It has been almost 18 years since developers are using the RoR framework, even now it is considered one of the topmost & leading frameworks for web development solutions. RoR is a better fit in comparison with other tools because of its robustness and ease of use. In comparison with Java, Ruby is highly streamlined as well there is no need for complex codes for creating a basic structure. Ruby on Rails allows rapid development, improved performance, cost-effectiveness, well-supported mechanism, and easy maintenance.

Before getting to know about the benefits of Ruby on Rails, it is essential to gain an understanding of what is Ruby on Rails, its architecture, global stats, and the purpose it is used for. Let’s begin:

What is Ruby on Rails?

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Ruby is widely popular as an interpreted language that is highly dynamic and general-purpose which the developers use for object-oriented programming. The main feature of Ruby on Rail is that developers can write codes easily as it resembles the English language. Even people who are not proficient developers can have an understanding of the codes written in Ruby because of its human-like nature.

But when developers think to create new software with Ruby, then they are well aware that it will be a tough job that will consume so much time, effort, and cost. To solve this issue, Rails come into the picture. With Rails as a framework tool, RoR developers started optimizing the complete development process.

Rails is a worldwide famous framework for web development that helps make the development process of complex programming apps a bit easier. It is written in the Ruby language and it helped made Ruby a massive hit across the globe in web development.

Ruby on Rails Architecture

MVC (Model View Controller) architecture is the base on which Rails is designed. MVC is a famous software design pattern used for web application development.

Ruby on Rails Architecture

There are primarily 3 parts of MVC:

  • Model

Model is the lowest level of a design pattern that helps in maintaining data. It carries the rules and logic for manipulating data. In RoR, complete interaction with database elements is managed through models. It is also used for performing validations of the data stored.

  • View

It is responsible to display a segment or the complete data to the viewers. The views are the HTML files used to display the requested web pages to the users. There are simple Ruby codes that are embedded in the HTML files. It can be in various formats comprising RSS, PDF, HTML, XML, etc.

  • Controller

There is a need to administer all the interactions between View and Model and for this, the software code is used i.e., Controller. It manages interaction by processing the incoming requests and data and then further passing it to views so that it can be displayed to the users.

From the user interface, MVC is responsible for detaching the application logic. Further, it supports the severance of concerns. The third part i.e., the Controller is the one that receives a request for application as it is the center. Next, to have adequate results, it performs with Model, the results are then displayed by View.

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Global Stats of Ruby on Rail Usage

Various web frameworks are used by developers worldwide. As per the survey conducted in 2021, Ruby is the 13th most used programming language used by the developers with 7.04% of total respondents.

Source: Statista

For what purpose Ruby on Rails is Used For?

The primary purpose of using Ruby on Rails is to build highly responsive and fast-performing web platforms. It is majorly known as a general-purpose language for programming. To understand what all it is used for, it is essential to know that it is highly dynamic and is used in a versatile manner. RoR development is used to create online stores where people can have a user-friendly browsing and purchasing experience.

It is also being used for developing platforms for profound stock marketing, developing social networking sites, creating SaaS solutions, and developing non-standard complex projects. The list keeps on going of what all you can do with RoR but here we have come up with certain popular types of apps that are developed with the use of RoR framework.

Following are the projects for which Ruby on Rails is used:

1. Minimum Viable Products

For rapid and cost-effective MVP development, RoR development services are used. It is also used for testing the varied versions of the products, introducing updates, and prototyping before the development of the fully functional applications.

2. Social Networking Apps

RoR development services also include apps that support heavy traffic. Thus, it is used for creating social networking apps. Along with this, Ruby is used for making applications such as apartment bookings. The reason behind it is that the apps can manage a lot of data, daily transactions, as well as huge traffic.

