Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important innovations of our time. It demonstrates the marvelous abilities of the scientific community in today’s world that create extraordinary technologies. Apart from that, the application of Artificial Intelligence in various fields has made our lives a lot easier.

In 2020, Artificial Intelligence has taken the next step and entered into the daily lives smoother than ever. Be it your Smartphone apps revealing your health information, or the home appliances taking instruction from Alexa. And this is one of the main reasons why Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day.


Noticeably, AI, and IoT are running hand in hand which sometimes also makes less tech-savvy people confused. Despite the huge popularity of AI, there are a few people who do not understand the concept of AI and its importance.

Here in this article, we are listing out the top 10 Artificial Intelligence apps, along with the ways they are used. But before that, it is always better to grasp a little understanding of AI.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a huge area of study under Computer Science. This branch is concerned with the development of technologies that allow us to build complex and smarter machines. Using AI, these machines can be made capable of doing tasks with human intelligence. Broadly, Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary field where many different branches of sciences can come together. Through these methods, it is possible to create machines with intelligent functions that make our lives a lot easier.

The field of AI has been defined by the notion of making machines thinking like humans and acting rationally. This is achieved with the help of algorithms that bring about constraints, represent some patterns, and create targeted responses for such occurrences. In other words, an AI is a machine that is taught how to respond and react to a particular occurrence, as rationally and intelligently as possible.

List of Top 10 Real-World Artificial Intelligence Applications

Now that we have a brief idea of what Artificial Intelligence is all about, we can take a look at some of the ways in which AI is applied to our lives. These days most mobile app development companies are working on AI application development and finding multiple ways to integrate this technology successfully into various solutions. Looking around you can easily get to know the presence of AI in various fields such as marketing, advertising, social media, the tech industry, and banking, etc. Let’s discuss the top 10 real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Marketing is an important part of any industry that relies on people buying their products. All industries have to market their products as efficiently and carefully as possible so that they can get new customers to buy their produce.

However, there are a lot more people in the world today and an equally huge number of products that need to be marketed. For this reason, it is no longer humanly possible to individually assess the needs of people and market products accordingly.

AI is the most practical method to understand human behavior and social sentiments which are crucial for deciding the marketing strategy and this is why most business owners reach out to a proficient AI development company that can create a customized solution using this technology that can help them in their marketing strategy.

Some intelligent AI development companies put their resources into the development of AI-based interactive tools. These tools in a number of ways grasp the user behavior and reveal them in the visual representations. Also, Machine Learning algorithms are used for standard operation and technological interaction. ML algos can help in resulting in the best utilization of AI and data.

With these algorithms, industry or business would be able to show their advertisements to people who have similar interests as their product. The algorithm can study the patterns of a person’s internet search requests and other information to gauge their particular interests.

Some examples of the usage of AI in marketing are streaming services like Netflix that uses algorithms to study your previously watched shows and suggest similar shows to you. Also, companies like Facebook use AI bots to look at our browsing patterns to show us targeted advertisements.

2. Artificial Intelligence In The Banking Sector

Banking is one of the oldest and fastest-growing sectors in today’s world. A lot of banks have adopted AI-related technology for their customer support and relations branches. They also help banks deal with forgeries, credit card fraud, and other such issues.

An example is HDFC Bank. They have launched an AI-based chatbot called EVA or Electronic Virtual Assistant. With this chatbot, they have been able to answer almost three million customer queries related to various topics. They have also been able to solve problems related to fraud and other such problems. The chatbot also collects data from the queries it answers and uses it to better its interactions in the future.

These days banks are reaching out to a proficient software development company that can create customize AI solutions to prevent bank fraud. This is done by tracing card usage, locations of account access, and so on. The AI can immediately notify the concerned authorities if it detects an anomaly. A lot of companies like MasterCard rely on AI to detect anomalies in the transaction patterns of their millions of users. This helps them save a lot of money.

3. AI Usage In Finance

A lot of financial ventures have to rely on computers and data analyzing tools to predict the future of the industry. Fields like trading depend on the ability of computers to accurately predict market trends. This is where the need to hire an AI developer comes in.

With AI-powered prediction algorithms, computers can analyze a huge range of data very quickly. They can observe patterns in the market and keep a note of them for future use. Not only does this save them a lot of time, but also helps them understand market trends in the present and the future.

An example of such AI usage is by Japan’s Nomura Securities. They have been collecting data for their new AI that will completely change the face of the finance and trading sector. With such AI it will become easier and more efficient to trade in the stock market.

4. Artificial Intelligence And Weather Predictions

Weather affects a lot of things in our life, like agriculture. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the world. This is because, without agriculture, we would not be able to have any food to sustain our lives in any way. With the unpredictable nature of weather conditions in a year, it is sometimes difficult to get a successful crop at the end of the harvest season. For this reason, a lot of agricultural companies hire dedicated developers to create algorithm-based software that can predict weather conditions.

The meteorological department also uses similar technology to predict storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters that may cause a lot of damage. These weather predictions are often highly accurate and are very reliable. This way, they can issue timely warnings to evacuate people from dangerous areas if there is a storm or hurricane coming.

