Choosing the right framework for your web development is very important for a lot of reasons. The right framework helps in the smooth and efficient functioning of your web project. With too many options available in the market, making the right choice can be difficult. But you must go for the one, which fits all your project’s requirements, the best. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular and widely used web app frameworks, Ruby on Rails (RoR).

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web app development framework that was built to make programming easy and fun. Based on Ruby, this framework has everything that a developer requires to create an outstanding web project. Ruby on Rails development is high in demand as the apps created using this framework are highly attractive and engaging. Big giants like GitHub, Shopify, SoundCloud, Square, Slideshare, YellowPages, Zendesk, and many more, are using this framework for their web projects.

Now that we know what ROR is, let’s discuss about its features and benefits of using this robust web app framework.

Reasons to Choose ROR for Web Development

Developers, from all over the world, love using this framework because of its capabilities and ease of use. Most entrepreneurs prefer hiring a Ruby on Rails development company for their development project. ROR is based on MVC architecture, which gives it a unique structure for writing codes. 

Let us see some more reasons in detail, which makes ROR a perfect choice for your web development project:

1. Budget-Friendly

Budget is one of the major concerns for people who are just starting with their business. Every entrepreneur wants to have an option, which does not weigh too much on their pocket. If you are also looking for a cost-effective option, ROR is just for you.

As mentioned earlier, Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework, i.e. it is free to use. Paying license fees for many of the languages and frameworks can be really expensive, especially for start-ups, as they already have a tight budget to work on. It is of no surprise that ROR is quite famous and one of the top-picks by start-ups.

2. Scalability

Sometimes when a business wants to scale up its application, the framework in which it is built does not support it. However, this will not be the case with Ruby on Rails. ROR is known for its scalability, it helps businesses to attain their goals, in terms of scalability.

The features and attributes which this framework possesses, are known for their robust and scalable nature. ROR has a clear structure and flexible modules, which allows developers to make changes in your app conveniently. So, if you have plans to scale up your business in the future, you must hire Ruby on Rails developers for your web project.

3. Coding

We have discussed this point earlier also, that ROR is popular for providing a unique structure for writing codes. The code written in this framework is very easy and simple to write. This framework was developed to make the process of coding simple and fun. The syntax written is very close to simple English, which makes it easily understandable for most people.

While developing apps using ROR, developers are required to write smaller codes and this is because, this framework follows the principle of “convention over configuration”, in which the configuration part is skipped.

Also, the code written in Rails is clean, crisp, extensible, and well-optimized. It can be easily maintained in the future, and when you plan to scale up your application, extending and reusing code won’t be a trouble. ROR offers code-reusability, as it has a good number of reusable code libraries, which reduces the development time.

4. Time to Market

If you are short of time and want to launch your app soon in the market, then ROR can be your savior. Most entrepreneurs are often confused between, Python vs. Ruby. Both of them are widely used to create great websites and applications for businesses, irrespective of their size and scale of operations.

However, if we go by statistics, the number of websites developed using Ruby on Rails are way more than Python, and if we talk about the top industries using RoR for their web development solutions, then growing industries like computer electronics and technology, science and education, business and consumer services, tops the chart.

This is because ROR offers an agile development process. Since it requires less code, and code can be reused, which reduces the development time. So, if you have less time and want your app to be developed within a short span, ROR is the best option to go for.

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5. Secure

One of the most important things which all businesses want for their web apps is security. Everyone is looking to have a safe, secure and, reliable framework for their web development project and Rails fits into this requirement quite perfectly.

Ruby on Rails, although is an open-source web app framework, it keeps on updating and is quite ahead of the other languages and server-side frameworks that are used for web development. The constant updates ensure the high security of your web app.

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6. Support

Ruby on Rails has a large and active community of tech-savvy individuals, who are always there to help. Whenever a developer is stuck somewhere with anything related to web development, there are many experts available, who can be of great help.

7. Great tools and Rich Libraries

ROR has the support of some strong libraries that are helpful in the development process. It also has some quick and easy to use tools, which makes web development easier.  Using the tools available, one can easily create innovative, attractive, and engaging web apps.

Also, the tools available make the customization of the app quite easy.  Developers can conveniently make any changes or modifications in your app by either adding new features or by tweaking the existing set of codes. This is a great advantage for the developers, especially when developing or modifying large scale projects, as it saves a lot of time.

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8. Built-in Testing Environment

This is one of the most important and useful advantages for the developers, which ROR offers. Using this feature, ROR developers can test the app at any development stage and for this, they are not required to add live data to the database.

This saves a lot of time and reduces any chances of error. As in some of the frameworks, developers have to wait for the completion of app development, to test its functionality, and if anything goes wrong, it takes a lot of time, first to understand, and then to correct it. This is a great feature that facilitates an agile development process and that too, with almost zero chances of error.


Most Suitable For

Although ROR is a great framework and is suitable for all kinds of web projects, still here are our top three recommendations of the projects for which ROR will be the best suitable framework.

  • App for Social Media Platforms
  • Apps and websites for E-commerce platforms
  • CMS Platforms

Ruby on Rails has a lot of advanced features. It is a great framework that can be used to develop apps that require multiple users at a time. You can add a number of plugins, pictures, carts, APIs, etc. with this framework.


Seeing the advantages and features of Ruby on Rails, we can clearly say that this framework is suitable for all kinds of web development projects, and for all kinds of businesses, whether small-scale or large-scale. This framework was developed to make the development process easy and fast.

With the simplicity of writing clean and clear codes, this framework has become one of the most popular frameworks, within a short span of time. It is also one of the easiest to maintain a framework in the long run. So, if you are looking for a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective, RoR could be a great choice.

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