When it comes to the most popular game in the world, undoubtedly, Football takes the crown. After all, Football is not just a game, it’s an emotion for some and a religion for others but overall binding us all.

The popularity of football and its players is so huge around the world that often Ronaldo vs Messi becomes the subject of debate among fans. By the way for whom you are rooting?

With the level of craze, fantasy football app was introduced to give football fans a new platform to fulfill their wish, and over time, it has added extra toppings to people’s football experience.

After all, Not everyone can go and enjoy football with their favorite players on the field but the spirit shouldn’t die down. Look at now, the estimated number of players has jumped from 42 million in 2015 to 45.9 million in 2019 around, and still seeing an upside curve. Not only for fans but for businesses also it has been alleged to be among the most profitable industries.

The craze people have now for fantasy football surely brings businesses to the doorstep of fantasy sports app development company to jump on the bandwagon while the market is on the upswing and make some profit out of it.

As an entrepreneur or businessman, are you also looking forward to getting fantasy football app development? Then, you have landed at the right blog. We will guide you through features, benefits, monetization model, and app development guide to develop a fantasy football app for getting a detailed understanding. Let’s jump in right away-

What is Fantasy Football Application?

Fantasy football is not just an online game but an exciting and immersive way that brings joy to football fans all around the world. It is that virtual game that allows fans to create their virtual football teams and be their team manager, strategist, and coach by selecting real-football players from the professional football league and competing against their friends.


But the thing that makes it even better is the blend of real-world football knowledge, making strategies, and joy dancing after winning with your virtual team. Users can take part in virtual leagues, draft players, play games, create their leagues , win prizes and also earn reward points based on the player’s performance in live matches.

Fantasy football applications provide an amazing opportunity for users to engage in competitive gameplay, plan, and enjoy a replicated football experience. These applications can be used via web browsers or mobile devices and are often used by football fans who like the competitive aspect of handling their virtual football teams.

Why This is the Right Time to Develop a Fantasy Football App Like NFL or ESPN?

If you are an industrialist or entrepreneur waiting for the right time to develop fantasy football apps like NFL and ESPN. Then, let us tell you this is the perfect time to go ahead with your idea for fantasy football app development and offer a fun & engaging experience to your users similar to NFL and ESPN.

With the growing popularity of fantasy football, such apps are in high demand which adds excitement and thrill to their experience. Research also says the same, 82% of people choose to play football among other fantasy apps last year, and out of which 72% of respondents who participated shared that competing for fun is the main ground to participate in fantasy football. See we told you; it has the hype.

But, do you know what has pushed the craze even more? There are a few things such as easy access to smartphones, the advancements in technology to provide a seamless experience to users, and more & easy availability of various tools and APIs has made fantasy football app development easy, efficient, and cost-effective. So, now the question is when are you getting one?

Fantasy Football App Development Cost

Once you decided to get a fantasy football app for your business and the thought of “How much will fantasy football app development cost” must have crossed your mind. Well, we understand that to develop such apps requires proper planning including the approximate estimation too. So, don’t worry, we will assist you by breaking down the cost from process-wise to region-wise:

App ProcessDesign TasksAverage Development Cost
Market ResearchResearch, Competitors analysis, Understand Target Audience$500-$2000
ConceptualizationsDefining features, Functionalities, Mockups$2000-$5000  
UI/UX DesignDevelop app UI, User-Design, Logos and pictures.$10000-$20000
DevelopmentFront-end= Coding user interface, Merging designs, and more & Back-end= APIs, Architecture, and Servers.$15000-$30000
App TestingFix Bugs, Usability, Visual appeal, Functionality$10000- $15000
Deployment & LaunchPrepare to deploy for different platforms such as Google Playstore and iOS Playstore.$1000-$5000
Post-launchNecessary maintenance, Bugs and more.$3000-$15000
MaintenanceMake sure the app remains efficient and protected.Yearly Basis
 Overall cost$41500- $92000

Apart from these processes, the experience and location of the company also affect the cost to build a fantasy football app such as mobile app development companies in the USA or other Western countries compared to development companies in Asia such as India or Bangladesh. Just like that, development costs change region-wise-

RegionHourly rate
Western Europe$75-$80
Eastern Europe$50-$60

There is no specific number when it comes to cost, after all every business has its own needs. On average, based on the above points, it is safe to say that the fantasy football application development cost can vary from $40,000 to $100,000.

