In today’s world to present your goods and services, you don’t have to knock on people’s doors or call them, all you need is a website with eye-captivating design and information about your work. There was a time when a salesman used to go for hours and hours telling every second person about your business to bring leads and increase sales for the organization. Now, you don’t have to go anywhere, buyers come to your website in search of their requirements.


To catch user attention and attract them in this competitive market, website design is the main pillar on which you can generate leads, convert sales and give your user an amazing user experience. To work on that many web design software has been launched in the market over the years to build visually attractive website designs and simple yet responsive user interfaces.

With this continuous change, Businesses are doing their best to increase and ease the involvement of customers with the business. By having website development services, businesses are uplifting their image and working more to become brands. For more in-depth information, read this blog further to get a better understanding of the process and features of the best web design software.

What is Web Design?

Just imagine you have two options to choose a website, one website comprises of complete info, attractive graphics, readable font, and amazing photos & videos. On the other hand, another website has non-engaging content, outdated information, lack of photos and videos. Now tell me, which one you will prefer? Of course, the first one. This is the power of web designing.


Web designing refers to designing of front-end of the websites including designing the layout, adding colors, fonts, and text, along with attractive images, videos, & 3D animation. Web designers work on the website to make it simple to use but aesthetically pleasing that can improve user experience with the website. 50% of consumers think website design commits to branding due to which an upsurge can be seen in web designing. This can be said to be the right time to hire website designer for your business, for better growth of your business.

In general, web designing is divided into two most common methods-

  • Responsive Web Design – Responsive web design is an approach through which you can create dynamic modifications to your website, conditional on the size of the screen, and positioning of the device being used to view it. 73.1% of web designers believe users leave the site if it is non-responsive. To get a website developed with responsive web design, you can take the help of a guide to hire web designer for assistance in this process.
  • Dynamic Web Design – Dynamic web design is a set of fundamentals and structures that directs you to find and make changes to numerous issues as work interchanges in your firm in real time. You can hire dedicated developers to get dynamic web design for your website.  You can adapt dynamic web design to upload your content without worrying about complex coding processes. Social media platforms can be said to be a good example of Dynamic Web Design.

Why Web Design Is Important?

It only takes 50 milliseconds to form an impression for a user of your website, so one important reason to get your website designed is that it has become a necessity for the user to have a good user experience with your business.

Importance of web design

A well-designed website can help to build a better relationship with the user and get more conversions. From a user perspective, they feel personally catered which enhances their experience easily.

Below we have listed some reasons to give you enough motives to get your website designed by an experienced web design company:

1. First Appearance

When the user will go to your website, the overall look will be the first thing noticed by them and you wouldn’t like to mess with that first appearance of the website surely. Otherwise, it can add to favourable points of the competitor’s website. With the help of web designing software, you will have a lot of options for your logo, font, proper stock images, proper alignment of your pages, and other drag-and-drop features.

Once the user clicks any link that redirects him to your website, he will take a glance at your website before taking your services or buying your product. As good and user-friendly as your website is, it will put a lot of work into the conversion of your client.

According to reports, 38.5% of customers leave if the design of the website is outdated. This adds another reason to get your website designed with top web development frameworks to never miss out on the potential customer.

2. Connect With Your Audience

Once a user reaches your website, the photos, reading content, videos or other element speaks for your work. After you get your website designed and developed by an experienced website development company, you will realize that your potential customers are engaging themselves more. Your website will show them what you deal with and how you can solve their queries. But, to get connected and win their trust make sure to have your website well-designed and purposeful by your web design company to match their intention. Alongside this, make sure to analyze how much website redesign costs for your project and keep a flexible budget for it.

3. Increase Sales for Your Business

The way of pitching sales has drastically changed in recent years. Now, users keep eye on the online presence of any brand starting from their website to connect and make a purchase. This is where choosing the best web design company for your business becomes a crucial part to present your business with a visually pleasing website design with easy-to-use features. It will surely attract more users, make better conversions, and generate sales. Many big brands have expanded their sales by 3 to 5x by redesigning their website.

4. Easy Navigation

Navigation of the website remains an important part for the user. To go through your business, the user will navigate through the content, and features, and click on the web pages for more and more info. While designing your website, navigation will be an important aspect that your web or mobile app development company will keep in mind to provide the user with the required information quickly and easily. Your website designing company will make sure to place arrows, buttons, and instinctive layouts and learn more options to make information more accessible to the user.

