There was a time when people used to feel shame in telling that they met their other half on dating apps like Tinder or Hinge. But now, it has become a common thing, and even if you ask your friend any embarrassing story about dating it will eventually come circling any dating apps. Perhaps, you have also searched for a partner on a dating app whenever your heart called out for one.

A decade back there was a huge shift from traditional dating to online dating. After all, In the era when everything is becoming online, dating apps can’t stand behind.  But why dating apps? There is a good reason, it provides a higher chance to find “the one” by providing a platform where you make your profile, share your hobbies, likes & dislikes and search for people with a similar preference to know what you are getting yourself into.

what is dating app

With the success of apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, happn, and Elite Singles, the scope of dating apps has skyrocketed. Currently, 323 million people are using dating apps to find & meet new people. With that the scope for dating apps has increased more than ever, taking the advantage of this time companies are taking help from trusted dating app development company to build more such apps with extra security and more features. Well, to say currently it is a great time to put your money to use and develop a great solution for people out there.

Wait, we understand that you need more information about how to make a dating app, market stats, challenges, and features to include in dating apps.

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What is Dating App?

There was a time when if you liked someone, you’d go to them, and ask their number to take them out on dates, The answer could be yes or no or maybe second-hand embarrassment in front of everyone. Times changed and now all you have to do is download online dating apps, make a good profile, see potential people and talk to them. This will give both of you a good idea of whether you want to go on a date or will like to change your paths.

Dating apps are applications that allow people to find their potential match with pictures, likes & dislikes while providing them the advantage of smartphone GPS location capabilities. Using this feature, you can look for a partner, friend, or relationship wherever you are, it can be a club, a small nearby trip, another city, or another country.

why dating

Tinder was the first app launched in 2012 that received such massive success in the dating industry leading to an increase in the demand for online dating app development. Tinder successfully shifted people’s mindset from traditional dating to online dating, recording over 350 million swipes every day by late 2013.

From 2012 to current time there have been so many changes in the feature of dating apps now people can even make calls, and report any misbehaving as well as can search for a partner according to their sexuality. From making friends to fulfilling sexual needs, dating apps are full of choices for users at their fingertips.

Market Stats of Dating Apps

After the pandemic, the spark of online dating has increased. According to a survey, The global online market of dating apps will grow by 12.65% during the forecast period. From the above picture, you can see US market is getting bigger followed by other countries as we can see that while Tinder reported 3 million swipes a day, Bumble video calls raised by 70% whereas OkCupid wasn’t behind, from March to May 2020 the dates on the platform saw an increase of 700%.

The reasons are pretty simple with the fast forward moving environment, people like to talk and match with only people they can look forward to meeting, or having a relationship with. More openness in society, acceptance of inter-caste marriages, and meeting people with different requirements have upsurged the requirement for mobile app development services for businesses to build more feature-rich solutions.

Why Build a Dating App?

Along with the market stats, there are still so many reasons which will give your more motives to build your dating app as quickly as possible. As you know millennials and Gen-Z are far ahead of their choices and preference than Gen-x. Nowadays people like to explore, choose the person who shares a common interest, and share their perception on varied aspects.

That’s why, they like to swipe their dates on dating apps, but there is more to it. Given below are some other reasons that’ll prove that investing in a dating app will be an ideal solution for you-

1. Generate Revenue

Dating apps are profitable, why? due to loneliness & introverted nature, most people take help of the dating apps to make new friends or find love. The “knot survey” about dating apps stated that online dating is now becoming a popular way to meet your other half. Meeting your spouse through online dating apps became a new norm in the United States People have shifted their love-finding ways from traditional to modern ways & now seeking love through dating apps.

This shift has increased the demand for dating apps & revenue in the online dating segment to US$70.84M by 2023. Even the expected number of users will increase to 28.4 million users by 2027 showing that this time is ideal to hire mobile app developers & start working on your dream project.

2. The Dating Marketing Pool is Increasing

The dating pool is Increasing day by day, it is said that it will rise at a CAGR of 12.65% in upcoming years. The age group between 18- 35 tends to enjoy these dating sites more and more, people like to scroll through dating apps & meet new people. By observing their habits, preference, and choices you can get a good overview of them and build a dating app.

3. Attract Advertisement

While we speak of reasons, another major reason to create a dating app is that it can become a great stop for ad integration. Dating apps are always the center of attraction, once your app gathers a good number of users it will surely bring video ads or full-page ads from third-party. Building a dating site will surely help you to attract advertisements from businesses & increase your revenue.

