No strings attached” is a term that is frequently used and applied by gen Z and millennials these days. It refers to casual dating and hookups where two people talk online and if they get any similarities, they decide to meet.

In today’s time, many people are there who don’t want to stick to just one person for a long time, hence, they end up dating or hooking up with someone for a shorter time.

On the other side, there are some people as well who got their soulmates while using these apps just for fooling around. Aren’t they lucky ones?

Well nowadays, people have normalized not wanting to get into a committed relationship until and unless they feel ready to be in one. Be it a casual or committed relationship, either way, you have to start finding a partner.

People are realizing hookup apps are the best way to search for a companion as per their requirements. Various top hookup apps can help you to get a suitable date, friend, or casual hook-up partner. 

Be it anything, a long-term connection, someone younger or older, a partner after divorce, a sexually compatible partner, or a nearby dating mate, these hookup apps won’t disappoint you anyway.

Below you can check out our list of the 15 best hookup apps that can end your search for a partner just by using your fingertips. Keep scrolling-

What is a Hookup App?

A hookup app refers to the easiest way used by people to search for a partner with whom they can make out or have some fun while dating. It is proven to be best for people who are just looking for casual hook-ups without a lot of unnecessary problems.

Nowadays, a large number of people are using these apps without a second thought as it is less taboo now than it was some years ago.  

what is hookup app

These days, it is way easier to create a profile on free hookup apps like Tinder, kasual, FWB Hookup, casual dating, casualx, etc. People just need to enter details including their interests, distance they’re comfortable with, partner requirement, and so on.

These hookup apps are outfitted with accurate and matching algorithms that help them to find suitable matches for people based on their interests.

Therefore, people can make informed decisions by choosing the best among several suggestions. If they think they are getting clicked with one of those matches or someone is exactly as they want, they can take it further.     

Have a Look at the List of the Best 15 Hook-up Applications

Now, let’s navigate to know what are some best free hookup apps that can be used in 2022 by users to instantly get their casual partner. Here we have list 15 best hookup apps or websites that you might be interested in. Check out below-

1. Tinder – Find a Date

Tinder is the most-liked app among all used for casual relationships, dating, and hookups. In this, users can put their interests to find like-minded people to chat with. Tinder provides them suggestions on the news feed based on their likes and dislikes, if they like someone’s profile, they can swipe right their profile.

tinder hookup app

Though the app’s core features are totally free to use but users can also have paid app subscription plans to unlock the advanced app features starting from $4.99 for one month. These plans include Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.  

It was the first app that brought theHook-up culture and has a high chance to get your potential matches. It also facilitates users with a left swipe or unmatched option if they don’t like someone. The app has managed a large user segment of more than 100 million with a 3.1 rating. You can find it on both the platforms Android and iOS.

Features of Tinder App:

  • Free messaging and video call
  • Multi-lingual app with the location-based matchmaking system
  • Can be used by male, female, and LGBTQ community

App Available On – Android & iOS

2. Badoo – Dating & Meet People

Badoo is known as one of the best hookup apps as its primary focus is those who are seeking some casual fun with their potential matches. The app follows a thorough authentication process that ensures only verified users have the app’s access. It is counted among apps like tinder because of the similarities like free chat and face-to-face communication via video call.   

badoo hookup app

This modern dating app provides you with several options due to its wider user base. The app provides users their suitable hookup partners or date based on their location and images; hence users don’t need to enter detailed information about them.

This app provides free access to users but also has its premium version available for them that starts from $25.99. over 100 million users have installed the app and have given it a 4.0 rating. It is available on both the platforms iOS and Android.

Features of Badoo App:

  • Several modes of communication like chat or video call
  • Systematic user verification
  • More chance of potential matches due to the large user base

App Available On – Android & iOS

3. Happn – Dating App

Who doesn’t know about this pretty cool app? If you love to do experiments with your dating choices, this app is perfect for you. This is one of the free dating apps with some amazing features, it helps you find nearby people you have crossed paths with.

Isn’t it amazing that you can date someone you have just met randomly? By taking the premium subscription to the Happn app, users can enjoy some of its advanced features as well.   

happn hookup app

The app suggestions will be based on users’ profile details, time, and mainly their location. It is easy to connect with the other person when they feel a bond. After that, it depends upon their preferences on how they want to take it further, be it a committed relationship, date, or casual make-out.

