Finding a job is a very difficult task. One of the easiest ways of finding a job is via a referral program. People generally ask their friends and relatives to find a suitable job either in their company or in any other company they know.

But do you know in the last few years the whole job-hunting process took a major shift from referrals and newspapers to now finding a job on major job portals like,, and many more?

People and even job recruiters find it very easy to post a job with all the details like qualification and specifications required, and job-seekers can easily find a job that suits their interests and qualifications. These portals have made the job hunt quite easy and this has increased the demand for job portals in software development company tremendously.

Although, referrals from an already working employee, is still one of the most preferred methods of hiring. However, according to a global survey of hiring decision-makers in North America, approximately 58 percent of the job seekers prefer finding a job for themselves via job portals.

Talking about some of the most successful job portals in the world, as per the data shared by GP Bullhound, Recruit Holdings, with a market capitalization of over 65 billion U.S. dollars, ranks first among the leading online job portals worldwide followed by SEEK with a market capital of 5.4 billion U.S. dollars, and 51job. Though may not be the most revue earning job portal worldwide it is, for sure, one of the most popular among the lot.

So, if you are a recruitment firm that is planning to have a recruitment portal of your own or a budding entrepreneur looking for some revenue-earning business idea, you are at the right spot.

Here we are going to discuss the cost to create a job portal app like, its business model i.e. how does Naukri makes money, and some of the must-have features to include in your job portal. But before that, let us have a look at some of the advantages that these portals have to offer to both recruiters and job seekers.

What Benefits does Apps like Offers?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate, as recorded in November 2020, is 6.7 percent. We have already talked about how difficult it was earlier to find a perfect job.

Not just for job seekers, it was also quite tough for the recruiters to find the right talent for their company and hire them. With the advent of technology, now we have job portals that bring everything in one place.

Here are a few advantages that job portal app like Naukri has to offer for both recruiters and job seekers, let’s have a look at them:

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Cost of Marketing
  • Consolidation of Candidate Profile
  • Regular Job Alerts
  • More Job Opportunities for Job Seekers
  • More Hiring Option for Recruiters
  • Screening of the Resumes
  • Job Recommendations
  • Better Dashboard
  • User-friendly
  • Too Many Filters
  • Multi-Browser Compatibility
  • Alerts via E-mail

These were just a few of them but the list does not end here. One can also see the recruiters’ profiles, ratings that are given by other candidates, and many more to ensure that they are going to work at the right place.

These reasons are some of the driving factors that increase the demand for job portal software solutions among the recruiters and job seekers, and also why entrepreneurs seek the opportunity to invest in online job portal development.

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How Does Naukri make Money?

Now that you are aware of the benefits and the demand for apps like Naukri in the market, you might be curious about its business model. You might want to know how do these job portals make money. So, here are a few ways via which job portals like Naukri makes money:

1. Job Postings

Every time there is a new vacancy in the company, the recruiters contact these job portals to advertise their job opening so that they can get the maximum number of applicants and user views.

Now based on the plan the company has opted for, these job portals charge them for these posting. It may range from charging for the number of days the ad is running to per ad basis.

2. Database Selling

Over the years these job portals have an enormous amount of database stored, regarding the jobs and even about the job seekers, as everyone who wishes to use the web portal has to register for it first and has to enter their details like their name, profile, and even resume.

These portals then sell this data to the recruiters and may sometimes also charge job seekers to give any information about the jobs. It is one of the most prevailing ways of how these job portals like Naukri and make money.

3. Email Selling

Apart from selling the resumes and data, these portals also have a strong database of the emails of job seekers. Thus, a company that is on a hiring spree, can buy this email data from these portals.

However, the price may vary as to if the company buys the unfiltered data, i.e. candidates from all fields, it could be very difficult for them to find the right candidate. But some portals sell filtered data, that is the emails of the candidates that are looking for the job in the same field, at a much higher price.

4. Premium Members

Now not just job portals but rather almost all portals earn money via this method. Every job portal has some extra benefits reserved for their premium members. The fees for basic membership and premium membership varies and the premium members get additional benefits like more visibility.

These were a few ways how you can earn money if you are planning to get your own job portal developed and for this, you will need a mobile app development company that has experience in developing innovative and scalable mobile app development solutions. Now, let us move on to knowing the amazing features that are really important.

Must-have Features to Include in an App like Naukri

Before we discuss the cost to create job portal app like Naukri, it is important to know about the list of important features that you must ask your job portal app development company to include in your portal.

  • Registration

This is a very basic yet an important feature so that users can easily sign up either by using their email ids or can directly use their social media accounts for registration.

  • Advanced Filters

Based on the job location, job type, area of expertise, salary range, and many more such filters, users can easily find the perfect job for themselves. Hence, advanced filters are a great option to include.