4. Serves Varied Audience

One of the main reasons to create a dating app is that it serves a greater audience. Love has no age whether it’s an adult searching for a relationship or a person in their mid-50s searching for a friend, dating apps are open-source for everyone. The search for love will never be over, allowing users to try more and new options in form of dating apps.

Dating CTA03

Once you build a dating app you can market it to a vast audience as well as to people who are already done with tinder & bumble. It might take time but slowly & steadily your dating app will get accepted & might help you to earn some extra chunks.

Dating apps are everywhere & are used by the vast majority of people from people. People who just turned 18 to people searching for someone in their 40s all are sailing on the same boat of dating apps, Hands down to the amazing features of dating apps.

Every business is bringing new ideas to the table which may vary the cost to design a mobile app for dating but they are surely pouring their heart & soul into taking care of their user safety & experience by bringing new features to dating apps.

why dating apps

So, that people can enjoy it more and more. The standard set by Tinder has helped other businesses to reinvent the user- experience and bring more functionalities. Users are enjoying these features, but there are more reasons why dating apps are popular-

  • One of the big reasons behind the popularity of dating apps is that they are handy and efficient, you can easily use dating apps anywhere from home to the metro to your workplace. It is flexible as well as provides you with a huge variety of people to talk to, match, and meet at just your fingertips.
  • You can easily dodge people, you know what you are looking for, and if you see the other person doesn’t fit in it, you can unmatch them. You can check other user profiles and match them if you feel to initiate a conversation. You can check their background, and mutual friends you have, and take your date further if you like.
  • There are so many various niche-based dating sites that no matter which category users fall into, they can find a good partner. Suppose you want females to message you first then you can join Bumble, you can join Taimi if you consider yourself in the LGBTQ category. Even though there is an app for people who hate the same things it’s called the “Hater app”. Crazy? Isn’t it?
  • Another reason behind the popularity of dating apps is their improved feature according to time. Tired of typing? well, you can send a voice message. Looking for music interest? Send them your playlist via Spotify. Looking for a call without sharing the number? You can go for an audio or video call through the app.
  • People are so busy nowadays, dating apps help them to use the apps while doing other work. Not only this, people who are so awkward & feel shy to go to someone and talk also take the help of dating apps to make friends, or find a partner.

What Are the Main Challenges of Building a Successful Dating App?

There is a plethora of best hookup apps as well as dating apps already on people’s favorite lists. The number is still increasing now and then, there are so many dating apps that are joining dating platforms, and among them to survive & market yourself is a pretty tough call.

Dating App Challenges

Not only this, but with constant fake profiles, security breach, and cybercrimes related to dating apps, it seems like creating a dating app require you to go through challenges and act accordingly. For your best benefit, we have given below the challenges that are associated with the progression to create a dating app.

1. Imaginativeness

The most important requirement to create a dating app is to build it with creativity. The main cause behind the failure of many dating apps is their lack of creativity or imaginativeness in their app. Your dating app developer for hire needs to understand this and develop such an application that has so many features such as gamified user profile, audio, and video calls, In-app games, and an attractive user-responsive interface that will help you be in the game in long run.

In order how to create a dating app that attracts users? You can enhance your dating app with such extraordinary features. Make sure to hire a skilled and experienced developer to add spice to your app.

2. Enhancing User-Experience

From real-life dates to dating apps, everyone seems to like attention from the other person, we are not complaining on that part but in this dynamic market, there are so many apps available already in the marketplace, that to stand out in front of the users is a tough nut to crack. While creating your dating app you have to provide seamless UX and smooth functioning of the app.

In the pool of Gen-Z and millennials, you have to provide something different and extra to attract them. The old way to just swipe right to like or swipe left if you don’t like will not work anymore. Users need more advancement in dating apps.

Considering your competitors are already building solutions with an experienced dating app development company giving them more ideas and guiding them towards success. You have to bring innovative ideas such as “Snack’’ provides the user to make Reel-like videos to update their profile to enhance user experience.

3. Marketing Challenge

Marketing remains one of the big challenges for entrepreneurs. At a time when you think about how to start a dating app, you also have to figure out how to market the app. There are already plenty of dating apps swimming around in the play store.

First, you need to identify your target audience and how you want them to perceive your app. For example, Tinder targeted gen-z & millennials and made their app engaging enough for them which is why 83% of users are below the age of 34 years on Tinder. As the experts say “Good marketing makes the company look smart, Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”.

The only way to put yourself in front of the user is to build a dating app by bringing creativity to your app, creating freemium offers for them, and providing smart filters so you can easily and quickly market your app to the users.