5. To Optimization

Website design can even improve your website ranking, probably thinking how? Well to say with the help of a software development company, you can integrate value-rich images and videos, metadata, and a working URL structure into your website. Not only this, but they should also emphasize adding links, quick website loading, etc. for maximizing user experience, and improving your sales, & conversion rate of your business.

6. For Branding

You may have a captivating style, logo, or colors that attract and reminds the customer of your brand. This is the right time to adopt that to your website. Many big brands use the color coordination scheme to create a friendly impact on the user such as Mcdonalds‘ uses yellow color background while displaying their products to resemble the M logo of the brand,


such as Starbucks uses the green and white color over their website to match with the color of the logo.


Such amazing website designing techniques can help your website to maintain the brand image with your customers and enhance their user experience with your business.

7. Your Competitors are Already Doing

One simple reason to get your website designed is just that your competitors are doing it. Your competitors are already taking their business one step ahead with website designing Then, what is stopping you from doing so?. To stand in the ever-changing environment, website designing is a basic but important part of your business. But, not only website designing, but web development is also necessary to make it accessible on various devices for that you require to go through a guide to hire web developers for professional help. With these, it will be easy for you to improve your leads, be in the market and get more users converted.

8. To Grab your User Attention

There is so much competition currently prevailing in the market. To target your potential customer base, improve your business reach, and better user engagement, website design plays a vital part. With detailed videos and images as well as animation, you are more likely to capture your user’s attention and make them take interest in your business. Before choosing best web development company for your business, make sure to discuss your project and get an idea of a receptive user interface with interactive design for your project.

What Are Web Design Software?

After understanding web designing, it is very important to understand the tools that are available in the market which can help build your project. Web design software is a tool that helps to create user-friendly websites. They have guides for experts and for those who don’t have much knowledge about coding. As well as, web design software is feature-rich with coding helps, and code snippets.

web design software

The tools used in web design software can change the size and shapes of text and images on multiple devices simultaneously. They also provide wireframes and custom templates to help out beginners in putting together the website. Web designing software also provides a collaboration feature for web developers, designers, and other team members to work simultaneously on a website and make it more alluring for users.

Here are some benefits of web design software –

  • You can get web designs according to your budget.
  • You can control the design process and put more information on your website.
  • You can try different layouts on multiple screens.
  • Work on professional tools to build a proficient website.
  • Different tools for coding and templates are available for the creation of web pages.

What Features Should You Look for in Web Design Software?

Feature Should You Look for in Web Design Software

Once you look forward to getting good design software, it is important to know the current prevailing feature of the design software in the market. To build and design your website user-friendly, you need to have a good understanding of the features to look for while picking the best web designing software. Given below are the important feature you should look forward to for the best design-

1. Receptive Themes

A large segment of themes should be available so that you can choose from them for your project. Picking the right website development software will help you in choosing the right theme that can save you time and helps in building a better website for you. You can simply edit photos, media, and text and make changes to the already available theme according to your business needs.

2. Mobile-Friendly

The software for designing the websites you are choosing should be mobile-friendly. In times of need and urgency, the tool you are using should let you make changes in the mobile. Accordingly, you should choose website developing software that offers compatibility with several devices, especially smartphones.

3. To Build an E-commerce Website

There are different types of web developing software available with different types of tools. If you want to build a website to sell your goods and service online, then you should choose software for website design which have features of E-commerce varying from attractive layouts to drag-and-drop features.

4. Integration With Different Third-Party Apps

To enhance your design work, you should look for such website designing software which has third-party designing tools integrated into their platform. So, that you can enjoy a variety of different widgets, fonts, layouts, stock photos, and videos without switching to different platforms and enhancing your designs.

5. Drag and Drop Editor                                      

Picking a web design software with drag and drop feature can help you make any last-moment changes on your website. No need to write a single code, it helps you by providing different elements such as text, videos, widgets, and images. Drag and drop editor is a prevailing tool that lets you make changes and design your websites.

6. Content Delivery Network  

Once you build your website, you will get users on your website from all over the world. A CDN will make sure your website loads faster for users using it from anywhere in the world. Choosing web design software with a content delivery network will be the right decision for your website. 