This estimated cost may vary depending on various factors such as the features you want in your app, the size & complexity of your app, and other vital factors. Consulting with a reliable mobile app development company in USA about your requirements can help you get a customized quote for your project.

Fantasy Football App Working

Knowing the inside working of the app is necessary to endorse and encourage your users to play games in your fantasy app. So, before getting further, let’s understand the roadmap of fantasy football that looks like this-

  • Step 1 – After downloading the app, the user will register themselves using email, phone number, or through other social sites to create an account.
  • Step 2 -While signing up, they can do it directly or use a referral code (if they have any) to enjoy some benefits.
  • Step 3 -Next is to pay the entry fees through which the user gets access to play the games. To facilitate easy payment, several payment methods are available.
  • Step 4 -Users are allowed to make a team after paying the entry fee. With different price tags, the user can examine and choose players for his team.
  • Step 5 -Then comes the part of the Lock-in period where the users can make changes according to their requirements.
  • Step 6 -The user can time to time check the team’s performance. Once the match is over, the points will be given according to the performance in the real game.

Fantasy Football App Development Benefits

Before you start the great adventure of getting an app developed by a leading fantasy football app development company, it is necessary to know the benefits and how it is going to be a magic wand for your business.

fantasy football app benefits

If you want to create an app that caters to the real needs of sports enthusiasts and makes their experience fun, then fantasy football will be the right decision. Below are some advantages for your business that you can enjoy by getting a top-class football fantasy app. So, buckle up, and let’s dive in-

  • Higher Revenue generation
  • Collaboration with Top Brands
  • Legality
  • Extended User Base

1. Higher Revenue Generation

Getting good returns on investment is the number one priority of any business, your venture will be no exception. Current stats say, In 2022 there were 50.4 million players participated in the fantasy football app which surely shows more and more people will engage with these fantasy football apps.

This can give an advantage to your app wondering how? Well, the main income source of any fantasy sports app whether it’s football, cricket or any other are entry fees, subscriptions, and premium features. So, by organizing contests, and providing them with exciting features you can attract users.

2. Collaboration with Top Brands

Wondering how collaboration can help? Ventures always search for such apps that have high user engagement to promote their goods or services. So, by getting a fantasy app with trendy features from a leading fantasy football app development company, you can charm users as well as brands. By partnering with different businesses, you can offer special discounts to your users, and in return, the brands will pay you a few percent of the sale made through your app.

3. Legality

Earlier fantasy app was banned in many countries, but now the time has changed. With the increase in fantasy football game popularity, the banned is lifted in a lot of countries. So, by getting thrilling and up-to-the-minute features, you can target different countries with one app. As a result, your app will have more traffic and more collaboration through which you can increase your profit. By targeting more and more users from different countries, you can recover the cost of developing a fantasy football app and also make good revenue.

4. Extended User Base

Sports knows no boundaries. Despite race, nationality, class, or gender, we all love to engage in some kind of sports. You can target a variety of people to be your app user. More app users mean more competition and more competition means more fun. Furthermore, people engaging with the app will help in in-app advertisements, premium features, and sponsored content that can increase revenue for the app.

Top Fantasy Football Apps

Before moving forward, let us clear the air about who are the best fantasy football apps that are ruling the market. From rookies to expert fantasy football players, these apps are for everyone. With a feature like real-time updates, customizable leagues, draft tools, live scoring, and player statistics, these apps are your ultimate competitors.

So, now to build your fantasy football application, you can use some inspiration and get the better app to dominate the fantasy football world. We have shared below the list of some top market players that are ruling the fantasy football world.

  • ESPN Fantasy Football
  • Yahoo Fantasy Football
  • CBS Fantasy Sports App
  • NFL Fantasy Football App
  • DraftKings Fantasy Football App
  • Sleeper The Fantasy Football Application
  • Draft Punk Fantasy Football Players App
  • RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • Fantasy Football Draft Wizard
  • FanDuel Fantasy Sports Application

Fantasy Football App Features

The market has already so many fantasy apps that you might get lost among them. The feature of an app defines its success, only the best apps with great features can stay in the market.

We will discuss simple as well as advanced features that can help you to be at the top and strengthen your position among your competitors. So, without any delay, let’s jump in the right away-

User Panel Features

Below we have given some basic features for your user panel-

fantasy football app user panel
  • Sign-Up

Signing up is the first step when the user decides to connect with your app. If you will make it complex, do you think they will like to connect? No. Hence, the sign-up process should be easy and simple. Make sure to offer them sign-in through different social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail to make it more convenient.