4. Security Concerns for Your User

We all love our personal space. Isn’t it? The same level of personal space users expects while using a dating app. The app they are using should be safe and secure for them and also give them a friendly personalized experience. 63% of insiders from the dating app development industry believe the risk of fraud associated with online dating has increased.

This is one more pressing challenge in the way to create a dating app. You might think why dating apps are more prone to security breaches, scams, or frauds as this gives complete information about any user, from their current location, contact information, workshop, and history leaving the user vulnerable data easily available for hackers.

But the question is how can you build a dating app that provides a safe place to enjoy their personal space? The short and simple answer is by integrating messaging services with more powerful technology such as blockchain and AI-powered face verification to save them from a security breach and also from those unwanted sex offenders & solicited pics that nobody wants to see.

5. Pricing of your app

People like affordable things so keeping a budget-friendly pricing feature in your app will not only keep your user- engagement high but also improve client retention. You know dating apps are those apps that people use on and off, sometimes when they get a date, they take things from the virtual world to the real -world. But wait? What is challenging here, the challenge is your user are of different ages and varies in different income categories some are of 20-22 years, and some are in search of a partner who joins dating apps at around 30-35 years of age.

To create a successful dating app using dating app development services, you need to keep in check the pricing strategy just like Tinder did. The basic services of the Tinder dating app are made available to everyone for free, whereas for a premium feature users have to pay a particular price. The price charged by Tinder to 20–25-year-olds is $14.99 whereas for the same features the older age group pays around $19.99.

6. Building Location-Based Network

Location is not a challenge but it is an actual necessary aspect to build your own dating app for the user as well as businesses, but it becomes challenging if it’s unmanageable. If you want people to choose your dating app and enjoy then while creating your dating app, keep in mind to target specific reasons and users so that they can enjoy their time on your app and take forward themselves on real-world dates further improving your popularity.

Targeting a particular reason will help you in testing various features and take a dig at people’s choices like what they like, and what are their preferences which will help your business when you will expand it to other places.

What are the Various Types of Dating Apps?

Ever wondered how despite so many dating apps these dating pools, businesses can make profits through dating apps? While this has been recorded that the dating app revenue touched $5.61 in 2021. The scope for dating apps is still high and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Types of Dating Apps

Dating app users grew to 323.9 million in 2021 is giving the major reason why businesses need a mobile app for dating. To build a dating app you must have relevant information on the type of dating apps available in the market to know what you want for your project. Here below we have shared the types-

1. Traditional Dating Apps

Traditional dating apps are the most basic way of finding a partner basically, people who have been totally out of only dating phase and looking for some future with their partner choose traditional dating apps for their comfort. In a nutshell, using traditional dating apps you can experience dating virtually, and if you found the other person interesting enough you can carry forward the relationship. You can hire dedicated developers to develop a traditional dating app. Matchmaking apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and e-harmony fall under this category.

2. Geo-location Matching Dating Apps

This model of dating app has a basic feature available for a specific geographic location or nearby location, users can enjoy many features but more features such as boosts and likes are only unlocked by premium users. Happn can be said as such dating apps help those people to connect who have visited the same place or were at a specific spot.

3. Niche-Based Dating App

Niche-based dating apps are quite a trend currently, this is actually for those people who have a predetermined set of lifestyles or share quite similar interests. This dating app model has a small sphere and is only for some targeted groups. Currently, they have a smaller audience but moving towards a growing market.

Let’s say some of your friends are strictly vegan & look forward to strictly dating someone who has similar food preferences can join Veegly as the app is made for similar learning people. If you want to make such a niche-based dating app such as for LGBTQ or fitness freaks, the dating app development cost may vary, but it can be a great decision for your business according to the current shift in the social lives of people.

4. Matching Algorithm-Based Dating Apps

With the name, you can guess the matching algorithm simply means using your search history to collect information such as age, specific choices, or location, that information you will submit while creating your profile. When they find people with similar choices and preferences, users usually tend to use the app more.

Many companies build Matching Algorithm-Based Dating Appsusing professional dating mobile app development services to enhance user- experience and improve user engagement with their company. As such example is Hinge using the Gale Shapley Algorithm which resolves the issue of stable matching between two people when both of them prefer the same partner over anyone else.

How to Create or Build Your Dating App?

How to create a dating app is the most important process where you need to know the complete mobile app development process of dating app but before that understand a few factors that need your attention before building your dating app. There are 40 million people currently using dating applications to search for their partner or someone with whom they can carry forward their relationship in the real world too.


