your brand and within seconds of being their users will create an image of your business. Website design plays a predominant role in leaving the impact of your brand on the visitor’s mind.

If you want a visitor to leave with a positive impact, the website development services you hire must be attuned to your business. It should convey what your brand is and must offer an interactive and engaging user experience.

2. Search Engine Marketing

One of the main elements of website design is the content. An invitingly written content with strategically placed keywords, not only helps in engaging users but also, helps your website to rank good on search engines.

It is always advisable for businesses to follow best practices of website design so that it can help search engines to crawl and index all web pages efficiently. There is a lot of competition out there in the market and not all websites reach potential customers hence, it is very important to have an interactive web design, so that users can connect with it and also, have a smart SEO strategy so that your website can reach to maximum users.

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3. Credibility

As per studies, people tend to trust those businesses that have an online presence over the ones that do not have them. So, a well-designed website with proper categorization, having about us and home page, proper format and layouts, tend to attract more users as people trust these websites more than the poorly designed ones.

Also, seeing your web design, users judge your thinking and intentions. If you do not have an updated website, a design that resonates with the users, they may not be able to connect with your brand and may take it as outdated. To win their trust, your web design must be top-notch, and this is where proficient and expert website design services come handy.

4. Improve your Brand Image

A website is a reflection of your brand on the online platform. People perceive your brand the way you will portray it or present it on your website. Before getting your website designed, you must give a good thought about it. Give a proper brief to your web designers and web developers of what exactly you want, what is your brand’s color scheme, your brand’s logo, what you want to convey to your users, what is your intention, or how you want people to take your brand as, every minute detail matters.

For example, a website working for environmental sustainability may opt for a green theme, or a one selling kids items could be more colorful and chunkier. Website design help building and improving your brand’s image. Whenever we think of Pizza Hut, the red and white color immediately pops up in our minds, this is because these colors are associated with that brand, their website.

5. Engagement

The sole purpose of creating a website is to increase user engagement. A well-designed website, with properly placed CTAs, can be remarkably helpful in attracting users and engaging with them. Users love websites with interactive visual elements like videos and animations, and this will surely increase your user engagement rate.

Wrapping Up

Websites are an indispensable part of online marketing and website design plays a significant role in making marketing successful. If you are a startup or a small scale business and looking to invest in a website, then you must focus on web design. On the other hand, if you are an already established firm and have a website, you may consider revamping your website as per the latest trends.

There are many website development companies, available in the market, which can create attractive, innovative, and user-friendly websites for their client. These websites not only help attract more users but build a relationship of trust with your users. All in all, investing money in hiring good web design services, is a profitable business.

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