Ever since OnlyFans was launched in 2016, the landscape of content creation has completely evolved. Now, the content creators are adding more spice and freeness to their content and their fan base is already loving it and always ready to access this exclusive content by paying a fee.

Without any doubt, OnlyFans has brought the freedom and flexibility to craft content the way you desire and build one’s career.

People are constantly on the hunt to find more and more alternatives for OnlyFans to enjoy exclusive content from their favorite creators.

On the other hand, the creators are also seeking additional income sources, as the demand in the digital realm is witnessing constant hunger for captivating, entertaining as well as original content.

Within a few years, OnlyFans has become a huge name in the virtual world attracting a huge number of creators and users from all over the world.

Furthermore, Seeing their interest,  businesses are also acknowledging OnlyFan’s influence and growing impact, motivating them to get mobile application development services from renowned companies to build similar apps.

However, it’s necessary to understand that there are other alternatives available to OnlyFans, Whether you are a creator, user, or entrepreneur looking to create an app like OnlyFans, knowing about these alternatives will surely help you in exploring more choices in the market.

As a result, we have brought some remarkable alternatives of OnlyFans to the market that will help to discover new and engaging content and cater to your desires and preferences.

List of Top OnlyFans Alternatives

There are so many OnlyFans alternatives available in the market. Whether you want to enjoy new and engaging content or need a new platform to make money as a creator, we have brought the best OnlyFans alternative recommendations with thorough research that will save your time and effort, allowing you to take steps further quickly and efficiently.

1. Fancentro


Created back in 2017, Fancentro is one of the most popular subscription-based websites and is an amazing alternative to OnlyFans that allows creators, influencers, and adult performers to mint their exclusive content for a fee. Here creators can share photos, videos, messages, and other erotic content with their fanbase directly through the platform.

Fancentro provides an array of features such as chatting one-on-one, sharing exclusive content, engaging daily stories, and live streams, further enhancing the interaction between fans and their creators. The platform’s success can be attributed to its unique approach to providing unsolicited content to its audience just like OnlyFans.

FanCentro is gaining more attention from everyone especially from the creators due to lower fees ensuring creators earn more profits. On the other hand, it is also gaining popularity for providing a secure and user-friendly environment to both creators and fans.

2. MYM.fans


MYM.fans is a fresh contender in the private content market that provides a personalized and immersive experience like OnlyFans. Despite being a newer content platform than other popular platforms like OnlyFans, it doesn’t lag in quality.  Undoubtedly, OnlyFans gained popularity and success as soon as it launched in the market, but the traction of MYM.fans was 15% higher than OnlyFans.

MYM.fans allows you to connect intimately with your favorite creators and engage in conversations through direct messaging and private media sharing. You can keep yourself up-to-date with their daily stories, enjoy their live streams, and foster a genuine bond.

Currently, the platform has 6 million+ users, and 5.8 million visits per month including 150,000 certified creators, and is a great place to change your fan following into paying subscribers.

The creators can enjoy revenue by providing personalized content where creators can receive 75% of the subscription income, 80% from private photo sales, and an amazing 90% share from tips, and the remaining money is kept by the platform as commission.

This allows creators to enjoy different revenue streams, fosters great bonding, and enhances their relationship with the platform and creator by making sure of a fair and enjoyable deal for all the parties involved.

3. Fansly


Fansly is yet another banger and OnlyFans alternative that has maintained a great reputation in the market being an adult-content provider. The platform allows access to explicit content and handles payment processing from their subscribers providing peace of mind to the creators.

Fansly stands out due to the strict application process ensuring that the creators are well-experienced and seasoned in what they do. However, the main reason behind the hype of Fansly is that it allows users to preview content before making a payment.

To make the app even more competitive, the platform allows its content to be accessed without instant payment, motivating new creators to compete with the older and experienced ones by showcasing their work and building a loyal customer base.

The app was launched in September 2017 and has been ranked #1 as the best OnlyFans alternative. Fansly actually got its fame, when back in August 2021 OnlyFans banned erotic content leading to incredible growth in traffic that even caused the crash of the Fansly app.