  • On-boarding

The user will next reach inside your app and will try to know about the features that your app has to offer. So, make it easy to navigate for users and help them in the en route process.

  • Profile Creation

To build a fantasy football app like ESPN or NFL, you need to make sure that users have some control over their profile as they can make their profile by providing information, and avatars as well as edit it and see the history of their matches, rewards earned, won, and lost games and other crucial details should be visible to the user.

  • Find out about Games, Schedule & Scores

To keep the excitement of your user alive. Allow them to find out about upcoming matches, check scheduled matches, and see the scores live, it will surely add more thrill to their experience.

  • Performance History

What makes the team strong? Undoubtedly the players. Providing additional information about the players can help them to build a strong team to compete and choose the best players for themselves.

  • Match Highlights

To build an app that is successful “Match highlights” is an important feature to get for your app. The app should display the live score of the match. By enabling match highlights, the user will repeatedly open your app to see all the highlights of the match.

  • Leader Board

A leaderboard is a board that demonstrates the names and positions of leading contenders. Participants can contribute to competitions and earn reward points which can be collected in their accounts. The more they win, the higher will be the ranking and more will be their points. The leaderboard will reveal the names and points they have achieved so far keeping the competitive spirit alive.

  • League Creation

Once a user starts to play, they will be invested in your app. To provide variety in experience, you can offer them to create leagues. Having private tournaments with their friends and family will boost their experience with your app.

  • League Joining

The best way to engage users for your premier league fantasy football app is to allow them to join those premier leagues as soon as they create the account. It involves setting some league parameters and inviting participants to join. Users can then participate, select and manage football teams based on their performances.

  • Reward Points

To keep users coming back to your app, you can create “Rewards points”. These points will be used to motivate and reward users for their loyalty to the app through their participation and performance in the game. These earned points can contribute to the user’s overall game and unlock many features in the fantasy game.

  • Push Notification

Imagine one notification that makes the user curious to immediately tap on it and reach your app. Well, who doesn’t want that, so, don’t forget to keep your users in the loop with all the actions that are going on in the game. This will add an extra layer of excitement to your fantasy app experience.

  • E-wallet Integration

You know with the success of many apps like Dream11, NFL fantasy football, or any other sports app, E-wallet has become a must-have feature to get in your app. This will help the users seamlessly transfer their earnings to their accounts. Every successful app in the market has an E-wallet feature to simplify payment procedures and enhance the user experience. With that, you can add a few payment gateways for a secure and safe transaction.

Admin Panel Features

Below we have given some Admin panels that are essential for your app-

fantasy football app admin panel
  • Dashboard

Well here comes the foremost feature of the admin panel “The dashboard” which provides a complete summary that is necessary to manage the platform. The dashboard usually includes user management, match management, player management, league management, and financial management. It helps you to keep a bird’s eye on the statistics and revenue of the platform.

  • Banking & Transactions

With the banking and transaction feature in the admin panel, it will be easy to manage deposits and withdrawals, and let you control the money game of your fantasy app like a pro. In addition, you can ensure smooth and secure payment options for league members to join, play and cash out with no hassle. Such a feature with good security is provided by top software development companies and make sure to get one that will aid you in tracking every penny and focusing on the adventure of the game.

  • User Management

For the smooth functioning of the app and better performance, it is necessary to keep eye on user accounts and activities within the fantasy football platform. In addition, user management helps to view user profiles, view user interaction, handle their complaints, and help in account safety. Overall, it is necessary for the smooth operations and security of the fantasy football games app.

  • Real-time Analysis

To step up your game in the market and make your fantasy football game app a huge success, it is necessary to provide the user with real-time analysis. But what is that? You might ask. Real-time analysis refers to preserving and making data available to users rapidly so that users can make strategies and act fast. For example, during any league, real-time data helps to know updates on the player’s performance, passing yards, touchdowns, and more.

  • Reward Management

One of the top reason fantasy football apps like NFL or ESPN is successful is due to reward-earning features. Moreover, the reward features in fantasy football help in increasing user participation and motivating them. Typically, the reward is given to users in the form of currency, points, or other tangible benefits to enhance their fantasy football experience.

