Similar to every other industry, the retail industry is also getting advanced and has automated its processes. The technology revolution and its adoption have provided various new opportunities to this industry. Previously, there were some challenges faced by the retail industry such as coping with ever-changing customer expectations and demands immediately, handling internal communication, getting customer loyalty, retaining old ones & engaging new customers, poor decision-making, managing marketing data, and others. Applying modern-edge retail mobile apps integrated with the latest technologies and tools has helped them a lot in all possible ways to alleviate these challenges.

People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just ‘how do we make the retail experience a great one? – Phillip Green, Chairman, Arcadia Group 

Acquiring retail application development services is helping businesses to get popular instantly along with filling the gap between the conventional commerce approach and current digital marketing. Using retail apps is providing businesses with better interaction between merchants and users.

walmart app

To make all this happen, enterprises are preferring to get a retail app like Walmart and constantly trying in this direction to acquire a suitable and feature-rich solution that can help them to increase their brand awareness & sales revenue while getting a large customer base. We sure you are not surprised when we said a retail app like Walmart as it is the biggest retail store worldwide unarguably.

If you are also on the same page as other retail businesses and looking for a Walmart app, then you are at the right place. Here we have compiled a guide to know about how to make a retail app including its benefits, market growth, how the app works, features, revenue model, and involved cost. Without any further ado, let’s start getting details-                 

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What is a Retail Mobile App?

A retail mobile app facilitates businesses to let sellers interact with buyers and trade their services. Enterprises and other shop owners are now able to strategize better and improve the experience of their customers. These apps also make it easy for retail businesses to enhance their online trading game along with enabling crucial opt-in data collection to get details about customer habits, shopping preferences, and tendencies. Retail app development works as a miracle when it comes to supporting both customers and ventures. Shop owners are now able to update their clients about new services and products in no time.

what is retail mobile app

It is to be noted that apps are more popular than websites and therefore when retail businesses were unable to get what they want through websites, they switched to mobile apps. As per the reports, customers are more comfortable browsing apps rather than websites. It is also convenient for them to shop anytime anywhere through the retail mobile apps.

Retail Mobile App: Market Growth and Statistics You Should Know!

Let’s start getting in-depth details about retail applications, hence, we will begin with the market stats. It is necessary to know about what is the market scope for the industry you are going to enter in. The retail industry is expanding quickly, and it is expected to grow even with more speed in the future. Check out the below statistics and graphs before going to build a retail app-   

In the year 2020, global retail sales dropped down by 2.9% due to COVID-19 but they went up soon in 2021 by 9.7%. The overall retail sales worldwide were estimated to measure to be around $27.3 trillion by 2022 which was quite up from $23.7 trillion in 2020. When COVID-19 hit the market, various retailers took their business online to trade on a global scale.

The above graph explains the statistics about retail sales growth in the US from the year 2019 to 2020. Overall retail sales in the US increased by 3.5% in 2020 in comparison to the last year. The total retail sales recorded $5.6 trillion in 2020.

Get to know some of the stats about retail eCommerce sales worldwide from the year 2014 to 2026

  • The retail eCommerce sales were noted approx. $5.2 trillion globally in 2021. It is predicted to enhance by 56% in the coming years and about $8.1 trillion in 2026.
  • According to Statista, Walmart was the biggest retailer in 2021 and their revenue surpassed $583 billion which was way more than $330 billion noted by Amazon.
  • It is said that online grocery sales will go by 11.2% of overall US grocery sales in the year 2023. Above half of the population depicting 51.3% is forecasted to become the digital grocery buyer in the same year.

This above representation indicates the eCommerce market as a share of whole retail sales across the globe from 2015 to 2016. With the increasing internet penetration, eCommerce reported around 19% of retail sales globally in 2021. It is forecasted that the online segment will have a quarter of overall global retail sales by 2026.

Why do Businesses Prefer to Build Retail Mobile App Like Walmart?