What are the Process of Designing a Website


To make sure you have a well-designed and developed website you need to know how to choose a development company that can help you in this process. It will also be good to take the help of these web designing software with this easy process for creating and designing your website-

1. Picking an Appropriate Template

There are multiple templates available for designing or developing your website. Select the right template that goes well with your website and suits your brand as well. With a user-friendly template, you will be ahead in your work of building your website.

2. Tailoring your Web Pages

The best software for website design should have tools associated with different elements to make the website attractive which includes fonts, colors, multiple layouts as well as adding content without having to write a single code.

3. Adding Visual Media

With the use of drag-and-drop features, you can choose good images to upload to make the website look attractive. As well as you can use graphics to complete the site simply and effortlessly.

4. Publish Your Website

Once everything is set, you can cross-check all the editing’s, and changes made and then publish your content. Your website will be live and will be available to browse by various people. A website can act as a basis for your work portfolio as well as for marketing campaigns and branding.

Hire web designer CTA

An amazing website with good features and an attractive interface can help you build trust with your customer and improves your market value. Therefore, you can create a website shortly through amazing website designer software.

List of Top Web Design Software

After understanding the process of designing software, you must be keen to know about top web design software. We are here to provide you with some famous and feature-rich software.

1. Wix

There are several tools and website builders that can help you make an attractive website among which Wix is one of the user-friendly and free website designing software. Wix is a software as a service (SAAS) that provides you with mobile-responsive templates. Wix is beginner-friendly with a lot of web design tools.

With Wix, you can even choose suitable templates according to your business, there is a different part divided with a business segment on the left corner which makes it easy to narrow down your template according to your business project requirements. It has 30 built-in media galleries to help you out with images and videos.


There is a variety of effects, you can use on your website from amazing video backgrounds and scroll effects to animations. Wix is considered as best web development software free for users but still feature-rich. It also provides you with easy tools to create your website with unified drag-and-drop and limitless customization. With in-built SEO tools, Facebook ads, blog posting, and social posts, you can boost your website and generate more traffic on your website making it one of the best software for web design.

2. Weebly

Looking for a free website that helps you boost traffic and grow your business? Look no further Weebly has all that you are looking for in software for web development. Weebly is a free website builder which is now a part of the square product suite that allows you to build a website or e-commerce sites. Without writing a single code, it provides you access to lots of customizable layouts for your web pages to build a website. As, WordPress can help you in website-building too, but if WordPress website development cost is not in your budget, you can think of Weebly as the best alternative.


Due to receptive themes and an instinctive drag-and-drop builder, building a website with Weebly has become easy. It lets you design a website with multi-screen compatibility without worrying about the size of images. For Ecommerce, it also helps in streamlining payment, shipping, and order tracking. It also has automated tools for marketing and SEO-friendly tools.

3. WordPress

One of the famous and best software for designing websites is WordPress, Website building has never been this easy before WordPress. From web hosting to customized templates- WordPress is full of tools that you require to build your websites. It offers 50,000 plus plugins, and multiple-site management unified with SSH and Git tools. WordPress even claims that 43% of the website on the web is built using WordPress. Libraries get updated every week and also offer a variety of customized themes.


The drag-and-drop feature also allows you to cut and paste images into pages. The platform also allows you to insert audio as well as videos on the web pages. WordPress is an open-source platform, the vast community is already working on people’s requirements by creating new themes and plugins for you. With flexible and scalable features, it is easier to have WordPress website development for start-ups and establish businesses.

With multiple requirements of people now and then, it gets updated with new plugins to fulfill the requirements of projects, if your project has some different requirements, there are chances that you can surely find it as a plugin. Every day you can check various updates and plugins of the website. Despite all these features, WordPress is a still free web design software with paid hosting. So, when are your exploring WordPress?

4. Figma

Designing your website with the help of your team can only be possible with Figma. Figma is a vector-based graphic interface and the easiest web design software that provide UX and User interface designing function to create a well-functional website.

With the help of Figma, you can collaborate with your team to make changes and share feedback. The help of the whiteboard in the FIGJAM can be used to keep track of an idea to completion. It allows you to draw diagrams, do workshops, and prepare notes through which you can brainstorm new ideas and discuss them in design work with your peers.


It’s a joint and cloud-based approach that helps in smooth collaboration where participants can leave comments and the feature of code snippets can help in collaboration. Figma provides multiple beautiful templates, animated prototypes, and a lot of plugins for images, flow diagrams and colors, etc.