  • League Management

To create the best app for fantasy football, you have to provide your users with top-class league management. League management involves the administration and oversight of a league within a fantasy football platform. It typically includes creating and organizing leagues, setting rules, handling scores, determining disputes, managing league events, and maintaining statistics. This will ensure fair play and a positive experience for all members.

  • Ads Management

To control and be in charge of advertisements is necessary so that they don’t become a barrier to user experience. It is completely known that ads help to generate revenue for the app but with the help of ads management, one can ensure that ads are displayed appropriately.

  • Category Management

Another necessary point is “Category management” through which all ongoing and future leagues can be managed. It involves managing different categories of fantasy sports games within the app that ensures smooth operation and user experience for each category within the fantasy app.

Fantasy Football App Monetization Model

fantasy football app monetisation model

One of the most important questions that as an entrepreneur might bug your mind is “How my app will make money”, to answer that we have brought up a few ways through which your app can generate revenues-

  • In-app Advertisement
  • Participant’s Fees & Rewards
  • In-App Shopping
  • Fees & Commissions
  • Multiple Platform Support

1. In-App Advertisement

One famous way for fantasy football apps to make profits is through in-app advertisements. In-app advertisements are promotional content that will be displayed on your app. To run this content you can charge a percentage or fees. By developing an app with a great user interface developed by a top mobile application development company, then you can attract users as well as investors. Additionally, showing niche-based ads can keep the interest of the users and increase profit for your app too.

2. Participant’s Fees & Rewards

Participation fee is said to be the biggest chunk of revenue that fantasy sports enjoy. The participation fees are paid by the users to get entry and play in the leagues. Stats also show over 9.1 million users played and enjoy the fantasy premier league in 2021-2022 from all around the globe. This pretty much shows that people are so much interested in playing in leagues and winning rewards, it will surely increase revenue from participation fees.

3. In-App Shopping

Even though the fantasy football app is free to download but to play and continue in the matches they need to purchase some virtual items using real or virtual currency. While taking interest in the games, users like to invest their money to buy such features to make the match interesting and show support to their favorite players, which can be considered as another great way of making profits.

4. Merchandise

The craze people have for football is on some next level. They can go to any extent to show their support to their favorite players or team. One way to leverage this is merchandise. The global market of licensed sports merchandise is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% during 2022-2027. Your fantasy football app logo can be placed on merchandise which will do the app’s promotion as well as recover the cost to develop a fantasy football app and improve ROI.

5. Fees and Commissions

Fees and commissions are the most important revenue-generating source for the fantasy football app. The app charges some amount of fees as a commission to play the match. The amount later is divided by the reward among winners and the remaining becomes part of the profit for the business. After hearing the revenue model, we believe you are all set to hire fantasy app developers to develop such top-notch applications that make noise once it’s launched.

Fantasy Football App Development Process

fantasy football app development process

Before putting your hard-earned money in a fantasy football app, it is necessary to know the step-by-step development process to understand what to expect from your development company. Let’s dive into a complete mobile app development guide for your fantasy football app.

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Competitor Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and Support

1. Strategy and Planning

If you are seriously thinking to get a fantasy football app from a reputed fantasy sports software development company then the first step is to develop a proper strategy that includes your app’s purpose, capabilities, goal, and business model.

2. Competitor Research

Do thorough research on your competitors to understand why they are successful in the market, analyze your app specifications, decide your app USP, patent your app idea, your budget, and many more vital factors. This will clear the air between you and your development team.

3. UI/UX Design

Now, it is time to work on the outlook of your app. As you heard “first impression is the last impression”. By developing the fantasy football app with the best and most engaging designs, you can attract more users. Make sure to get a user-friendly UI.

4. Development

This is the main part where the dream comes true in the form of app development. Front-end and back-end development is being developed in which the front-end is responsible for your user experience and the back-end is responsible for a smooth run of the front-end. Taking things further includes prototype, mobile app tech stack, APIs, and installing discussed features. Overall, it’s the main pillar of the development process.

5. Testing

Once you get your app developed with the help of software development company, the next step is to make sure all features are operating faultlessly. The testing phase includes user experience, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and many more to make it reach the finest form to the audience.

6. Deployment

It is time to deploy the app on the right app store, which includes deploying iOS app on the Apple store and the Android app on the Google Play Store. For deploying on any platform, you have to go through some formalities and submit your app for review. As soon as it’s all clear, your app will be added to the respective platform. You might think the work is over but no there’s more to it.

