Keeping a track of all your family members and kids can be a true concern. With the change in the outside world, keeping your loved ones safe and secure could be a great challenge. It has now become a necessity to check whether the kids and the family members are safe while they are traveling. However, with advanced technology and family location apps, everything has been so convenient.

In a world of digitalization where mobile apps have become a significant part of human lives, there are certain apps for locating family members that are present in the market to keep an eye on them. The article will help you to get insights about some of the best family tracking apps along with their key features.

How does the Family Tracking App Work?

With the use of a virtual map, the family locator app finds another device. There is an easy-to-use interface integrated with GPS technology to track the location of the device. There are notifications received to know about family whereabouts, navigation, and speed alerts. Such apps are mostly compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The most significant aspect is to have GPS functionality in the device to track. The only thing required is to install the live location tracking app on your phone, create an account and sign up, and then install the application on your family member’s device. It will then enable the tracking function.

Numerous features can be added to the application depending on the client’s requirements. But for the integration of those features, the enterprises need to look for companies that provide efficient iOS and android app development services to help scale the businesses.

Best Family Locator Apps to Track the Location of Your Family Members

At present time where there is an immense demand for location tracking apps, there are many existing players that offer great applications to users for keeping an eye on their kids and family members. Following are some of the worldwide popular location tracking apps:

1. Life360 Family Locator

Life360 Family Locator App

The app is developed to keep a check on the well-being of the entire family. Along with real-time location tracking, the family members’ location history can also be seen by using the Life360 family locator app. It is known as one of the best family phone tracker apps as it not only tracks the location but also offers live agent support, 24*7 emergency dispatchers, and assistance from certified specialists. Because of its advanced features and updated functionality, a higher percentage of the population also consider it one of the best parental control apps for the safety of their kids.

Features & Benefits

  • Driver Report
  • Geo-fencing Option
  • One-tap direction
  • Reliable & user-friendly
  • Automated
  • In-app messaging
  • Can create private groups
  • Real-time location sharing

2. Glympse

Glympse App

It is a worldwide popular app to locate family members. There is a use of GPS technology to track the real-time location of the people. It is a free-of-cost, fast, and easy-to-use app that works for an Android device. It is available to download on the Google Play store. It only needs a GPS and a strong internet connection to work. It is regarded as the best tracking app for family.

Features & Benefits

  • Sign-free usage of the application
  • Create events & catch your friends at concerts
  • Share location details in emergencies
  • No need to install it on another person’s device
  • Runs in the background while you are using other apps
  • Works globally

3. My Family – Family Locator

This app works both as a kids’ location sharing app and a family location tracking app. It is a user-friendly application that helps you to stay connected with your family wherever they are. There can be created a private family map to check the real-time location of the family members. There are also alerts regarding the arrival of the kids or the relatives at a particular destination such as office, school, home, etc. If businesses want to get an app like My Family, they need to hire the best family tracking app development company so that they can get customized services for having various advanced features integrated into the application.

Features & Benefits

  • GPS location finder for the lost smartphones
  • Automatic notifications
  • Battery level updates
  • Location history for up to 30 days
  • Real-time location tracking

4. FollowMee GPS Tracker

If you are looking for the best family tracking app or kids tracking app without letting your kids or family members know about it, then FollowMee is the solution made for you. In this, the phone works as a GPS tracking device. It is easy to install and there are various features integrated to track your family members. One needs to log in to the website to know the location of the targeted people.

Features & Benefits

  • Can integrate multiple devices with one account
  • Works well even with a poor internet connection
  • When offline, it stores data and updates the map as soon as the network is back
  • High data privacy
  • Can monitor whereabouts through website
  • Can be used for both business and personal purposes
  • Enable tracking schedule
  • Extended history
  • Email report

5. Qustodio


Qustodio falls under the category of best family tracking app 2023 as it is a 24/7 live tracking application. With one license, you can track up to 15 devices. There is a parental dashboard from where the location of the kids can be tracked. It also checks the location history and the parents can make sure about the safety of their children. Also, the real-time tracking feature makes it a reliable and efficient kids locator app.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate to 10 meters
  • Runs in the background while you are using other apps
  • Store location history for up to thirty days
  • SOS alerts
  • Geofencing Option

6. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is considered one of the most widely used location-sharing apps for kids and family members. There are plenty of features and functionalities to help you track your relatives and kids. It provides complete details of the location of the member you are tracking including the landmark and street address. Parents can set a safe zone for the kids through this app to protect them from any harm that could be caused due to entering a place that is not safe for them. Looking at the demand for these apps, businesses are hiring location tracking app development companies that can help them build apps that can fetch the attention of the masses for the safety of their loved ones.