That’s what will be enough motive to create a dating app. But, if you will do it without the knowledge of the process that goes down you might lose your time & money, and maybe the dating app doesn’t provide your desired results. If you are willing to build your dating app, let us navigate the things to keep in mind before creating your app-

1. Analysis Of Competitors’ Work

Once you go to the play store, you will see multiple dating apps have extended their criteria from hook-up apps, Niche-based dating apps, Casual dating apps, and Exclusivity apps, to Marriage apps too. Before jumping on the bandwagon of how to create a dating app, you need to analyze your competitors.

Once you get to know the features, functionalities, and marketing strategies that led them to their success, it can help you and your team to generate new ideas & hire mobile app developers to make a dating app that can hit the jackpot.

But, as Colin Powell said ‘’Successful business is the result of the preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to go through those apps that failed in the market and understand the reason to not repeat them while creating your dating app.

From global to local competitors, you need to analyze their game. For your help, we have shared the work of big players-

  1. Tinder
  3. Bumble
  4. Okcupid
  5. Hinge
  • Tinder

Tinder is the name behind so much popularity of dating apps, back in 2012 it was launched people showed interest, and the dating world was taken by storm in 2013. Tinder brought the feature to like or pass the other user without disclosing their name which saved a lot of second-hand embarrassment.

You can easily approach the other person without getting rejected in public & without even practicing your pick-up line in front of your friends, just by reading their profile, you can get an idea and approach them by swiping right.


Tinder provides a basic feature that comes in the free plan as well as the premium plan gives your unlimited swipes, likes, and rewinds you can even change your country with the passport settings which are limited to 10 miles in the basic plan. You might get excited thinking about how to create a dating app like Tinder. Well, by just thinking out of the box and bringing such exceptional features for your app.

  • is another name in the matchmaking community which is connecting love birds for the last 25 years. People who are looking for a relationship or something serious. The app shows a match according to the information you fill out while making your profile. This dating app allows you to search for the people whom you match and meet. There are several premium plans which unlock free replies, in anonymous mode.


If you are skeptical that whether you want to share your number with your match, don’t worry match has a solution for it too they will provide you with a unique number generated by the platform without sharing your real number you can easily text or call your match & get to know them better. With the help of social media app development company, you can create high-performance apps with such features that match users’ expectations.

  • Bumble

If someone took “Ladies first” too seriously, it’s Bumble for sure. Bumble changed the perception of dating by giving the control to message first to women. Bumble is a dating app and social networking site for people who wants to form a connection, or friendship or are in search of their ex whatsoever.


Bumble is an open platform for well, there are other reasons why Bumble got famous as it added flavor by naming users swipes as bees and providing easy to use the feature with video and audio calls. Once you use Bumble, you would love to unlock more features with unlimited advanced filters and bring more bees into your beehive.

  • OkCupid

Remember when we used to make fun of that we have to submit a form to find a partner, well that’s exactly what OkCupid is. In search for a partner, lover, or friend you have to fill in at least 15 questions that will be asked by the app, which helps the algorithm to understand your preferences and match you with your potential partner.


The more answers you give the better the compatibility will be your match. OkCupid is in the game for a long time, different fun campaigns such as redefining the term DTF for the users as Dating to football or fight instead of dating to f**k to discuss new topics every day which improved social media engagement of OkCupid by 50%.

  • Hinge

Hinge is a comprehensive app for those people who are connected through some means of social media, which means the app is actually for those people who are looking for long-term or serious relationships. Free users can like 8 profiles a day, once you upgrade you get unlimited likes which you can invest in and find someone good.


A Hinge had some different plans for their user, which is why you can represent your personality through prompts, you can share your voice with some introduction or pickup line for the users to get to know which can get the users more likes.

Dating App Features of the app
Tinder Famous app for dating, User-friendly, Gamification Features, Cheap subscription plans (20$) Matches based on your preference, Super like features, Around me feature detects the nearby user, Unlock advanced features ( $44.99)  
BumbleFemales make the first move, Make friends to find love and look for a career option, Start at 19.99$
OkCupidMatch on preferences, Questions poll, Modern Filtering with a premium feature, Starts from $4.95
HingeMatch on your interest or preference, Great for a younger audience, Starts from $12.99, Free members get 10 likes every day.

