Have you ever heard of the trend where everyone wants to know which celebrity do I look like???

If yes, then, you must be aware that several mobile applications specifically tell you about your facial similarities with a celebrity. Including this, even you have mobile apps that can morph your face image and put it in any other video. It exactly looks like you are performing in that video.

These types of apps fall into the category of image and video editing apps and are gaining much popularity among the young generation. This trend helps them to gain more followers on their social media accounts.

top celebrity look alike

The reason why celebrity look alike apps are popular is that celebrities have become an inspiration at present and people go gaga over anything they do.

Be it anyone, from young people to old ones, all are using smartphones and trying everything that is trending. That’s the reason why we thought to write down this blog including some celebrity look like mobile applications. Whether it is Gen Z, millennials, or any other age group, everyone can enjoy the below-mentioned apps.

The primary focus of this blog is to entertain people by giving details about these fun apps where they can edit videos and images of celebrities by putting their faces over them.

Let’s get through the specifics about top celebrity look alike apps comprising their overview, working, reasons behind their popularity, must-have features, monetization model, development process & included costs.

What is Celebrity Look Alike App?

The main purpose of the Celebrity look alike app is to help people ‘find my doppelganger’. In simple words, everyone gets eager when it comes to knowing which celebrity, they look similar to.


These apps facilitate people with the functions through which they can use celebrity look alike filters and settings. These apps is integrated with face recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to detect the user’s face and find their celebrity match.

Users have two options here; they can use the phone camera to get a picture, or they can choose any picture with a clear face from the phone gallery so that the app can detect it.

The celeb look alike apps have created a lot of buzz due to the social media platforms as people are having lots of fun and creativity while sharing their morphed videos with celebrity faces on their handles.

Celebrity look alike generator apps are just a way to fulfill people’s fantasy of looking like a celeb along with getting a myriad fan following. There are included several filters as well to attract users to use the app for a long time.

15 Best Celebrity Look Alike Mobile Apps to Check Out in 2022

Do you know how many people are there who are still looking for the ‘find my doppelganger’ kind of app? The popularity of these look alike apps is increasing at an unstoppable speed as people are enjoying finding celebrities that look like them across the world. Seeing people’s interest, businesses are also thinking to experiment with the integrated technologies and functions within these apps.

For this, they choose to hire an expert mobile application development company that can understand their requirements. When it comes to creating a mobile app, there is always considered a popular platform relevant to that particular domain. Hence, we are providing you with the top 15 look alike celebrity apps. Check out them here: 

1. Gradient App : Face Beauty Editor

The Gradient app is known as much more than just a common photo editor application. It includes everything from image editing, facial recognition, AI-based portraits, and many more. Businesses must build a mobile app like Gradient as it guarantees the users’ data safety and security while facilitating them with outstanding celebrity look alike filters and features. These included functions help to motivate users to try the ‘my celebrity look alike’ app to find a suitable match.

Gradient App : Face Beauty Editor

All they have to do is to upload their image and then, the celebrity look alike app integrated with AI will analyze and interpret the image results for them. Users have given 4.4 ratings to the app, and it has been downloaded by over 10M users across the world. Users can get it from Google Play Store or App Store.

Features of Gradient App:

  • Amazing textures, filters, and functions to have the best editing outcomes.
  • Use of several match-enhancement elements to augment the user experience.
  • Exceptional AI-based portraits
  • Social media linking

App Available OnAndroid & iOS

2. Reface : Face swap videos/memes

Reface is the most popular face swap mobile application that entertains people by swapping their faces with celebrities’ faces. Users can enjoy the app by creating different images, videos, gifs, and others just by choosing an existing photo or clicking one instantly.

Here, users also have the option to browse and select from a large collection of images and videos they want to reface themselves with. Users are also allowed to share these morphed images on their different social media platforms.

Reface : Face swap videos/memes

People who are looking for ‘how to find your celebrity look alike’ can download this app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store. To date, it has more than 100 million installations worldwide with 4.5 ratings.

