Nowadays, we can easily find an app for each task we want to do! In this tech-savvy world, people are becoming habitual of using mobile applications, be it anything, they want everything to be done quickly and instantly. After COVID-19, there can be seen an upsurge in the number of people using mobile apps referring to the increasing demand for mobile app development services.

Among the snowballing demand for different mobile apps, did you notice that heath and wellness apps are also making space for them in people’s hearts? Due to the pandemic, people have started taking their health seriously and they are espousing regular meditation and health checkups in their routine. Their determination toward a healthy body is becoming possible with the help of existing health and wellness apps. Because of the continuous demand, the health and fitness industry is growing rapidly and earning great revenue.

In this below write-up, we have penned down the best health apps for Android and iOS that can be used in 2023. It will help users to take care of their bodies and lead a healthy life via using a suitable health app. This article is also helpful for businesses that want to delve into diverse options of custom health app development solutions. Let’s dive into the details:

A Glance into the Market Statistics of the Health & Fitness Industry

Maintaining & living a healthy lifestyle has become a trend nowadays more than a necessity. The increasing number of users with the popular health and wellness apps such as Headspace, MyFitnessPal, Fooducate, etc. are proof of it. All these apps are beneficial for users when it comes to observing and calculating aspects like calories, heart rate, nutrition, fat, water intake insights, and others.

As per the research, the digital health market worldwide was valued at $175 billion in 2019. After that, it was predicted to grow to around $660 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of nearly 25%. Now, we can see that people are accepting health app solutions at a large level helpful to provide them with the right guidance to stay healthy & maintain.


Different Types of Health and Wellness Mobile Apps in 2023

Among the ocean of best health apps 2023, it is quite difficult for users to choose the one that is worth downloading. To create the below list of necessary apps related to health, meditation, skin care, wellness, etc., we have turned to various healthcare experts, verified dieticians, doctors, and others to get their opinion & consultation about the apps. Whether you are looking for an app to track your steps, spike a new skincare routine, grow better eating habits, or want to meditate, these apps will be helpful to accomplish your goals.

Now, just tighten your seat belts and check out the following best health apps for iOS and Android:

1. Meditation App: Headspace

Headspace logo

Nowadays, people want to get rid of the stress of everyday chores, their regular jobs, relationship problems, and others. No app can do better than Headspace when you want to get into a happier or calmer mindset. You must give Headspace a try as it contains several meditation programs that improve your mental game and lead it towards thinking something productive while cutting down the stress. This app is all about getting a life-changing meditation along with the different exercises on the daily basis as per the users’ minds. Based on the reports, it is noticed that the app has alleviated the stress in people by 14% in around 10 days only.

Not only common people, but even celebrities are also using it to be stress-free. The fan base includes Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski. Currently, it has a good 4.7 rating and a user base of over 10M worldwide. Get to know some of its features:

  • Different brain exercises & meditation programs regularly
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Short & flexible 3-minutes session

Available on: Android and iOS

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2. Step Counter App: Pedometer++

Pedometer++ is helpful to keep a record of users’ daily & weekly step counts with no effect on your battery life. Users can monitor their progress regularly or whenever they want by using the Today View widget, iPhone app, or Apple Watch app. The app uses the information provided by the built-in pedometer and represents it as a chart. This generated tracking report is easy to understand and interpret by the users. Over 100K worldwide users have provided 4.3 ratings to the app. Have a look at the app features:

  • Calculating the approx. distance, duration, and calories
  • Steps and exercises’ tracking
  • Collect & show data via Apple Watch

Available on: Android and iOS

3. Mental Health App: Talkspace

With the technological advancements, people have been blessed with convenient and in-expensive therapy sessions at home. At present, Talkspace is one of the best health-related apps that help users to get treatment via therapy and counseling at home without going to an expert’s clinic. Users can have the therapy sessions via video calls or messages according to their convenience. The app provides services for users aged 13 or above it and they must have a subscription to use the app.

