Javascript is one of the most popular technologies that have been in use by most software development companies to create visually appealing and feature-rich websites and mobile apps for businesses. It is highly used for front-end web development and has around 24 frameworks that are used in one way or the other for both front-end and back-end development. Among these frameworks, Reactjs and Angularjs are two of the most popular frameworks that have been in use by web developers worldwide.

To support our earlier statement, here are some facts about JavaScript and both the other JS frameworks. As per Statista, JavaScript is one of the most popularly used programming languages around the world used by web developers. Around nearly 68 percent of the developers claimed that they love using this language over the other to create innovative and attractive websites and apps. Also, in the other report shared by Statista, as of 2020, React js and Angularjs are two of the top most popular and widely used web frameworks, after jQuery, that is used by developers across the globe. But slowly jQuery is losing its popularity to React js and Angularjs.

In this article, we are going to talk about these two popular frameworks and are going to compare them in detail so that you can easily choose the right framework for your next web or app development project. But before start comparing the two, let’s know about each of them first.

What is AngularJS?

Angularjs is one of the most popular open-source web app development frameworks that have been developed by the team at Google. Though this version is now a bit older and after many version updates Angular 2 is the current version on which top AngularJs web development companies are working. Built on TypeScript, this framework has everything that an Angularjs developer would require to create highly scalable and robust apps for businesses, both small and large-scale.

Some of the most popular companies that are using Angular are:

copanies using Angular

Benefits of using AngularJS

Each language or the framework has its own set of benefits ad here are some of the benefits which this framework offers:

1. Easy to Write Codes

Since Angularjs is built on TypeScript, a subset of JavaScript, developers find it a lot easy to write clean and error-free codes. If anything goes wrong while typing, it can be easily identified and then corrected, which not only saves time but also improves efficiency.

2. Performance

If you are looking to get a high performing app you must hire Angularjs developers for your project as this framework has a hierarchical dependency injection, which is way better than its competitors.

3. Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS follows a two-way binding process, which expedites the whole process of data binding, and also, it does not require much of developers’ intervention. This facilitates the developers to view the changes immediately that have been made in the model. This makes Angularjs development services high in demand.

Hire Angular Developer

4. Responsive Web

Angular is known for its responsive web feature as it allows users to seamlessly navigate and use the websites and web apps. Also, it allows them to load much faster offering a better user experience.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are many more reasons to choose Angularjs for your web development project. Now that you know what Angularjs is all about, let’s move on to our next framework in this list, which is Reactjs. 

What is ReactJS?

Unlike Angular, Reactjs is a library of JavaScript, developed by Facebook, to create the visually appealing user interface and UI elements with ease. Using its declarative style of programming, React let developers know how their app will look, and how users are going to interact with it. Reactjs app development services are highly in demand by business owners who are looking to get their web apps, and mobile apps developed as React lets them create native-rendered apps, which are loved by the users. 

Some of the top companies using Reactjs for their mobile app development:

companies using react

Benefits of Using Reactjs

Before choosing any technology, one needs to know about its benefits so that it can be used properly according to the development requirements. Let’s get to know about all the possible benefits provided by ReactJS:

  • Code Stability

As per a top-rated React js development company, developers love using this framework as it offers code stability as it uses only downward data flow. This ensures that while making any changes to the child the parent code is not at all affected. This feature offers code stability and allows developers to create an app smoothly. 

  • User-experience

Since Reactjs is a JavaScript library that helps in creating the interactive user interface, the apps developed using this framework, offers unprecedented user experience, and users love to use apps developed using Reactjs. Also, instead of using actual DOM, React uses Virtual DOM, which allows developers to make any changes in the app without affecting it. 

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  • Time-saving

Creating an app using React is quite easy because of its two features- Virtual DOM and Unidirectional binding. This allows Reactjs developers to create an app quite smoothly and in less time as the changes made in one component are not affected by others. This is the reason why start-ups prefer opting for React js development services for their mobile app and web app development.

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  • Easy testing

Since the components are isolated from each other, the developers can easily test each component individually without waiting for them to test in the last. Also, it uses Redux, which accounts for an agile app development process as developers can add each app state in a single object.

Now that you have seen both React js and Angular js individually, let’s compare them side by side so that you can have a much clearer picture of which front-end web development framework to go for.