2. Understanding Of Targeting Group

In the next step of how to build a dating app, you need to focus on your target audience. As the great marketing quote says “To fulfill the expectation of users, you need to understand the expectation of the user”. As a means to pull a rabbit out of the hat, you need to expand the attention to not only targeted groups but to the inconsiderable group too, it might help to expand the businesses at other places also. Before you hire a dating app developer, you require to study your audience which is only possible through demographics or psychological assessment. In the case of demographics, you get to be acquainted with various aspects such as race, gender, marital status, and other important aspects which become an important aspect to build your dating app. On the other hand, psychological assessment is a conceptual and in-depth activity that involves a comprehensive study of the user or user behavior.

You can take a few steps further with them from building the dating app to calculating the cost to develop an ios app or android app, understanding targeting groups will surely help you to also analyze your marketing strategy.

3. Knowledge of Matching Algorithm

The matching algorithm plays an important role for the users. Users, if they are not satisfied with the matches, or meet people with not-so-relevant preferences will probably create frustration and maybe they leave the dating app. You need to understand our actual preferences of people starting from looks, similar interests, and an eye-captivating profile.

With around 64% of people accepted that they look for similar interests, whereas 72% of women search for what type of relationship they’re looking for. Such surveys help a lot to analyze how to develop a dating app, there are also other ways to know about your user choices and preferences.

To help you out, here are a few processes listed below to help you build a dating app

  1. Location Matching
  2. Calculation-Based
  3. Behaviour Matching
  4. Advanced Matching Techniques
  • Location Matching

While making a roadmap to make your dating app, you will get a variety of thoughts about enhancing user experience, many dating apps use GPS to track their location. With that, the people near that location, so that users initiate the conversation and take a decision to meet or talk with each other further on the app. Location matching can help your users to take things from the virtual to the real world.

  • Calculation- Based

There are various questions asked by the dating platform bot, and the user reply helps the bot to match them with similar taste people. This is the actual purpose of asking people their preferences so that these data can benefit building a dating app to keep their user interest and make it successful.

  • Behavior Matching

Behavior matching is one of the aspects that generate amazing results. Once the user submits their details in the app or as well many users link, they’re so the choices, preferences, and behavior of the user, the comment, likes, liked pages, and playlist of the user. The bots gather all the data and keep on analyzing to match with their potential match.

  • Advanced Matching Techniques

With new technologies emerging in the world, many dating apps such as Flutter Love use AI to send messages to take things further. Whereas AIMM another app takes advantage of AI for its users with a voice-activated bot that asks about the idea of your first date and potential travel bucket list which helps you to meet the people who are fitting in the same criteria on the dating app. By integrating Artificial intelligence in your app with the help of a software development company, you can easily detect scams and as well as enhance user experience too.

4. Security Integrations

Your app must have security for the users using the dating app. Dating apps are more prone to cybercrimes, catfishing, and homes for sexual offenders. So, when you build a dating app, it is important for your user to feel safe using your dating app. While taking android or iOS application development services from the company, make sure to get security integrated with the latest technology such as artificial intelligence or blockchain in your dating app. Also, keeping complete information of users will help to keep sex offenders and criminals away & prevail a safe environment for your users.

Below are some essentials help you to safeguard the app

  1. Authentication of Security
  2. Report
  3. Blacklist
  • Authentication of Security

Once users download the app, request users to sign in either with their phone number or ask them to verify themselves by adding different social media links. Verification of uploaded photos with their live face will help them to authenticate their profile

  • Report

You know bad people don’t come with a warning, but your app can. Allow users to report and block profiles if they feel any wrong encounter with any user. Even, once they meet and after the date, if they feel like the other person is lacking in safety and security, they should be able to report the incident as well as the person to the app.

  • Blacklist

Sometimes some people have a long history of criminal records and for the safety of the users of the dating app, if a person is continuously reported by multiple users, they should be blacklisted by the app.

5. Work on User Experience

While understanding how to create a dating app, it is also important to emphasize augmenting user experience. Your requirement should be understood by your mobile app or web development company because in dating apps top-notch designs and creative work better, and your chosen company needs to work its best to provide the best user experience to your users. What users feel about your app, and easy-to-navigate features will help them reach out to your app in times of need.

Once you understand all these requirements to build your dating app, features also play an important role in the success of any business. So, it is really important to make your feature-rich from basic to advanced features to improve user engagement with your dating app.

Features to Include in Your Dating App

As we talked about earlier, the feature is an important factor and for a higher chance of success you need to understand how to create an app from scratch with some basic & advanced features in your dating app.