At present, businesses always invest in an industry that is already blooming as they find it secure. When it comes to the retail industry or building an online grocery shopping app, they look to build a replica of an already popular app. In the retail market, Walmart stands second to none and that’s why ventures are looking to make an app like Walmart. Scroll below to find out more reasons-   

  • Engaging a Wide Range of Audiences
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility
  • Improved Sales and Profit
  • Use of Advanced Technologies
  • Augmented Customer Experience
  • Discount & Loyalty Programme
  • Analyse Customer Behaviour
  • Grab Global Audiences
  • In-app Brochures

1. Engaging a Wide Range of Audiences

For businesses, it becomes easy to reach out the customers with a mobile app. It is the smartest way to apply that will help ventures to reach a broad range of audiences in less than expected time. The wider your audiences are, the wider your business is going to be. The decision to create an app like Walmart will help the enterprises to target a bigger market and connect with the audiences in a more personalized way. It will help businesses to strengthen their connection with their users while strengthening their professional relationships.           

2. Enhanced Brand Visibility

Globally, there is a large number of people who are using mobile apps. Hence, your business has the chance to reach millions of people. Retail apps such as Walmart also believe that it is the fastest and easiest way to get connected with the global audience base. The wider the audience base, the wider the requirement will be. It works as a perfect marketing tool to reach out to audiences in a more personalized way leading to huge ROI and more profits.     

3. Improved Sales and Profit

Online grocery shopping app like Walmart uses data mining and analytics to identify patterns for better sales. It helps businesses not run low on inventory as they can manage the stock in advance. The supply chain strategy of Walmart is highly concentrated on creating direct and long-term relationships with the producers, suppliers, and eCommerce ventures that directly impact the benefits and increased sales.  

4. Use of Advanced Technologies

Walmart’s strategy is focused on the newest technologies and innovations to stay connected with their customers easily 24*7. With the use of Artificial Intelligence and other robotic technologies, businesses get facilitated by accomplishing & deliver orders more rapidly. The addition of modern-edge technologies and tools also enables Walmart stores to manage an enhanced number of digital orders and provide customers with the utmost convenience.

5. Augmented Customer Experience

With the Walmart grocery app or retail shopping app, it has become easy for customers to reach out to their vendors and order. All they have to do is tap on their mobile phones to get what they want. A large number of customers are turning into tech-savvy to experience better and smooth services. Businesses are also adopting the Walmart app for online shopping to earn customers’ loyalty, strengthen the brand, and get connected with the customers.

6. Discount & Loyalty Programme

Walmart apps and retailers provide loyalty programs and discounts to customers as a lucrative way to retain them and make them come back to purchase again. Loyalty programs comprising rewards, incentives, special deals, offers, and discounts are offered to motivate customers to buy from the same brand continuously. Tangible discounts, credits, etc. also help to gain new customers.

7. Analyse Customer Behaviour

Analyzing or identifying customers’ behaviour via specific tools helps businesses to use their collected data according to modern trends. The data is used to identify key audience segments and their patterns of shopping behaviour. Acquiring Walmart mobile app helps businesses to conduct their assessment and apply their findings to provide customers with what they want. 

8. Grab Global Audiences

The main motive for building a Walmart-like app with the help of a leading mobile application development company is to get larger audiences around the world. A mobile app is a very effective approach and Walmart has proficiently adopted the concept to get its potential customers. In a world full of competition, although, it is tough to stand out in the market Walmart’s app has facilitated businesses to improve their brand visibility helping them to get a reputation worldwide.                                                                                   

9. In-app Brochures

When you are going to build an app like Walmart, you must add an in-app catalog or brochures to lure customers. Gone are the days when businesses used to print brochures on paper to let customers know about their offers and schemes. Nowadays, all retail businesses provide in-app brochures so that users can look at them anywhere anytime.  