5. Artificial Intelligence For Agricultural Practices

Apart from predicting the weather, AI can also be used in agriculture for other reasons. AI-based solutions can help develop technology that will study various patterns of plant growth and pest problems. The AI collects data about plant growth for various crops over a period of time. Then, using this data, it will decide how much weed killers and pesticides need to be used for the plants to grow well. AI can also study the soil quality and see if it has any deficiencies that need to be supplemented. This way, it can tell us exactly how much water and fertilizer a crop will need.

All that AI needs, is a picture that is clicked from a Smartphone camera, and it can tell you various details about the solid quality, the water quality, weather patterns, weed problems, and other such issues. Also, AI along with machine learning makes a significant impact on crop production increasing the production of crops, thereby increasing the demand for both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning development services.

6. Healthcare Sector And Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare is another important sector in our society. The healthcare sector saves lives every day, but it is not without its flaws. To make this sector more efficient, it uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in its day-to-day patient and doctor interactions. For example, an organization called Cambio Healthcare has developed a system that helps in preventing stroke in people. It is a support system that assesses the risk levels of a particular patient to having strokes.

There are a lot of other such systems that help detect and prevent cardiac diseases, and other such serious illnesses. This way, AI can alert a doctor about possible problems that threaten a patient’s life, allowing healthcare professionals to save lives efficiently.

Another example is a company called Aifloo that has developed a system to monitor the wellbeing of patients in nursing facilities or home care. In the healthcare industry, since there is no need to develop new medicines, all that is needed is for the AI to tell doctors and nurses how to use the already existing technologies, better.

7. AI And Gaming Experiences

The gaming industry is quite new, as compared to other sectors discussed above. DeepMind’s AI, AlphaGo is an important example of this. This AI is famous for having defeated Lee Sedol in the game GO. After the launch of this version, the company also created another version called AlphaGo Zero that defeated the previous version in the same game. There are a lot of other AI and machine learning instances in the gaming industry.

The actions of the opponent can be unpredictable in a game. But with the help of an AI, it is possible to detect patterns in their usage of attack tactics. This makes it harder to play the game and more challenging, thus increasing the fun involved. However, if you wish, it is also possible to turn off such AI facilities in games.

8. Customer Support AI

Chatbots essentially works efficiently with customer support sectors in various industries. A chatbot is a machine that learns how to answer queries from customers through interactions with them. This way, it can provide solutions to simple problems, just as a person would be able to. This reduces the time needed for individual cases to be heard by a person. Only the serious and complex ones will need to be answered by a customer support technician.

These days, many businesses are reaching out to a chatbot development company to get a highly-advanced chatbot developed for their business so that users can get answers to their queries even in the absence of an actual human

Chatbots are also helpful in booking cabs, assisting us in finding things like Google Assistant does, and so on. They can also book appointments for us, make calls for us, sync our home and office devices, and so on. These have made our lives a lot more efficient and it is easy to use these chatbots. Some examples of these are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and so on. They can talk to us like people do and understand our queries and needs. 

9. Space Exploration Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Space expeditions to Mars and the Moon have given us a lot of data about life in the universe. With the advancement of technologies, space explorations have become more efficient in collecting data and analyzing it to understand the climate and living conditions of other planets in our galaxy.

NASA’s Mars rover used artificial intelligence to go through mountains of data and study the conditions on Mars. AI is also being used in NASA’s next rover mission to Mars in 2020. The rover on Mars right now, the AEGIS, uses AI that studies conditions collect samples, and sends photographs back to the base on Earth. This helps us investigate the possibility of life outside of the Earth, in our galaxy. Companies that are into this sector are looking out for proficient mobile app development services that can integrate the latest technologies like AI and create smart and innovative solutions that can help businesses in simplifying their process and operations.

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10. AI for Automatic Vehicles

Vehicular accidents cause a lot of loss to life in our lives. Human error makes it hard sometimes to avoid such accidents. The best way to reduce accidents then is to use AI technology which can save the driver from smashing into the road objects. The auto-drive feature helps in driving the cars on highways and with the speed according to the road condition and traffic.

Self-driving cars have been in the talks for a very long time and are definitely something that will revolutionize the transport systems around the globe. These automatic cars do not need to be monitored and have very few instances of being in an accident. The AI is a lot quicker than human reflexes and can prevent accidents, slow down the car as required, and so on, on short notice. A lot of companies like Waymo have conducted test drives for self-driving cars in the US. the AI of the cars collects data, warns of excessive speeding, tracks locations, and so on. Also, with the help of AI, cars can predict what nearby objects could pose a threat to us.


Apart from these, Artificial Intelligence can be used by businesses to understand user trends. On social media sites, they help in carrying facial recognition, detecting illegal content, hate speech, fake facts, and so on, which can then be removed from public view. This advanced technology is also useful in creating music and art. For instance, with the help of music created by a Maestro, an AI can detect the patterns in the music sheets and use it to complete incomplete musical notes in a song.

AI can also write content for you based on your needs, as well as a human can. Therefore, the applications of AI technology are numerous. With this being the case, it is important for us to know exactly how they work.

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