In this app, users can get in touch with the allocated therapist that will be available one time a day and 5 days a week. Whether it is any kind of mental illness, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, or anything, the therapy sessions will find the root cause to cure it. Recently, the app is having 4.3 rating with more than 500k downloads across the world. Jump onto the app features-

  • Counseling & therapy from an expert & professional
  • Secure & complete user privacy
  • Book an appointment just with a few taps

Available on: Android and iOS

4. Nutrition Tracking App: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal App Logo

While looking for the best health management apps, MyFitnessPal is one of the apps you can hold on to! The app connects users to the large food database; thus, users can easily know the number of calories in food dishes they are consuming along with providing feedback on the appropriate food and their benefits. MyFitnessPal also contains weight plans for users including more than 350 exercises. It will help to know the complete nutritional value of users’ food and their habits. With the 100M+ installations worldwide, the app has got 4.6 ratings. Here are its features:

  • Nutrition and calories tracker
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Different meal planner

Available on: Android and iOS

5. Calories Counter App: Fooducate

Fooducate app logo

Fooducate app is useful for users who want to know about the nutritional value of the food they are going to have. This app reveals all the details and fitness information such as ingredient lists and product nutrition panels via scanning. You can also get advice about foods, diet, and nutrients from an expert nutritionist. Fitness enthusiasts can also have their personalized diet plans useful for weight loss/gain for a specific period if they have subscribed to the app. As the name suggests, the app is intended to educate users about the food they eat while tracking consisted calories, quality, etc. Enjoy this app with 4.6 ratings that have crossed the user’s number over 1M. It contains features like:

  • Calories, health, and nutrition tracker
  • Customized diet plans
  • Large-scale food database with all details

Available on: Android and iOS

6. Stress Management App: Happify

Hire iOS or Android app developers as per your requirements to get health management apps like Happify to make businesses lean towards having health & fitness app development services. Happify is the app that keeps its main focus on reducing people’s stress and motivating them forwards to improved mental & emotional health. For this reason, the app contains mind games & activities including science along with relaxation & meditation sessions. Happify also has enhanced user engagement by offering in-built in-app deals and offers. The app is running with 4.1 ratings with over 500K downloads. Following are the app features:

  • Insights and progress via graphs
  • Personalized happiness tracking
  • Bunch of gaming and tasks

Available on: Android and iOS      

7. Period Tracker App: Clue

All the menstrual issues encountered by women can be solved at some level with this period and the cycle tracker app ‘Clue’. The app is created by expert mobile app developers that are beneficial to users when it comes to alerting them about the arrival of their period or the time, they are likely to ovulate. Alongside, it also tracks their mood swings, cramps, sleep cycle, PMS symptoms, etc. which help women to know about their health status. The app is co-created with professional health and medical experts; hence it is completely safe and reliable in all medical terms. This is the reason why the app has got 4.5 ratings with more than 10M installations. Get to know about its features:

  • Period date, fertility, and ovulation tracker
  • Easy-to-use calendar system
  • Consultation with medical experts

Available on: Android and iOS      

8. Health & Workout App: Fitbit

Take your fitness game to the next level with the help of smartwatches & bands offered by Fitbit known as one of the best health monitoring apps. These wearables are allowed to track your activities throughout the day as it has a big impact on your fitness. Users can also have audio coaching sessions, customize video sessions, and extra new workouts for better results. Along with a lot of features, the app encourages users toward their badges and goals by tracking their exercises, steps, sleep hours, consumed calories, and diet. Get this app with 4.2 ratings trusted by 50M+ users. Check out its features:

  • In-app purchasing with integrated music
  • Suggested strength training workouts
  • Better motivational workouts in audio and video forms

Available on: Android and iOS      

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9. Best Health Tracker App: Lifesum

Lifesum is a health tracker cum meal planning app that keeps tracking the meal & diet plan you follow including consumed calories. It also provides the access to over 1000 healthy recipes while recommending a meal plan as per the required nutrition in the users’ body. It consists of a calorie counter and macro calculator to have the exact count of nutrition grade, macros, and food calories. The app also includes graph representation to examine the number of diet goals. Lifesum is the app that educates you on the wrong food habits. The app has better user engagement as over 10M people are using it worldwide and it has got 4.5 ratings. Here are more of its features:

  • Barcode scanner to track food items
  • Macros calculator and calories counter
  • Diet and meal planner
  • An ocean of healthy recipes

Available on: Android and iOS      

10. Sleep Tracking App: SleepScore

It is the right time when we have to realize the importance of quality naps in our life. Health app developers have also realized it and hence, they tend to create apps that can help people to track their sleep cycle. In this way, people can know about their sleeping pattern comprising sleep duration, time to sleep & wake up, REM sleep, etc. By monitoring the provided chart, users can improve their sleep schedule. The app is also integrated with the sound analysis technology or accelerometer helpful to get a sleep analysis. With the advanced technology integration, the app has managed a 4.2 rating with over 50K installations. Talking about the app features:

