People worldwide have been so addicted to mobile and web apps that they can’t even do a single work in their daily life without using these mobile applications. Due to this interest of mobile app users, the demand for iOS and Android app developers has increased drastically among mobile app development agencies. With the rapid advancement in technologies, there have been provided more benefits and functionalities for smartphone users and app development is one of them.

Enterprises are obtaining mobile app development services as they are finding it more lucrative to develop mobile applications. Mobile applications are proving a medium between users and businesses, hence they are gaining more popularity. In the modern global economy, mobile apps are becoming a necessity to get a large user base and earn more profits. Not only businesses, but it has also benefitted developers as well.

Between iOS and Android app developers, there is a huge demand for Android app developers for hire as there are more Android users than iOS. Recently, it has been analyzed that around 90% of smartphone users are Android users. Therefore, mobile app development firms also prefer to hire Android app developers more. To understand it in detail, let’s have a look at below statistics-

The following graph shows the number of mobile app downloads from 2016 to 2021 across the world. These numbers have increased continuously from the year 2016 and it has exceeded 200 billion in the year 2019. As per the current stats, people have installed around 230 billion smartphone apps which are higher than 63% of 140.7 billion application downloads in the year 2016.  

Then, the below representation is indicating the number of worldwide mobile app market revenue. In the year 2020, the global revenue with the help of mobile applications reached over $318 billion. This was an upsurge recording more than $60 billion in comparison to the year 2019. The most revenue earned with the mobile game segment was more than $200 billion followed by social networking mobile applications. This segment has covered revenue of around $31 billion.   

If you are running a business, then, you must give thought to getting a feature-rich & scalable Android mobile application. For that, you have to look for skilled and experienced developers to have Android mobile app development. Below we have provided a complete guide to hire Android app developers that can help you to know all the essentials about hiring Android app developers-     

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What is Android Application Development?

Android application development refers to creating apps for Android devices and later, launched on the Google Play Store for users. Created apps will be compatible only with the Android operating system and different versions of it including different screen resolutions and sizes. For Android app development, businesses must have developers with knowledge of Android programming languages, analytical expertise, and the latest mobile app development trends.

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Android app developers must carry out all the steps right from design to development. Hence, they need to be familiar with the basic concepts of all the required functions, frameworks, tools & technologies, and others. The reason behind this is that Android app development has been more beneficial to businesses and a wide audience segment. There can be integrated features that are highly functional, responsive, and interactive.

What is the Actual Work of an Android App Developer?

Are you going to hire Android app developers? Then, you have to know about their roles and responsibilities. It is their responsibility to maintain the entire process from app creation to bug fixing and deployment.

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Being a developer, they have to consider everything significant for the mobile app development process. Let’s talk about what Android app developers do-

1. Design the App with an Appealing UI

Android app designers & developers build the app UI that represents how an app is going to interact with the user. The included user interface must be interactive, attractive, and appealing so that the Android app can draw the attention of users. If users get to use the app with a good UI, they leave the app with a better experience. Hence, Android app coders must know how important it is to get the application a good UI so that it will be easier for users to access every feature of the app.  

2. Write & Maintain High-Performance Code

It is the responsibility of Android app programmers to choose suitable programming languages for Android application development. There are various Android app programming languages such as C, Java, C++, JavaScript, Kotlin, and others that are used by programmers. They should go for such languages that help them maintain a reusable and understanding code environment to easily debug or improve. It will be helpful for future developers as well. Also, updating an app is essential after a particular time to maintain the code format and retain the user base.

3. Deal with Cross-Functional Team

In an Android app development company, various departments and teams work simultaneously to create an app. Thus, Android app developers need to collaborate with other specialists as well. In a project, every team member has their own roles and responsibilities to fulfill while communicating with other team members to achieve the best outcomes. Be it native or cross-platform app development services, the same procedure will follow everywhere, hence they need to hire mobile app developers who know how to work together with the other teams.    