As a beginner, once you learn to use Figma you will take the first step toward building user-interface design. It has handy features through which developers can get to know about redlines, colors, typeface, and measurement.

5. Canva

Canva is a top web designing software app and in the past few years, it has become more famous. Canva is your go-to photo and video graphic editor app which has easy-to-use features to prepare logos, social media posts, banners, cards, and attractive images for your website.

Canva added one-tap animations and music features to use whenever it is needed. Without any prior experience in designing, you can easily use it to create different designs and attractive logos. There are customizable templates that provide boundless possibilities to be creative and make engaging banners, images, and videos using animation.


Using the photo editor of Canva, you can edit photos, vouchers, and discount cards which are free to use and as well as has no watermarks. With the help of a video editor, you can make short videos, or GIFs to showcase your service or product.

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You can make motionless images better with one-tap animations and good to go for page transition. To improve your website with aesthetic features, Canva is good to go.

6. Adobe XD

If you are looking for web design software that lets you design as well as collaborate, Adobe XD is a web designing tool to create and manage designs on your apps, website, games, and many more. It has prototypes, animations, and a co-editing feature that let you collaborate with your team simultaneously. The AdobeXD is feature rich with images, fonts, and drawings and libraries to collect and share fonts, logos, and brand elements.


You can opt for a basic plan which avails 100GB of storage and various designs can be tested with unlimited editors. Its basic plan comes just at $9.99. There is also a free trial available to test out design features that are integrated with creative cloud.

7. Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab is a client-end workshop environment that has banded together the user-interface components. Pattern Lab is a design software for website that provides attractive user interface designs where once you change any designs or patterns, it instantly shows the changes everywhere it is included. Pattern lab doesn’t put much pressure on the user by throwing a lot of tools and libraries, you will have control over your designs. The pattern lab uses viewport resizer tools to make sure the pages are fully receptive.


Pattern Lab provisions with handlebars and twig templating engines make the pattern lab more adaptable and extendable. You can start from scratch or with a few trial projects as well as with a demo of the project.

8. Bluefish

Bluefish is a programming software to edit codes, scripts, or things related to websites. Bluefish supports many programming languages and runs on multiple platforms such as Linux, Free BSD, Windows, and Solaris. It supports coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, C++, Python, and many more.


Bluefish is one of the best website development software which is a lightweight and easy-to-use open text editor and acts as a negotiation between simple text editors and IDEs. Bluefish has been translated into 17 languages. Bluefish is extendable with scripts and plugins. It has features like syntax highlighting, auto-recovery, auto-completion, spell checker, Bluefish wizards, code navigation, and a browser. With the use of the search and change tool, you can make changes in scripts. It can save your project as it is, to pick from where it is left.

9. Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe dream weaver can be considered as best web designer software that can be used as a developing editor and HTML web. It offers an easy-to-use coding engine to build, code, and publish a unique website. You can access code hints to learn to code in HTML, CSS, or any other language. You will get a variety of starter templates that will help you to get your site to run faster. You can tailor-make HTML emails, blogs, newsletters, and many more. It also provides code hints in PHP so that you can learn while doing your design work.

above dreamware

You can easily import assets from your libraries. There is a preview feature included in adobe dream weaver which lets you see changes you made on the site in real-time. The platform has Git Support and accomplishes all your mutual tasks from the Git Dashboard. If you want to learn as well as design, adobe dream weaver is among the best go-to web development tools for you.

10. Webflow

WebFlow can be said best web development software, it provides a visual canvas through which you can create, build, and manage your website without any coding. The tools in Web Flow lets you create any website with the backing power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the help of WebFlow, you can easily update and make any changes to your website with the help of this in-built editor.


WebFlow has benefitted more than 3,50,000 designers. As a web designer whether you are working on any project, it lets you convert your semantic codes into tailored ones to build your websites. All the designers understand web design importance which is why the amazing in-built tools of web flow lets you design compound elements simply such as footers, headers, background videos, navigation bars, and more.

You get scroll based-animation effects through which you can experience animation on the Navigation bar show and hide, reveal on hover, scroll, animation of page loader, and many more. WebFlow has around 400 free tutorials to guide to website dev process including how to use Webflow to scale your business.