  • Sleep tracking info plans for daily progress
  • Custom setting of wake-up and well being
  • Heart rate reading & monitoring
  • Guidance for better sleep

Available on: Android and iOS      

11. Telemedicine App: HealthTap

Let’s get a direct consultation with experts or doctors rather than searching about your illness online. Yes, this app allows users to get a personalized answer from a professional within 24 hours. Hire healthcare app developers and obtain a HealthTap clone app with amazing features. Through this app, users can have virtual visits to doctors anytime. The app has got access to required medications relevant to different allergies, aches, pain, and so on. Users can also get help with their carbs, cardio, and cholesterol issues via virtual appointments. Currently, the app has got 4.7 rating and 100K+ installations across the globe. Look into the app features:

  • 24*7 services and virtual doctor appointments
  • Guidelines’ accessibility to care routine on a different topic
  • In-app purchasing option

Available on: Android and iOS

12. Running & Mile Tracker App: Runkeeper

An app that helps you to set your running schedule more effectively and in a fun way would never get old. You can hire a fitness app development company to develop such an app to attract a larger base of audiences. To keep the track of users’ improvement through running along with providing them personalized training plans that fit their schedule, the app is worth giving a shot. It has got support from a strong community base of fellow pavement pounders and provides users guided workouts, setting goals, progress charts, etc. Users can easily sync this app with their Bluetooth, Apple Watch. Fitness trackers, and so on. The app is recently having a 4.5 rating and 10M+ downloads across the world. Look at the app features:

  • Integration with different devices
  • Personalized training programs
  • Guided workouts and set goals

Available on: Android and iOS      

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13. Swim Workout App: MySwimPro

Using the MySwimPro app would be beneficial in so many ways for users. Swimming is the oldest cardio anyone can pick out of interest or will to be an ardent swimmer. The app also provides custom workouts and users can select from personalized training plans or beginners’ sessions to learn swimming. Users who know swimming can improve their strokes and swimming timings by looking at the recorded time. Along with the instructional video, users can connect their Garmin, Apple Watch, Google Wearables, etc. so that they can easily store their stats. Get this app with a good rating of 4.0 rating and globally, it has recorded 100K+ downloads. Check out the features:

  • Personalized workout programs
  • Technique improvement via video library
  • Able to connect with different devices

Available on: Android and iOS

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14. Hydration Tracking App: Waterlogged

We have always heard that our body is made of 75% water but while growing up, we often forget to consume it in the proper amount. It causes a lot of health issues and also, impedes one’s lifestyle. Waterlogged is such an app that will remind you about drinking water as per your scheduled time and will keep a proper track of water consumed by you. It will protect users from the diseases such as dehydration, dull skin, constipation, and fatigue. Over 100K people are already using the app and have given it 4.3 ratings. Jump onto its features:

  • Customization based on the size & type of the glass
  • Record of water intake
  • Water Reminders

Available on: Android and iOS      

15. Weight Loss & Health Maintenance App: Noom

There is no other app that is better than Noom when it comes to maintaining health and losing weight. Hire Android or iOS app developers and tell them to tighten their seatbelts to get a Noom-like app. This app provides users with flexible coaching that is destined to meet their goals of diet and weight loss. They will also get personal coaching and feedback from the coach according to their activities. It offers food logging options, choices, and barcodes to provide users with an augmented experience. We can see the app’s popularity by looking at the number of installations that are more than 10M with 4.6 ratings. Following are the app features:

  • Personalized coaching
  • Custom diet and meal plans
  • Nutrition product information

Available on: Android and iOS      

Final Verdict

We hope your search for the best health tracking apps comes to an end with this blog. Be it health tracking, health maintenance, weight loss, sleep tracking, or anything else, the adoption of these apps has become necessary to cope with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In the coming years, there are more chances to face flu/viruses/pandemics and to fight them back, we must have a well-functioned body.

Hence, if you are eyeing the health and wellness sector and looking to get healthcare app development services, we would recommend going for it as soon as possible to opt for multiple benefits from it. At SemiDot Infotech, we provide efficient app development services by experts and professionals. We are known as a leading mobile app development company that can help you if you are planning to develop a health app like Headspace, MyFitnessPal, Happify, etc.

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