Users can find this app on Android and iOS platforms to download. Happn already has gained the trust of over 50 million users worldwide with 3.5 ratings.   

Features of Happn App:

  • Profile linking with other social media accounts
  • Easy to arrange dates with people at a short distance
  • Wide user base

App Available On – Android & iOS

4. Plenty of Fish Dating App

While looking for a suitable online dating app, you must have a look at ‘Plenty of Fish’. This one of the oldest apps will find you a date depending on a character test conducted by them. When users register for this app, they must go through a number of questions to get accurate date suggestions from the app.

plenty of fish hookup app

This app is best for male & female users both and is freely available to download or swipe to find casual encounters, flings, and hook-up partners.

People can download this popular app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store which has more than 50 million user bases.

The conventional & sophisticated approach applied by the app helps people to get a good match via extensive profiles and long inquiry forms. Users have given the app a 4.0 rating due to its good services.       

Features of Plenty of Fish App:

  • Powerful and accurate algorithm
  • Features like uploading multiple photos, adding catchphrases, live streaming, etc.
  • Easy onboarding

App Available On – Android & iOS

5. PURE Hookup – Anonymous Dating

As the name reflects, the ‘PURE’ app is designed for people who are looking for a person with whom they can have sexual fun without any mixed feelings or difficulties.

The app is fully focused on user anonymity, hence all the messages, shared pictures, etc. get automatically removed in just 60 minutes. It is a perfect go-to app for those who want to experience casual sex with an unknown partner.

pure hookup app

The main agenda of this app is to provide users with what they want while following the rule:

act as if you don’t know the other person even if you have crossed paths with them

The popularity of this app has reached more than 1 million people worldwide while managing 4.3 ratings. Android and iOS users both can use this app.

Features of PURE Hookup App:

  • User anonymity and data confidentiality
  • Completely free to use for women
  • Three-day free trial for men

App Available On – Android & iOS

6. Ashley Madison

Raise the bar of your dating game with this largely popular one of the best free hookup apps. It allows users to connect, talk, and meet with several people in their nearby area. No matter what your inclinations are, you will get everything you are looking for.

Being a subscribed app member, you can increase your chances to find someone like you. This app provides reliable services when it comes to hookups or relationships.

ashley madison hookup app

All the users have to do is sign-up for the app, add details, and search for a suitable partner. To build a mobile app like Ashley Madison, enterprises need to hire dedicated developers as this app comprises a lot of useful features. It serves a wide user base including over 1 million people while maintaining a 3.7 rating.    

Features of Ashley Madison App:

  • Completely free for women
  • Simple user interface and large user base
  • Lively discussion forum

App Available On – Android & iOS

7. FWB Hookup & NSA Dating: XFun

Following the new terms like FWB (friends with benefits) and NSA (no strings attached), this ‘XFun app’ is counted among the best apps for hooking up.

It is a leading hookup app for single adults to meet, chat, and greet to have sexual fun. Users can fulfill their ideal desires by searching for people with similar choices.

FWB Hookup app

XFun provides excellent services to all its members to make them accomplish all their wishes, it is the reason it has more than 500K downloads with a good 4.4 rating. It has a free messaging or chat feature so that users can interact with each other to take things further.       

Features of FWB Hookup App:

  • Easy-to-use app with a simple interface
  • Free-to-use and best app for hookup & dating
  • Allow users to have one-time things with a new partner.

App Available On – Android & iOS

8. Casual Dating: Local Meetup

It is widely considered among the best sex hookup apps with a broad user base of over 500K with 4.4 ratings. Users who wish to have casual sex or make out via local meetup must look at it.

The app enables users to have short-term or NSA-type relationships just for enjoyment. It is a kind of anonymous sex app that doesn’t reveal the user’s identity. Users can meet single people in their locality very easily.

casual dating hookup app

Relationships on the casual dating app will be similar to its name leading to light and informal connections without any serious commitment. Businesses require to have excellent mobile app development services to create something like a Casual Dating app.