Features of A Dating App

Generally, your user would love some features which make their work easier such as sending super like or turning down profiles. The app should have an emoji, gif, and video or audio call feature. But wait? Is it enough to read below what else users like to see to get help-

1. Registration & Sign-in

Without any doubt, this is a must-have feature to build your dating app. Registration and sign-in with different social media or through numbers. After that, the users must be assured that their number and chats are safe and secure, as well as ask them to accept the terms and conditions if any. With that, this is also necessary to keep the sign-in process easy and fast.

2. Profile management

People like simple things, so start by offering them easy access to their profiles and making small adjustments easily. Now the question is how to create a social media app that is simple but attractive? just by just allowing users to fill in a variety of information easily & quickly such as their interests, hobbies, what they looking for, a few imaginary questions such as Bumble asks what would you like to change about the world, how your teacher describes you, and one thing you can’t get over with. Such questions attract your other potential user to initiate conversation.

3. Preference-Matching

Gen-Z and Millennials are all about vibes, if the app doesn’t provide or match them with potential users it might be a turn-down in the user flow. The best way to solve this is to match the potential candidates through their preferences. Even while submitting their profile in the dating app, if they skipped any question that can also help to match the potential user together.

4. Geolocation

Geolocation is the identification of the geographic location of the user, and for their convenience meeting them with people in a similar area or nearby area. This was initially used by Tinder and over time after seeing the success rate of dates many other dating apps copied it. While you want to create an app like Tinder don’t forget to put geotagging as your priority. It will surely dedicate to your app’s success.

5. Voice Chat

A lot of people are not so active on text or find it boring. Voice chat feature should be availed by your mobile app development company. Every business has this question while making a dating app How to create a dating app that provides people best time with each other? The more way of communication more they will be able to spend time on your dating app. Voice and Video calls will help in making communication more varied.

6. Swiping feature

Swiping feature is a must-feature for any dating app, Swiping means whether a user liked or disliked any prof swiping right means yes, and swiping left means no. well, this is a basic feature but to enhance it you can hire android app developers or iOS app developersto add fun elements such as a super-like feature. Once they super liked or liked any profile the application matches them and they can take further their conversation, and a constant reminder one or two times can also help the users to connect.

7. Messaging

Messaging or chatting is not everyone’s cup of tea, so how to build a dating app that promotes more communication among users? By making the messaging app more convenient and user-friendly, using a meme, Gifs, and fun questionnaires to ask people can help them to stay on the chat for more time.

8. Perfect First Date Idea

Candlelight dinner? Or Casual Coffee Date or Car drive what should be the idea of the first perfect idea has made us all obnoxious and confused. It will be great if the dating app provides some suggestions to help people about their date by analyzing their preferences the bots can analyze and share some data on basis of that. With the help of that, your dating application can help provide a good time to the users.

9. Undoing Mistakenly Like Or Swipe’

While swiping sometimes users mistakenly swipe on someone whom they don’t like, Sometimes users in hurry swipe them right, instead of swiping them left there should be an option to undo mistakenly swipe. Giving people a chance to undo their mistakes can help them to have a positive experience with your app, This will increase their chance of actually talking to someone they like instead of someone they have no interest in.

10. Push notification

Did you get a new match? Or see who wants to talk? such pop-ups can help the users to peak in the dating app. While you divulge to build your dating app, don’t forget to take benefit of push notifications & make them customized to improve the user experience. While you send the push notification to users, don’t overdo that might place a negative impact on your users. You can also provide them the authority to stop the push notification.

11. AI Integrated Application

Artificial intelligence is slowly taking place in all sectors. To analyze how to build a dating app that runs for a long time in the market. It is necessary to match with current technology, once you integrate your app with artificial intelligence, the AI can help to provide badges with facial recognition reducing negative experiences of users by only verifying real people. In terms of matching, AI can help bring people together who match in age, hobbies, likes or dislikes, and choices. This will help in a more meaningful connection on the app.

12. Deleting an Account

Build a dating app with a function to easily delete an account for the users. Sometimes when users find someone or even if they don’t find one, once in a while users need a break from all these swiping left and right and talking with people. It is said 18% of users leave dating apps as it causes stress to them and 14% after meeting someone from the app. It is better to build an app that has an easy process to delete or deactivate the account of the user.

13. Panic Button

A panic Button creates an extra layer of security. As an entrepreneur, you might have thought about how to build your dating app which people rely on. Panic button can be the answer to that question. Once your user goes on real-date, if they feel uneasy or unsafe, they can tap the panic button. The admin will receive the notification and will immediately alert the police. This will surely feel user they are safe and secure.

14. Customer Support

Customer Support is important for your dating app, it is important for the users to feel catered to in times of need. Sometimes users get stuck up while making the profile or face some threat or any other issue. In such time, your app needs customer support which can help the user effortlessly use the application.