List of Top Retail Mobile Applications

We can see various Walmart-like apps around us that are serving customers worldwide and have gained good popularity so far. Hence, if any business wants to get into the same industry, they must consider these popular retail apps before going to create a retail app like Walmart. Start reading about them here-   

  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • H&M

1. Sephora


A French multinational retailer app, Sephora is famous for personal care & beauty products. It comprises about 340 brands involving the Sephora collection, its own private label. The app also presents beauty products such as skincare, cosmetics, body, nail color, fragrance, body lotions, and haircare products. Sephora comes with authentic reviews & recommendations from customers. It also allows users to try different beauty products such as lip colors, foundation, etc. virtually. This app is perfect to fulfil one’s beauty needs from head to toe.     



This app uses virtual reality to allow users to place true-to-scale 3D models or furniture in their home space helping users to know what they want. It is the most preferred and effective tactic to check the look of the home after placing furniture into it. IKEA provides you never-like before experience with the combination of IKEA’s furniture catalogue and Augmented Reality technology. With the introduction of IKEA, it has been easy for customers to purchase furniture for their homes or office.   

3. Starbucks


Starbucks is known as the best retail app in the worldwide market. Its app alone makes one-fifth of the overall revenue while providing other benefits as well. The Starbucks app facilitates customers with a quick way to pay and earn stars and rewards via the Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty programs. Users can use this app to find out the nearest store, to order, and also use online payment. It helps customers to order instantly while avoiding the long queue.

4. Target

target app

If you are thinking to create a retail app like Target, it is worth giving a chance. The app makes it easy for users to shop from anywhere on any device. It also permits app users to search their whole collection available with compliant ordering options and online promotions via voice search command. Target is used on a large level as customers are enabled to order securely and fast each time they shop. They also have the option to pick up their order from the store or get it delivered to their home. With a rating of 4.9, the app facilitates users to find & scan the product and also, informs them when their desired product is back in store.  


best buy

The Best Buy app is more than just an amazing hand-held shopping app. Here users can purchase anything directly and can also track them. The app allows users to pick up their order from the store at a given time. It clearly saves users to stand in long payment queues and look for products recklessly. Best Buy has managed to count among the top 10 retail apps list as it also offers product information to shoppers. If users want, they also have a preview of the product in 3D to be sure about it before buying it.   

6. H&M


Get ready to shop anytime anywhere to fulfil your fashion need and guess what, you will find out all in one place “H&M app”. The app provides quick updates, order tracking, search items through scanning photos, and other features for better user engagement. If you go to develop a retail app, H&M can be the perfect example of how an app should be. The app sells fashionable and reasonable products including clothes, shoes, etc. It helps users to find out if the product is available or not in the store. Users can simply use the app and search for an item by typing the name into the search bar.  



The Home Depot app works as your personal handyman and assists you throughout the process. The app allows users to compare the products and get the reviews available on different sites. After selecting a product, the user can put it in the app list to know how many of them are in the store. Users can also chat with an online assistant in case they have a query. The app also offers various coupons and discounts and in case, you want to return your product, you can find the receipt on your app as well.     

What is Walmart App?

The Walmart app is famous as a go-to store for different shopping needs of customers. It is an established multinational retail organization in America involving a wide chain of grocery shops, clothing, home-related stuff, and others. The app allows people to search, purchase, and pay online for products they shop from one or more retailers.

Specifically, Walmart was established by Sam Walton in the year 1962. Its headquarter is positioned in Bentonville, Arkansas while operating over 11,438 stores along with a club running in more than 27 nations with 55 diverse names. The retail app ‘Walmart’ is counted among the most popular and second-largest retail stores worldwide.

walmart app

The launch of the Walmart app has facilitated customers and businesses with various benefits. Small to medium to large-scale enterprises are now launching their own retail mobile apps to engage customers highly. The app has also made its place among the top grocery shopping list apps as customers have been using the app to fulfill their grocery needs for a long time. The app provides two ways for customers while shop. After selecting the items in the cart, customers can get them delivered to their doorstep or can pick themselves up from the store. 

How Does the Walmart App Work?