7. Maintenance and Support

After developing and deploying your fantasy football app with the best mobile app development practices, it is time to monitor your app performance through user reviews and their interaction with your app. Based on your goal, you can involve analytics tools for monitoring to gather better feedback for improved user engagement.

Fantasy Football App Development Tech Stack

Above we have discussed quite a few necessary points, but now let’s take a look at the technology stack that are binding pillars for the development of your fantasy football app. Getting knowledge of this will help you to improve your discussion with your game development company.

ComponentFramework/Programming languages for mobile app development
FrontendHTML5, CSS, JavaScript
BackendXamarin, AngularJS, and React
DatabaseMongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, MySQL
AnalyticsBig Data Apache, IBM, and Hadoop
Cloud EnvironmentGoogle Cloud, AWS, and Salesforce.
API DocumentationEntitySports, SportsMonks, Goal Serve
Payment GatewayBraintree, PayUMoney, Stripe, PayPal, Net Banking, E-wallet
Push NotificationsTwilio, Apple Push Notification
UI/UX DesignPhotoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and XD

Why Choose SemiDot Infotech for Fantasy Football App Development?

This is no wonder that the market for fantasy sports apps is increasing tremendously for a few years. The market size of the US fantasy sports industry was $8.88 billion in 2021, not only in the USA but even in Asian countries such as India too is among the race as there were 160 million fantasy sports players in 2022.

With a staggering growth in Indian fantasy football players, more apps are demanded to meet their expectations. This has placed the responsibility on the mobile app development companies in India to develop a future-proof and high-quality application.

Overall, it doesn’t matter whether it is USA, UK or India, the craze for fantasy football apps is on the uprising trend and becoming a center of attraction for football fans. Among such demands, searching for a reliable and experienced mobile app development company in India is a tough nut to crack. But you don’t have to worry.

At SemiDot infotech, we can help you build an advanced-level football fantasy app that offers an immersive user experience. By utilizing leading-edge technologies and best industry practices, SemiDot Infotech can patent your app idea and deliver top-notch functionality including live chat, team management, and more.

With years of experience and expertise, you can expect a high-quality fantasy app that meets your prerequisites and engages your users, all within your decided budget.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, getting a fantasy football app can be a challenging yet rewarding effort. As the popularity of fantasy apps will grow, the requirement for an app that caters to user needs will grow. What if your idea of a fantasy football app can be that market-altering and successful? You never know.

So, let that seed of your idea grow and be built into an amazing fantasy football app by incorporating advanced features like real-time scoring, player statistics, and social interactions. You can take the idea further by taking the help of SemiDot infotech.

By taking advantage of their knowledge in developing an app with advanced technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, and cloud computing, that provides users with an immersive and personalized experience.


We believe the above blog has assisted you. But, in case you have any doubts we have added some FAQs to clear them for better understanding.

  1. How to build a fantasy football app?

    To build the best fantasy football app. First, you are required to do thorough research of the market, and hire a top fantasy football app development company the next step involves choosing the correct tech stack to develop and deploying on the right platform. Constant maintenece and updates are required to check if it’s working .

  2. How much does it cost to develop fantasy football app?

    The cost to create a fantasy football app range from $40,000 to $100,000. But it may vary according to the app’s design, complexity, features, functionalities, experience of the company, and location of the company also changes the overall cost.

  3. Which is the best fantasy football app development company?

    There are many fantasy football app development companies that promises high-quality services. But our pick will be SemiDot Infotech as the experience and expertise of the company have been unmatched. They have a team of developers, designers, and expert professionals that can assist you by providing solutions that can give you exceptional results.

  4. How do fantasy football apps make money?

    Fantasy football apps generate revenue through different means such as Advertisements, In-app purchases, Merchandise, Fees & Commissions, Subscription, and more. By developing a top-notch application, you can attract your users and third parties and make good revenue out of it.

  5. What are the key features of the fantasy football app?

    There are some key features of the fantasy football app including registration, profile management, Creating and Joining leagues, Player details, Reward management, E-wallet, and more. There are many basic and advanced features for any app but all over the features should be easy to navigate and helpful for users.

  6. How much time does it take to build a fantasy football app?

    The time taken to build a fantasy football app varies from 13 weeks to 21 weeks. There are usually different stages while building an app. The project requirement and features can extend the time. Make sure to discuss with your development team and take updates on your project.

fantasy football app cta
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