Tech-Stack to Build Your Dating App

Just like every other business, you will also want to choose the right tech stack for your mobile app. A tech stack is the use & merger of multiple technologies used to run an application comprises of the framework, programming language, database, and front-end & back-end tools.

The choice of tech stack depends on multiple things such as how complex your project is, the affordability and convenience of developers, and development tools. Here below we have given some essential tools that are essential for your project.

Variety of tools are availableTechnology
Programming languageJava, Swift, and Kotlin
DatabasePostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB
FrameworksNode.js, Next.js, and React Router
Cloud StorageAmazon S3
Web ServerNginx and AWS
Payment Gateway IntegrationStripe, CCavenue, and PayPal
Chat and VideoCometChat, and ActionCable
Machine LearningApiAI,Rapid API and AmazonML
Other toolsGoogle Analytics, Graph API, and Optimizely.

How to Make Money from Dating Apps?

While thinking about how to create a dating app? You must have thought about revenue generating model to make some profit or income from the dating app. This is obvious too, after putting in money, time, and effort your dating app must generate some revenue to cover your investment.

Once you understand how free app makes money, it will be easy for you to think out of the box & make a better monetization strategy. This might give you enough motive for Tinder revenue to increase by $1.65 billion, a rise of 22% from the previous year.

1. In-app ads

Ads are the most famous way of making money, after all, there is no harm in promoting third-party apps which can generate some revenue for you, with relevant ads you can create some extra income for your app.

2. Premium Plans

By offering the extra feature, dating apps enjoy monetization of subscriptions and premium plans. While discussing iOS or android app development cost with the development company, make sure to ask for features provided within the budget which make the user feel the need to buy your premium plans. You can add some extra spice with the help of some amazing features such as undoing rejected matches, sending super like, and placing preferences to premium subscribers.

3. In-app Purchases

Offering In-app purchases unlocking premium content through the purchase of coins in the dating app. But it is only possible to make your user pay for in-app purchases if your elements are alluring enough.

4. Collaborations

Collaboration is an easy way to make money, while you can collaborate with hotels restaurants, or even gift shops and promote them on your app & get paid or even you can ask them to promote your dating app too.

What are the Process for Dating App Development?

While we have covered all the important aspects that as an entrepreneur you should know. It is time to take things further and uncover our checklist about how to create an online dating app that covers every important aspect which will be needed to make an app like Tinder.

Dating App Development Process

After a thorough analysis, we have made a guide to mobile app development for your dating app, go through a step-by-step process to build a successful app just like Tinder.

Step 1: Discover Your Market

After seeing the success of dating apps like Tinder, you might have thought about How to create a dating app like Tinder? Well first of all Tinder got successful by doing a thorough analysis of the market and its users. So, before you decide to hire social media app developers the first important step in the development process is to analyze the user requirement and generate blueprints that provide a solution to the demands of the user. For your business desired result understand the user requirement, create an outline, build widespread documentation and development plans & then you can start working on it.

Step 2: App Design

Designing the dating app is a key aspect that you shouldn’t overlook as it plays an important part in your user engagement. The user interface of your app should be attractive and simple which will help enhance user experience. By not making it complex, the UI will surely help in fulfilling the purpose of your dating app.

Step 3: Development Process

Once the above functionality is complete, your team can make advancements toward building the dating app. Your team will analyze & choose the right mobile app development frameworks for your dating app. Thissurely takes a remarkable time, cost, and money which is why you must need to keep updated to know the score from time to time.

Step 4: Quality Assurance

It is impossible to build a dating app or any other app without passing quality assurance. It is really important to make the app bug-free and all the features are working properly. To provide users with a good experience, it is important to streamline the app functions which to increase user flow and engagement with the app.

Step 5: App launching

After the mobile app testing of your dating app, here comes the execution process. After making sure the app is working properly and giving bug-free & smooth flow of the app, It is time to launch the app, but do not face any issues further you can launch within a small group & then to other platforms on a large scale from ios to android.

Step 6: Maintenance and Support

Once your app is published, it’s now time to analyze the app, and users’ feedback and collect their reviews to bring new features and updates to build a more successful. Once your app is in the market, keep maintaining it from time to time & make it bug-free so that the app users have a positive experience with your dating app.

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Dating App?

After the breakdown of the features, monetization model, challenges, types, and process to develop a dating app, it is time to know about the cost which will come to develop such an app. Now let’s move further to the sot part and find out about the mobile app development cost to build a dating app, well there are no exact figures to tell you about the cost.