ReactJS vs. AngularJS: An in-depth Comparison

Below we are going to provide some of the pointers that will add some clarity to the battle of ReactJS vs AngularJS. These will help users to get an understanding while choosing one between these two. Have a look:

  • Popularity

Let us begin our comparison with the popularity among both developers and the uses. If we go by the reposts shared by Google, people usually search more for React as compared to Angular but this does not mean that Angular js is not popular. Both have a different set of people looking for them. Users and developers who are looking for a much better user experience go for Reactjs while Angular is widely searched by web developers and users who are looking for ready-made solutions, as Angular is much easier to use.

  • Speed and Performance

This is one of the first things which users look for while choosing the right language or framework for their web development project. Talking about Angular, it allows web developers to write one-line codes and commands which speeds up the whole process of web development. According to an Angularjs development company, developers can swiftly create and design apps as this framework facilitates cleaner and error-free coding, which also helps in improving the overall performance of your app.

React, on the other hand, is a bit slower as compared to the Angular, as there is an involvement of too many third-party libraries, and creating a front-end might get a little complicated for developers working in a Reactjs development company. Also, the toolkit for every project is different in Reactjs which slows down the app development speed. In this area, Angular js totally shines in terms of speed and performance.

  • Data Binding

This is another factor that you must consider while choosing the right framework for your web and app development but not many entrepreneurs understand this. Angular uses a two-way binding approach that is if any changes are to be done in the model state it gets affected in the UI elements too.

Whereas, Reactjs uses uni-directional binding, which is much preferred. The changes made in the child class are not updated in the parent class. Here if any Reactjs developer needs to alter anything in the UI elements he has to first make changes in the model state and vice-versa, which is a better approach to development. Though coding in Angular seems quite easy, coding in Reactjs is much more streamlined and effective. And this gives a slight edge to Reactjs over Angular, and this is the reason why most business owners prefer to hire Reactjs developers.

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  • Scalability

While getting an app or a website developed, you must keep scalability in mind. No one has that much of time and money to get a whole new solution developed once the business flourishes. Hence it is always advisable to go for a language that can accommodate your future needs. It can be compatible with your growing user demands.

Comparing angular and Reactjs here, Angular seems a better choice, and we have already mentioned that Reactjs has a lot of dependency on third-party libraries, which makes it difficult to scale in the future. While Angular, on the other hand, comes fully-loaded with all the features that you will need while scaling up your app or a website in the future.

  • Easy Updates

While opting for a front-end development service, updates play an important role. In this era, where users’ demands are constantly changing, it is very difficult for an entrepreneur to keep up with the regular updates. Also, to improve the efficiency newer versions of these frameworks are out in the market. Hence, your app must be compatible with those too. So, you must choose a framework that can be easily updated.

App and websites developed using Angular can be easily updated using a simple command, “ng_update.” Using this command, Angular js developers can easily upgrade the current app to the latest version of this framework.

However, version migration can be a bit difficult in apps created using React, as developers need to check whether or not the third-parties used are compatible with the latest version of React.

These were a few differences which you must consider while opting either for Reactjs development services or Angularjs development services. Now let us see for what kind of projects these languages and frameworks are best suited.

  • Community

Both Reactjs and Angular have a large community support as both of these languages are in the market for quite some time now. So, no matter which framework and tool you choose for, you will get ample of support from the developers community. Also, the developers here are quite active and are always in search of improving both Angular and React, so even the ones who are new to the development can take help from them.

When to opt for Angularjs Development Services?

You must consider looking for an Angularjs development company if you fall under any of these situations:

  • If you are looking to get an app developed that is not too complex to create, Angular may not perform well there. 
  • If you are looking for speed and higher performance
  • Looking for a ready-to-use-solution
  • Looking to get a highly scalable and feature-rich app developed
  • Looking for a time-efficient solution

When to opt for Reactjs Development services?

Entrepreneurs must opt for Reactjs development when:

  • Looking for a beautiful UI components
  • Willing to offer rich user-experience
  • You need a customized solution for your business
  • You need to share components of an app across various others too as code written in React can be shared.
  • You are not in a hurry to launch your app as development in Reactjs takes time

The Bottom Line

Both Angular and Reactjs are highly popular frameworks and are sure to stay in this race of best front-end development frameworks for quite along. Both of these frameworks have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and based on the type of app and website you are planning to get developed you must choose the right set of frameworks for your business. If you are looking for custom web development services, both of these frameworks can come in handy in creating highly engaging and fully-functional solutions for your business.

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