Features of Reface App:  

  • Realistic face swap and gender swap.
  • 100% free-to-use and fun app with advanced technology
  • Strict security and privacy policy
  • Faster results after uploading the image

App Available OnAndroid & iOS

3. Face Swapper – AI Face Mixer

Are you tired of wondering what you would look like as your favorite celebrity? Try Face Swapper, the face swap app that lets you easily transform your appearance into a celebrity look alike face. With its advanced AI technology, Face Swapper allows you to create realistic and seamless face swaps that make you look like a true celebrity. Simply upload your photo and select the celebrity face you want to swap with, and let the app do the rest.


Whether you want to see yourself as the next Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, or Beyonce, Face Swapper can make it happen. You can even share your celebrity look alike face on social media to show off your transformation to your friends and followers.

Features of Face Swapper:

  • The app is simple and easy to use
  • Quick processing time
  • High-quality output

App Available On –  iOS & Online

4. Replika: My AI Friend

Replika can be counted as the best app when it comes to celebrity look alikes. The app was founded in 2016 and is a must-try if you are a profound photo editor or want to get a perfectly done celebrity look-alike image. Replika has the best filters to be added to the photos including slight touches and retouches. It is amazing to get accurate results & insights about facial comparison with the celebs.

Replika: My AI Friend

Replika has a wide database collection of famous people & celebrities from different industries such as history, entertainment, politics, music, etc. to find you the doppelganger. It has been used by more than 10 million users and maintained a good rating of 4.3. People can easily find the app on both Google Play Store and App Store.

Features of Replika App:

  • Integrated machine learning technology to edit the images.
  • Impressive and accurate results
  • Fast and fun app based on facial recognition

App Available OnAndroid & iOS

5. Celebs – Celebrity Look Alike

The most popular app ‘celebs’ can be used to edit images in the best possible way with the help of machine learning technology. Users can easily find their celebrity face match with 100% accuracy and quick results, all thanks to the latest facial recognition technology. It compares your face in the uploaded image with the different celebrities’ faces and provides results to you.

Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike

Apart from that, it also has multiple filters so that users can look like well-known celebrities. Because of all these attributes, the app has managed to have over one million users worldwide. It has got 4.3 ratings and is available for both Android and iOS users.        

Features: of Celebs App:

  • Fast and accurate outcomes
  • The right blend of modern-edge technologies (face recognition & machine learning)
  • Better comparison compatibility to search the look alike celebrity

App Available On Android & iOS

6. Look alike – Celebrity

People are curious to find out celebrities who look alike them and hence, they love using this celebrity look alike app. It is a free app easily available to install for iOS and Android users. The app has around 1000 celebrities’ data stored in its database to provide the nearest matches to users. There is used Amazon Machine Learning technology to compare the face while searching for the answers. 

Look alike – Celebrity

So, what are you waiting for? Be it Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, or anyone else, you can simply find celebrities that look alike you. The app is already serving more than 1 million users while having 3.2 ratings. Now, it’s your turn!!

Features of Look alike App:

  • A wide database of celebrities with a simple & easy-to-use user interface.
  • Linking with different social media channels
  • Identifying the face patterns to deliver appropriate results.

App Available On Android & iOS

7. Celebrity Face Morph – Transfo

Just try ‘Celebrity Face Morph’ once and we guarantee you will never have to look back again. It is a perfect app to know who is your look alike. Users can here take a selfie or can upload any photo from the gallery to get the results. Celebrity Face Morph has all the functions required by users such as crop images, applying effects & filters, and others.

Celebrity Face Morph - Transfo

This celebrity doppelganger finder app also comprises features such as image morphing that help users to turn exactly like a famous personality swiftly. Currently, 500K+ users are using this app across the world. It is having 4.3 ratings and is easily available on the Google Play Store.

Features of Celebrity Face Morph App:

  • Mingling faces, face morphing, and a simple user interface.
  • Automatic face detection for faster results.
  • The app supports high-definition photos. 