Since that, Fansly reported registration of around 4,000 new creators every hour and now the app has 28.2 million total visits, The numbers are still increasing solidifying its position among like-minded content lovers.

4. Fanvue


Just like OnlyFans, if you are looking forward to another best option to sell content to enjoy some revenue, then ‘’Fanvue” is for you. The platform provides ground to a wide niche such as gamer, chef, or adult content. One of the big reasons for any creator to join Fanvue is that it welcomes all creators with the motto “for all creators, now and always”

For revenue sharing, Fanvue has a ratio of 80:20 where 80% of the revenue generated by the platform is given to the content creator whereas 20% is kept by the company as commission, but initially, for the starting 3 months you get 85% as revenue.

Unlike other platforms, Fanvue has some exceptional features that set it apart such as discoverability features like Instagram where one can search content or influencers as per their suitability.

Since early 2022, Fanvue has opened a new dimension for content monetization where one can mint and sell NFTs directly through the platform. Fanvue also offers great support for any inconvenience to both creator and user by providing efficient solutions to any issue and improving their overall experience with the platform. Already, they are becoming the user’s favorite and are in the market as one of the best alternatives to OnlyFans.

5. iFans


iFans is another OnlyFans alternative site that is getting famous more and more among creators and users. You can follow your favorite influencer for free, but you have to pay a particular fee to access their content.

iFans has some amazing functionalities for revenue such as livestreams, pay-per-view, subscriptions, and more.  Even, Creators can even get the freedom to decide whether to live stream their content among a group of fans, to the general public, or particularly to any subscriber who is willing to pay extra for the exclusive content.

Even, the creators can charge for previous streams and monetize their content by charging for individual messages or digital gifts enhancing both the subscriber and creator experience.

The platform has a 20% commission and is allowed for creators who are 18 or above. The platform also provides an exceptional analytics dashboard to get in-depth information about user engagement making it one of the best alternatives for OnlyFans.

iFans’s truly unique and most splendid feature is the Internal Affiliate System (tracked share for share). In this system, when you mention another creator in a post caption, DM, or on the “Suggested Creators” section on the creator profile, you get 40% of all the new fans’ payments that are directed to that creator encircling tips and subscriptions.

6. Fanso


Among many sites similar to OnlyFans, Fanso stands out as an outstanding community marketplace where one can create any time non-adult or an adult subscription-based community platform like Patreon, Letterdrop, or any other website like OnlyFans.

You also get complete access to source code with an API guide granting you complete control over the platform’s functionality and customization options. Although Fanso offers two packages for creators, one is for starters and another is for professionals.

The Starters package is for those creators who are just starting and need to establish themselves, this package does not grant the facility of the source code. Whereas, you can get a professional license and hire dedicated developers to make some changes in the source code and enjoy more extended features.

7. FanTime


With FanTime, creators can get their domain name, and logo, pick their colors, and get their complete website built instead of just getting an account through which they can connect with their audience mainly featuring photos and videos.

FanTime is a subscription-based site similar to OnlyFans where creators can share mature content, but FanTime strictly prohibits its use for prostitution or other unlawful practices.  Nicky Jam, Mandy Sacs, and Jamie Stone are some famous Faces of the app.

FanTime also charges a small commission of 20% of the creator’s earnings and the remaining 80% is given to the creator. Among other OnlyFans competitors, FanTime is quite famous for its Copyright security.

Contrasting to other platforms where you are completely responsible for your content, FanTime makes sure to provide you with a copyright protection team that provides you safety and security of your content from copyright violation.  

8. Patreon


Patreon is another famous subscription-based model that was launched back in 2013. Although it’s a different kind of platform, but still can be considered as a great OnlyFans alternative.

Patreon provides several comparable services, but still puts some boundaries on explicit content. Taking instance, Creators are required to put a warning as 18+ for nudes, explicit or sexual content. Creators can show erotic content, but sexual intercourse recorded on camera is completely banned.