11. HubSpot CMS

Are you looking for a tool with amazing features for website building, or web hosting? You should try HubSpot CMS with free-to-use functions. With HubSpot CMS, you get one of the best website builders, HubSpot has all the tools which are needed to create and manage a website such as content management sales, analytics dashboard as well as customer service. All these implements are available separately, but to create your website with more power and give the best user experience, using these tools together will be beneficial for you.


HubSpot CMS is a web design software with amazing features such as sales email mechanization, generating leads, and pipeline management, creating ads, free online forms, chatbot building, marketing analytics, and using tools like free business templates, invoice generator, blog ideas, and email signature generator to give a personalized experience to users.

HubSpot CMS starter plan provides you with the facilities like local development, and different customizable themes, you can manage your web hosting, create multi-language content, and enjoy a full CRM platform. With the help of a professional plan, you can upgrade yourself with more smart content tools and password-protected pages. Unlike other website builders, it also has other plans for enterprises that let you shape your website visually by tailoring your CRM objects and providing your caution on code.

12. Blogger

Are you looking for easy and best web design software, Blogger is your go-to content management system which has tools for building websites that also allow you to publish your blog on daily basis. The Blogger developer side is specially designed for programmers with the help of REST APIs they can engrave applications to the network through the blogger API.

With the help of Blogger, you get your hosting service which lets you create and publish your website or blogs for different purposes using the platform. After redesigning the platform, it was packed with many features such as link editing, re-sizing the post, reduced loading time, redoing and undoing buttons, innovative toolbar available, and as well as new customized templates also available to build your website aesthetically.


Over the years, CMS development uses for websites have increased, which is why the platform has been made available in 60 languages. Bloggers began incorporating blogs with different country-specific URLs which help them to build good relations with users locally, using your country URL can help you work legally by helping you block unlawful objects from your website. With recent corrections in the HTML template editor, it is now easy to change blog source code. The source code and be edited with the help of syntax highlighting, and the hop-on widget button. So, when are you trying Blogger?

13. SupaPass

Looking for web development software that helps to build your website or app? SupaPass has tools to help you build a world-class platform by providing all features on a single platform to create, build and manage your website. Without any coding, only with the help of drag and drop landing page, you can simply tailor-make your designs to build your website.

Without any technical expertise, it is still easy for you to build a website with SupaPass. You can focus on growing your business and improving your sales by putting in less money and less effort with amazing in-built features. You can even control access to your vlogs, or other content with the use of advanced video hosting.


The smart builder feature in SupaPass helps to create professional design i.e., Netflix-style layouts. The SupaPass dashboard helps you to centralize all your content in one place from where you can view and manage your content and blogs, sales analytics, user, and their data.

With constantly changing user choices, the web design importance for business is increasing day by day in order to attract customers. We will surely recommend you SupaPass for building a website or create a mobile app from scratch, you should surely give it a try.

14. Ghost

Ghost is a similar CMS platform to WordPress which is used to create, build, and maintain your website. Ghost is web designing software to build your website with powerful tools and offers to grow with recent tools such as building a website, offering a paid subscription, publishing blogs, and referring offer letters making it one of the best software for website design.

To build your website, you can use in-built features that are rich in designs through cutting-edge workflows and say bye-bye to boring toolbars. Launch your website with this modern & website design-free software and use the design settings to build your website with an attractive style to tie your customers with your brand.


You can showcase your journey and roadmap using modern publishing tools, and integrate amazing videos, stock images, gifs, audio, products, accordion toggle widget, and bookmarks as well.

You can take the help of a ghost to get detailed user engagement and check the analytics for understanding your customers’ choices. Ghost is also integrated with different tools such as referral programs, social sharing, payment gateways, and A/B testing.

15. Rapid Weaver

Rapid Weaver is the platform that helps in managing navigation and building a powerful website. It will help you to check your website as a trial with different mobile devices whether it is Android, iPhone, or iOS. There are multiple in-built themes available in the website software as well as a third-party integrated website theme is also available in the platform. The Rapid weaver is the best software for website design as it is feature-rich with different plugins that can be enabled and disabled through the rapid weaver.


You can say it is the best MAC website builder as it provides multiple tools for mac that make sure to publish your website without writing any line of code. The platform checks your website for search engine optimization by giving you full control of metatags, meta description, title, etc.