3. E-Commerce Platforms

Ruby is one of the most famous and widely used programming languages, therefore, businesses always prefer to hire Ruby on Rails web development company to develop eCommerce platforms. Big companies like Shopify and Spree use this language that provides a platform to almost 800K online stores. Because of the key advantages like cost-effectiveness, huge flexibility, and rapid development speed, it is perfect for the eCommerce platform. It supports handling huge transactions at once.

Because of the efficiency and flexibility offered by Ruby, it is also used for backup, automation, servers, API clients, command-line media players, report and statistic website generators and it is also used for platforms that support complex databases.

Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails

When any web development company uses Ruby on Rails then there are several advantages of using it. Let’s discuss some of the key benefits of RoR:

  • High Speed

Ruby works on a lean code-base, it is logical, simple, and clear that resulting in rapid development speed. By adding Rails, the RoR development company saves a lot of time during the coding process, and thus a huge focus is paid to the development of solutions. Because of the fewer codes, less time is required for writing codes. There are several barriers in programming, Ruby on Rails lower these barriers and thus there are created potential web applications in short time duration.

  • Cost-Effective

The time of development is equal to the client’s money. If the development is slow then acquiring Ruby on Rails web development services becomes expensive. If the speed of development is fast, then the development of Rails websites becomes cost-effective. To create and maintain the website, less money is utilized. The web application needs to be developed and designed adequately, thus businesses must go for an experienced firm that provides efficient Ruby on Rails web development services. It is an open-source framework, and no-cost needs to be paid for licensing.

  • Huge Flexibility

The RoR framework is extremely flexible in usage. It helps websites to adapt several updates easily with the continuous changes and innovations in businesses. If any functionality is missed, then there are available separate modules for the same. With Ruby, one can remove as well as refine elements whenever required. Similarly, the particular aspects of any web application are open to expansion and modification, if necessary. Ruby is a flexible language that offers multiple ways to solve one specific issue. The RoR developers have great opportunities and freedom while providing custom Ruby on Rails development services to the businesses.

  • Supported by Developers

Ruby codes are self-documenting and have high readability. In maximum Ruby web development solutions, there are used Rails because it offers numerous integrations to meet the project requirements. If businesses hire Ruby on Rails developers for any new project, the project will be structured properly with less downtime. Developers also provide extensive support for any new project.

  • Improved Scalability

Earlier, Ruby on Rails had certain issues when it comes to scalability. There was no specific reason for it. When compared to Java, the efficiency of RoR is less. However, the new releases have resolved those issues and in the present time businesses can scale even by using Ruby for web development too. Rails 6 is one of the versions that certainly played a vital role in overcoming these scalability issues.

  • Extensive Community & Resources

There is an extensive community of Ruby on Rails that support web development. In the public domain, there are several ready-made RoR solutions. These solutions are already been tested and thus the overall time used by the Ruby on Rails development company is reduced.

The extensive community of RoR developers helps others with new projects and discussions are being done about all elements of the framework which is advantageous for the companies to find optimum solutions to resolve issues. There is a huge availability of ‘gems”, the ready-to-use code package developed by the RoR developers. With the worldwide and large use of the Ruby Rails web development services, there are approximately 1700,694 gems that are available which can be used to develop web apps in a better way.

  • Data Protection

Another major benefit of Ruby on Rails is high data protection and security. When developers use RoR tools then there are extremely reduced risks of XSS attacks and SQL injections. There are no chances of security errors while using the RoR framework by the developers. Cybersecurity is a big concern for the website development company while working on projects. RoR has passwords and data encryption, so there are special measures that are being followed to prevent cyber attacks.


Ruby on Rails is a widely used, reliable, and famous web development framework which is used by developers for creating high-performing web apps. For decades, this framework is used by web development companies for developing projects like eCommerce portals, content management systems, social media platforms, & many others. There are various other languages and frameworks used, but RoR seems to be one of the best choices when the project needs less time and cost.

SemiDot Infotech is a prominent web development company that operates worldwide when it comes to developing applications by using RoR. There are highly experienced and expert RoR developers that can help you build competent apps at a budgeted price.

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