There are numerous powerful frameworks available today, which makes the development of complicated operations possible. Angular is the most popular web development frameworks of all. Angular JS is known best for developing Single Page Applications with innovative functionalities. Angular is a famous library for building large scale web applications. The platform is popular due to the backup of a huge and extensive community and a long list of AngularJs development companies today. This facilitates Angular with a set of a great library. Similar to the other Javascript development frameworks such as Vue and React, Angular lets developers perfectly use the component. 

Angular is considered one of the most appreciated front end framework which comes with the best tools. There are a lot of libraries that perfectly fill the gap and extend the capabilities of Angular tools.

Here we will discuss some useful Angular js utility and UI component libraries, which help to develop best practices for designing the interactive front end.


Ag-grid is the fully featured, well-maintained data grid for Angular JS web development solution. This feature-laden data grid is recommended for front-end development companies, where it can be integrated with the different versions of Angular. The tool proposes enterprise features with a great level of performance. Ag-Grid comes with 63 core and enterprise features, which allows the perfect implementation. Few significant features are Pagination, Filtering, and Sorting. More than 2500 of the companies use Ag-Grid enterprise, whereas more than 25 percent of the Fortune 500 uses Ag-grid enterprise.

The popular Angular tool comes with detailed documentation, which helps to develop the complex application. With Ag-Grid, you can work with large data sets, with easy customizations.

Angular Material

The list of components for AngularJs development services is not complete without a library that implements the Google Material Design. Angular Material was known as Material2. It is an official component library built using Typescript and Angular. Angular Material implements the Google material design and fully customizable themes along with the rich component list. The component follows the best development practices when writing Angular code and can quickly build the app. For generating the template from the command line, you can add new features quickly. The Angular Material is available with the 40 components and other components under development. 

Material 2 features as a set of components, which implements the material design specs, from button to dialogs and bottom sheets, etc. Other noticeable components are:

  • Progress bars, chips, Layout components such as Grid lists, cars, stepper, Expansion panel, etc.
  • Check box, form field, Date picker, Input, slider, Select and side toggle, radio button, etc.
  • Badge, Tree, and Bottom-Sheets for element status, data rendering, and panel-display interaction respectively, Snackbar, Dialog Data table format.


State management is essential in the interactive web development solution.  For the small apps, it becomes easy to manage the state of the applications. It can be handled using individual components. In large applications, there are several components, where data sharing becomes complicated. This arise the need for a proper state management system, where Javascript development companies face the issue. Ngrx features the reactive libraries which are optimized for angular. Ngrx/Store is the package where reactive statements for Angular are released. The Ngrx/store package uses RxJS technology for offering state management.

Hire angularjs developer to get consistent apps code written in a secure state-controlled environment. The Ngrx/store library utilizes Store, Select, Reducers, and Actions to manage the flow of data within Angular Application development.

Angular Google Maps

For a long, it has been a great disadvantage for front-end development companies to use the Google Map library in Angular. This faced a real hassle because of the library loads with the script tag. Here type definitions are not available. The use of Google Maps in angular js development services causes the compile-time error, which is hard to deal with.

 The Angular Google Map provides the service and directives for the perfect use of Google Map services. Directives avail the map creation and use of a marker. The library provides the asynchronous function, which facilitates the checking if the Google map is loaded on the page.

hire angularjs developer


Building a multi-lingual app is the demand of time. When you are building the project on angular, it is certainly being built to cross boundaries. This is why AngularJS development companies frequently need to deal with multilingual support.  Supporting the multilingual language in an app can be a real struggle. Especially for Single page apps, it is next to a herculean task to support multiple languages. The Ngx is the reliable library used for managing the multiple languages in Angular apps. Ngx translate provides the service to load the translations, which are used throughout the app.

Here, the Translate Service is used to define and load the translations, whereas onChange Listener is also available for handling the request to change the language. The library is highly appreciated because it is well documented with detailed examples, which makes it easy to use.

Angular 2-jwt

Authentications are required for the apps with some login features and user profiles. Managing the SPAs which use web token, the general practice in web development companies is to use the interceptors to append the header for network requests. Managing the web token authentication for SPAs is easy, but it becomes difficult to filter the request which does not need an access token. Here the impressive library proves to be perfect for any JavaScript development company.

The Angular-jet package is developed by Auth0. Here you can load the access toke from the local storage or session storage. The HttpInterceptor appends the authentication headers to the service request. Here you can also blacklist or whitelist the domains. Angular 2-jwt is a deeply documented library with enough examples.  

Cloudinary Angular SDK

Cloudinary is the SaaS platform, which is used for managing the media assets on the web and mobile apps. The platform provides the services for upload, storage, and delivery of media assets. It offers the software development kit, to be used in Angular applications for image conversion and resizing.  This also facilitates the delivery of different image sizes for different screens. Cloudinary storage allows the easy delivery of images assets and videos.


For viewing the PDFs and interacting with them on web apps, the Ng2-pdf-viewer is a popular library. The library provides the components for rendering the DF components. The components can also be used for performing operations on selected PDFs such as rotation, resize, search, etc. Using this library on a web app, you can render the.pdf file locally or give a link for external links for your Angular js development services.

The library is considered a great tool for managing the PDF files on web apps and it can handle many operations using directives.


The interactive web apps often need interaction with the data, where the need for data visualization arises. Here comes the Ngx-chart, data visualizations library which can render various customization. Ngx-charts are fast, powerful because the chart relies on Angular for animation. It offers Ngx-charts more speed, flexibility, and optimizability.

For math functions, scale, and axis, it uses d3. The chart comes with fully customizable CSS, and ten or more colors.


This library can be called the Swiss army knife for angular apps. Ng-seed consists of the following package:

Ngx-meta: This component is used for handling the <Meta> tags, <title> tags, and for SEO purpose.

Ngx-cache: As the name suggests, the library is used for broad-level management of application data.

Ngx-auth: It offers jwt based authentication management.

Also, the library offers other packages for server-side rendering, state management, lazy loading, and web configuration.

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Augury is the browser extension tool that allows the debugging and visualization of the angular apps. The debugging happens in the pre-compiled state. Augury allows inspecting the components and ensuring the functioning. For a better experience with Augury, it works better with Source maps.  For building the web application, browser DevTools are important in the development process. It provides features for diagnosing, debugging, and editing web apps. 

Ngx moment

Moment.js is a renowned utility library that is used for manipulating the set of functions such as parsing, formatting, and validating the date and time using JS. Ngx- the moment is built on Moment.js, which uses Angular pipes for function in components of Moment.js this effectively eliminates the overhead of importing the function into every component. Ngx moment library is actively maintained and is easy to start with.

 Angular Epic Spinners

With the interactive Angular js web development services, it is needed to think about notifying users with the ongoing processes are not visible to the users. In angular powered SPAs, the loading indicator is displayed. Some sites too have custom loading indicators. This spinner library is built on the epic spinner library with Angular components for each library component. Angular Epic Spinner features 20 indicators in the library. 


Most of the developers suggest avoiding the use of external libraries for building fast, flexible, and powerful apps. It is acceptable to somewhat extent, but for innovative apps, external libraries can reduce the development time. Above are a few renowned libraries, but there are many available which can be used by a web development company.

These libraries can help you achieve, what you are struggling with within development. Coming 2022 will surely bring some advances to the platform. For making Angular more powerful, the wide community is stepping forward with the powerful libraries of 2020. Here your task is just to pick the right library and enjoy the development.

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