16. Open Element

Open element is a website design-free software that helps to build a website without writing any code. This open element is a fusion model of an impartial app and content management system. The platform helps you by being easy to use and completing manual tasks so that you can focus more on other work. It is powered by chromium with features like customized and functional themes, incorporation of apps and scripts, multi-language, HTML5 and CSS3, responsive user interface, and many more. Also, codes that are required by the coder are generated by the platform.

open element

The open element platform is lightweight and works on a “what you see as what is get” interface. You can make changes and customize with the help of web tools in web pages using elements and packs. It works through a core intermediary which helps in timely preserving the structure of resulting code and apprising content.

17. Pixpa

Pixpa is a web page design software that is an all-rounder professional portfolio website builder which has so many amazing and user-friendly themes. You can use the platform to maintain your online store too, it also has necessary tools with a budget-friendly plan to help you in your store’s success. Several third-party integrated tools can be used to enhance your website.


There are various marketing tools, SEO, and helping tools available in Pixpa to increase your user engagement. It’s no surprise that websites built on Pixpa come with TLS certification to have HTTPS encryption for safekeeping user data as well as improving your ranking on google.

You can enjoy the Pixpa features which include adding your social media links or blog option in your website footer, redirecting your website without losing its content, you can rebound your deleted data within a month, and also you can add downloadable items for your Pixpa website.

18. Mockplus

The platform lets you create a prototype and share designs among teams and large organizations with in-built tools. Once you are done with your work in this best web design software, you can preview the work in MockPlus. It supports multi-user development where programs, developers, designers, managers, and other participants communicate on the platform.


You can easily convert your files into different file formats such as PDF or any other form for better allocation. You can manage your team on MockPlus, once you assign them their task you can easily view, edit, and control the access to their design system libraries.

You will be also able to enjoy the incorporation of MockPlus with sketch through which you can use in-built design tools incorporated with all the properties of online libraries.

19. Macaw

Macaw provides a clear & straightforward designing workspace that can help you to design your website by adding spice to your designs. Without a load of writing code, Macaw helps you to combine styles, create new files, collaborate with your team, and get their reviews. When we talk about any web design software, we only think about designing, but macaw alchemy which is a design-to-code engine considered an easy web development software, you can expect more from it as the software will help you to write HTML and CSS code easily and quickly.


It has several fonts available such as global and responsive styles, and receptive themes to build your website. It is a modern-age tool that can be used to build your user interface. There is a local preview server available in the Macaw which lets you check your completed work on a different browser or any other device. If you make any changes while previewing your work on another device, it will automatically accept the updated work.

20. CodePen

Now and then, if you have searched for customizable code editors, then, CodePen is your go-to platform. CodePen is an open-source code editor where developers and designers write and test HTML & CSS code snippets. The developed and tested code snippets are known as pens. You can build a new Pen and keep it private, only those people who have access to it can see it.


You can easily choose the drag-and-drop features to add images to the codes as well as any other media files. The output of your code demos can be changed once you change the themes, simultaneously your embedded pens change too.

You can build a website with its feature-packed IDE tools. You can even collaborate on CodePen making it a great web designing software. Taking a suggestion, reviewing, or making any change allows association in real time where you can see the changes your team is making.

21. Sublime Text

Sublime text is a famous text editor and easy-to-write coding platform for building websites. There are many features incorporated with it such as multiple plugins, multi-line editing, search and replace, command palette, syntax highlighting, and many more.


Sublime text works on Linux, Windows, and Mac, you can even change its interfaces from light to dark as per your choices. The sublime text provides you a feature of a multi-tab through which you can look at different tabs and shift between them. It has a free version but to unlock new features and for continued use, you need to go for a premium version. Many web designers consider it the best web development software as it has features according to both beginners and experts.

22. GIMP

GIMP is a free website design software that is a shortening of the GNU image manipulation program. GIMP provides high-level retouching, photo composition, and different color schemes. To run your hands on designs without paying, GIMP is good to go option. GIMP is available on multiple platforms namely other Windows, Android, and macOS.


GIMP provides flexibility and customization while integrating many languages such as C, C++, Scheme, Python, and Perl. It is extensible and expandable through multiple plugins and a range of scripts that lets you do whatever you like.

GIMP is free software that shares many basic features of Photoshop and Illustrator. With many third-party plugins and in-built designing tools, it helps you to sharpen your work and improve your productivity.