Before going to hire mobile app developers to create a Walmart-like application, you must very well know how it works. Being one of the most popular eCommerce apps, the Walmart app has very easy and fast navigation for its users. Have a look at below steps-

  • Download the app from the store and sign up for it.
  • Search for the items you want to buy or find them according to the category.
  • Add items to the cart and go for the further process.
  • Choose one among the ‘doing payment’ options or ‘pick it up from store’ options.

This is how you can make your grocery or retail shopping easier by sitting at home. You no longer have to worry about delays in shopping, wrong delivery, missing out on any item, or anything else. All you have to do is to open the app and just shop. To pay for the items, the app provides different ways such as via debit/credit card, GPay, etc.  

Why People Choose Walmart App For All Their Shopping Needs?

All businesses look for grocery delivery app cost and features before getting into development. It is obvious as they get numerous benefits by having an app like Walmart, but have you thought about why people prefer the Walmart app to accomplish their shopping needs? The retail or grocery shopping app has made purchasing very easy and convenient for customers. They can buy the things they want while having the comfort of their home, not spending money on conveyance, not getting tired and many others.

Let’s look at more such points that describe the importance of Walmart like retail apps

  • Sometimes, it is not easy for customers to take time out from their busy schedules and go outside for purchasing retail items. Hence, the Walmart app permits them to purchase according to their free time, convenience, and budget.
  • Be it anytime, customers can place the order and get the delivery done as per their suitability. This way, they can escape from the hustle over the long queues at offline grocery or retail stores.  
  • Customers are more comfortable on online apps to see price tags or product descriptions; hence, they prefer mobile apps to do shopping in solitary by taking all their time.
  • With retail apps, customers don’t need help from any staff member as they can do it all by themselves including getting information about product customization.
  • The Online Walmart grocery delivery app provides customers with different secure payment options facilitating them to buy the products with their preferred way of payment.   
  • Customers can also easily check and compare the item price, getting the reviews about the item they want to buy and verifying if the item is available or not via retail mobile apps.      

Must-have Features to Include in the Walmart Application

Walmart shopping app is a gigantic marketplace app assisting a vast number of populations worldwide. The top features added to the app help sellers, customers, and staff enjoy its smooth functionality. Therefore, we recommend getting a feature-rich retail mobile app with the help of a top-notch on-demand app development company. Here are some of the exclusive features of the Walmart app you must know about-   

  • Easy Signup
  • Placing an Order
  • Payment Gateway
  • Item Finder
  • Product Customization
  • Product Preview
  • Geo Location
  • Walmart Pay
  • Savings Catcher
  • Easily Reorder
  • Push Notification
  • Product Availability
  • Price Checker
  • Additional Product Info
  • Similar Products
  • Unified E-commerce
  • Social Share
  • QR Code Reader
  • Weekly Ads
  • Rewards & Credit Points
  • Shopping Cart
  • Filters
  • Walmart Pharmacy
  • Walmart Photo Print

1. Easy Signup

The most important feature of the Walmart app is easy signup so that users can create their profile on the app. Users should be facilitated with multiple ways to accomplish their onboarding process. There must be registration via email, social media accounts, or entering basic user information.

2. Placing an Order

Users are able to see and find the required items via this feature. They can have easy order placement by choosing the items, adding them to the cart, and checking out after payment. They can select the items by searching them according to category. Make their app navigation journey super easy by adding needed filters and functions. 

3. Payment Gateway

There should be multiple payment gateways so that users can choose among them as per their suitability and preference. Therefore, a retail business must include options such as online payment, credit, or debit cards, eWallet, and others.  

4. Item Finder

The app must be designed in a way that users can easily find any item just by typing the item’s name in the search bar. There can be added smart search and filters for users to find whatever they want.    

5. Product Customization

There must be available product customization features so that users can have the products in the way they want. They must be able to select different aspects such as design, color, functionalities, and others. For example, they can have their names on any of the items.

6. Product Preview

Before buying any product, customers can have a look at their ratings and reviews to know about their use. It is essential to know what other customers think of that product. Users should be able to share their experience with the particular product while rectifying their shortcomings and benefits.

