Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework that became popular in a very short time. It was released in the year 2017 but the popularity it gained in this short span is something unbelievable. Because of its USP to offer cross-platform app development services, the framework is in high demand. In this era where businesses have been digitized to enhance their customer base, there is an immense need for cross-platform apps. Due to the newness of this SDK (Software Development Kit), there are very few Flutter app developers who have enough knowledge to use it.

Hiring the people who can exactly match your vision, requirements, and business model is a quite tough and challenging task. In this way, this article will help you to get the answers in the best way possible. The guide will help you to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Flutter app developers, the benefits of hiring these developers, market stats, and the type of Flutter developers your business need.

Why Choose Flutter App Development?

Before opting for the Flutter app development services, it is essential to have an understanding of why you choose Flutter as the app development framework and what all benefits you can attain with it:

1. Enhanced Community Support

The Flutter application development services offer an extended level of community support as there are knowledgeable coders who have rich experience in this field. Flutter is an advanced technology therefore it becomes difficult for the programmers, but the availability of community support makes it very much convenient. The Flutter experts help businesses to understand why they should choose Flutter app development over others.

2. Increased Productivity of Developers

One of the major reasons behind choosing the Flutter app development framework is that it helps in improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the app developers. With the Flutter app development kit, coding is at ease as changes can be done instantly without disturbances and interruptions. Therefore, the overall development process is smoothly completed that ultimately improving developers’ efficiency level and productivity.

There is also a function named Hot Reload, through this feature, there has been displayed that the codes are changed as per the updated ones and there is no need to restart the app. There are effects been applied only on the new codes or a particular component rather than the complete app. These changes are seen in a fraction of a second and hence, it helps programmers to improve their productivity.

3. Frontend & Backend Development via Single Code

To handle both the development, the Flutter developers make use of a single language only. The Dart programming language is used to organize the code smoothly. To create an app, the developers can learn this language and can initiate the development process. The developers who are experienced in Java and C# also have the potential to create successful Flutter apps.

4. Convenient App Migration

When an app is migrated from one platform to another, it is a very complex and time-consuming process. With the Flutter app development framework, the developers can create an app for other platforms as well which was earlier only for iOS or Android only. With Flutter, the process of app migration is much more convenient and cost-effective.

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Global Market Stats of App Development Frameworks

Various cross-platform frameworks are being used by developers globally. The data shows the stats from the year 2019 to 2021, where Flutter is one of the most popular and used cross-platform development frameworks with 42% in 2021. With the increase in the use of this platform, there has been seen an upsurge in the demand for Flutter app development solutions globally.

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Source: Statista

These were some significant details and market stats that show why you should choose Flutter app development. Now, let’s move to roles & responsibilities of the Flutter app developers that are essential to know.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Flutter App Developers

There are several tips to hire Flutter developers, but the most important aspect is to understand their roles and responsibilities and then decide whether the app developers are proficient enough to make a highly responsive app or not. Let’s discuss the key roles and responsibilities of the developers based on the following categories:

  • Junior Flutter Developers

These are the developers who have just begun with their careers. They usually work on only one programming language as well they have limited knowledge of various development tools. Hence, if you hire junior developers who have less than one year of experience then the businesses need to be extra patient with them as they are in their learning phase. And they do not have enough knowledge of the framework which leads to extra time consumption in the app development process. It might result in them putting more time into understanding the architecture and logic of the framework.

Thus, businesses must make sure whether the junior developers can manage the work or not, or they are required to hire some experienced developers from an established Flutter app development company to meet their business needs.

  • Mid-Level Flutter Developers

The developers who have experience of 2 to 4 years are known as mid-level flutter developers. With time and experience, they polish their app development skills. While doing a comparison with the junior-level developers, they are costly and can affect your budget. Moreover, the foremost thing is to identify the business goals and then decide what kind of developers are required for the app development.

The businesses must also make sure that they should not mentor these mid-level developers as they only need direction and not mentoring to speed up the app development process.

  • Senior-Level Flutter Developers

The developers who have experience of more than 4 years are senior-level flutter developers. If the businesses want to have a high-end cross-platform app, then they should hire senior-level flutter developers from a mobile app development company. The best thing to work with these experienced developers is that they can manage the complete app development process by themselves as well as they can also mentor junior-level app developers and guide mid-level app developers.

But when it comes to budget, the senior level Flutter developers are too costly. Therefore, the businesses must consider whether they have enough budget to opt for the mobile app development services from these senior-level Flutter developers or not.

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Which Flutter App Developer Do You Need?

Once you have been informed about the various responsibilities and duties of the Flutter app developers, now it is essential to know which type of Flutter app developer is most likely to meet your business needs. Following are the types of Flutter app developers you can hire:

i) In-House Developers

One of the ways to hire a developer is to hire an in-house app developer from the local market. For this, you can schedule an interview, check various employment portals, and can also evaluate various candidates. In this way, you can hire a candidate either for long-term employment or on a contract basis.