4. Troubleshoot & Fix the Errors

Android mobile app testing is one of the significant stages that need to pay extra attention to by the development and testing teams. While writing the code, programmers need to be careful, and they have to find the bugs on their own and fix them to make the process easier for the next stage. Though troubleshooting takes time, but it is needed to find possible issues. It is a huge task to fulfill for Android app developers.

5. Work with Several APIs & Databases

Apart from thinking ‘how to build an API’, you must find Android developers who know how to work with different APIs to include beneficial services in the app. Here API stands for Application Programming Interface that forms a connection between computer programs to make them interact with each other. For instance, there is used Google’s API integrates a navigation system into the app. Alongside, developers must have a good knowledge of databases as every mobile app should be capable of handling a large user database.  

Skilled Android developers always try to fulfill both clients’ and users’ requirements. Hence, they need to be updated with the top Android app development trends, technologies, and tools. With the changing market needs, keeping your app up to date will help you to maintain your customer base, otherwise, you will lose a lot of users easily. Integrating new features and learning new techniques is how an Android developer can achieve a high-efficiency level.    

7. Ensure the High-quality and Performance

Hiring Android app developers with expertise and experience comes with the guarantee of developing a high-quality and fast-performing app. Users are always in search of a scalable and high-responsive Android app that takes the least time to open, and when they get such an app, they stick to it for a long time. So, your Android app developers must ensure to provide efficient solutions at any cost.

Why There is a Need to Hire an Android Developer?

Cross-industry businesses are also looking for hiring Android app developers to develop a profitable mobile app as it includes a lot of benefits for them. What are those benefits? Scroll down this guide to hire mobile app developers to know about them-

1. Professionalism & Dedication

One of the key advantages of hiring the best Android app developers is to get delivered a feature-rich & cost-efficient mobile app in less time. Choosing dedicated and professional mobile app developers help businesses to stand out from the market competition. It will also benefit the company in various ways such as designing, making attractive graphics, and using different programming languages while creating the Android app to grasp a large customer base.       

2. Guarantees Security

Enterprising data security has always been the main concern for business enthusiasts, corporations, and big firms. Therefore, they prefer to hire dedicated developers with the right knowledge and expertise who can provide them with secure Android applications to use for their profit and streamline business procedures. Following the NDA, rules, and privacy policies, be it an Android, iOS, or any cross-platform app development company, they have to keep all the users’ details and data safe with them along with assuring confidentiality to them.

3. Experience Brings Out the Best

It is significant to check the experience, background, and previous work of Android app developers before hiring them. Experienced Android app programmers will be able to create the best possible solutions for you following the modern-edge trends and technologies without any guidance, whereas hiring one with no experience will make you an application that can have unnecessary features and out-of-budget cost.   

4. Value the Advancement

The mobile app development industry always goes through various advancements and innovations. Hence, businesses should focus on finding the best ways to hire mobile app developers who are updated with what is in the trend in the development market. Their ideas to develop an Android app must be full of uniqueness, innovation, and growth. The company’s progress depends on what they are building. For instance, if you are creating an open-source platform, you should include the latest features and functionalities.   

5. Value their Teamwork

The cost of the solution is also counted in the Android app development. While hiring Android app developers, it is needed to check whether they value their team’s work or not as it can have a direct impact on the salary structure because you hire developers from the marketplace amongst all the competitors. Businesses must go for developers with talent and potential who know how to carry the whole mobile app development process while managing their team.  

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What are the Difficulties to Face While Finding an Android App Developer?

So far, we have assembled details about the roles and requirements of Android app developers. Now, it is time to know why it is hard sometimes to find Android mobile app developers. While hiring developers, it is needed to consider every possible thing to prevent issues in the future. Let’s get to know about those difficulties-

1. Cost Competitiveness

There are several types of Android app developers that you can hire but the challenge occurs when you find a huge difference between their rates. You will find a gap while hiring in-house, outsourced, or freelancer programmers as they charge according to their suitability. Experience and locations are the two most important things when it comes to mobile app development cost.

2. Time Zone

When you outsource the project, the time zone can be a barrier to the businesses. Every region has different timings, in that case, sometimes developers have to wait to get the response or get things done. Here, developers and enterprises need to make a communication plan to move things conveniently. Otherwise, the project can delay a lot due to mismatched timing and that will result in a huge loss.

