Who does not like using Apple products, especially iPhones. iOS phones are the world’s second most selling smartphones after Android and this brings in huge demand for iPhone app development services in the market. It has everything that a user can possibly ask for. But do you know what makes this phone so popular among users? It is the updates that Apple always brings in to woo its users.

After the successful release of iOS 13 now Apple is all set with its latest iOS version, which is iOS 14. Alleging it to be better than its predecessor, Apple has quite many claims to make with this latest release. Not only just users but not even iOS app development companies were happy with iOS 13, there were many issues reported with this version, and this was the time when Apple decided to release iOS 14.

As per the claims made by the company, iOS 14 is capable of resolving the issues which the previous version had. So, in this article, we are going to talk about everything which you need to know about iOS 14. Let’s get started.

The Release Date

Apple announced the release of iOS 14 on June 22, 2020 however, a final release date is yet to be announced. By analyzing the past trends, Apple releases all its version at the same time each year, which is the fall. Hence, iOS 14 is expected to be released somewhere in mid-September. Although a beta version for this has been released for a few, to test and see how it performs and how much does users like this iOS version.

Is this version compatible with all iPhones? This may be your next question. So, if rumors are to be believed, iOS 14 is compatible with all iPhone models even iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking to launch your app or even update your app to this latest version, all you need to do is hire iPhone developer, tell them your requirements and sit back and relax. However, you have to be very prudent in choosing the right team of app developers for your project. You have to look out for the best ways to find and hire iPhone developers so that they can meet all your requirements.

Now that you know about the release date and the compatibility of iOS 14, let’s come to the most important part for which most of you are eagerly waiting.

What’s new in iOS 14

Not just the users but even the best mobile app company, are anxiously waiting for this latest release. Everyone is eagerly wanting to know what new Apple has to offer this time. So, here is a list of a few features that are expected to be there in this latest version – iOS 14. Let’s begin with reading about them in detail:

Changes in the user interface

People were not happy with iOS 13, so this time, Apple decided to bring in the change in the user interface. It is expected that this time this company will leave no stone unturned to ensure that its users are happy. iOS 14 is being considered as the biggest update for the home screen and widgets. Users can now customize their home screen widgets based on their current interest like travel, work, sports, etc.

This version facilitates users to create a Smart Stack of widgets, and this stack uses on-device intelligence to pop up the apt widget based on your activity, location, and even time. This time an all-new space is provided at the end of the home screen, known as App Library. This new space would be automatically organizing users’ app in an easy-to-navigate view.

This version is all about intelligence. While browsing your phone the most relevant app will show up here. Users can also decide the number of Home Screen pages they want to keep and hide the others. This update is not only helpful to users but a mobile app development company too, as they will have to create iPhone apps, as per this update.

Going by the words of Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, “this is the biggest update we’ve made to the Home Screen, iPhone now is all the more powerful and easier to use.”

Changes the Messages

Apple this time claims to enhance your experience while you chat with your friends and family. In this fast-paced lifestyle, there is no time for people to connect and messages play a vital role in keeping you connected with your close one. And with this thought, iOS 14 is all set to make your conversations even better and personal this time.

From pinning to your favorite conversation on top to facilitating inline replies, Apple has it all for you. User can now even personalize their chats by setting up emojis or personal photos as the icon. Also, to keep your conversations interesting and fun, a whole new lot of new emojis are added. To get your app developed for iOS, it is very important that you choose an iPhone app development company, which is well aware of all these latest updates, and only then your app will be compatible with this version.

Changes in Maps

Finding direction all by ourselves is a task in itself, and as said this iOS version is all about intelligence. Apple has raised its game in the navigation section. It has considered the need for everyone and has options for cyclists, comes with electric vehicle routing, and personalized guides. These maps are quite easy to navigate. For cyclists, these maps will pre-inform them about the steeps, elevations, and even the crowded places.

This is not all for electric vehicle routing, these maps will show you the nearest charging stop, that too based on the type of your charger. And from these personalized guides, you can always select your favorite restaurant place, explore exotic places in the new city, or even find popular attractions nearby. This feature is also great for iPhone app developers as it will help them in creating the location-based apps, more accurately.

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Siri and Safari

Siri is the voice assistant, and it somehow lacked in some aspects as its competitors in the market. But this time, Apple is all set to fill that gap. The developers have worked in making Siri all the more advanced. This time it will be able to answer even the complex questions and also, will be able to translate even more languages than before. It can now send audio messages and you can ask Siri to write messages for you via keyboard dictation and this works for all, messages, notes, etc.

Apple has also worked on improving Safari. It has a new feature called Privacy Report, where users can see which cross-site trackers have been blocked. It also offers secure password monitoring to help protect users from any sort of data breach.

Final Words

Users were not really happy with iOS 13 for the sheer number of problems they have to face. From a few technical glitches and even apps crashing, users are eagerly waiting for a new update. Though the latest version is not released, going by the Beta version, iOS 14 seems promising. Can users rely on this version? Apple was aware of the problems which iOS 13 had and hence, they announced the new update, resolving all the previous issues.

This time even their UI is changed, which is in itself quite gauging. All we can do for now is wait for this version to go on floors and only then anything concrete could be said about these claims. However, you can hire app developers and get started with your iPhone app development, so that your app is ready to go into the markets before this version is launched to earn a fair amount of money.

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