23. Google Web Designer

Over the years, Google has prepared compelling tools to help people such as Google Meet, Google Ads, and Google Drive. Google Web designer is one such platform counted among all that helps businesses to create videos, animation, photos, and HTML 5 form designs with a full design suite including cross-platform compatibility.

google web designer

Whether you are a designer or developer, the in-built tools of Google Web Designer will assist you with designing and coding while previewing all the changes. The platform has multiple templates that can be used with your business properties, color, font, text, and logos.

You can generate and operate 3D images and resize them according to your needs. You can take the help of pen tools in creating your designs which can be used by adding your content. For beginners, it can be said as the best web design software to sharpen your design, add some polish to the designs, and edit in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

24. Sketch

While your requirement can vary as a business or designer, Sketch is helpful for you to take care of all types of requirements. With Sketch, you get to process different images and artworks, create prototypes, and enjoy handoff tools. You can easily collaborate with your team to work on a project, share with other people, and take reviews.

sketch tool

You can enjoy a free trial as well as add a subscription through which you can enjoy your depositary, analyze your work, enjoy design systems, receive comments, and administer your team. The sketch is a vector-based tool to provide you with a pixel-perfect sketch. You will get multiple plugins and integration with third-party help to make your design more feature rich and accessible.

Sketch is an easy web development software for macOS, you can change the size of the element and adjust its fonts, and width for different screens.

25. InVision Studio

InVision Studio is the best web designer software for a screen design tool, you can pick from different themes and layouts to build a user-friendly screen design. The typography tool provided by InVision Studio will help you to distinguish an optically appealing design to your user.


It provides you feature to start working on your sketch files without losing the work, you can easily initiate prototyping using InVision, and make your design more attractive by using motion transition and 3D animations. The platform provides easy to use interface to create a beautiful and user-friendly visual representation using fine elements of the InVision Studio.

26. Constant Contact

Constant Contact launched its website-building platform after the success of email marketing software through which users can manage their accounts in a centralized way. Without any technical expertise, you can build a user-friendly website with additional digital marketing tools. You don’t have to enter your details, once you connect the constant contact with the business page, the AI tools incorporated in the platform will assemble all the required data to build your website.

constant contact

CDN (Content Delivery Network) will be provided to all websites built on the platform which will help your website to stay protected and load quickly. You can enjoy large libraries of pre-designed templates and third-party integration of around 500 built-in tools in this web development software. Constant Contact doesn’t provide a free plan, but for subscription plans, they provide contact and live chat support.

27. CoffeeCup HTML Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a website design software free for users with an HTML editor that helps you build a website just in time. Whether it’s designing or modifying your codes for prevailing projects, all can be done by the HTML editor. You can start with HTML or CSS files from starting while saving time by choosing a pre-designed template to give the website a good look. Nobody likes making errors which are why the HTML editor comes with an error checker to help you write clean and effective code. Once you write your code with the help of a split screen checker, you can get the appearance of how it is looking on your web pages.


With the in-built features of the CoffeeCup HTML editor, you can edit a website by clicking on files, and the open from web option will help you to edit any website. Suggesting codes while writing codes is also helpful for developers, once you start writing codes, code completion will suggest tags averting open tags.

28. EpicPxls

Designing a website becomes a hard-work when you are a beginner and have no hands-on designs. To help you with your designs, EpicPxls is a feature-packed with various tools for design with different tools, themes or layouts, fonts, and graphics. You will surely enjoy the features of EpicPxls once you download the fine elements of the online library to tailor your designs according to your requirement.


The search for beautiful themes and layouts is never-ending with EpicPxls as this web designing software updates new designs regularly. The platform provides you with free hand customization whether it is designing icons or fonts which you can download from the platform to give outstanding look to your design. You can enjoy the 300 plus vector icons from public icons to business-specified icons.     

29. Picter

Picter is a storage service that facilitates storing your visual assets and streamlining working on them. You can build designs that you like and get a review from your team. With Picter, you can share your file, enable or disable downloads, and collaborate with them in real-time to get their reviews on the work.


Not only for giant companies but the importance of websites for start-ups is overhead, so you would not like to mess it up. With the help of feedback, you can share it with your clients and take their feedback. Feedbacks stay in the workspace and video labeling besides markup permits the owners to give specific criticism. You can easily organize the files, can create collection sub-directories, control the guest member to give access to your files, and allow people to see your content without signing up. Aren’t these features amazing to work as a team?

