In today’s world, every successful business needs an interactive, reliable, and engaging website, to attract users, and maintain their interest. A website is generally the first impression of your business, and also, it is the most important medium of interaction with your users. It makes you reachable and accessible to a large number of people, that too globally.

Every business wants their website to be attractive and engaging, as people say, that the first impression is the last. A website is the reflection of your business and based on it, users would judge your brand’s intentions. The way a website would be represented in front of users, with everything related to graphics, run time errors, etc. is all part of front-end development.

There are a number of people who are still unaware of the fact that there is a difference between front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. If we talk in simpler terms, whatever we see on a website comes under the front-end part, and how the website works and performs, is the back-end’s department. Everything happening on the client-side is due to front end development, whereas, back-end development takes care of everything that happens on the server-side. Full-stack development refers to both front and back-end development. Along with APIs and version control, full-stack development is a complete package for your websites to run. A full-stack developer has the expertise in working with both the front-end as well as back-end development.

In this blog, let us discuss in-detail about front-end development and know some of the important tips to hire front-end developers.

What is the Front-end Development?

Front-end development is an important part of web development services. It is responsible for the development of intuitive and engaging user experiences for websites and web apps. Front-end development is also responsible for handling run time errors and the performance of the website. Most users form an opinion about the brand by just looking at the website or web app. Hence, the graphic, layouts, functionality, and navigation, play a vital role in attracting and engaging them. This is the main reason why front end development services are in such high demand.

Who is a Front-end Developer?

A front-end developer is an expert who can develop attractive, interactive, and responsive websites and applications that display the objective and intention of your brand. Front-end developer designs and develops websites and apps using various web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

There are a lot of challenges involved in front-end development. People want to see something new each day. A good developer needs to be aware of these constant changes and should also be well acquainted, with all the tools and technologies used for web development. So, if you have any idea in mind, you can hire front end developers, having both experience and expertise, in designing and developing intuitive websites and web apps.

Why businesses need Front-end Developers?

When it comes to developing a website that can rightly represent the business visually, to its customers, any website developer will not work. All businesses look for experienced professionals who can develop an interactive and engaging website or app to meet their business’s requirements. A wrong website can not only drive your users away but can also, be the main cause for revenue loss. Here are some of the reasons why front-end developers are so important for your business.

i) Improves Performance

Slow and unresponsive web pages frustrate the visitors, visiting your website. On the other hand, fast loading pages result in increased user engagement, user retention, and a boost in sales. Front-end developers are the ones who have immense experience in developing such websites.

ii) Brand Identity

Front-end developers are very well acquainted with placing the right graphics and visuals on the web page, which helps target the right customers. Correct usage of colors and themes, right logo, unique layout, font size, etc. everything should be in accordance with the brand and help people in remembering the brand.

iii) Responsiveness

Front-end development helps create responsive websites with faster loading speed. A responsive design helps in improving customer experience, offers better loyalty, and a lot more.

iv) Better Navigation

Optimized and smooth navigation attracts visitors and makes their experience on the website pleasant. Users love the clean, well-planned layout, along with impressive graphics. Front-end experts help you in doing so.

Design technologies change very frequently and every business wants to keep up with the updated trends. They are always looking to revamp their website per the latest trends to attract more users. The cost to revamp the website is much less than creating a new website as a whole.

Tips to hire front-end developers

Hiring front-end developers can be a tough task. It requires a lot of experience and specialized knowledge to be proficient in creating intuitive and engaging websites and apps. Here are some tips that you can follow before hiring them:

1) Know your project well

This is the first and the most important thing to keep in mind before you go out and search for an expert. You should be well aware of the entire project’s requirements and the budget so that you can make the right choice. You should do the proper research of the language or the framework in which you want your project to be developed. For instance, if you want to get your website developed using NodeJS, then hiring a Node JS expert would be the right choice.

2) Previous Work Record

You should always ask a developer to show his work samples so that you can have an idea about his experience and expertise. Also, if you have a strict budget for your project, you may go with a fresher or less experienced developer, provided he has all the necessary skills, which are required for your project development.

3) Hourly Rate

Most developers work on an hourly basis. These hourly rates may vary according to the geographical location of the developer. For example, hiring a front-end expert from North America, Europe, and Australia will cost you more than hiring them from India, Russia, Latin America, or any other Asian country. So, if you want to cut down on the cost of development, you should consider this factor and choose the developer wisely.

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4) In-depth knowledge

A front-end developer should have a sound knowledge of UI/UX design. A developer having expertise in UX designing is capable of identifying and solving user problems, whereas one with knowledge of UI designing can easily create intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing, and interactive interfaces. These elements play a vital role in engaging more users and retaining them to your website or app.

5) Experience

The more the experience of a developer, the more he will be able to handle the complexities involved in your website or app development. It is always better to check the experience of a developer to ensure, whether he will be able to meet all your expectations or not. Also, you can opt for dedicated hiring, as a dedicated developer will have more working experience for that project.

Front-end development is all about making your website look beautiful and presentable. In today’s world, designs and technologies get outdated in just a flash of a second. You should go for a developer who is familiar with the latest technologies and all the current trends.

He should have a deep understanding of what users want, and he should know to represent the website or app accordingly. Moreover, a developer should always keep your brand’s image in mind and keep all the designing elements intact, which will help in building your brand identity.

7) Good team working skills

You must hire a developer who has an excellent team working skills. A front-end developer has to work and co-ordinate with other people, to turn the project into reality. Having good communication and team working skills will eliminate the chances of any error, which may happen due to a lack of communication.

8) Hiring Models

A well-known front-end development company offers various hiring and engagement models. You must wisely choose the one that fits your budget and suits your project’s requirements. You can either hire on-site developers or off-site developers, both have their own share of pros and cons. Also, if you want to get both front-end and back-end development services then you can also opt to hire a full-stack developer.


Front-end development is really important as this is what users see. It has its own share of benefits like speedy development, real-time programming, immersive designs and layout, and a lot more. Front-end development helps attract and engage more users and retain them to the website or app they are using. Easy and smooth navigation offers a pleasant user experience, and this would eventually result in increased sales and revenue, for your business.

Hiring a top-rated front-end developer is really important, as he is the one who will help you in achieving your goals, by developing an immersive website or app for your business. There are many developers available in the market, so make sure to hire the one who is the most suitable choice for your project.

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