App Available OnAndroid

8. Facer – you look like celeb

Want to try out this most demanded app to know which celebrity do you look like? Facer has a huge collection involving a large number of famous personalities, actors, bloggers, singers, and others. It is a free-to-use app using AI-based face recognition to provide users with the three best matches according to their uploaded image.

Facer – you look like celeb

There are also used cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms to deliver the finest celebrity matches to the users. Facer is available to download on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Features of Facer App:

  • Every suggested option goes along with a certain percentage of resemblance.
  • A large set of celebrities’ data
  • Provides three best matches based on the users’ image

App Available OnAndroid & iOS

9. Star by Face – celebs look alike

Experience next-level creativity with the Star by Face app. It comprises an image generator integrated with facial recognition technology. It is used for facial data tracking of the uploaded photo and then, comparing it with the celebrities’ faces. Users can use their own pictures to create photos that look similar to a celebrity’s face. When it comes to security, Star by Face doesn’t violate any kind of privacy & security rules along with not storing users’ personal data.

Star by Face - celebs look alike

The app automatically removes the photos after completing the recognition procedure. This is why over 100K worldwide users are using it and it has got 4.7 ratings. The app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store for people to download.

Features of Star By Face App:

  • Uses a simple approach and provides HD-edited pictures.
  • High data security for users and friendly UI
  • A large database of celebrities

App Available OnAndroid & iOS

10. LikeStar: Face like a celeb

You are lying if you tell us that you haven’t ever thought about ‘what celebrity do I look like’. We all have gone through this thought and to help such people, LikeStar is the perfect app. It provides results to the users within seconds. Now, you can hold your horses and can find your celebrity look alike very easily. All you have to do is to add your image and name the celebrity you want to look similar to. Now, just wait for the results, and boom, you will get the desired result quickly.

LikeStar: Face like a celeb

With this app, users can also share their results on other social media sites as well such as Meta, Instagram,tiktok etc. Till now, the app has got a 4.0 rating from more than 100K users. To download, you can find the app on Google Play Store.

Features of Likestar App:

  • Fast results with high-quality images
  • Option to resize the image
  • Wide database of celebrities and availability of in-app purchases.

App Available OnAndroid

11. Y-Star: Celebrities Look Alike

Y-star is popularly known as the most accurate ‘find your celebrity look alike’ app available right now. With this app, users can find out their doppelgangers with just a few clicks. Y-star uses an algorithm that analyses your facial features to match them with celebrities.

It provides you results irrespective of your age, gender, marks, and others. To find your celebrity twin accurately, you can use any existing photo from the gallery or can click an instant picture with the camera.

Y-Star: Celebrities Look Alike

Just trust the app as over 100K users are believing and using it for a long time. The app has got 3.4 ratings and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.     

Features of Y-Star App:

  • Scanning facial features such as mouth, nose, eyes, etc. for accurate results
  • Supporting high-definition photos
  • A plethora of celebrity databases

App Available OnAndroid & iOS

12. Looky – Celebrity Look Alike

Users have to put no extra effort to use the Looky app as they can just simply click a selfie or can select a photo from the phone gallery. Based on the image, users get the result and can share it over social media sites.

Looky - Celebrity Look Alike

If a user is not satisfied with the result, he/she can repeat the process. Looky app is available for both iOS and Android users. If you are thinking to create a mobile app with a celebrity look alike filter, you can hire mobile app developers for Looky clone app.

Features of Looky App:

  • Create frames, collages, stickers, etc.
  • AI-based face recognition process.
  • Completely free-to-use

App Available OniOS

13. Celeb Twin

Primarily, the Celeb Twin is available for iOS users. This app has an easy process to track down or find out what do you look like. It can be said that this app has some unique features compared to other celebrity look alike apps.

Celeb Twin

It doesn’t only find you the perfect match but also provides you with three other matches that have similarities with your photo. Alongside this, the app will facilitate you to specify the gender to find your celebrity twin accurately.