3. Communication Tools

An Android application development company or Android app developers you hire must use easily accessible communication tools to make interaction smooth with the client. There can be used audio and video calls, texts, emails, sharing images, linking with Google services, and more to stay in touch with the development team. Sometimes, it is seen that the development process is getting affected due to the lack of communication. Some most famous project management tools are Slack, Discord, Jira, and Google’s G Suite which led to solving issues faster and more effectively.    

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4. Language Barriers

If you hire Android app programmers from any different region, there can be a language issue. It will be better if you choose professionals with the same language. This way, you can convey your requirements to them effortlessly. Though, it can be costly as well as a difficult job to find a local developer or outsource the project to someone who knows your language.    

5. Lack of Knowledge and Expertise

At present, the entire mobile app development industry is having a large number of IT professionals, specialists, and app developers. But do they fit your requirements? Every project has different requirements and to fulfill that, enterprises need to hire Android app developers who have that particular skill, or expertise. Some coders have a vital combination of excellent hard and soft skills but some of them don’t even have one. Thus, businesses need to be prudent while taking a decision. 

6. Lack of Understanding

While viewing the project, businesses and developers may have different perspectives. There are chances developers wouldn’t be able to understand what your requirements for the project are, hence, you must find Android app developers with the same mindset and understanding to carry out the entire development process easily. Otherwise, you will end up having an argument with them that will lead to time and money wastage. 

Different Types of Android App Developers

While looking for Android mobile app developers for hire, you must be aware of each option available in the market for hiring developers. When it comes to how to create an app, you have various ways to go such as outsourcing your project, working with freelancers, or signing a contract with the mobile app development company.

hie dedicated android app developers

Let’s get an understanding of all these different types of Android app developers for hire-

1. In-House Android App Developers

In-house developers work remotely and are known as a part of a company. If businesses want to get Android application development services for proceeding with multiple projects, then this option is viable for them. Choosing this option will provide them with control over the entire app development process. Though, it is the most common approach having all the necessary aspects including great communication, full control, limited budget, etc. Be it any native, cross-platform, or Flutter app development services, this option will go for all.

It also facilitates businesses to assemble their own team having essential team members only that they can lead. It will also reduce the issues such as language barriers or different time zone inconvenience.

Pros of In-House App Developers:

  • No communication or time zone issues
  • Great time management and limited-cost project
  • Fully controlled by the client

2. Outsourced Team

Enterprises can outsource their project to any app or software development company. It helps to decrease the time-to-market and development cost. The overall cost is reduced because there is no need to have the infrastructure or other extra expenses apart from hiring a firm. In this, the whole responsibility of the project is carried out by the firm itself, also, they are accountable for team management and delivering the project on time.

Outsourcing firm already has their own experienced and skilled developers who will look out for your project. This option is also beneficial due to cost control. You can choose the region from where you want to outsource the project as per your budget. Considering the time zone and language difference are something you have to be careful with. Though, here you will get top-tier services at an affordable price in the least time possible.

Pros of Outsourced team:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • More choices for hiring tech professionals
  • Fast project delivery      

3. Freelance Android App Developers

Hiring Freelance Android app developers is one of the most appropriate options chosen by businesses. Having freelancers for your project will reduce the overall project cost. This option works really well when it comes to small projects or software upgrades including creating a WordPress site or improving a shopping cart feature.

If you want to build a solution from scratch, then, you will need more than one freelancer as one person won’t be enough for providing full-cycle mobile app development services. The entire development process will take freelancers such as UI/UX designers, developers, and testers. In Android vs iOS, hiring freelancers go for both. If you have a large project, we recommend not going for freelancers as it can be an expensive and risky idea. Though before hiring them, you must check the verified reviews about them in any case!

Pros of Freelance Android App Developers:

  • Extended range of talented developers
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Suitable for small projects     
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Top Technical Skills to Watch Out for in an Android App Developer

Is there any need to say that when you hire Android mobile app developers, they must possess the needed skills and expertise for app development? They must have an understanding of basic programming knowledge, the latest technological trends, advanced mobile app frameworks, etc. so that they don’t need a guide to app development at every step.