30. Leadpages

Leadpages is a conversion platform that can help to build an attractive website with the finest conversion. It helps from designing your website including an amazing theme, and styling with different fonts and texts to collecting leads. No need to write a single command on CSS, with the help of drag and drop builder, you can adjust pre-set elements in your web pages to build a mobile-responsive professional website.

leadpages new

You can select and generate website designs from 200 plus different templates. Make the most out of in-built tools featuring landing page optimization, pop-up, customized templates, and new alerts. With lead pages, you can be reliable for your website safety as it runs on the Google cloud services platform. With the help of a delivery system, you can forward your whitepapers, newsletters, or papers to your patrons. With the backing up by Google and in-built tools, it can be considered web design best software for small businesses or start-ups.

31. Instapage

Instapage is a cloud-based page builder tool providing you with professional and modern templates to build conversion-centered landing pages. Instead of doing everything from scratch, you can choose this web design software for more than 80 pre-designed templates. You can smoothly build your responsive web pages through the drag and drop feature by adding designing properties or texts which you like on the template.


With the help of Instapage, you can use their digital marketing suite which includes split testing, heatmap, testing, and reporting to optimize your website. You can even customize the forms to collect the user’s data to generate leads for your website and integrate the data with different tools of WordPress. You can later forward your landing page to WordPress.

32. Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a web design software free and open-source code editor tool developed by Microsoft. Visual Studio Code or VS code is worldwide famous due to its features of debugging, finding, and replacing features, plugins, code restructuring, code auto-completion, code folding, and syntax highlighting.


Visual code runs on multiple platforms such as Linux, macOS, and other Windows operating systems. Visual code supports multiple programming languages such as Java, Go, Typescript, Python, and C++. You can install extensions to enjoy more services that will run alternatively ensuring it won’t slow down your editor. You can easily customize the editor by changing fonts, color themes, different layouts, and templates to enhance your website.


Here are our top best picks for web designing software that can help you build an amazing website with a responsive user-Interface. The above-mentioned list of website design software can help you get great output in form of a successful website by generating more leads and client satisfaction. Website design is just like building your house there are many layers to it if you skip one step or don’t take the right decision your house will come down so does your website in terms of sales.

To not skip anything important, it is always important to follow a complete guide to website development company. There are several website designing software available for you to improve your website. But your choice will vary according to the requirement of the project. Such as, if you want a tailor-made website, you can go for WordPress or if you want the best all-in-one web design you can go for CMS HubSpot. Choosing design software according to your project requirement and working on it right away will be a great step toward your business growth.

If you are looking for such a web designing company to help you out in designing your website with the latest designing software. SemiDot Infotech can help you in building a user-friendly website to grow and scale your business. You can contact our team for expert assistance.


After reading this article, you might have a few questions in your mind. Here are some FAQs to help you with your queries. Let’s Go through it.

  1. What is the best website design software?

    There are various web designing software available, but some of the best designing software are Sublime Text, Visual studio code, WordPress, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Dreamweaver. But before choosing any website designing software, make sure it suits your needs and is budget-friendly.

  2. What is the easiest website design software to use?

    There are many easy website design software available, it depends on your skills & requirements which one you want to use. But Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, and Visual Studio Code are some designer-friendly software that can be used without any extra technical expertise.

  3. Is HTML best for creating websites?

    If your website doesn’t require any modifications and you want to outline headers, footers, text, links, and more. HTML can be said as a better choice to assemble your web pages and make your website work speedily.

  4. Can I design a website without coding?

    Now, there are many website builders in the market which provide the ability to build a website without coding. There are tools, plugins, and drag-and-drop features through which you can put together your website without a load of coding. Taking the help of website builders like WordPress, Weebly, Dream House suite, and Webflow, you can enjoy no-coding website building.

  5. Can I make a website for free?

    There are many website builders which provide a trial and free period with just limited features. But some famous website builders such as WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and more can help you to build and manage a website for free.

  6. What is the best website builder for small businesses?

    For small businesses, usually, the budget remains the issue. Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Zyro can be said as the best website builder for small businesses with the necessary features and in-built tools to build your website within your budget.

  7. How much does it cost to build a website?

    The cost to build a website depends on various factors such as the location of the development company, features, the experience of the company, and many more. On average, any SMEs website costs around $10,000 to $1,50,000 which may vary according to the requirements of the business.

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