Features of Casual Dating App:

  • Totally free-to-use
  • Smart push notifications
  • In-app chat or messaging

App Available On – Android

9. Kasual: Hookup & Casual Dating

Users enjoy everything about this ongoing best hookup app ‘Kasual’ formerly known as ‘Yumi’. It facilitates users to create amazing profiles including their details, choices, and location. This app helps users to find a compatible partner near their locality.

Whether it is a casual hookup or fulfilling your sexual desires, this app is worth it all. Kasual is fully secure when it comes to users’ confidential details. It allows users to blur their display pictures and even put emojis on them to hide their identity. 

kasual hookup app

Businesses are looking to create a mobile app like Kasual to make it big in the market. This app works on a chance basis, every user gets a chance to find their match with each round where they can swipe left or right. The app has managed to get over 500K users who have rated the app with 4.0 rating.     

Features of Kasusl App:

  • Location-based partner search
  • The free-to-use app when it comes to messaging
  • Chance-based fun to find matches

App Available On – Android & iOS

10. Hookups – Hook up Dating App

Add some fun elements to your life by trying out the ‘Hookups app’. Considering it the best app for hookups, the app provides you with a number of options including casual meets, short-term relationships, one-night stands, friends with benefits, BDSM, and others.

This app is particularly created for locals who are looking for dates in their nearby area. Users can go through the available suggestions, view their photos, and can select them based on their preferences.

hookups app

The app doesn’t have any kind of restrictions such as age, religion, sexual orientation, etc. This works similarly to best dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, etc.

It has got a wide user base with 100,000+ downloads and 2.2 ratings. Users can unlock its premium features by having a subscription starting from $19.99 for one month.

Features of Hookups Apps:

  • Simple-to-use swiping and browsing interface
  • The best app to find nearby dates
  • Advanced search, verified profiles, and unlimited messages

App Available On – Android

11. Wild App: Hookup, Meet, Dating Me

It is known as one of the best hooking up apps widely used for meeting and dating new people as well. The wild app is one of the free hookup apps with over 500K+ downloads and a 4.5 rating. People who are eager for having casual or FWB (Friends with benefits) relationships can try this app.

wild hookup app

Be it any place in the USA including Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Houston, and others, users can find their match. It is a faster app to send messages to the connection you are interested in.

Features of Wild App:

  • Fastest app to meet and date people
  • Free dating app to use
  • Continuous app updates

App Available On – Android & iOS

12. Cougar Dating & Hook Up App

Are you looking to date or make out with someone older than you? If yes, then this CougerD is the right choice for you. It is one of the best online hookup app specially built for older women, young men, and silver singles who love to go ahead with some mature dating. The best thing about this app is it doesn’t support ‘sugar daddy’ or ‘sugar baby’ kind of relationships.

cougar hookup app

Due to its systematic manual and AI review mechanism, it removes and bans offending accounts without any delay. Now, women don’t need to worry about their date who are single in their 40s, 50s, or above then that as this app is there to find them a suitable hookup partner. Currently, more than 500K people have downloaded the app and have given 3.8 ratings to the app.

Features of Cougar Dating App:

  • Simple app navigation
  • Exciting and useful features
  • Improved user experience

App Available On – Android & iOS

13. Down App: Online Dating In The UK

People must try out this easy-to-swipe, connect, and date app. The ‘Down’ app is among the best free hookup websites that help you match with open-minded people freely.

This app has a similar working process to other dating apps, but it provides a more private and safe space for users to hookups. Due to its privacy and safety policies, the app has been installed by over 100K users and has a 3.8 rating.

down hookup app

Users can end their search for real hookup apps with the Down app. It will connect you with people with the same fetish while entertaining you with free games like ‘photo challenge’ and ‘would you rather’.

After swiping and getting connected, users can chat with each other freely. It has two options here: swipe Down or swipe Date.

“If you are looking for some fun, casual hookup, FWB, then you can swipe DOWN, and if you are finding something serious, swipe DATE”

Features of Down App:

  • Easy app sign-up and simple user interface
  • Choose DATE or DOWN as per the preferences
  • Swipe and match easily

App Available On – Android & iOS

14. Casualx Hookup: Hook Up Dating

Casualx is a legit app for hooking up or FWB with random people, adult singles, and others. Here you can chat and meet with someone with the intention of casual relationships, erotic fun, hookups, etc.