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Let’s talk about those tech and soft skills you are required to look for hiring Android app developers-

1. Expertise in Programming Languages

You might know that Java and Kotlin are the two main programming languages for Android app development. Hence, enterprises should hire dedicated Android developers who are familiar with these languages as without knowing Java, developers can’t build an app for the Android operating system. They must also be aware of all the syntax, development basics, multithreading, frameworks, concurrency, generics, and functional programming. A deeper understanding of required programming languages and mobile app development tools will help them easily manage the programming process and structure.  

2. Understanding of Android SDK or Software Development Kit

To start creating an Android app, a developer first needs Android Software Development Kit known as a multipurpose tool. The Android SDK comprises various functional tools that make debugging easy for the source code, check the app compatibility with different OS versions, etc. The main functionality of SDK is that it gets updated constantly along with integrating new tools. For instance, SDKs are used as a supportive tool to create an app like Facebook while boosting up their procedures.  

3. Experience with Android Studio

Android Studio offers a cohesive environment to developers for creating Android apps best for Startups and SMEs. Not only apps, but developers can also build Android tablets, Android Wearables, Android TV, and Android Auto with the help of it. Integrated structure code modules help developers to split their projects into several units of functionalities that can be built, tested, and debugged accordingly and independently.

It also supports different Android SDKs versions; hence, coders can give their best to create an Android application. This essential tool is a must-own skill for providing Android app development services as developers can’t build an Android app without this.   

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4. Knowledge of APIs

Various Android apps need to integrate third-party services called APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to enhance their features and functionalities. For instance, if the client wants multiple payment gateway features in an app, there will be used Stripe, PayPal, etc. payment gateway APIs for this. An API works as a bridge between mobile applications and third-party services. Integration APIs can increase the performance, reliability, and use of an app. Therefore, every Android developer must possess this skill.   

5. Databases Expertise

Databases are an integral part of the mobile app development tech stack. While creating an Android app, developers must hold a strong grasp of the database. These are used to store a huge amount of users’ data that can be called at anytime. Here, Android developers can also use specific cloud services like Firebase where they can gather all the data using Cloud platforms’ APIs. Platforms like Firebase also offer such libraries that enable smooth data transfer from app to cloud and vice versa by getting integrated into the application. Therefore, Android developers should have knowledge about it.  

6. Material Design Learning

In the past some years, Google came up with an advanced level of UI including a set of rules called Material Design. It changed the way how varied aspects were situated on the Android app’s screen and their shades and colors also got improved. To change the app’s display, Android developers can choose it. Therefore, they must have knowledge about it to implement this into the app.

7. Grasp on Business Processes and SDLC

Android programmers need to have an in-depth understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and different business processes to implement the code and features exactly the way the client wants them. This is because there is a huge gap between the software’s functions and the client’s goals. To maintain them both, it is required developers have good expertise in the SDLC process.

Non-Technical Skills Watch out in Android App Developer

There are some non-technical skills as well that an Android developer must have. Look at them below-

1. Problem-solving Approach

Businesses should prioritize the cost to hire Android application developers with creative and problem-solving approaches. It will help the application development team to face any tech challenge easily along with integrating complicated features very seamlessly. They also come with innovative and unique ideas to profit the business amazingly. With this, the team employees will be faster, more efficient, and will cope with workload as well.

2. Self & Time Management

Time management is considered among the top aspects to manage the Android app development cost. Alongside, there has been seen that all the successful projects had developers with outstanding self & time management skills. Businesses must look for this skill when hiring mobile developers so that they can get timely finished tasks. With time control, coders will be able to easily put up with the tasks in the appropriate manner. 

Apart from these, Android developers must have communication skills, team management, negotiation skills, proactivity, and engagement to streamline the app development process.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Android App Developers?