7. Geo Location

With Geolocation, customers will be able to track their order and their delivery time. It is the most significant feature that also helps users to find out the nearest Walmart store according to their location. 

8. Walmart Pay

If you are a regular shopper from Walmart and want to have contactless payment, then Walmart Pay is best for you. This feature is free-to-use, and users can pay by scanning the QR code and can also get generated e-receipt after paying. Users can activate the feature by doing biometric identification or entering their pin and can pay whenever they want at the Walmart store or app. This way, users don’t need to carry their wallets or credit or debit card with them all the time.

9. Savings Catcher

By using exclusive technology, Saving catcher helps users to evaluate competing retailer ads and compensates shoppers by providing an eGift card if there is another vendor who is offering a lower price than Walmart’s price.  

10. Easily Reorder

Users can use the ‘easy reorder’ feature that helps them to register in-store as well as the online Walmart app. This feature saves the purchase history of shoppers and assists them in reordering the items they have ordered before.

11. Push Notification

Push notifications are helpful for app users, right from sending alerts about discounts, deals, and offers to remind them about pending cart reminders, this is the best medium to notify users.  

12. Product Availability

Users can search if a product is available or not by typing the product name in the search bar. To find a product, users can go to the product page and can see the product availability at preferred pickup locations.     

13. Price Checker

There are numerous retailers available on the different retail apps that offer varied prices of items. This feature helps users to compare the prices under one roof so that they can have the desired product at the best price possible.   

14. Additional Product Info

This feature lets the users have all the information about the products they are looking for along with the additional information they might need. It includes everything right from the product name, price, uses, benefits, and so on.

15. Similar Products

It lets the users know about the availability of similar products with different prices and features. It directs them to make a wiser decision while decreasing the rate of return or exchange. If their desired product is in stock, they can purchase it, otherwise can wait for it to come back in stock.

16. Unified E-commerce

For people who are fond of shopping and use websites for the same purpose, this mobile app facilitates them to integrate both the app and website to have a unique and augmented experience. The app can also have an integrated eCommerce marketplace in the future.

17. Social Share

When you decide to develop an app like Walmart, this feature is a must to add. This feature permits users to incorporate updates in the retail app. This enables users to inform their friends about the app and share updates with them. They can link their app to other social media platforms as well to enhance brand awareness. 

18. QR Code Reader

Some people prefer to get product information first and for them, the QR code is helpful. They can scan the QR code available on the product to get detailed data about it. This helps to convince customers to buy the product by showing its benefits.

19. Weekly Ads

This is a feature mainly used to get additional revenue. In this, businesses run weekly ads in between the user activities according to their preferences and search results. This can be done via famous mobile app networks such as Google AdMob. This feature is not a mandatory one but definitely a profitable one.  

20. Rewards & Credit Points

Shoppers can get credits and redeem rewards both online and in-store. If customers are shopping offline, they can scan the Walmart Pay QR code and then, select ‘use Walmart rewards’ to pay the bill. When online, they can tap the ‘add reward’ option and after saving, they can claim the rewards to offset their purchase.

21. Shopping Cart

Users can select the products on the app and then can add them to the cart. At the time of Walmart app development, businesses must include this feature to facilitate users with saving the products they want to buy later.   

22. Filters

Filters help users to narrow down their search about products and find a particular product with specific preferences. Users can choose the parameters such as price, colour, size, shape, etc. to find out what they want. 

23. Walmart Pharmacy

With this new feature, users can oversee and replenish their pharmacy prescriptions via Walmart app. It also provides users access to details about pharmacy services along with health and wellness offerings.

24. Walmart Photo Print

Walmart photo print allows you to get a photo and all you have to do is choose your photos, quantities, size, and preferred location. Then, you can have your photo printed easily by going to your local Walmart. Isn’t it the superfast and most convenient ever?

How to Make an App Like Walmart?