Public spaces are strictly prohibited from having any kind of explicit content. Patreon is famous among YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, podcasts, musicians, adult content creators, and more those who post regular content, the platform helps them to generate a steady income for their work by offering rewards and perks to their subscribers, known as patrons.

To use the platform, Patreon charges a commission from 9% to 12% of their monthly earnings, along with payment processing fees.

9. Unlockd


Unlockd is a great platform that is situated in the United Kingdom and allows you to convert your fans into paying customers by monetizing your exclusive content. With 4m Active Fans, 2m videos and pics,475 million paid out, and 130k creators online, it has become one of the top OnlyFans alternative apps that permits you to fulfill your kinks without any judgment.

Unlockd is a great OnlyFans alternate to other platforms like Patreon that works with the motto “Pay less, Earn more”. The platform provides user-friendly features to improve their creator’s revenue including tipping, premium content, pay-per-view messaging, customized content, and more.

Some outstanding features are their good customer service, weekly payout (minimum amount is $100), and separate dashboards for every creator to make sure they have different interfaces to manage their analytics and content accordingly. 

10. AdultNode


AdultNode has a different approach for content lovers and their subscribers. So, AdultNode is unique and works on a token system where you can send or receive a token and can use it to see the content of your favorite creator.

The platform doesn’t charge any transaction fees to creators allowing them to be safe from extra additional costs to use platform services.

As a creator, you can upgrade to VIP status to enjoy some cool features such as an AD-free experience, recommendations to new users, 10% off on all paid profiles you choose to follow, and many more, that you can know once to upgrade as a VIP user.

Underage pornography, piracy, and illegal activities such as racial slurs and hate speech are completely restricted on the app. Among other platforms like OnlyFans, which also offer non-adult content, this platform is solely dedicated to adult content creators.

What sets them apart is the platform’s unique approach to providing easy-to-use tools that make fans discover you and promote collaboration through groups or among different creators, Once you earn through collaboration, you can share your earnings evenly with the group.

You can retain 85% of your earnings as their charges are only 15%, making them cost-effective to many other similar sites to OnlyFans.

11. Unfiltrd


Just like many other platforms in the list, Unfiltrd has established itself as a top fan page platform that provides a wide variety of content on its platform. Even, if you are interested in cooking, fitness, music, or other niches you can still share your work on Unfiltered.

However, the majority of content on the platform still revolves around erotic or sexy content. When it comes to charges, in addition to payment processing fees, the platform also cuts 15% of your income.  

Unfiltrd has made its name in the market and now has partnered with Déjà vu, a renowned global adult entertainment brand to further boost their projections.

As a result, the platform now offers a wide range of features designed to provide extensive support to content creators in every way possible, making Unfiltrd an attractive option for content creators.

Are you tired of using the same monotonous fan subscription platforms that often leave nothing to desire? You can try Unfiltrd and enjoy a fun, thrilling, and advanced platform which is a relatively new OnlyFans alternative as it was launched in August 2021, Since then it has grown tremendously.

All thanks to its features like the Discover tab through which a casual user can browse the site and, the trending tab where one can see trending content.

One more thing that sets the platform apart is “ticketed events”, where creators can put up exclusive live shows that can be booked and enjoyed by subscribers and non-subscribers. These kinds of offerings always have a positive impact on the users and motivate them to interact on your platform.

12. Flirtback

flirt back

Flirtback is a similar site to OnlyFans but with a twist, whether you need a sexting partner, or friend who wants to fulfill your fantasies or an escape from reality, then Flirtback is for you.

It is a perfect sexting app that allows you to text and enjoy your virtual experience with other flirtmates (users of the app) anonymously, only you can see their user’s name.

The platform ensures the legitimacy of all creators by conducting background checks and verifying legal ID submissions. This process guarantees that the creator on the platform is genuine and trustworthy; providing users a secure environment to connect and communicate with their favorite creators.