Features of Celeb Twin App:

  • Social media linking to share the images on Instagram and Snapchat
  • Use of face recognition technology.
  • More accurate comparison compatibility.

14. Who Do I Look Like

The ‘Who do I look like’ app is one of the amazing apps that can be used to look out for your celebrity look alike. It conducts a deep analysis of the users’ photos and identifies their features including their hair & eye colour, face tone, the shape of nose, ear, and eyes, etc.

Who Do I Look Like

Though the app is still improvising, optimizing, and expanding, still it is having an extensive library of around one thousand celebrities that is recommendable. It is available for both Android and iOS users. If you are looking forward to how to create an app to find your look alike, you can consider this app for sure..

Features of Who Do I Look Like:

  • Use of machine algorithm for higher accuracy
  • Availability of sorted celebrity photos based on different categories
  • Continuous improvement and program updates

15. Twinlets App

Get to know what do you look like with the help of Twinlets app which can be downloaded freely by both iOS and Android users. This app also provides you with opinions or views from experts along with finding you an exact match of resemblance.

Twinlets App

Users just need to download the app and they can use it right after that. Twinlets doesn’t even ask them for registration and is purely created for users’ entertainment. It has a powerful collection of 150 celebrity faces to make the process easier for you.

Features of Twinlets App:

  • Finds your identical twin automatically
  • A huge database of celebrities
  • Easy to use

16. Doppel App

As the name reflects, we can have the idea that the Doppel app can be considered a suitable platform to find your celebrity look alike. It is known as the best app to know about your look alike, it also notifies users after getting the results. People can download it from Google Play Store only.

Doppel App

This app facilitates users with chat options, creating funny videos, etc. Users can also make and join other groups and can share them with their families and friends. Doppel is currently having a user base of more than 1K people with 2.5 ratings.

Features of Doppel App:

  • Flawlessly face-morphed videos
  • Contains a database of more than 300,000 celebrities
  • Use of ML to find the celebrity match

In Essence

The above article has covered all the essential celebrity look alike apps you need to know. If you desire to invest in the sector, then you need mobile app developers for hire so that you can get a feature-rich and scalable ‘find my doppelganger’ app.

Before stepping into the industry or creating the app, you should get through a guide for mobile app development to get an idea about it. Capitalizing on such a sector will be beneficial for you as it is the fastest-growing business that is gaining attention from the worldwide population.

To get more profits or have more chances to grow and earn, you must take assistance from a well-known mobile app development agency. Here, Semidot Infotech needs no introduction when it comes to a leading firm.

We have top mobile app developers with the knowledge of the latest technologies and tools advantageous to build a robust celebrity look alike mobile app for your business! Contact us to make your dream come true.


Have you got any queries or doubts regarding Celebrity look alike mobile apps? Get them solved here-

  1. What is the most accurate celebrity look alike app?

    Undoubtedly, the Gradient app is considered the most accurate celebrity look alike app. It is powered by modern-edge facial recognition and Artificial Intelligence to provide users with exact matches in mere seconds. They just need to upload their picture and the app algorithm will find them the doppelganger.

  2. What app shows your celebrity look alike?

    There are various celebrity look alike apps that can help you to find your look alike. Some of the popular apps are Gradient, Y-star, Who do I look alike, Star by Face, Facer, and many more. These all apps follow the process to analyze the face pattern and shape of ears, eyes, & nose while employing the algorithm to find the look alike.

  3. Which app is mostly used by celebrities?

    The most famous apps used by celebrities are Instagram, Reface, etc. which include multiple filters, edit settings, and others to give celebrities the look they want.

  4. How do I Find my Celebrity look-alike on Instagram?

    While using Instagram, users can find their celebrity look alike by using the celebrity filter named ‘your celebrity lookalike’ and ‘your celebrity twin’. To use them, follow the process-

    • Go to Effects Gallery
    • Tap on the search option
    • Search the required celebrity filters and click the pictures.

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