  • Create a CV

One of the first things that recruiters see before hiring anyone, for any job role, is their CV/resume. Hence, it is important for you to give an option to the job seeker to create an impressive and visually appealing resume in the portal itself.

  • Save Jobs

If you are planning to have your own job portal software solution like Naukri, giving an option to job seekers to save the job they like and apply for them later on, is a great feature to have.

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  • Job Alerts

Job seekers must be able to get the alerts for all the new job posting in their expertise so that they can instantly apply to them.

  • Apply for the Job

Now all the job portals like Monster and Naukri allow their users to apply for the job they like by simply clicking the apply now button.

  • Profile Creation

One of the main features to include while planning for job portal app development is allowing users to create and save their profiles, so that, they need not fill their details again and again while applying for a job, and even recruiters can have a complete look at their profile before shortlisting them.

  • Save Candidates Profiles

Just like job seekers can save the job they like, even recruiters can save the candidate’s profile that interests them. These saved profiles can be for current recruitment needs or even for future requirements.

  • Payment Integration

You must hire mobile app developers that have experience in integrating third-party APIs like payment integration so that users can pay easily for any services they wish to avail of.

  • Contact Option

Both recruiters and job seekers must be able to call each other in case the profile or the job posting meets their requirements and expectations.

  • In-app Calling

Including the feature of in-app calling so that both recruiters and job seekers can call each other without actually sharing their numbers, in case they do not want to, is a must-have feature for added security.

  • Job Posting

Based on the plan opted, recruiters must be able to post their jobs, and mention every detail about it so that it is easier for the job seekers to find the one that fits their requirements and skills.

  • Security

Generally, there is too much information stored in a job portal starting from users’ personal details to their contact details and resumes, and hence, you must ensure data safety.

These were a few necessary features and every job portal app like Naukri must include. Not all app development companies have that expertise in integrating these features and hence you must be very prudent in your choice while choosing the right job portal development services for you.

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How Much Does it cost to develop an Job Portal App Like Naukri?

Calculating an exact amount of Naukri clone app development is not easy as there are too many factors that are involved in determining the cost. What features you plan to include, your job portal design, app complexity, and development time, all these together determine the overall job portal app development cost. However, to give you an idea, we have bifurcated all these factors and explained what affect they have on the cost:

1. Type of Application

The type of application, whether you are looking for native app development or cross-platform app development determines the overall cost. This is because native app development is a tad bit costlier than cross-platform app development. Cross-platform app development is portable, works on a single code base, and apps developed can run on multiple platforms, whereas in the native app development, apps developed are OS-specific and for each platform, the code has to be written from the scratch. Also, whether you are looking for a mobile application or just a web app that runs on a desktop, determines the cost of Naukri clone app development.

2. The Design

Now we all know the importance of a good website design and how it help businesses to connect with users. Be it a website or an app, within the first few seconds of being on your solution, users decide whether or not they want to stay. So, it is very important for you to hire skilled and proficient UI/UX designer for your job portal app development.

Now depending upon what kind of a design you choose for your project will determine the cost. If you are planning to go with a simple and pretty basic design, it will cost you way lesser than the one with highly intuitive and advanced designs, thereby increasing the overall cost to develop a job portal app.

3. Complexity

Not all apps take equal time to develop. Based on what features and plugins you want to integrate into them, increases or decreases the cost. A simple job portal app with basic UI components and some pre-defined templates and features would take less time and would cost you way lesser than the one with customized animations, and advanced features.

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4. Tools and Technologies Used

Though not many people consider this factor while estimating the cost but this is an important factor to consider. The technology on which your job portal is being developed may affect the cost and while using some technologies you need to purchase extra tools and plugins to increase the functionality of the solution, thus, affecting the cost.

5. Team Size

Cost to develop a mobile app, depends on the number of people working on it. Generally, the app development team comprises of:

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • QA and Testers

Now depending upon the size and scale of your project the team size may vary. Some may have 2 developers working for them and some apps may require more developers. This affects the job portal app development cost.

6. Maintenance and Updates

Job portal app development is not a one-time process, you have to allocate some part of your total budget for ongoing maintenance cost. Once your team has deployed the app, it may encounter some issues like errors, may have version updates, and a lot more that needs to take care of. These are the on-going costs and you have to take care of them and include them in your overall budget.

Now, considering all the aforementioned factors, we can state that the cost to create a job portal app will cost around $15000 to $25,000. This cost is just for a job app portal that is developed with some basic functionalities, however, if you plan to go integrate some advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and IoT, this cost may go beyond this price range.

The Final Words

The unemployment rate is constantly increasing, especially after this pandemic. This has increased the demand and even competition among business owners to launch their own job portals in the market. However, not all become a success, and choosing the right development team is the first step towards success.

You much choose a development company that has extensive experience in developing web development solutions for multiple industries of varied sizes. Choosing the right set of app and web developers to ensure that your project is in the right hand and they are capable enough to convert what you have imagined into reality.

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