Features & Benefits

  • Geo-fencing
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Notifications
  • Password Protected
  • Screen time control for kids
  • Compatible with both Android and Windows
  • Customization
  • App Blocking (Social media, etc.)
  • Web-filtering

7. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of the best family tracking apps for iPhone that helps track your Apple devices. You can locate your devices as well as keep a check on your family members and friends. Even if the devices are in offline mode still one can track those devices with this application. The app is compatible with iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, iPod touch, AirPods, iPad, and AirTag. This app only works for iOS platforms. Therefore, to build such devices businesses hire companies that provide efficient iOS app development services.

Features & Benefits

  • Locate Apple devices
  • Play sound even if the device is in silent mode
  • Access to location history
  • Driving directions
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Automatically lock screen

8. Find My Kids

Find My Kids App

It is another significant real-time location tracking app that helps in tracking the live location of the kids who are below the age of eighteen years. With GPS, the kid’s smartphone is converted into a location tracking device that helps parents to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their children all the time. The app helps to keep your kids safe and secure. Therefore, seeking market opportunities, there is a huge demand for parental control app development services from enterprises.

Features & Benefits

  • Listen to nearby environment sounds around your children
  • Tracks battery level of kids’ smartphones
  • Send SOS signals
  • Receive notifications regarding child’s visits at any location
  • Track location history
  • Monitor screen time

9. Google Maps

Google Maps App

One of the most popular and globally recognized apps ‘Google Maps’ is known as the best location tracking app for both iOS and Android platforms. Approximately more than 220 nations and territories are globally mapped on this application. You can get real-time updates about your family members’ locations. Also, this app helps to get information about the traffic, local neighborhoods, and places to visit.

Features & Benefits

  • Route information with directions
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Get estimated time of arrival
  • Group Planning
  • Battery status tracking
  • Automated re-routing based on roadblocks, incidents, and live traffic
  • Works offline
  • Voice commands & notification

10. Find My Friends

Find My Friends App

Find My Friends is another good app for tracking the location of your friends, family members, and kids. This app works only for iOS platforms including iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad users. By sharing the location, your friends can follow you and can also share their location with you so that both the parties can remain connected and in the loop. With the one-tap feature, you can also hide your location. There are notification alerts that can be scheduled when some tasks are accomplished like reaching a particular destination, leaving for any place, etc. The demand for such apps is increasing day by day because of the uncertainties in the outside world. A location tracking app development company can help businesses build such apps as they have the experience and expertise to develop such location tracking apps.

Features & Benefits

  • Receive notifications
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Privacy control
  • Works only on iOS devices
  • Hide location
  • Set-up location-based alerts
  • Support for 3D Touch

11. TrackView

TrackView App

The app helps to track smartphones for the security and safety of your loved ones. Several businesses hire a mobile app development company to get TrackView like location tracking apps. This app does not seek permission from the one you need to track. A GPS locator can effectively track PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The app is integrated with multiple features that made it popular across the globe. There are certain free features and for the advanced features, one needs to buy the plans. The basic plan starts at $2.99 with limited features and the further premium edition costs $54.99. Because of the upsurge in demand for these apps, businesses are looking forward to making a profit from this sector and thus they hire mobile app developers to help get proficient app solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Geo-fencing
  • Stealth mode
  • Track location history
  • Real-time device location tracking
  • Remote video and audio recording
  • Remotely accessed web interface
  • Convert devices into an IP camera
  • Night vision mode
  • Cloud storage for backup
  • Sound and motion detection
  • Secured Access

12. iSharing

iSharing app

iSharing app offers huge security and peace of mind with real-time location sharing of the family members. With a GPS tracker, the app lets you stay connected with your loved ones at any time. With alert messages and easy tracking, it helps reduce the anxiety of the parents as they can know about the whereabouts, location history, and the time when the family members leave or arrive at a particular destination. The tracking feature is also used to find the stolen devices. To get applications like iSharing, businesses hire family tracking app development companies who have enough experience in developing location-sharing apps.