Rates applied by mobile app developers differ according to the demanded services by you. Be it native or cross-platform app development services, you will get different costs for every developed solution. Check out the below table to know the cost per hour for different platforms and development stages-

DevelopmentRates per hour
Front-end$50 to $80
Back-end$80 to $100
Full stack$80 to $120
Android$50 to $150
iOS$80 to $200

The cost of mobile app development also depends from country to country and ranges from $80 to $$250 per hour charged by countries like Canada, the USA, and Western Europe, whereas India and some other Asian countries charge around $50 to $100 per hour.

Have a look at the below graph and tables to get an estimation of the mobile app development cost-  

cost graph

The above graph represents different costs depending on the different countries worldwide. If you are looking for iOS or Android programmers across the globe, it will help you a lot. Below, we have also shown a table displaying the varied cost depending on the region:

RegionsCountriesAverage Cost Per HourNumber of FirmsTech Competence
Central EuropeEstonia$41~192K6th Place
 Belarus$31~56K7th Place
 Romania$29~119K11th Place
Western EuropeThe UK$93~849k19th Place
 France$54~533k21st Place
 Netherlands$69~320k59th Place
South AmericaBrazil$45~11K18th Place
 Mexico$60~100K28th Place
 Argentina$60~3.8K26th Place
 Chile$55~61K33rd Place
AsiaIndia$30~5002nd Place
 China$29~40K1st Place
 Vietnam$29~5K9th Place
 Philippines$28~7008th Place

So, while looking for a mobile app development company or developers for hire, you can have them as per your requirements and budget. There are various countries in the above table that you can consider for project outsourcing.    

How To Hire Android App Developers?

Technology has advanced in recent years, and so are people’s expectations of Android apps. Make sure your customers get the best possible experience when you get an Android app developed. For this, you must hire dedicated developers who have expertise in Android app development. But before that, you should have a look at these important tips to hire Android app developers-

1. Look for Proficiency and Skills

While hiring professional Android application developers, they must have hands-on experience with required programming languages, different APIs, databases, etc. to develop the app conveniently. During the development process, there will be needed knowledge of basic syntax, top app development frameworks, functional programming, and more. Hence, they should know about these.

Also, Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) supporting a lot of Android SDK, therefore, developers should be proficient in that. Understanding API integration will help them to add more services to the app. And they must be familiar with the databases such as MongoDB, SQLite, etc. which are mostly used in the apps to store the users’ information.   

2. Consider the Overall Cost

Though it is necessary to consider the Android app development cost, but it is not all for creating an app. If you continue to be in the race of hiring cost-effective Android developers, then, you might end up finding developers with average skills and talent. Hence, don’t make the cost your primary focus and make your search better by focusing on hiring a team of Android app developers with the high potential to make a feature-rich and result-oriented application only.  

3. Check Out the Portfolio

It is the most important step to follow. You must check the portfolio of the Android app development team you are going to hire. Having a look at their past projects will help you to know the techniques and approaches they apply for app development. The portfolio also includes the app functionality, design features, and overall time taken in the project completion. If you like their strategy and deliver projects’ quality, you can continue the hiring process, otherwise, look for someone better. You can also talk to their previous clients to get feedback, reviews, and app rating.  

4. Required Innovative Approach

It is counted among the top factors for success of a mobile app; hence, it is necessary to look for it. To develop a high-quality mobile app, it is needed for developers to adopt an innovative approach such as deeply understanding the business needs, providing the best experience by improving the app design, and applying new and advanced ideas and techniques. It also includes solving suddenly occurring problems with their intelligent mindset.   

5. Sign NDA & Privacy Agreements

Security and privacy both are the main concerns in today’s world. Thus, you must watch out for this one of the important tips to hire Android app developers that lead you to sign significant agreements to assure the app idea security and users’ data privacy. Before hiring any mobile app development agency or a team of Android developers, you should ask them to sign an NDA or agreement including the terms and conditions for the app confidentiality.

6. Project Timeline

It is requisite to discuss the estimated project timeline upfront to know if it goes with your requirements or not. You should ask your considered developers whether they charge according to hours or project basis. Some developers just work for a few hours, weeks, or months, so, there are chances you might have to wait for a long. These are some common ways to go for project development and there is no fixed timeline for the project, hence, you must decide before hiring them or starting the project.   