Flirtback doesn’t have any subscription but works on a premium chat service. Creators can earn money by charging for messages exchanged with their fans. Furthermore, creators get the freedom to pick both the option monetization model including pay-per-content & premium chat services to increase their revenue potential.

13. AdmireMe.VIP


AdmireMe.VIP is a well-known adult subscription-based platform that is designed to empower creators and influencers to make content and monetize it while engaging with their audience simultaneously.

On the platform, you can create profiles and make content that can be accessed by subscribers via a particular fee in the form of GBP as it’s U.K.-based, but you can change it to Euro or USD to pay.

Once you start earning, 20% of your earnings are kept as a commission by the platform generated through sales and subscriptions, and the remaining 80% of the earnings you can take home.

AdmireMe.VIP was launched in 2018 by two cousins Chelsea Ferguson and Rebecca Sharp. Ferguson is a former glamour model who built the site to cater to the personalized needs of models.

The platform is known for promoting the openness of erotic content, although it prohibits illegal content but allows posting any kind of adult content without restrictions.

During the covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, the platform saw a surge in subscription numbers by around 20%, after that the growth has sustained even after the lockdown period. If you are looking for OnlyFans alternative platforms then, this is the best platform to sell your explicit content and start your journey.

Unlike other apps like OnlyFans, one thing that AdmireMe.VIP is that the creator can be verified on the platform after they undergo a thorough verification process of other social media apps and get verified on them such as Instagram or Twitter.

14. JustFor.Fans


While looking for websites similar to OnlyFans, it is not possible to complete the list without adding the name “JustFor.Fans’’. It is a subscription-based platform dedicated to work for supporting content creators and allowing them to monetize their work.

The platform has over 1500 creators, 7,900 content pieces, and $23,500 in earnings, Just for Fans provides a thriving community to help artists, creators, influencers, and individuals grow with their content and enjoy profits.

JustFor.Fans was launched by Dominic Ford who is a famous gay porn actor. Due to his fanbase, the JFF predominately targets the LGBT audience but it allows all kinds of gender and orientation on the platform.

From Gay to Straight content creators, all are allowed to take advantage of the platform, create content as per their interested niche, and make money from different subscription services such as Pay-per-view, tips, and many more. For the convenience of the users, the platforms also provide a wallet where they can keep their money in the platform to purchase content.

15. ManyVids


ManyVids is among the best alternatives to OnlyFans that provide content creators limitless opportunity to make money with their content. By offering live interactions, customized and standard videos, FanClub Subscriptions, and other services, content creators can make large amounts of money through the platform.   

ManyVids was launched in 2014 by Bella French, The platform provides adult content creators wide-ranging choices to produce, endorse, and upload their content with complete copyright ownership.

Creators get the freedom to upload videos and pictures for subscribers that they can purchase and download at their convenience. Moreover, creators can run their online shops, provide texting and phone call services, offer subscriptions, and many more just by signing in.

ManyVids holds a reputation in the adult video industry for providing the most flexibility and being reasonably liberal from other sites like OnlyFans. The platform takes care of the viewers by providing them extensive features including getting video memberships, sending personalized requests to creators, exchanging phone numbers, and many more.

16. Scrile Connect


Scrile Connect is not like your regular site, it is unique in its way. The platform defines itself as a tool through which users can easily create fully functional and personalized websites.

With Scrile Connect, you can freely launch your website without the load of third parties, You can have the flexibility to customize your website, own a domain name, use your preferred logo, and market yourself in the market.

The platform is referred to as “Turnkey Solution” and provides complete assistance to build the website of your dreams without any technical expertise. You can also provide numerous payment options to your users including credit card, payment app, or cryptocurrency. 

Moreover, Scrile Connect enables you to earn and establish different payment rules so that you can have full control over monetization strategies. With different monetization options given in the platform, you can also maximize your earnings such as one-on-one private video calls with minute calling charges, live events, tipping, multi-level subscriptions, mass pay-per-view messages with attachments, and many more.

The platform is a magic wand for you, if you have a large audience on your social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, enabling them to turn into your paying subscribers without incurring any platform fees.