In a large pool of paid and free hookup apps free messaging, it is hard to find apps like Casualx that tend to provide more appropriate options to people. 

casualx hookup app

It will be better to hire dating app development company if you are thinking to develop an app like the Casualx Hookup app.

The app has the main purpose to help singles find a perfect fling with whom they can spend their time. At present, more than 100K people have downloaded the app and provided it with a 4.0 rating.

Features of Casualx App:

  • Efficient and amazing features
  • Free-to-chat and use the app
  • Includes all races & sexual orientations

App Available On – Android & iOS

15. PICK Hookup-Meet up tonight!

What’s on your list? Making out with new people, finding new friends or dates, chatting with like-minded people, doing short-term hookups, or anything, this app has it all.

It is counted as one of the best apps for hookups where it is easy for users to find someone easy to go with. All you have to do is to put your best photos and choices based on the connections you are looking for.

PICK Hookup app

The app will facilitate you with suitable suggestions as per your choices to make your finding simpler and faster. It has over 100K downloads with 4.1 ratings. So, let’s find out what you want without being shy!

Features of PICK Hookup App:

  • The app is free-to-download.
  • Real-time notifications
  • Suggestions based on your choices

App Available On – Android & iOS

In Essence

Hookups or dating apps have become a part of our culture and the young generation as well as older ones, are using them widely.

The past few years have been an era for the best free hookup apps and social networking apps to rise and get popularity worldwide. Not only individuals, but businesses are also eyeing it to make profits.

They have been looking at how to create an app like Tinder, PURE, or Ashley Madison. It has made them hire mobile app developers to get a suitable application.

If you have also chosen your dating or hookup app type, you can start your search for a leading firm like SemiDot Infotech.

If you hire us, you don’t have to worry about the cost to develop a mobile app as our expert developers very well know how to make an app like Tinder efficiently. Consult with us to sit back and relax.


Below are some related FAQs to free hookup dating apps that will help you clear every doubt and query-

  1. Describe the Working of Free Hook-up Apps?

    The working of dating apps is similar to other mobile apps. These apps allow users to create an interactive profile so that they can attract potential matches. They can also swipe right when they like someone’s profile and swipe left when they don’t. If two users hit it off by swiping right, then they can message each other. These hook-up apps facilitate users with some features as well such as free messaging, video calls, putting pictures private, and more.

  2. How Much Secure these Hook-up Apps are?

    Hook-up and dating apps ask users for their personal details and interests. Due to this, these apps are integrated with high security and encryption with the help of technologies like AI and machine learning. Users are also verified on these apps, but it will be good to check the feedback before using any app.

  3. Name Some of the Best Hook-up Applications for Women?

    In the category of best free hook up apps for women, various apps top the list. Bumble is first of them as it facilitates women to message or initiate first. It alleviates the chances of unwanted or inappropriate messages in the Women’s DMs. Apart from Bumble, There is an ‘HER’ app that is completely dedicated to lesbian people.

  4. What are the best Hook-up Apps used by Younger Men?

    Initially, younger men don’t look for a serious relationship and they desire to get casual fun or one-night stands. Based on these, there are some dating and hook-up apps like Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Hinge, etc. that have huge user databases helping them to find like-minded people.

  5. Are There Any Hook-up Apps Suitable for Gay & Lesbian People?

    Nowadays, there are various apps specifically designed to cater to the sexual orientation of Queer people. Among all the hook-up apps, Grinder and HER are the ones that are perfect for finding a good match for gays and lesbians.

  6. What are the Top Hook-up Sites For Casual Sex?

    While looking for the best casual sex apps, you can try your hands on Kasual, PURE, Wild, Down, Ashley Madison, Feeld, and many more. These apps got a wider user base with the same objective as yours, therefore, it is easy for users to get an appropriate match for sexual fun. Mostly these apps are used by the young generation.

  7. By Any Chance, Do these Hookup Sites/Apps Misuse Users’ Personal Data?

    Maximum dating and hook-up apps/sites follow some specific guidelines and terms & policies of the platform they are getting launched with. These guidelines include clauses about the users’ data security and privacy that they can’t hamper. So, you don’t need to worry about the misuse of your personal data, but nothing is better than using only authenticated apps.

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