With the increasing pollution that has gone beyond limits in past times, it is high time to look for solutions that are eco-friendly as well as less responsible for pollution. As per the research, factory chemicals and vehicles cause the highest segment of pollution. Though we don’t have control over all things, but we can at least adopt automobiles to save the environment by providing people with more eco-friendly, convenient, and cheap ways of transport.

Among all, the electric scooter business is the most suitable idea that is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Electrical vehicles are already a famous concept in cities like Washington, San Diego, Santa Monica, LA, San Jose, DC, and so on. In these places, it is common to see people crossing and riding an e-scooter.

An electric scooter has become a quick and fun way for people to get around. Even most automobile businesses are embracing electric vehicles to diminish the bad effect on the environment.

Let’s go through this guide to find out all the details about the scooter sharing app including its definition, working, benefits, market insights, monetization model, development process, and involved cost. Scroll down-

What is An E-scooter Sharing App?

What is E-scooter App

E-scooter apps like Lime, Bird, Spin, etc. facilitate people with shared mobility. Users can have quick-term rental scooters for their short-distance journeys. Compared to any other online transportation services such as taxi, car, or bike sharing, e-scooters are less expensive and more approachable for shorter trips. It also saves users from the issues such as fuel prices and no parking space.

There are many Vespa-like electric scooters and electric kick scooters (stand-up scooters) that are gaining popularity among people. Hence, enterprises are also obtaining scooter sharing app development services over taxi sharing or bike sharing services but with less cost and the intention of saving fuel, simplifying the traffic problems, and alleviating carbon emissions.

In short, we can say that an e-scooter sharing mobile app is the best medium for people to search and travel with an electric bike. Users can pick their nearest Lime-S or Lime-E (e-scooter) from any point by unlocking them using a QR code or with the help of an ID. After arriving at the destination, they must lock their ride safely.

How Does an E-scooter App Work?

Now, you have known about how do micro mobility sharing services such as electric scooter apps like Bird, Lime, etc. enable users to get an e-scooter for a shorter time. Before getting into the scooter rental app development, get to know about the entire process of using an e-scooter application through these below steps-

How Does an E-scooter App Work
  • People can download the e-scooter app solution from the Play Store.
  • They must sign-up for the app to get verified through an OTP or confirmation mail.
  • Then, they can create their profile after logging in to the application.
  • After entering the details for profile creation, they must select a mode of payment.
  • Now, they can search for nearby electric scooters to hire.
  • They should check the E-scooters condition first including its battery, damages, and other aspects.
  • Users can unlock the electric scooter with the help of a QR code and can start their journey afterward.
  • They can also use the map to arrive at the destination, after reaching there, they must lock the software again.

Scooter Sharing App Development: Market Insights and Growth Over the Years

If you are thinking about how to build an e-scooter app like Lime, Bird, or Spin, you must look into its current market statistics and growth. Currently, the E-scooter sharing app is getting famous in Urban areas, especially among the young population including Gen Z and millennials. Pocket-friendly fares, easy commutes along with a malleable parking policy are the reasons that make e-scooters sustainable in the market among other on-demand app solutions.

Let’s read out some insights about the e-scooter sharing market in the USA-

  • A major part of the revenue is projected to generate in the current year 2022 which is about to reach $615.80 Million while comparing globally.
  • The revenue is predicted to increase with a CAGR of 10.62% between 2022 to 2026 with a market volume of $922.20 million.
  • The number of e-scooter users is forecasted to enhance by 33.6 million users in 2026.
  • The ARPU (average revenue per user) is predicted to reach $24.55.
  • Overall revenue will be generated via online sales by the year 2026.
  • In 2022, user penetration is recorded at 7.5% and it is forecasted to mark 9.8% by 2026.

Different Benefits Provided by an E-scooter Application

Any business stepping into a new field first gets assurance about its associated benefits. Due to the amazing benefits of e-scooter apps, firms like Muving and Vespa are also switching to electric scooters. Similarly, if you are also looking for how to build a scooter sharing app, don’t you think it is significant to know about its provided benefits? Following are some of its benefits-

1. Cost-efficiency

E-scooter app development doesn’t cost higher to businesses compared to car or taxi booking app development. Starting an electric scooter sharing company involves less risk while making the upfront cost more reasonable. It is because there is no need to train users how to ride a scooter, no need for expensive equipment for tracking, rechargeable batteries, and others.

