Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that has been designed on a programming language called Ruby. This server-side application framework is used for creating web applications and APIs. Famous websites such as Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify are using RoR, and consider the framework a reliable, powerful, and versatile tool for web development. Learning RoR is easy and it has everything to create a fantastic application.

Hiring a ruby on rails developer for your start-up might be a good option, you should consider the project’s requirements and time to market entry as a top priority while hiring Ruby on Rails developers. Ruby on Rails is a lucrative platform for start-ups or any small level businesses.

Let’s read in detail what is Ruby as a programming language and why the knowledge of its basics is vital for efficient web development.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a framework that provides a structure for writing codes. Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby programming language. It gives default structure for a database, web pages and also supports the use of web standards such as JSON, XML for data transfer, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for developing the user interface.

Here is the list of some of the popular websites using RoR:

· Github

· Shopify


· Kickstarter

· Scribd

· ConvertKit

· Twitch

· Instacart

· Zendesk

· SoundCloud

famous Websites using ROR

Now, let’s begin with the top skills to look while hiring a Ruby on Rails developer

Here’s a brief list to begin with

  • A good understanding of project
  • The developer should be a good team member
  • Check previous projects
  • Technical proficiency is must
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Post-development support
  • Basic knowledge of Ruby

Now, let’s begin with how these points would affect your overall project.

1. A good understanding of project

Before you go ahead in the hiring process, be crystal clear about the minor details of your project such as the overall cost of development. Once you know your project’s requirements, you can gain knowledge about the application you aspire to build, the skills you want in a developer and how many years of experience do you want. Aim for hiring a developer with expert skills in Ruby on Rails development and experienced enough to handle forthcoming projects as well.

2. The developer should be a good team member

Web development is a collaborative process, from designers to developers, every team member should ensure a smooth working. This is only possible if you hire a RoR developer with good experience of working in an RoR development company, where he or she worked in a team, it is a crucial skill to look for while hiring any employee.

3. Check previous projects

A portfolio of a candidate gives you a better knowledge of the skills and previous work. This is a really good way to get more details of the experience and expertise for making a precise evaluation of the developer’s technical knowledge and proficiency. You can clear your doubts or queries regarding the previous projects, to understand his or her working style.

Note: Don’t rely too much on it, check if the developer signed an NDA in former companies, as it may restrict them legally in showing the previous work samples.

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4. Technical proficiency is a must

Having technical proficiency is the most important skill to check in a developer. The developer should have knowledge of Oops concepts, database and fundamentals, data structure algorithm, and test-driven development.

Let’s read more about these concepts:

Oops refers to object-oriented programming concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and many more. These are essential skills to have for a Ruby on Rails developer, so check if he or she is familiar with Oops concepts or not.

Knowledge of database: Knowledge of the database and its fundamentals is a must-have skill to look for in a developer. Even the team members working on your project should also have a basic understanding of the database.

Data structure and Algorithms: Developers need to know the basic concepts in both theory and practice. This helps in improving the functioning of a web application.

Analytical and logical mindset: A logical mindset is crucial in handling minor technical issues or dealing with the clients. This is not a technical skill but is vital for any developer. It would be great if you hire ror developer with sound analytical skills.

Non-technical skills: This is not important but if you can find someone with good communication skills, a self-leaner, and always learning and applying new things.

5. Role and responsibilities

It’s better to have a clear picture of the role and responsibilities of a ROR developer. Ruby on rails developer is responsible for writing server-side web apps logic in Ruby, they create back end components and connect the application through a closely-knit code.

We are lining out major roles and responsibilities of an RoR developer.

• Developing and maintaining reusable and reliable Ruby code

• Integrating user-facing elements created by front end developers with server-side logic

• Help to maintain the quality of code, development, and automatization

• Someone with experience in working Ruby on Rails and other common libraries such as Rspec and resque.

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6.Post-development support

If possible, hire someone who can provide post-development support for your app after the delivery. Check if the developer is willing to provide post-development support, discussing the prices beforehand might result in a profit on your part. Any web development company and PHP development company provide post-development support for at least three months from the date of deliverance. In the case of freelancers, you just have to check if they can do it and willing to negotiate for this service.

7. Basic knowledge of Ruby

A developer must have a basic understanding of some of the major features of Ruby language such as dynamic typing, duck typing, modules, string eval, etc. Knowing these features would help the developer create incredible web applications and it makes the web development solution easier for the developers.


Hiring developers is not an easy task, you need to keep certain things in mind while searching for a ROR developer such as checking technical knowledge, a basic understanding of the programming language, and even non-technical skill such as if he or she can work well in a team. A developer who is innovative and always learning and practicing new tech on the projects might be a top choice for you as they usually bring more to the table, from our personal experience.

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