Ease to have continuous improvementsToo costly
Improved project qualityConsumes more time
Easy customizationRegular & timely payments to be made
Better coordination in QA, development, & design teamMuch overhead on the IT resources
Cultural FitLack of expertise in different areas

The average rate of the in-house Flutter developers can be varied as per the overall experience and skills of the developer. There are various platforms from which you can hire the in-house Flutter app developer such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, & Dice.

ii) Freelance Developers

If you hire a freelance app developer, then it will surely save your money and also you can hire a developer from anywhere across the globe. You can hire them for your specific project and also you are not required to pay a regular fee, taxes, or no need to make any contract before initiating the work. Overall, it helps you to lower your IT cost. But at the same time, you may go through with various difficulties. Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a freelance app developer:

Ease in findingCommunication issues
Expert in domainStretched deadlines
Higher level of flexibilityLow-quality work
Can have access to global talentDifficult & less maintenance support
Cost-effectiveCultural difference

The average rate of freelance Flutter developers is approximately $75 per hour. The rate can be varied as per the experience and technical skills of the freelance developer. There are various platforms from where you can hire freelancer Flutter app developer such as Fiverr, Freelancer, People per hour, Guru, etc.

iii) Outsourcing

When compared to the above two i.e., the in-house and freelance app developers, outsourcing is a much more cost-effective way to hire a Flutter app developer. When the project is outsourced to some other team, there are high chances that you will get the most accurate and desired outcomes as the work is accomplished by a team of experts who are likely to provide quality work at lower prices.

There are leading outsourcing app development companies that provide solutions that can help scale your business. They possess technical strength and have the ability to ensure high-level project security. A reliable outsourcing company also offers geographical flexibility and focuses on innovation, as well as, they have a diversified portfolio comprised of experience in completing various complex projects. Opting for outsourcing also comes with benefits like the availability of support and maintenance throughout the entire life cycle of the app development process.

Ease & fast scalabilityTime-zone difference
Expert in DomainRequired an efficient project manager
Higher level of flexibility in paymentsLanguage Barrier (Conditional)
Less time consuming, deliver fast results 

The average rate of Flutter developers in Asian countries is comparatively low as it varies from $25 to $40 per hour. Whereas in countries like Europe and America, the rates vary from $40 to $70 per hour. There are various platforms from where you can hire the outsourcing Flutter app development companies such as GoodFirms, Clutch, Glassdoor, BusinessofApps, etc.

From the overall analysis, the decision should be based upon the business’s need to hire a Flutter app developer. Though, an in-house developer can result in an expensive decision but still you can have access to professional-grade services. If you choose a freelancer, then it is a good idea but there is no surety that you will get your work delivered on time and there will be trust issues with freelancers. And lastly, if you opt for an outsourcing company for your project then it is beneficial from various aspects such as it will be cost-effective, you will get a team of experts, and you are likely to receive good-quality deliverables on time.

Advantages of Hiring Flutter App Developers

Before you hire flutter app developers, it is much significant to understand the benefits of hiring them. Let’s discuss some of the key advantages:

  • Clean Code

While creating an application, writing clean code possesses huge importance. It is essential that the code written is conveniently readable and easy to understand because in the future it can be maintained and debugged with ease. As well, to improve the speed of the app development process, a clean code is a must. Writing a clean code also reduces the time of the developers to spend on working methodology and so it allows the app to scale rapidly.

  • Functional Application

Cross-platform app development is the primary objective that needs to be accomplished by the Flutter developers. So, while hiring app developers make sure that they have expertise in building apps that can operate on multiple platforms. The developers must have the ability to design and develop an application with high complexity levels. As well they should know how to integrate advanced features and functions in those apps. They must be capable enough to identify bugs and work upon the successful launch of the app.

  • Complete Development Cycle

While developing an app, there is a development cycle or development process that needs to be followed. Successful completion of the app development process requires teamwork. The developers must be available from the initial phase to the final step so that whenever any sort of change is required, they are available to manage it.

There is a need for experts from various sections comprising project managers, quality analysts, UX/UI designers, etc. Hence, while hiring a flutter developer, make sure the person is a team player as the Flutter developers are responsible for developing cooperation among team members and letting the development process complete without any sort of issues.

  • To Fix Bugs

After the development phase, when the app is developed, while testing there might be some errors and bugs that can disturb the smooth working of the app. The Flutter app developers must identify and foresee the errors in the initial stage only so that they can provide services related to bug and error fixing. The quality analysts would detect these bugs, but the developers are also required to work along with the analysts so that they can fix them as soon as they are detected.


Presently, most businesses have either adopted this advanced technology of app development or are on their way, to begin with, it. Hiring expert mobile app developers who have knowledge of Flutter framework provides multiple benefits as it makes the development process fast and simple, it helps increase productivity, improves performance, and enhances compatibility. This open-source development kit helps build highly responsive cross-platform apps that are efficient and stable. But if you are not much familiar with the Flutter app development, then it is recommended to contact a Flutter app development company that can help you understand it in a better way.

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