7. Discuss the Post Development Support

Before choosing an Android app development company or freelance Android developers, ask them about the post-development benefits included in their offered package. Does it include app testing, launching, support, update, and maintenance? If not, then, what’s the point of hiring them as these are a part of the project development? Try to find out the professionals who can get you to develop a complete Android application.  

Why You Should Choose SemiDot Infotech to Hire Android Developer?

With time, SemiDot Infotech has proved itself a top Android application development company across industries. Throughout our journey of over 10 years, we have completed more than 500 projects with different niches successfully. Our team of adroit, dedicated, and professional developers will help you at every step of project development. We believe in a transparent and step-by-step development process and are ready to create top-tier iOS and Android apps along with cross-platform solutions.

Here are some more reasons to choose SemiDot Infotech to build an Android app for you, check these out-

  1. Before the project starts, we discuss all the things such as estimated cost & time, required resources, features to include, project scope, etc. with the clients to avoid any kind of misunderstanding during or after the project completion.
  2. We have a fixed pricing model depicting fixed work scope, complete estimation, strict deadlines, and required aspects.
  3. We can develop any of the apps, be it a small or a large-scale project as we have a dedicated team of developers with the right expertise and knowledge for the client’s project.
  4. For an easy and fast development process, our team applies Agile methodology to ensure the app’s efficiency.
  5. We also provide app modification services. For example- if you have an app created with Java and want some updates in it with Kotlin, we will get you to develop it with Kotlin including all the updates and alterations.


With the above full-fledged guide to hire mobile app developers, now you know what it takes to get a professional and knowledgeable team of developers. To get a feature-rich, proficient, and secure Android mobile app, you can contact our team anytime to hire Android developers from us. In case of any confusion, you can also get a consultation from our experts. We will be happy to assist you with all our capabilities, expertise, and experience. Feel free to reach us!


While getting an understanding to hire Android app developers, you must go through the below FAQs-

  1. How Can I Hire Android App Developers?

    To hire Android app developers, first, you should know about your project requirements. Then, you can check different online freelancer websites to find a suitable one or can talk to a mobile app development firm. Before hiring, you must consider some factors such as cost, features, resources, portfolio, skills, expertise, etc.

  2. How To Hire an Android App Developer in India?

    You can take the help of a top Android app development company such as SemiDot Infotech while finding app developers in India. We have certified app developers with rich experience who will help you create an amazing app. You can also hire freelance Android app developers as they charge less than developers from Western countries.

  3. Where To Find Android App Developers?

    There are two ways to find Android app developers, first is to hire a mobile app development company and the other one is to use the platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, etc. These will make your finding easier and less tiring.

  4. What is the Cost of hiring Android Developers?

    The cost to hire an Android app developer depends on region to region along with your project requirements. On average, an Android app developer charges between $25 to $80 per hour. Further, it can vary according to your priorities.

  5. Is Kotlin Better Than Java?

    For Android development, it can be true as Kotlin provides better support than Java. It also comprises features such as Android Extensions, null safety, and more while making the development process much more efficient for developers.   

  6. What Tools and Technologies Do You Use for Making an Android App?

    There are some tools such as Android Studio, IntelliJ, GitHub, Eclipse, Android Debug Bridge (ADB), etc. to use for Android app development. When it comes to technologies, Java, Python, Kotlin, React Native, and others are helpful to create an Android app.

  7. What Are the Essential Skills Required for Android App Developers?

    Android app developers must have knowledge about the latest programming languages, development trends, APIs, databases, Android user interface, and other basics to develop an application. These skills help developers easily carry out the development process.

  8. How Much Time Do Android App Developers Take to Develop an Android App?

    Commonly, Android app developers can create an application in 4 to 7 months. If the app is complex and there are different project requirements, then this estimation can differ and go up to more than 7 months.

  9. Are Android App Developers in Demand?

    Yes, Android app developers connect people worldwide with the created solution. They help users to engage with varied services in more unique ways while assisting businesses to earn profit.

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