Various factors affect costing of the dating app such as the experience of the company, the location of the company, and many more. Below we have done a breakdown for you to understand the cost of the dating app.

iOS Dating App Development Cost – $45,000-$50,000

  • Application development- $30,000
  • Backend Development- $8,000 – $10,000
  • UI/UX design- $5,000
  • QA – $2,000 – $3,000

Android Dating App Development Cost- $40,000- $45,000

  • Application development- $30,000
  • Backend Development- $8,000 – $10,000
  • UI/UX design- $5,000
  • QA – $2,000 – $3,000

Cross-Platform Dating App Development Cost- $50,000- $55,000

  • Application development- $30,000
  • Backend Development- $15,000
  • UI/UX design- $7000- $8,000
  • QA – $2,000 – $3,000

The overall cost to create a dating app will go around $25,000 to $50,000, and it may vary according to your requirements for the project. If you want to develop a Tinder-like app, you should get going as in this ever-changing market many dating apps have been introduced and many are paving their way in the dating industry.  

A recent study showed the revenue of dating apps is mount to reach around $70.84 million in 2023. Experts do consider this as the right time to invest in dating apps and get dating app development services from a reputed and experienced company. Get a quote today.

Why Choose SemiDot Infotech for Dating App Development?

To go into the process of how to build a dating app? It is important to choose a company that has the experience and skills to fulfill the requirement of your project. Whether you decide to take iOS or android application development services of the company, It is important to know that the company has worked with similar projects before investing your hard-earned money in the company.

If you are willing to build a dating app with a reliable company then look no further, we at SemiDot Infotech have a skilled dev team, productive and creative back-end developers & designers as well as experience in building a successful dating app. Our experts discuss the required features, the cost of those features, and scalability & fasten the development process as well as update you in a timely. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started without any delay.


The craze for dating apps is booming and looks like not going to go easily. Over time now users have addicted to swiping their dates left and right on their phones. The giants of dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge,happn and many more are using this time to bring more creative features with the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. It will be the right time to make your app shine in the market and join the race.

 In search of love, people are ready to try new dating apps as soon as they hit the play store. The dating app market may have lots of competition but it also has equivalent opportunities. This being said without wasting time join your hands with a trusted dating app development company SemiDot Infotech, which will help you to build a competent dating app.

Willing to build a dating app? Send us your query & let’s start working.


In case you still have some doubts, go through these FAQs about Dating App Development to understand better.

  1. What features should be there in a dating app?

    People expect several handy features in dating apps such as easy login and signup, quick deleting of an account, easy-to-navigate features, voice and video calling, and social media integration features.

  2. How do dating apps make money?

    Dating apps have different monetization models such as in-app purchases, premium plans, or advertising for the third party. Usually dating app offers a free basic plan, but they have premium plans with an advanced feature for a user which lures them to buy them.

  3. How much does it cost to make a dating app?

    Several elements affect the cost to build a dating app, from the experience of the company, location of the company, features for the app, user interface, and many more. The basic cost to build a dating app, it costs around $25,000- $55,000 which may vary according to your project requirement.

  4. How much time does it take to build a dating app?

    From Building a back-end, UI/UX design, and testing to launch. Usually, it takes 4 months but it can take as little as 3 months and as long as 6 months to build a dating app. But, it depends upon the complication and detailing of your project.

  5. Why build a dating app?

    The number of users of dating apps is increasing from in search of long-term relations to casual affairs. With 40+ million people on dating apps can be said as an ideal solution to generate revenue.

  6. How to develop an app like Tinder?

    To develop an app like Tinder first you have to do an in-depth analysis of the market, choose the right experienced company, choose a business model, choose the right framework, develop & design, and then launch the app.

  7. Why Should I go for dating mobile app development when there are so many other options?

    Dating apps need to be handy so that people can use them anywhere anytime. This is the big reason for mobile app development. Mobile app can be installed, used, and uninstalled after every use. Is it profitable to make a dating app?

  8. Is it profitable to make a dating app?

    Yes, the revenue of the dating market app will reach $3.01 billion by 2023. It is not wrong to say this is the right time to build a dating app. You can enjoy revenue through premium plans, ads, in-app purchases & collaborations.

  9. What do people expect from a dating app?

    When it comes to people’s expectations from dating apps. People want a personalized experience with the safety and security of their data. The app should provide and enhance their engagement with other users with easy-to-navigate features and good loading speed. If you build an app thinking all points it will surely hit the jackpot.

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