Whether you want to start an eCommerce business or a retail business, you need to follow a guide that will help you to create an efficient retail eCommerce solution to get boundless benefits. Now that all other aspects have been mentioned, it’s time to learn about how to develop a retail app like Walmart with the help of a top grocery delivery app development company.

Walmart Like App Development Process

You can go for the best approach that is suitable to your business vision and goals to launch the app correctly.

  • Step 1: Conduct Proper Market Research and Analysis
  • Step 2: Choose a Suitable Business and Delivery Model
  • Step 3: Get a Preferred Method for App Development
  • Step 4: Market & Promote Your Grocery App

Step 1: Conduct Proper Market Research and Analysis

Having in-depth market research and analysis will help you to get knowledge about the market, existing competitors, the latest trends, customers’ preferences, and many more. It will direct businesses to only focus on what is necessary and leave unnecessary things behind. It includes three main aspects-

  • Industry Analysis

Get to know about what’s new in the related industry and market. Try to know about business requirements, and investigate the relevant market that will lead you to make effective strategies for the success of your business. Whether you are going to build an app like Amazon or Walmart, it is necessary to study the target audiences’ behavior and know what they exactly want.

  • Competitor Analysis

What your competitors have to offer the customers is significant to know so that you can provide something unique to your audiences. Know about which ones are your main competitors and their USPs. Competitors research their strengths and weaknesses, identify possible issues, offer unique deals, etc. are some of the things that will make your business stand out in the market.   

  • Business Strategy

To expand your business plan and create an app from scratch, you need to analyze the market and its latest trends. Have a strategic analysis and follow the latest market trends aligned with your business needs. Also, apply the right marketing approach that will prepare you to offer users a better experience.   

Step 2: Choose a Suitable Business and Delivery Model

While looking for how to develop an eCommerce app like Amazon or a retail app like Walmart, businesses need to design them in the best possible way. A well-designed app must include attractive UI/UX, prototyping, branding, MVP, and all as per the market requirements. Enterprises also need to work on the research part of the business and delivery model. Some of the famous business models for grocery apps are-

  • The Inventory Model

In this model, different retailers and providers store their inventories with the main platform. They get the order from customers worldwide via any internal or external delivery network. Then, their orders are tagged and dispatched with the specific branding, regardless of any vendor or seller. The inventory model ensures to have enough stock whenever the production department needs it.  

  • Online-selling Model

Online-selling model is mainly used by online businesses where it does work like a collector. In this model, the platform earns through the commission that can come from delivery partners or vendors. Other sources of income are ads & promotions, membership, or subscription charges, or selling their stock. 

  • Hyper-local Model

This marketplace works following the approach of trading within a small region. Here fast delivery and good quality are something that keeps the competition going. The hyper-local model fulfills the on-demand requirements of customers via local vendors connected through a digital platform.  

  • The multi-vendor Marketplace Model

Somewhere it works the same as the inventory model except for its stock that is not managed by the platform. It works as an online mall that houses different vendors. This model facilitates the marketplace operators to link buyers and third-party vendors, in return, they get a commission. An app like Amazon follows this model.  

  • Shopping Model

The shopping model is similar to the multi-vendor model but here customers are not allowed to choose the store they want to purchase from. This model is specifically about the products, not the stores. Here sellers are only accountable for dispatching the goods and order delivery. An app like Instacart follows this model.

Step 3: Get a Preferred Method for App Development

You must hire dedicated developers with exceptional skills to develop your retail app. When it is about how to develop a retail Commerce app like Walmart, the team should have technical expertise in the specific domain to address all the challenging situations.

There should be appropriate techniques and methods used for the development process. This development stage consists of various important aspects such as the required tech stack, low-code app builders, and others.

The development stage plays an important role when it comes to determining the cost to build a retail app like Walmart. Hence, when you are looking for how to create an app from scratch, you must analyze the necessary features to include by writing suitable code. Thus, dig up your sleeves and create a unique solution. If you want, you can also follow super app development guide to create feature-rich apps.