2. Largest & Profitable Market

There is a huge market ahead to get benefits from if you are going to build a scooter sharing app like Lime. You can get a larger base of audiences to offer your services. With the fast expansion of the automobile industry in countries like Europe and the USA, it will grow more in the future.

3. Better Mobility

Being eco-friendly and having fewer resources required concept; E-scooter apps deserve attention from businesses. They must invest and go for e-scooter sharing iOS or Android app development services to monetize through these solutions.

4. Eco-friendly

The primary purpose of launching the e-scooter app solution was sustainable growth which has been the main concern of most firms irrespective of their domains. These apps are also beneficial for lowering carbon emissions. Leading to this, these are eco-friendly which gives one more reason to adopt them.   

5. Solves Customer Issues

E-scooter sharing app development is adopted by businesses quickly as it solves the biggest issues such as covering small distances fast with convenient transportation, parking problem, etc. It is why e-scooters have a potential future.

E-Scooter sharing app development services

Significant Features to Add to a Scooter Sharing App Solution

As a business, you should always look for a prominent mobile app development company that has enough experience and expertise to include both core and advanced features into the solution. When it comes to scooter sharing app solutions, they must include such features that can provide users with more ease, comfort, and a cheaper way of commute. Check out these below features according to different panels:

User Panel

E-Scooter sharing app User Panel

Get to know about the features required to add to the user panel to make their journey memorable and convenient.

  • Sign-up & Sign-in

App onboarding or signing up is the process that makes audiences authorized users of the app. To get registered with the E-scooter app solution, users need to follow the registration process including their information submission and verifying their identity. After that, they can log in to the app via credentials to create the app profile.

  • Search Nearby Electric Scooters

While developing an app like Lime or Bird, you need to ensure that it must be user-friendly as well. You can include a search feature so that users can find their nearby e-scooter. This process can be similar to booking a taxi service like Uber, Ola, or Lyft.

  • Scan the QR Code

Whether you go for an e-scooter Android or iOS app development services, your solution must include a QR code scanner. It is essential for users to start and end their journey. They can unlock and lock the e-scooter by scanning the QR code. In the Lime app, there is used scanner SDKs for both Android and iOS platforms.

  • App Navigation

Integration of GPS function into the e-scooter app will facilitate users to locate the nearest car and find a parking place easily. Admin can track the e-scooter via it including where it is parked. Adding Google Maps API helps to find the shortest path to complete the trip fast. There is also used MapKit framework by e-scooter app developers that can increase the overall cost to develop scooter sharing apps like Lime.

  • Advanced Booking

This feature lets the user book the e-scooter ride services in advance. Users can plan their trips accordingly and can book the e-scooter for their friends, family, and relatives.  

  • Multiple Payment Modes

 The app users should be allowed to pay for e-scooter rides the way they want. There must be added various modes of payment such as credit or debit cards, online banking, etc. The mode of payment should provide enough security, functionality, and reliability to users.       

  • Real-time Notifications

Users must be informed about every single thing and push notifications are the best way to do this. This feature leads the way to be connected with the users during and even after the journey. It will help users to be updated with app-related information such as promo codes, discounts, e-scooter information, etc.  

  • Feedback

While finding the vehicle or at the time of riding if the user is having any difficulty, they can inform about it the app authorities. These difficulties can be related to anything such as payment, locking & unlocking the vehicle, increased fare, etc.    

Admin Panel

E-Scooter App Admin Panel

To control & manage the app’s activities, the admin panel needs to have these below-mentioned features.

  • User Management

This feature enables the admin to keep records of all the users and track the riders’ details including their verification, how frequently they are using the app, their concerns, number of rides, etc.                                                                                                                                                  

  • Ride Management

Ride management includes the history of all the rides had by users, involved routes & locations, which vehicle is used most, vehicle speed, batteries if the riders are following all the rules or not, and many others.

  • Coupon Management

It is an admin who take decisions about coupons and discounts and to which users they should be given. It is the most popular and finest way adopted by businesses to retain customers and gain their loyalty. In this way, they can also gain new users for their application.  

  • Payment Management

The administrator will keep an eye on all the payments done within the app by users. Which mode is being used often to do payments including the payment reports generation, all things are included in this feature.

  • Problem Management

Ask your chosen software development company to must include this feature as there are always high chances to experience different kinds of disputes by the e-scooter riders. Admin can know how to sort the issues by knowing the details within the specified time.