All over, the platform is loved by users as well as businesses for bringing different and unique approaches to the market, You can take the platform as a reference to get similar solutions from your mobile application development company in the USA.

17. Okfans


Okfans is a famous name among alternatives to OnlyFans and is a subscription-based social platform that permits creators to share, connect, and monetize their content. It helps creators establish themselves and foster their connection with their subscribers.

The platform is also new as it was launched in 2020, catering to a different range of content creators like YouTubers, Fitness trainers, adult creators, and public figures. The platform encourages its creators to share exclusive content, establish connections, and generate revenue.

As per Okfans, you can receive 80% of your overall earnings including paid content, messages, tips, subscriptions, and more. Whereas, the platform keeps 20% as the commission fee.

The platform is going strong with 24,120 creators, 2,554,200 content created, and 16,365,934 payouts given to creators. With monthly memberships, fans can enjoy and access content like photos, videos, and live streams and establish a great relationship between creators and their users.


In essence, while OnlyFans is at the top of the market for bringing something new, it’s good to explore other OnlyFans alternatives that have opened many exciting options for content creators and their followers.

We have tried to cover some astounding OnlyFans alternatives that are reaching new heights of success every year. Each alternative has its advantages and caters to wide audiences of different requirements and preferences.

As an entrepreneur, you can take this time to go through these OnlyFans alternatives and find the perfect partner for OnlyFans app development and also know the exact cost to develop OnlyFans app that suits your needs best.

Also, it is highly recommended to take notes from these successful OnlyFans alternatives, as knowing about them can assist in making well-informed and more precise decisions for your business.

But, to execute your planning properly, it is necessary to seek the help of a reputable OnlyFans app development company i.e., SemiDot Infotech, You can give your business the push it needs.

If you’re considering entering the virtual realm with a similar app like OnlyFans, then SemiDot Infotech possesses the expertise to develop top-notch and result-oriented platform all under reasonable app development cost.

Let these alternatives inspire you to embark on the journey of OnlyFans like app development to create a remarkable platform that caters to your target audience and fulfils their desires.


Undoubtedly, we have covered in-depth information about different alternatives to OnlyFans, we believe that you got in-depth information about OnlyFans alternatives. If you have any questions then these given FAQs will help you, Let’s dive in-

  1. What is similar to the OnlyFans-like app in India?

    There are various types of apps that are similar to OnlyFans such as LoyalFans, Fancentro, Fansly, Okfans, and JustFor.Fans, Fanvue, MYM.fans, Fanso, and more. The platforms allow creators to engage with users through video calls, direct messages, and sharing their content that can be accessed with a particular fee with their audience.

  2. What can I use instead of OnlyFans videos?

    Instead of OnlyFans, you can use other OnlyFans alternatives such as FanCentro, and MYM. Fans, Fansly, Fanvue, AdultNode, and more to share your exclusive content and monetize your videos other than OnlyFans.

  3. How can I open an OnlyFans account in India?

    You can open an OnlyFans account in India by accessing the platform through the website. Despite an available APK for OnlyFans, it is highly recommended to be cautious of any app claiming to be OnlyFans due to the high risks of fraud and cybercrime.

  4. Is there a better alternative to OnlyFans?

    With the increasing demand for fresh and engaging content, the market has seen some OnlyFans alternatives that are doing good in the market such as FanCentro, LoyalFans, MYM.fans, Fansly, iFans, Okfans, Fanso, and many more.

  5. What are the different types of content on OnlyFans?

    There are primarily four types of content available on OnlyFans such as direct messages, photos, videos, and status updates. Among all, the most loved content on OnlyFans is photos and videos. But, to enjoy these contents on the app as a user, you can create a free OnlyFans account with limited access and a paid account for more.

  6. What kind of site is OnlyFans? Is OnlyFans better on the app?

    OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform launched in 2016 where creators can share videos, photos, messages, and updates about their day-to-day lives with subscribers. Creators have the freedom to create adult and non-adult content as per their choice.

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