Step 4: Market & Promote Your Grocery App

It is time for mobile app testing, launch, and market promotion which is considered an essential part of the app development process. Mobile app testers ensure to make the app is flawless, bug-free, and smooth to use. Following that, businesses need to upload it on the decided platform to get the profits from the increasing number of downloads.

Later on, businesses need to apply app store optimization strategies to get the app a better ranking globally. They also must market them through email addresses, website pages, existing customers, social media handles, and more.

What Monetization Model Applied by Retail and Grocery Delivery Apps?

Though businesses have various ways to earn revenue and they consider it before deciding on how much does it cost to develop an app like UrbanClap, Amazon, or Walmart. Some of the ways to earn revenue are direct sales, shipping charges, etc. but apart from that, the following can be very beneficial for the business to generate high revenue and profit. Here are some ways-

  • Commission on Transactions
  • Listing Charges
  • Delivery & Other Fees
  • Advertisements

1. Commission on Transactions

If a business is running an aggregator app or multi-vendor app, they are able to apply additional fees or commissions from the multiple vendors they are supporting. They can take charges from them for each sale they made with the help of your app. 

2. Listing Charges

This is the most significant way to earn revenue and should be considered by the business at the start of the mobile app development process. In this, enterprises can demand money from vendors to list them on the top of their apps. It provides various benefits to both vendors and businesses.  

3. Delivery & Other Fees

It is the maximum applied way for earning revenue. In this, businesses earn by applying delivery charges, service fees, distance fees, fast delivery fees, minimum order charges, premium member fees, and others.

4. Advertisements

In this, businesses allow other apps to promote their products and services on their app. That is coming up as the most beneficial source of income. It includes in-app advertisements, on-site promotions, subsidized blogs, and more.

Tech Stack Used to Develop an App like Walmart

It is important to choose the right tech stack for mobile apps according to the latest trends. An appropriate tech stack can be considered as a blend of suitable programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Proper knowledge of tools and frameworks is significant to build an API and integrating it into the application.  

  • For Mobile app development: Xcode, Android, Sketch, Android Studio, Fabric iOS, Sass, Android SDK
  • Programming languages: Swift, C, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Xamarin
  • API and payment gateway services: Geo-fence, Stripe, Google API, PayPal
  • Server and Testing: FCM, AWS, Sendingblue, MEAN Stack, Mantis BT
  • Tracking and Management: ZOHO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Retail App Like Walmart?

You have gone through a complete guide to starting an eCommerce business, now it is time to know about the cost to make an app like Walmart. But what do you think, deciding on the estimated cost of Walmart app development is easy. No, it’s not as multiple factors can affect the retail app development cost. Get to know about these factors-

  • Rates of Development
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Design
  • Features
  • Size of the App

1. Rates of Development

If you are outsourcing a software development company, then there can be different charges applied by developers. It can impact the cost to make an app like Walmart entirely. Hence, businesses need to choose carefully who they are hiring for retail app development services.

2. Mobile App Developers

When choosing to develop a web app or mobile app, it becomes necessary to hire experts with appropriate knowledge. Try to keep the development team small with required members only otherwise paying them regularly will increase the complete cost. The more experienced developers you will look for, the more cost you have to pay for them.

3. Design

When it comes to how to improve the mobile user experience for eCommerce websites or retail mobile apps, the answer is one. It all depends on the design. It is the major factor adding to the cost of app development. The more complex the design is, the higher price will be.

4. Features

Always consider adding the features that are required. Adding unnecessary features will enhance the cost to develop an app like OLX, Walmart, or Amazon. Hence, it is suggested to launch the app with limited and significant features only that can give tough competition to other market players.

5. Size of the App

The size of the app increases with regular updates. Hence, you need to ask developers if the app needs updates throughout. Alongside this, you need to ensure about what is the estimated amount to spend on the app in the future.