Features & Benefits

  • Send panic alerts
  • Track stolen devices
  • Real-time location sharing
  • Automatic alerts and notifications
  • Track location history
  • Driving report to visualize driving habits
  • Track smartphone through Chat and StreetView options

Benefits of Using a Family Location Tracking App

There are several location-sharing apps that are present in the market. All these apps have several integrated features that make them so versatile and beneficial. Let’s check some of the key advantages of the family locator apps:

A) Respond to Emergency Notifications and Alerts

These apps send emergency alerts and notifications to help make you aware that something is wrong. They are beneficial as they can help you reach the locations of your loved ones and save them from any misshapen. Therefore, these apps can be a true lifesaver at times.

B) Track your Lost Devices

One of the significant benefits of using these apps is that the users can track and locate their devices if lost. GPS technology helps to find the exact location of the device.

C) Give Personal Space

Kids usually tend to get annoyed when they are asked repeatedly about their location. But with such family and kid locator apps, you can track your kids and relatives without bothering or pinging them again and again. Rather, you can know about their location history in a few taps.

D) Notifications of ETA

With these apps, it is much more beneficial for the parents to know the ETA of their kids. Also, it helps to know the leaving time or the time taken to reach a particular destination by the people. Thus, users can plan things accordingly if they know about the ETA. Also, with GPS, the progress can be checked to know the exact arrival time.

E) Check Upon Driving Habits

During the teen years of the children, the parents remain too worried about their kids’ driving habits. They always want to keep a check over it so that they can remain safe by practicing good habits only. These apps help parents to get free of this anxiety by checking the driver report to keep an eye on their driving habits with these apps. Thus, these apps are advantageous to help make your children learn and follow safe driving habits.

F) Stay Connected

Above all advantages and benefits, the primary blessing of these family locator apps is that these apps help people remain connected with their dear ones. Various apps also offer chat features along with tracking that helps users to message their kids or family members about their whereabouts.

Tips to Choose The Best Family Locator Apps?

Before hiring any mobile app development company one needs to check a lot of things to get the desired results. Let’s discuss a few:

  • Strong Portfolio

While hiring a family location tracking app development company, it is essential to check their previous work samples and portfolio. It is significant to check the efficiency and scalability of those projects before taking a final call.

  • Budget-Friendly

Another tip for hiring a mobile app development company is to check the overall cost of development of a family locator app. Always try to look more approachable towards a company that offers a similar or less budget for developing apps because there are high chances that certain additional costs can be a part of the cost of development when the process speeds up. Therefore, to be safe on the cost side, you must select a budget-friendly company.

  • Efficient Communication

Communication is one more key aspect to check before finalizing a company for your app development project. The assigned person must be available to handle all your queries. To help the app development company understand your vision behind the app creation there is a need to hire someone who can communicate with you efficiently.

  • Use of Advanced Technology

For being competitive in the market, you need applications that are built using the latest designs and advanced technologies. While you hire a location tracking app development company, you must check the technologies used in the previous projects. To fetch the attention of the masses, it is necessary to have a tech stack that comprises updated and top-notch technologies.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews are one of the most crucial factors that help in selecting the best family tracking app development company. Businesses must always check the reviews and ratings of the companies before hiring them for the projects. These reviews are majorly from the previous clients and thus, can surely help in understanding the pros and cons of associating with a particular mobile app development company. If the ratings and reviews are good, then you can move one step forward towards finalizing the company.

Summing Up

We all are extremely anxious when it comes to the safety of our family members and our kids. Earlier were the days when parents or family members used to call their loved ones to know where they are, are they safe or not! Now, with advanced technology and digitalization, knowing about the whereabouts of family members has been so simple and an easy-going task. All this has been possible because of the family locator apps. The integration of GPS features in smartphones and devices has made it possible to check whether your family members are safe or not.  The GPS feature can track them and can help find the exact location. With the increased crime rate and possibilities of uncertainties, everyone wants to secure their families, and for that, these apps are used worldwide.

Seeking a revenue-generating opportunity from the increasing demand for such apps, many businesses have entered this sector and are coming up with it. But to develop such apps there is a need for expert developers and for that businesses hire companies that offer mobile app development services.

SemiDot Infotech is a web and mobile app development company that has a team of expert iOS and Android developers with huge expertise in developing proficient apps for clients across the globe. They can get you the best location tracking app to help your business flourish and expand your market reach.

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