Top E-scooter Sharing Applications You Must Look At

Various businesses are looking for how to develop scooter sharing app to expand their services while giving tough competition to existing e-scooter apps. What are those available giants? Know them below-

Top E-scooter Sharing Applications

Monetization Model: How to Make Money from an E-scooter App?

When you have decided to invest in an e-scooter sharing application, you should consider all the aspects relevant to it. Applying money-making strategies is also one of them that helps enterprises to gain revenue and other profits.

E-scooter App Monetization Model

i) In-App Advertisements

e-Scooter app solutions can earn by displaying advertisements for other services, be it anything, from a restaurant to a laundry business or a supermarket. In exchange for that, they can charge the vendors whose services they are showing on their e-scooter app.

ii) App Membership

Electric scooter applications can offer app membership for a week, a month, or a year to users. They can apply significant charges on these memberships to make money. With these memberships, users will get enormous benefits. 

iii) Increased Fare

Scooter sharing app solutions can increase the fare in some particular circumstances such as bad weather, increased demand, and others. It is one of the most popular and effective ways to earn, hence businesses must include it in their monetization model.  

How to Develop an E-scooter App Like Lime?

How to Develop an E-scooter App

Are you still struggling with the question of how to develop an e-scooter app? If yes, no need to do it anymore. Here you can read out the step-by-step e-scooter app development process that you must consider while building a competitive solution. Check them out below-

Step 1: Market Research and Analysis

Identifying and analyzing the market situation according to the app you are going to build is necessary. It will help you to know if the market situations are suitable or not for your business idea. Alongside, you can also study or investigate the competitors to not repeat their mistakes and adopt their strong strategies to be successful. Based on the research, you can decide which type of features you want to include in the app including determining the overall budget of e-scooter app development.  

Step 2: Solution Designing

Any e-scooter sharing app development company you are hiring must have skilled and experienced app designers who can provide you with an interactive user interface (UI) design. It is significant to have an intuitive and user-friendly app design to attract audiences. Here businesses need to concentrate on having minimalistic designs with soothing colors that should be eye-catching. App designing should get always started with the app prototyping & wireframing approval and then, it should go for front-end development.

Step 3: Front & Back-End Development

For the front end, ensure to build the e-scooter app in a way that looks most attractive, appealing, and responsive when it comes to users’ choice. It also should have easy app navigation. In the back-end development, there will be coding & programming along with the integration of third-party services such as GPS, payment methods, etc. Hence, enterprises must hire mobile app developers who can pay extra attention at the time of e-scooter mobile app development.

Step 4: App Testing

While discussing how to develop an e-scooter app, one can’t forget about mobile app testing as it is an integral part of the process. Before the app launch, it is necessary to check the app if there is any bug, performance, or speed issue. If there are any, they must get sorted out first, and then, the app will be ready to deploy on the selected platform, be it Android or iOS. QA engineers need to make sure the app is running smoothly without any errors while following the platform guidelines.

Step 5: Launch & Maintenance

Now, the app will be launched on either Google Play Store or Apple Pay Store. If it is a cross-platform application, it can also be deployed on both platforms to gain an extensive customer base. After the market launch, the app still needs to maintain as it needs time-to-time updates to be competitive continuously.

How Much Does E-Scooter App Development Cost?

After studying all the aspects in detail, we can say that the e-scooter app development cost depends on some factors that need to be considered for determining the complete cost. These factors include feature integration, time of development, location and experience of the hired firm, technology stack, UI/UX design, app platforms, complexities, etc.

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All these factors are accountable at a large level to hinder the overall cost of electric scooter app development. Pointing out these mentioned aspects, the cost to develop an e-scooter app like Lime will range from $10,000 to $15,000. This estimated cost can vary depending on the level of the firm’s expertise and experience, the number of included features, and other things.

Final Verdict

At present, the demand for e-scooter sharing apps has been boosted which is leading to the increased interest of businesses in this sector. It is the most considerable domain due to the less start-up price and the rise in faster and easy-used modes of commute. Enterprises can hire a reliable e-scooter app development company to build a mobile app like Lime or Bird with up-to-date features and functionalities.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact experts at SemiDot Infotech anytime. We have experienced mobile app developers with deep expertise in app creation. Our team will help you to develop your desired solution. Come to us and get all your concerns solved!

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