Here is a table that will provide you insight into how much does it cost to build a Walmart app followed by the cost estimation of a particular stage

Development StageCost Estimation
App Concept & analyzing$3000 to $10,000
UI/UX App Design$6000 to $20,000
Front-end services$15,000 to $35,000
Back-end services$22,000 to $50,000
Testing$7,000 to $15,000
Third-party API integration$5,000 to $15,000
Launch & Maintenance$15,000 to $20,000
Complete Cost$70,000 to $1,65,000

Ultimately, looking at all these factors individually, we have got the retail eCommerce mobile app development cost that ranges between $70,000 to $1,65,000 integrating all the important features and functions. Whereas adding advanced features or more platforms to this barcode scanner & QR code app, it will cost you higher.

Why it is Necessary to Choose the Right App Development Company?

Nowadays, every person likes to adopt an easy way to do any task, and using a mobile app for the same is the most popular way. This is the reason why businesses need a mobile app. But to make it possible, they must hire a prominent mobile app development company and go through how much does it cost to develop an app.

While talking about Walmart-like apps, above we have described the cost to develop Walmart-like apps, now, let’s talk about choosing the right app development companies. While hiring a firm, you must ensure their charges of development. You should go for a mobile app development agency that provides development services at a low rate in comparison to others.

SemiDot Infotech is a leading retail eCommerce app development company that can deliver you a feature-rich solution assisting you with both business and users. It will help users to know about the real-time status of the product while helping them with the in-store customer onboarding procedures.

Our experts in the development team help businesses with expanding the app scope, selecting the right tech stack, and building an MVP. Having such an experienced company like SemiDot will help you in the success of your app via launching and marketing it in the right way.

It will be good to have the right tech partner as mobile app development is a complex procedure that can’t be done by one who doesn’t have tech expertise. A successful app needs high expertise, a deep understanding of targeted audiences, skills, and creativity with a year of experience. And we are a suitable match for all your business requirements.


Mobile apps are gaining huge popularity these days and hence, businesses are also thinking to take the advantage of this opportunity. They want to succeed in the retail industry by launching a mobile app with all the necessary features. We hope, we have covered all the aspects above that are required to offer a flawless experience to the users. With the above-mentioned details, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that retail apps like Walmart are the next big thing in the IT industry and are going to stay for a longer time.

It is a beneficial step to take for businesses who want to move from a physical presence to an online global presence and wanted to provide exceptional shopping experiences to their customers. They must take assistance from a top app development company that provides retail eCommerce app development services by dedicated professionals.


Let’s review the below FAQs to understand Retail mobile app development in more detail. Have a look-

  1. What is a retail app?

    The retail app facilitates both sellers and buyers to transact online. It has improved the shopping experience of customers as they can look for required products online while sitting at their homes and can get them delivered to their doorstep. Shop owners or vendors can also get information about their clients to personalize their shopping experience.

  2. How to create an app like Walmart?

    To develop a retail app like Walmart, there is needed a lot of market research and analysis along with knowledge about audiences. After that, designers will work on the UI/UX design to attract users. Further, there will be written code to include features and third-party API to the app. Later on, the app testing will proceed followed by the launch & app marketing.

  3. How long does it take to develop a retail mobile app?

    It takes around 5 to 10 months to develop a retail mobile application integrated with significant features and functionalities. Further, it depends on the app's complexity, size, design, and added functions.

  4. How much does it cost to create an app like Walmart?

    Overall, there are different factors accountable for deciding the Walmart app development cost such as team size, app complexity, and size, included features, development charges, and others. Based on all these, the estimated cost to develop an app like Walmart varies between $50,000 to $1,65,000.

  5. How do retail apps work?

    Retail apps work as a mediator between sellers and buyers and assist them to trade their business through the mobile app. Retail businesses get benefits by increasing their online presence and users get benefited by easing their shopping process. The app also manages customers’ preferences, stock availability, and shopping habits.

  6. Which is the best retail app development company?

    Among all the big retail app development companies, SemiDot Infotech is considered the best retail app development company having more than a decade of experience and delivering successful projects over the years. We have an expert team of professionals who have expertise across industries. You can contact us to get a feature-rich application.

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